Ascension Lifetime of Lord Maitreya incarnate as Shri Krishna

These articles that I've written have, necessarily, some overlap in their contents, but I am hoping that the overlapping of certain concepts and occult principles will facilitate a better understanding, a firmer grasp of the matters at hand. Initiation and discipleship and the causal body and the antahkarana are inextricably intertwined, and evolution and the 7 Rays and The White Brotherhood are all a part of the picture. It's hard to write about the one without including the others to some extent. With gratitude and admiration I have made reference to the incomparable teachings that The Tibetan Master (Djwhal Khul) provided through the 3rd Degree Initiate, Alice Ann Bailey.

1. The process and the path that we call Initiation was brought to Planet Earth from Venus by Sanat Kumara when He came, along with The Lords of The Flame (His Devotees), 18 million years ago at the invitation of The Solar Logos to provide a major impetus to the advancement of the animal-man on the planet with barely the germ of a mind. The limited consciousness of this animal-man was centered on the group. The stupendous leap to self-consciousness produced the Individualization of Man, which then became the attraction for the Ensouling of Humankind. All the other Kingdoms (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Deva) received a similar stimulation upon the arrival of Sanat Kumara, The Lord of the World (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?").

In the middle of the 3rd Root Race (each World Period of Earth has 7 Root Races), the so-called Lemurian, animal-man with its powerful physical body was in possession of the Earth. Because of the extraordinary stimulus received by the arrival of Sanat Kumara, the Cosmic Forces that He employed, and the enveloping of the planet in His brilliant Aura, the Human Kingdom came into existence. And the newly self-conscious entities became fit receptacles for ensouling by Souls Who had been patiently waiting for this moment to more directly experience life on Earth. In other words, the animal-men were not ensouled until Sanat Kumara had entered the ring-pass-not of Earth and stimulated the primitive beginnings of mind, which then allowed Souls to incarnate on Earth. The event was actually a Major Initiation for The Planetary Logos (The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara and the highest Representative of Divinity for the planet).

The Path of Initiation (and the paths leading up to it) were considered to be in the nature of an experiment by The Planetary Logos of Earth, but that experiment had been so successful on Venus that the attempt would be worth the effort of The Spiritual Hierarchy that was formed around Sanat Kumara. It wasn't begun right away because the mental apparatus of the dominant species of then animal-man was so rudimentary and needed to be stimulated and developed by repeated incarnations of The Lords of The Flame for eons as Teachers and Wayshowers.

2. Millions upon millions of years went by, the work by The Teachers and Mentors being very slow and discouraging. Sub-Races came and sub-Races passed on during the eons of time that it took for the mental body of Humankind to grow sufficiently. Then, during the middle of the Atlantean Period (4th Root Race), a crisis in the solar system tipped the hand of Sanat Kumara and precipitated His decision.

Some of The Members of The Hierarchy were called away to higher work elsewhere in the solar system, and lower Initiates were moved up to fill Their places, leaving vacancies to be filled. The Path of Initiation was introduced at that time for Mankind to begin to produce more highly-evolved sons of Man who would qualify, after tremendous effort, discipline, and sacrifice, to fill the vacancies and eventually to compose the entirety of The Hierarchy. This path, which must necessarily be tread by every incarnated soul on the planet, will be in effect until the middle of the next Round.

By way of explanation, there are 7 Earths in the Chain of Planets called the Earth Chain in reflection of the fact of a septenary universe (see "A Septenary Universe"). The entire Chain of 7 Planets undergoes 7 Rounds or Incarnations wherein each Planet sequentially is activated for a World Period of evolutionary activity. During this World Period of activity, there are 7 Root Races of the dominant sentient species (Humankind). For Mankind, the highest developement currently is the 5th sub-Race of the 5th Root Race. Our particular planet is in the middle of the 4th Round of the sequentially-incarnating Earth Chain (which is multi-dimensional) and is the middle planet of the 7 Planet Chain. Initiation will endure until the middle of the 5th Round of the Earth Chain, millions of years away. I know this is hard to understand, so I've explained it all in "49 Earths and The Silent Watcher". (Click on link.)

