Ecstatic Union With Soul

What in blazes is the Soul anyway? What is this Thing that has been the befuddled subject of the religions of Man for century upon century? And why is so little actually known about It if It's so important to the religiously-minded? I hope to shine a little light into this poorly-understood area because of it's unquestioned importance in the life and growth and advancement of the incarnate humans on this planet, and I hope to explicate in a manner which will be simplistic and easily comprehensible to all.

Initially, I want to offer acknowledgement and gratitude to The Ascended Master Who is referred to as The Tibetan, The One Who has used the name of Djwhal Khul in communicating with Humanity, The High Initiate Who does much of the world teaching on behalf of His Beloved Master Kuthumi, the current World Teacher.

Breaking it down to basics, the individual human being or person on Planet Earth is an incarnate expression or fragment of the Consciousness of their Soul. Putting it another way, the Soul, in order to be able to make contact with and experience and learn the lessons offered by this Physical Level of existence, fragments its Consciousness and extends It forth into the physical forms that we call humans on this planet. This occurs sporadically and briefly during the gestational period of the fetus in the womb during pregnancy, but the attachment of the Soul to the fetus doesn't become definitive and complete until just before, during, or after the birthing delivery --- usually at the moment of first breath. You may extrapolate the implications with regards to the controversial matter of abortion.

What is entirely misunderstood by the occidental religions is that this Being that we call a Soul does not send Itself out only once into the Physical Realms of the Universe. It doesn't have just one lifetime as the dogmas of religion would have you believe. It has hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes, depending upon how slow or how fast those incarnations learn the lessons of true importance and depending upon how much negative karma those lifetimes accrue and which is in need of expiating in other lifetimes.

The Soul can and does fragment Itself thousands of times and enters physical evolutionary schemes called planets all throughout the Universe, and the forms that those incarnations take are hardly limited to the humanoid form. There are sentient forms in galaxies far and wide which would barely be recognized as being sentient by humans let alone living entities. You might consider the Soul to be an Adventurer and Explorer Who becomes a direct participant in the most diverse, unusual, and fantastical physical environments that Prime Creator has made available in the Playground of Creation. The human on Earth is one of the tiniest pieces of the puzzle.

This Entity that we call a Soul goes by other names in the tongues that humans use, and the following may all be considered to be synonymous with the Soul of occidental religions: I Am Presence, the Solar Angel, the Atman, the Higher Self, the Solar Pitri, the Angel of the Presence, the Ego (with a capital E), the Christ Principle, God Within, and the Watcher. This Soul-Entity has, in turn, its own Source of Beingness, and that is called The Monad. The Monad would then be The Higher Self of the Soul.

According to Djwhal Khul, The Monad sends forth 12 Extensions of Itself that we call Souls. The Monad is also called The Father in Heaven and is sourced in an even Greater Monad or Gestalt of Consciousness on a Higher Plane of Being. You see, from the perspective of climbing the ladder of evolution as a human being on the Path of Return to The Creator, each lower level is absorbed and assimilated into the higher level forming larger and larger Collectives of Consciousness upon higher and higher Planes of Being. The line of ascent is from the human personality to the Soul, from the Soul to The Lesser Monad, then to The Greater Monad and The Planetary Logos, then to The Solar Logos or Stellar Logos, further advancing to The Galactic Logos (The Great Central Sun), then Collectives of Galaxies, and so on until the final re-integration with The Creator of this Universe at the end of this Day of Brahma.

Was that clear what I was saying? The human and the Soul and God (or some erroneous concept of Heaven) aren't the only steps and stages along the way. The Way Back entails the merging and continued merging of our beingness into larger and larger and greater Gestalts of Consciousness (Group Minds) on progressively higher and higher Planes of Existence (Dimensions and Densities), demonstrating the integrity of all life. All Is One! All Life emerged out of The Mind of God; all of Life experienced and created as free-willed expressions of that Universal Creator, and all of Life will return one "day" back to that Bosom of Creation in the great Outbreathing and Inbreathing of the Universe, bringing the sum total of all the experience back to a God Ever In Expansion. It can thus be seen that the Soul is but a way-station of that journey along the way.

