Shedding Of The Light Of Higher Knowledge

These are consolidated and condensed teachings which I have put together to simplify the understanding of certain rather esoteric matters which have confounded many people who are moving along the Path toward Self-Realization and the Spiral of Return to The Godhead from whence they originated. I have gotten this knowledge from Those Who Know, Those Who are referred to as Ascended Masters of the Wisdom, and I have sent these blog and article postings out on the Internet to reach people on certain spiritual/metaphysical websites who have become ready for this information. I am inspired by The World Teacher, Kuthumi, to more widely disseminate these teachings and to reach out in this manner. May these humble offerings serve to bring illumination and the further expansion of your awareness.

The Path of Initiation on Earth

The Only Path On Earth

The Initiates Of Earth

What Initiation Is Really About

The First Initiation

The Second Initiation

The Third Initiation

The Exalted State Of Buddhi

The Eye Of Shiva

The Pratyeka Buddhas Of Shamballa

A Septenary Universe

Lives Of The Master Jesus

Sanctuaries Of The Masters

The Coming Of The Christ

The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces

Elimination Of All Fear


The Soul

The Great Invocation

The Ashram Of The King

The Silver Cord

Angels, Elementals, And Creation

Telepathic Impression

Death, A Detailed Explanation

Atlantis And The 4th Root Race

Are You A Victim?
Who In The World Is Saint Germain?

Lord Buddha And The Wesak Moon

Lunar Lords And Solar Angels

49 Earths And The Silent Watcher

Lodge Of The Dark Magicians

The Dimensional Shift Of Earth

The New Golden Age On Earth

The World Teacher For Planet Earth

What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?

Who Is Sanat Kumara?

Time Is An Illusion

Do You Really Think You're Human?

The Myth Of Right And Wrong

A Basic Primer On The Chakras

The Causal Body Of The Soul

Thought Forms In Magical Work

The Astral Body

The Aetheric Body

The 7 Forces of Creation

The Seven Rays Explained

The First Ray

The Second Ray

The Third Ray
The Fourth Ray

The Fifth Ray

The Sixth Ray

The Seventh Ray


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