3. The Hall of Ignorance (as it is called) is occupied by the human soul for hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes as the form side of life dominates and materiality is all that is known. As the mind begins to grow and acquire knowledge, the Hall of Learning is entered, and the Soul strives to make Itself felt more and more by the personality. This is the long period of incarnations along the Path of Probation leading to the Path of Discipleship, whereupon there is a progressive realization of the God Within (Soul) and the beginning of Soul input and inspiration and influence as felt by the personality. Once the threshold of the doorway to Initiation is passed and the 1st Initiation is taken, the aspirant has entered the Hall of Wisdom, and Soul control is felt increasingly by the personality until by the 3rd Initiation there is complete fusion and domination of the Higher Self over its lower self in incarnate form. The Path of Initiation is tread in the Hall of Wisdom.

4. The Probationary Path involves the building of character by means of right thinking and right conduct and right living (the Spirit Guides and the Soul give subconscious impression as to what is "right"). The personality is being brought under control, and it becomes necessary to learn of weaknesses so that they may be corrected, just as it is helpful to become aware of strengths that they may be used in the work.

The probationer is known to one of The Ascended Masters (on the same Ray as the aspirant's Soul) and is in the care, for purposes of teaching at night, of one of the Master's disciples. Classes are held in the Hall of Learning on the Astral Planes at night while the student is in astral form as the physical body is sleeping. These are taught by advanced disciples (not yet Initiate) of The Master. Progress through the lifetimes is charted in the Hall of Records (Akashic Records) on the higher Astral and lower Mental Planes, the charts being under the care of The Chohan of the same Ray (e.g. El Morya if the student's Soul is 1st Ray) and overall supervision of the Records being made by The Lords of Karma (The Lipika Lords). (If knowledge is lacking about the 7 Rays or The Spiritual Hierarchy, please see "The Seven Rays Explained" and "The Ashram Of The King".)

5. The Path of Discipleship refers to that period of growth wherein the aspirant has become accepted by an Ascended Master as His disciple. The Master has taken responsibility for the instruction and guidance of the disciple, who must pledge to do 3 principle things: to serve Humanity, to follow the intuitive impressions of the Soul, and to cooperate with the Plan of Sanat Kumara and the Master's portion of the Plan. The disciple receives instruction at night in groups, either in the Master's Ashram or a classroom on the Astral Planes, being given by one of the lower Initiates of the Master's Ashram who has the disciple's progress in his care.

The disciple transitions from centeredness in the self to centeredness in the group. It is group relations and group activities and group projects which occupy the disciple increasingly along the Path, and forgetfulness of the self occurs in the altruistic immersion of helping others. The Path is a thorny one, beset by difficulties, trials, setbacks, and hardships, but The Master must test the resoluteness and the reliability and the capability of His disciple to know whether or not he can be trusted to accomplish his small portion of the Plan.

6. The Portal of Initiation is reached after many, many lives of bringing discipline to bear upon the personality, of becoming more and more consciously receptive to the input from the Soul (Who is taught by The Master), of offering service to the Human Race in accordance with the Soul's Ray (the Soul remains on the same Ray in any one Round), of conquering the physical appetites and demands of the body so that obedience of the flesh is essentially automatic and the indulgence in "sins of the flesh" are relegated to the past. The physical elementals comprising the physical form must no longer be in control before the 1st Initiation can be taken (called the Birth), and the channel between the personality and the Soul (the antahkarana) is beginning to open.

As a generality, though there are exceptions depending on karma, developement, and the Ray of the Soul, it is the Heart Chakra (Anahata) that is vivified in this 1st Initiation to promote the rendering of greater service to Humanity, and the new Initiate passes out of the Hall of Learning into the Hall of Wisdom and becomes a new Member of The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Master's Ashram.

