As I have written elsewhere, The Source for my being is That One Who is called Kuthumi (see "Who Is Kuthumi?"). In other words, this personality who is called Jim is a fragment aspect or extended expression of The Consciousness of Kuthumi. In a certain respect I am one with Kuthumi as all my thoughts and emotional responses and experiences are known immediately by That One, and yet I also acknowledge that I am one of many such incarnate expressions extended forth into this Schoolhouse Earth from The Gestalt of Consciousness known as Kuthumi.

The role that I have been assigned by my Sweet Lord and the role that I have agreed upon is that of the healer and the teacher. I have prepared for this in many other lifetimes on this planet, be it as shaman or medicine man (or woman) or herbalist or priest-healer, etc. The act of healing another while being in service to others goes to the core of my being and to the essence of my evolutionary purpose. It is the aspect of physical existence that my Source has chosen to experience through me in my cycle of incarnations on this particular planet (not every lifetime but many).

All of that training has led me to this juncture, and I have been entrusted by Kuthumi to serve as the conduit or channel for His Healing Energy. Put in another way, Kuthumi wishes to heal, through me, all those who are guided to contact me and who are ready to be healed (see "Some Reasons Why A Healing May Not Occur"). The Ascended Masters are non-interventional in our free-will affairs and effect Their changes through those who are incarnate in this Reality Scheme, those who have agreed, at another level, to be instruments for Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (refer to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). It is and it will be the Kuthumi Energy which flows through me to the one desiring healing.

I have given this background information so that it will become obvious that any who wish to volunteer their time and services to this cause will be essentially serving The One Who is known as The World Teacher, The Lord of Compassion, Kuthumi. I am but the instrument through which He works. Any who choose to assist will be known to Kuthumi and The Ascended Masters, and it may be a boost to their evolutionary developement in their spiral of return to The One Infinite Creator.

The Energy which encompasses and enfolds this healing endeavor of The Great White Brotherhood is the Energy or Force of The Triune Godhead that is called the Second Ray, that which is called in the occult teachings "Love/Wisdom", The Love of God. It is that Energy which is transformed through The Consciousness of Kuthumi for the benefit of Humanity. Kuthumi is Chohan (Lord) of the Second Ray and Heart Flame of The Second Ray Brotherhood for Planet Earth, and the essence of His Beingness is that of Unconditional Love and true-hearted Compassion.

If you wish to offer some form of service to The One Who will walk the planet as The Avatar of The Christ Consciousness in the New Aquarian Age, then please contact me by phone or e-mail (click on "Contact Me"). As my work progresses, there will be more and more need for the volunteer services of those who are guided to do so. This is all about giving, and there can be no room for those who take more than they give. I consider this an unique and rare opportunity to be working for a cause that is directly sponsored by The Spiritual Hierarchy in general and The Lord Kuthumi in particular, not just for myself but for all who become involved, and that involvement must come from an inner, intuitively-inspired prompting (which is a message from the Higher Self or Soul).

I should mention a very important aspect of my mission on behalf of Kuthumi and The Ascended Masters. I have been asked to create Spiritual Communities and Healing Centers throughout North America, and I've been told that this Project is considered to be a critical part of the Plan of Sanat Kumara (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?") for bringing in the New Golden Age in Aquarius and that it falls under the full protection and guidance of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth. The umbrella organization will be called Sanctuaries of The Masters, Inc., and it will be a massive endeavor requiring an enormous amount of help.

These Sanctuaries of Harmony and Vortices of Light will be Utopias within a Utopia (according to Lord Hilarion) and will serve as the ideal models of community for the coming Aquarian Age on Earth (for more, go to "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi" and "Road Map To The Sanctuary"). I have been informed that there is not even the slightest possibility for failure of this Project as it has the full approval and sponsorship of The Forces of Light. Many will be inspired from Soul Level and by The Ascended Masters to become involved and lend a helping hand. Do you feel that you would like to participate and contribute in some way?

I would like the first Sanctuary to be in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri where I have been drawn for many years. There will be a great need for help in the form of money as the Sanctuaries of The Masters begin to become manifest at this Physical Level of Reality. For those who wish to make a monetary contribution to this Endeavor of The White Brotherhood, please click on "Contributions" for the different options available. Your heart-felt donation will be noted and recorded by The Karmic Council for this Solar System (Those Who are called The Lords of Karma).

Some of the kinds of help needed:

    1. Internet website marketing.
    2. Spreading the word about my website and mission.
    3. Creation of a 501-c3 non-taxable, non-profitable corporate entity.
    4. Real estate in the Ozarks and real estate attorney.
    5. Visualization and intensification of the Sanctuary Thought-Form.
    6. Venues for the talks I've been asked to give about the New Golden Age.
    7. Foundation grant proposal writer.
    8. Awakening of all those who made pre-incarnative agreements to assist this extremely important

Loving Blessings from Kuthumi

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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