One Artistic Rendering of Lord Sanat Kumara

The One Who is known as Sanat Kumara is The Head of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). He has variously been called The One Initiator, The Eternal Youth of Endless Summers, The Fountainhead of the Will, The Ancient of Days (in the Bible), and The Lord of the World. Prior to coming to this planet, He had lived 900,000 lives throughout the universe, many of them as planetary saviors and lives of leadership for planetary civilizations. Approximately 18 million years ago, The Solar Logos (The Creator of this system of planets) was considering the dissolution of Planet Earth because the evolutionary progress of the planet and her life-forms was going so poorly, and the planned advancements were not occurring.

Sanat Kumara, Who was The Spiritual Leader and Lord of the World for the Planet Venus agreed to come to this planet to place it on an evolutionary path more commensurate with the Plan of The Solar Logos. In passing, it should be said that the very advanced civilization on Venus was at a much higher Dimensional Level than can be seen by the telescopes of our astronomers. Out of loving compassion and in a sacrificial act of monumental magnitude, Sanat Kumara came to this dark and laggard planet 18 million years ago along with an Entourage of 104 Great Beings Who are called The Lords of the Flame in the occult literature of Master Djwhal Khul.

The Spiritual Hierarchy and Great White Brotherhood were formed at that time, and the focus of their presence and the center of their activity was called Shamballa, the White Island, in what was then the Gobi Sea and what is now the Gobi Desert of Western China. Sanat Kumara could come no lower in physicality than the Aetheric Level and there remained in His aetheric body. His immediate circle was comprised of 6 Kumaras, 3 Exoteric Kumaras (or Buddhas of Activity) and 3 Esoteric Kumaras about Whom very little is known. The rest of The Lords of the Flame then made up The Spiritual Hierarchy of that time and served the purpose and the intentions and the plans of Sanat Kumara.

The One Who is called The Planetary Logos is The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara, The 1st Kumara, and That One is called The Silent Watcher and The Great Sacrifice. All of life on this planet is held within the Aura and The Consciousness of The Planetary Logos. The energies of the 7 Rays are received by The Planetary Logos from The Solar Logos and passed on to Sanat Kumara for distribution to The Lords of the 7 Rays and their Departments where they are qualified and transmuted for the benefit of all the Kingdoms of Nature on the planet and for furtherance of the Evolutionary Plan.

The coming of Sanat Kumara produced an extraordinary stimulation in the evolutionary process by his methods of force distribution and greatly accelerated the evolution of all life on the planet. The germ of mind of Animal Man received stimulus and became a fit receptacle for self-conscious entities (Souls) to incarnate in, and the Human Kingdom thus came into being, and the self-conscious, rational unit of Humanity began its career. All of the other Kingdoms of Nature received similar extraordinary stimulation for advancement.

Sanat Kumara established the Path of Initiation during Mid-Atlantean Times as the surest and most efficacious method for spiritual advancement of the sentient life on this planet, and that is the Path followed by all whether they are aware of it consciously or not. He is called The One Initiator because He approves and oversees those step-wise advancements in consciousness called Initiations. The World Teacher, Lord Kuthumi, is The Hierophant at the first 2 Initiations (although Sanat Kumara is there at a Higher Level). Then Sanat Kumara is The Hierophant beginning with the 3rd Initiation (the Transfiguration), which is considered the first Major Initiation by The Hierarchy. His Rod of Initiation is called the Flaming Diamond.

I realize that this is a very brief introduction to The Great Being Who has been with this planet for millions of years out of sacrifice and love for its evolutions, but in its brevity, I thought I could capture more attention and spread the word a little further about The Magnificent One Who has brought this darkened planet from near dissolution 18 million years ago to the very threshold of an Era of Peace, Love, and Harmony during which there will be stupendous achievements brought about by the Human Race. All of life on Planet Earth owes a debt of gratitude to The Eternal Youth of Endless Summers.

The Name of Sanat Kumara

Having said all of this about The Great Cosmic Being that we have come to know as Sanat Kumara, I would be remiss in the constant pursuit of full disclosure and dissemination of enlightening esoteric information if I did not make mention of the fact that Sanat Kumara is not His true name.

The real name of this one and only Extended Expression from The Informing Life of Planet Earth, in Whom we all live and move and have our being, is one of the most carefully-guarded secrets of this solar system, not just the evolutionary scheme known as Earth. The name is in a language unknown to any of the Race of Man and has such potency and power and evocative force that it must be considered as one of the most profoundly powerful mantrams in this system of planets (a mantram that invokes the destructive and creational effects of the 1st Ray of Divine Will and Power -- click link to "The First Ray").

Ascended Masters, Who are Initiates of the 5th Degree, are given only the first letter of the true name in revelation at the Ascension Initiation (presided over by The One Initiator, S.K.). Chohans of the 7 Rays and other 6th Degree Initiates are provided the second letter of the name. The Great Ones Who form the Membership of The Shamballa Council have been made aware of the first syllable of the ineffable name and no more, and this includes the highest of that Mighty Council, The 3 Buddhas of Activity Who form a triangulation of protective and assistive cosmic energy around The Lord of the World and Who unwaveringly oversee that the Divine Purpose for this planet is incrementally formulated into the Divine Plan by The Great White Lodge of Adepts and Initiates.

The true name is not to be revealed, however we may rest assured that the name we have been given has been approved by and references The One Who lovingly holds the entire planet and all her life-forms in His Aura.


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