7. It is usually many lives which intervene between the 1st and the 2nd Initiation (the Baptism) because this is the period and these are the lifetimes when the emotional body must come under the complete control of the Soul. The astral/emotional body was slowly built and finally perfected by the Atlantean Race and is the strongest and most influencial body of the 3-fold personality of Man. It is easily the most difficult to control as can readily be demonstrated by the emotional swings and outbursts of Modern Man. In much of the world it is out of control. The Baptism is the most difficult of the 5 Major Initiations to take because of the extraordinary effort required in bringing the astral body to a peaceful, quiescent state of equanimity, unruffled by the challenges and perturbations of life.

Contact with the Soul is becoming more frequent; the bridge (of antahkarana) is being built in mental substance through meditation, and the Soul is firmly gripping the physical and astral vehicles of its personality. When Soul control is established, Initiation may be taken to mark the accomplishment, and it is usually the Throat Chakra (Visshuddha) which is vivified by the Rod of Initiation at the 2nd Initiation. Also, in all the work and healing that was done on the astral body on its Astral Plane, the desire nature of the lower self was sacrificed and then eliminated, being superceded by the desires of the Soul for the good of the whole. The now highly functioning Throat Chakra facilitates the use of speech in service to the Plan and a creative ability not heretofore known. Larger group work and a greater scope of the work is assigned to the Initiate. Responsibilities advance with each Step along the Way.

8. After the 2nd Initiation the lower nature is rapidly vanishing, and the desire to serve and to express love and to make progress is becoming so powerful that the 3rd Initiation quite frequently follows the 2nd in a single lifetime, but before the Transfiguration Initiation (the 3rd) may be taken, the bridge to the Soul must be completed , and the mind or mental body must be under complete control (by the Soul not the personality). This is demonstrated by oneness in thought with the Soul and the ability to build creative thought-forms and manipulate thought energy for the furtherance of the work in service to the Plan.

At this Initiation the Soul merges with its personality and, in every aspect of being, the lower self is fully manifesting the aims, the energy, the qualities, the power, and the purpose of its Soul. The 7 Head Chakras are vivified by the terrific voltage of the Flaming Diamond (Rod of Initiation) of Sanat Kumara, and the psychic faculties are definitely stimulated for the helping of the Race. The Ajna (Brow) Chakra is also stimulated into activity by the Rod of Power, which allows the new Initiate to transmit and direct energies from Sanat Kumara, The Master, the Ashram, or the Soul to Humanity in the destined field of service (The Higher Ones work through Their incarnate Disciple-Initiates).

From the standpoint of Hierarchy, this is the first of the Major Initiations and the first one officiated by The One Initiator (Sanat Kumara). The previous two are officiated by The Bodhisattva (The World Teacher) on the 2nd Ray. Soul Consciousness now governs all activity in the 3 worlds of the Initiate (physical, astral, mental), and the lower concrete mind gives way to the higher abstract mind. Intuition floods from above (from the Soul). The nature of the will is revealed (1st Ray Energy), and thereafter the Soul-merged Initiate increasingly demonstrates the right use of power in implementing the purpose of Sanat Kumara and The Spiritual Hierarchy.

9. After the 3rd Initiation, contact with The Master is more frequent and easier of attainment; training is intensified, and accumulation of knowledge is greatly accelerated. There is contact with the Deva Evolution, and the Initiate learns how to command the activities of these Builders of Form through the usage of words of power, visualization, and the directed will. Hierarchical charts and the Laws of the 3 lower Planes (Physical, Astral, and Mental) must be mastered.

During the lifetime of The One Who takes the 4th Initiation, there is tremendous suffering and sacrifice because all in the 3-fold world of the Soul-infused personality has been renounced for higher aspirations. It is called the Great Renunciation (or Crucifixion), because everything of value is given up and nothing remains: family, friends, reputation, respect, worldly belongings, sometimes even the life itself. The personality life has ended, having been renounced in the interests of the greater whole. "Father, not my will but Thine be done."