The personality is a 3-fold expression of the Soul with its physical (dense physical and aetheric physical), emotional, and mental bodies, just as the Soul is a 3-fold Expression of The Monad and is comprised of the 3 aspects of Spiritual Will (Atma), Intuition (Buddhi), and Abstract Mind (Higher Manas). The Monad expresses first as a Spiritual Triad from which manifests the Soul, and The Triadic Expression reflects the 3 Major Aspects of The Godhead: Will/Power of the 1st Ray, Love/Wisdom of the 2nd Ray, and Active Intelligence of the 3rd Ray. The first division of The Triune Godhead as It comes forth into manifestation are the First 3 Rays or Aspects of The Godhead: Divine Will, Divine Love, and Divine Intelligence. And Christians know this Trinity as God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit. There is thus a mirrored reflection of The Supreme Being down through every level of life in the Universe, all the way into sentient physicality.

In the early phase of the cycle of incarnations for a Soul, that Soul remains in a state of deep meditation with nearly complete detachment from the hundreds of its incarnations, which become bogged down in the attractions of the flesh and the dramas of surviving in physicality. I know; it's hard to believe that the Soul may be so aloof from the very fragment/aspects of Itself, but so sayeth The Tibetan Master. If seen from within the illusion of time-passage, such as is agreed upon by the Collective Consciousness of Mankind, the developement of the soul's incarnations proceed from polarization in the physical, on to polarization in the emotional, thence to polarization in the mental aspect of beingness over eons and eons of lifetimes, and all of the good and inspirational and unique and creative endeavors of any one and every one of the lifetimes are stored up in what is called the Causal Body of the Soul, the body of manifestation of a Soul on the Mental Planes (5th Density in the 7 Density Scheme of Existence). By the way, The Monads are on the 6th Density Planes (7 levels to each Density).

The aim of the course of evolution of the human incarnations of a Soul is to become more and more and more Soul-influenced, Soul-gripped, and Soul-controlled. The aim is for the personality to become less and less attached to, enthralled by, possessive of, and imprisoned by the material matters of Physical Plane existence, and if it takes hundreds of lives to approach the threshold of the Path of Probation and the start of a long and painful journey, then so be it for the Soul as It sends out the needed energies to its incarnate fragments while ever in meditation deep and profound.

It is only when the personalities begin to leave their centeredness (and focus) in the emotional body and all its desires and start to develope the mind that the Soul can then begin to make contact and start to exert any kind of influence. There is a correspondence to this pattern in the developement of Man on this planet. Over the eons of time the human species has gone through the perfecting stages of growth from the physical body during the 3rd Root Race on Lemuria (Mu) to the domination and perfection of the astral body during the 4th Root Race on Atlantis and now the tremendously rapid growth of the mental body of the current 5th Root Race of Humankind. The parallel and analogy is no accident.

Once the incarnation begins to conceptualize that there must be more to life than the mundane affairs of the material world, which is an expansion of the mind and awareness in and of itself, then the attention of the Soul in meditation is drawn toward that incarnate fragment, and the Soul projects streams of energy through the Thread of Consciousness into the aetheric and physical brain for stimulation. The Consciousness Thread and the Life Force Thread are contained within the Silver Cord or Sutratma, discussed in the occult literature. The Sutratma directly connects the Soul to its incarnation, the Consciousness Thread entering the pituitary body and the Life Thread entering the so-called Heart Chakra. And following the stirrings of the mind awakening, as stated, it may take hundreds of lifetimes of developing the concrete mind and intellect before the soul-extension has reached a point of achievement that it may be permitted by one of the watching Ascended Masters to enter upon the Probationary Path that ultimately leads toward the Initiatory Path (see "The Only Path On Earth"). The Soul is guided and instructed by one of The Masters on the same Ray as the Soul (which is one of the 7 Rays), and the influence of the Soul is felt increasingly by its incarnate lifetimes.

The means and method par excellence for opening wider the channel to the Soul is meditation and disciplining of the mind. Meditation and service are the means whereby an aspirant becomes a disciple and a disciple becomes an Initiate, and all throughout those lifetimes the Soul is drawing nearer to its lower self, becoming more dominant in its life, having more influence in the decisions that are made and the directions that are taken, and establishing progressive control over the physical body, then the emotional body of desire, and finally the mental apparatus. Simultaneously, the Soul is vivifying and conditioning and quickening the centers of force in the aetheric body called chakras. As per the goal, they are coming, gradually, under control by the Soul.