The Bridge of Antahkarana has been completed to The Monad (Higher Self of the Soul, The Father in Heaven), and Fire pours down the Bridge to engulf and incinerate and dissipate the Causal Body of the Soul (see "The Causal Body of The Soul"), and both are reabsorbed back into The Monad, having successfully served their purpose, and The Initiate-Adept stands absorbed in Monadic Consciousness.

Karma balancing is complete. The Adept is no longer subject to the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma). Any further incarnation is for taking the 5th Initiation and assisting the Plan of Sanat Kumara, now in larger measure because many disciples and Initiates are under His supervision. Work with the Devas is more extensive. All relation is Monadic and The Adept can wield the Laws in the 3 Worlds of Human Evolution (Physical, Astral, and Mental) by the use of secrets imparted during the Initiation Ceremony having to do with mantrams, colors, sounds, the 7 Rays, visualization, and the powerful will of The Adept.

10. The 5th Initiation is called the Revelation because the 7 Paths of the Higher Evolution are revealed in a cosmic vision, one of which faces The Ascended Master for the entirety of the return journey to Prime Creator. No decision is made at this time, but the revelation is given. This Initiation takes the newly-created Master off the Wheel of Rebirth (the Great Mandala), and The Initiate is considered perfected as far as our scheme goes, becoming a 1st Level Initiate (or Entered Apprentice) in The White Lodge of Sirius (The Logos of Sirius is The Higher Self to our Solar Logos).

The Revelation given to The 5th Degree Initiate is also related to Shamballa (the Center in which The Will of God is known), and the Purpose of The Planetary Logos is grasped for the first time. Hitherto, the 1st to 4th Degree Initiates have been Exponents of God's Love (2nd Ray). The 5th to 7th Degree Initiates increasingly become Agents for the expression of God's Will, the most potent energy in this planetary scheme (the 1st Ray or Shamballa Force). The new Master must visualize and create a new project in line with the Plan of Sanat Kumara. Suffering and pain no longer enter into the Consciousness of The High Initiate.

The 5th Degree Masters Who are selected by Sanat Kumara remain with Earth's Evolution (for the time being) and, for purposes of interacting with Humankind, either retain the old physical form (now a body of Light) or, when needed, create the body of manifestation by an act of the will (and it resembles the body from the final lifetime of Ascension). These are The Ascended Masters of Earth's Hierarchy, 63 (9 x 7) of Whom are involved with the Human Kingdom and many others with the lesser kingdoms (mineral, plant, and animal). There are also Masters working with the Deva Evolution.

11. Two other Initiations are possible on this planetary scheme of evolution, though only a relatively few of The Masters remain here to take Them, the majority moving on to The White Brotherhood of Sirius. The 6th Initiation is called the Decision because that is when The Initiate must choose one of the 7 Paths of Higher Evolution to remain on for the rest of that One's evolutionary journey in this universe. It is the supreme, the ultimate decision, that The High Initiate can face. This is the Level of The Lords of the 7 Rays and the Initiation that Lord Maitreya took when Jesus was crucified (He chose the Path of Earth Service).

The Decision Initiation is taken only once every 49 years (7 x 7) by The Masters Who are so prepared. They gather in Conclave and, before taking the 6th Initiation and making Their Pathway Decision, They collectively decide what measures The Hierarchy should take to momentously and radically alter the course of the entire planet in line with the future goals of the Plan. The last 3 Conclaves occurred in 1903, 1952, and 2001, most Initiates then moving beyond Earth on Their chosen path of service. Two examples of Their decisions are the ending of the Atlantean Civilization in the "Great Flood" and the precipitation of World War One.

The decision of these Exalted Chohans is a fixed decision; there's no turning back for "eternity". The Vision granted by The Initiator reveals future opportunities on Their Path and a greater extent of the Divine Purpose of The Planetary Logos. The 6th Degree Initiate has become a Creator not only on this planet but also in the solar system. In recent times, all of The 6th-Level Masters have temporarily postponed the Chosen Path in order to assist in the Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth and the Coming of The World Teacher (Kuthumi), around Whom They form a Protective Wall.

12. The Seventh Initiation is called the Resurrection and is the return of The Prodigal Son to The Father, the return to the Original State of Being in The Originating Source (provincially speaking). It is taken upon the Atmic Plane, the third highest in our system, and The Hierophant is The Planetary Logos through Whom flows the power of The Solar Logos at that time. This is the Degree Level of The 3 Great Lords (The Manu, The Christ, and The Mahachohan) and The Contemplative Nirmanakayas (Who mediate between Shamballa and The Hierarchy), ever in deepest of meditation.

The Initiate is accorded a Vision and Revelation of the purpose for which Love (the 2nd Ray) is the Force which animates all life on the planet and solar system, and He becomes a "Concentrated Point of Living Light". Freedom is achieved from all of the phenomenal life on all 7 Planes of this planetary scheme, and The Initiate wields power on (but not over) all the 7 Rays and wields "The Law" throughout the solar system, becoming a Member of The Solar Hierarchy. Little may be apprehended of The Consciousness at this and the Higher Levels.

13. In truth, there are 2 more Initiations which may be taken in this solar system, though few there are from Earth's Scheme Who take them because most have left the ring-pass-not of The Solar Logos after the 6th Initiation has been taken, and to reach the 8th and 9th Initiations in this planetary scheme, One must pass to another scheme for a long period of instruction and service. The 8th Initiation is called the Great Transition. What little is known is that the nature and the purpose for Duality is revealed, the reason for the 2 Cosmic Principles of Polarity in this universe, and Revelation is given of the underlying purpose for all planetary activity. The Initiate may now be in touch with cosmic evil because it can no longer harm Him, and awareness is given of all that concerns the sphere of influence of The Will of God, the 1st Ray Force of The Creator, in a universal sense.

The 9th Initiation is called the Refusal. The purpose of the solar system is revealed, the current one being the second one in a series of three. The first was qualified by the 3rd Ray, The Mind of God. Our second one is qualified by the 2nd Ray, The Love of God. And the third one will be dominated by the 1st Ray, The Will of God. The very nature of existence is revealed. Realization comes that through the process of creation on Planet Earth, the purpose of The Planetary Logos is the demonstration of Love to the rest of the galactic civilizations.

One of the refusals is the refusal to remain with The World Saviors and Masters on the Path of Earth Service, though intense cosmic love burns within The Initiate for this planet and its life. The Initiate must move on in the cosmic journey and not look back. Another refusal is the refusal to have any further contact with the Black Lodge of Dark Adepts (High Initiates Themselves). The Initiate will continue to counter and oppose the evils of the Dark Brotherhood but will do so by application of force and by wielding the energies of the 7 Rays on Higher Planes of Existence, knowing that the overcoming of evil within this system of planets will necessitate the involvement of Beings higher on the Scale of Achievement, such as certain Solar Entities and Great Ones from Sirius Who are dealing with the problem.

14. At what Levels or Planes of Existence do these Major Initiations take place? Some writers believe that the first 2 Initiations take place on the Astral Planes, but this is not so. The effects are felt profoundly in the physical and astral bodies, but the first 5 Initiations take place on the highest 3 sub-Planes of the Mental Plane, the first 4 taken in the Causal Body of the Soul (see "The Causal Body of The Soul"). The Tibetan Master would list the 7 Planes of the solar system as follows from the lowest to the highest: Physical, Astral, Manasic (Mental), Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic. Each of those Planes has 7 sub-Planes (all is septenary). The 6th is taken on the Buddhic Plane and the 7th on the Atmic Plane.