Once the aspirant on the path has become an accepted disciple to one of The Ascended Masters in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, the long and difficult sojourn along the Path of Discipleship is tread and supervised by a selected Senior Disciple of The Master, the Soul being keenly involved all along the way. Eventually when the alignment and coordination of the lower self to the Higher Self is sufficient, the disciple is entered upon the Initiate Path as the birth of The Christ takes place in the cave of the heart. The 5 Major Initiations leading to total freedom from form are actually Initiations of the Soul. It is the Soul in the incarnate vehicle, with the full realization of Soul-unity of that vehicle, that takes the Initiation.

The 3rd Initiation is called the Soul Merge (also called the Transfiguration), at which time the personality is forever liberated from the 3 worlds of form (physical, emotional, and mental), and it becomes an agent of the Soul in all ways. Personality and Soul are united consciously, and The Monad has begun to guide the Soul. The Initiate can now safely wield the psychic faculties for the benefit of the Race. The Solar Angel is now in full control of the personality; the mind has become Soul-illumined, and an ocean of love pours through the Soul-united individual as he or she dedicates the life toward serving the Human Race. Actually the personality disappears and naught remains but a crystalline-clear instrument through which the Light of The Monad may pour for the helping of Humanity.

That God Self Entity which we have called the Soul does not exist "for all eternity" as is quite commonly believed. It is not the Soul which is the true Consciousness Spark emanated by The Creator in the Act of Creation, but rather it is The Monad, and the Soul with its Causal Body is the vehicle of manifestation of The Monad. Well, that relationship is cemented, so to say, at the 4th Initiation called the Great Renunciation. At that Event, the Causal Body is shattered and destroyed, and the Soul is reunited with and reabsorbed back into Monadic Beingness. "I and my Father are one."

The Divine Intermediary (Soul) has served its evolutionary purpose and is no longer needed. "The veil of the temple is rent in twain from the top to the bottom." The incarnate Initiate has now entered Monadic Consciousness and will remain there until the end of time. The loss of the Soul and the presumed very Source of Beingness may be felt tremendously at first as with Jesus on the cross: "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?" But the Power and the Divine Love and the Expansiveness and the Bliss of The Monad soon rectify any sense of loss, and the Adept stands forth as a miracle-worker in the world of Humanity.

Allow me to make a few statements about the Soul as concluding and summarizing remarks.

1. The Soul is not immortal and eternal and returns to The Monad at the 4th Initiation.

2. The Soul is group conscious and has no orientation or inclination towards individual achievement or separativeness.

3. The Soul Family is comprised of the 12 Expressions of The Monad and all their incarnations.

4. You can never lose your Soul, because you ARE your Soul in embodiment, and your Soul can never be damned everlastingly to the eternal fires of Hell, because Hell does not exist. (The Roman Church grew filthy rich off that lie.)

5. All of the thousands of incarnations of a Soul are happening simultaneously, because the human concept of the linear passage of time does not exist on the Plane of Souls.

6. The Soul disperses all its karmic debts amongst its incarnate expressions without regard for past or future because they don't exist and for the sake of harmony and balance within Itself.

7. The Soul begins its physical life experiencing in the Mineral Kingdom and works its way up to sentiency in form through the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, except that there is no timeline but rather an awareness-in-expansion line.

8. The Soul mirrors The Godhead on its own Plane by containing within Itself the 3 Major Aspects of God: Atma - Will, Buddhi - Universal Love, Higher Manas - Intelligence.

9. Upon death to the physical the soul-extension is reabsorbed back into its Soul but only after purification, re-education, and re-harmonization on the Astral Planes.

10. Souls are Students of The Ascended Masters in this particular evolutionary scheme called Earth.

11. The goal of life here is Self-Realization and becoming totally and absolutely dominated by the Divine Self (until alignment with The Monad at the 4th Initiation).

12. The way for the average person to bring the Soul into their life and to come under its influence is through the mental discipline called meditation, which opens up the channel of communication. Surrender the lower will to its Divine Will (Not my will but Thine be done.). Become a perfect conduit through which its Unconditional Love may pour. And be obedient to its impulses and guidance to be a selfless, humble server of the Human Race.



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