15. I now want to narrow the focus down to the Ceremony of Initiation Itself. Who participates and how do They participate and what actually goes on? Please keep in mind that these revelations concern the solitary individual but that, for the most part, these Ceremonies have become a group phenomenon and that in the future on Earth it will be groups that come before The Hierophant. It would be helpful to review The Personnel of The Hierarchy beforehand by clicking on "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?" and perhaps "The Ashram of The King".

The Hierophant or Initiator for the first 2 Initiations is The World Teacher of the period (formerly Maitreya, now Kuthumi), and The Hierophant for the next 3 Initiations is Sanat Kumara, called The One Initiator because His approval is required before anyone may take Initiation. The Planetary Logos, The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara, officiates at the 6th and 7th Initiations which aren't required in this system. That One is called The Silent Watcher and The Great Sacrifice. Sanat Kumara is present at the first 2 Initiations though unseen, and the flashing forth of the 5-pointed star above the head of the Initiate is the sign of His approval.

When the prospective Initiate stands before the throne of The Hierophant, there are 2 Sponsors Who stand back of and to either side of Him (or Her), and there are 3 Higher Beings Who form a triangle pattern around the Initiate and The Sponsors. At the first 2 Initiations when the Bodhisattva is officiating, The Manu, The Mahachohan, and a 6th Degree Adept in the 2nd Ray Department form the triangle. When Sanat Kumara officiates at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, The 3 Buddhas of Activity (Exoteric Kumaras) constitute the triangle, and when The Initiate faces The Planetary Logos at the 6th and 7th, The 3 Esoteric Kumaras become The 3 Points in the triangle. In these last 2 Initiations, Sanat Kumara and His Higher Self are actually merged into One Identity.

The Sponsors at the first 2 Initiations are 2 of The Ascended Masters. For the next 3 Initiations, The Sponsors are The Mahachohan and The Bodhisattva. For the final 2 Initiations there are 2 Great Beings Who must remain nameless. The purpose for The Triangulated Great Ones is to pass the terrific force from the Rod of Initiation through Their bodies first as it circles around and around while adding Their 3-fold energies to it (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ray), and then it is passed through the chakras of The 2 Sponsors before being transmitted to the Initiate by an act of the will. The Initiate could not otherwise withstand the full power emanating from the Rod of The Hierophant.

16. There are 5 Stages of the Initiation Ceremony, each a Ceremony in itself.

    a. Revelation of The Presence
    b. Giving of the Vision
    c. Application of the Rod of Initiation
    d. Administration of the Oath
    e. Giving of the Secret and the Word

At the first 3 Initiations, The Presence that is revealed face to face to the Initiate is the Higher Self of that One, and other names would include the I Am Presence, Soul, Solar Angel, Divine Intermediary, and the Thinker. This Presence is a triplicity in beingness as a reflection of The Spiritual Triad of The Monad (Higher Self of the Soul) which, in turn, is a Reflection of The 3-Fold Godhead (Will, Love, Intelligence - The 3 Major Aspects of God), and that triplicity is serially played out before the Initiate over the period of the 3 Initiations, shining forth in a triple manner.

At the Birth Initiation, the Presence is revealed as a Radiant Solar Angel to the inner clairvoyant eye of the Initiate but as real as any physical contact would be. This Angelic Presence embodies the Intelligence or 3rd Aspect of Divinity. The Initiate knows now beyond all doubt the Source of his being and his intelligence, his mental powers, and He realizes the sacrifice that went into incarnating over long eons of time to have finally reached this point.

At the Baptism Initiation, the Presence appears as a Sphere of Radiant Fire with a linkage of fiery magnetic thread (silver thread) from its Heart Center to the physical brain of the Initiate, the thread having passed through the subtle bodies on the way. The 2nd Aspect of Love is shown to the awed recipient, and the thread linkage demonstrates the duality of love and intelligence manifesting in the solar system. The Revelation also shows the fiery thread linking the Sphere of Fire with other Souls of the same Group and Ray, one life pulsating and circulating through all via the fiery strands from Heart Center to Heart Center. It is a demonstration of oneness on the Higher Planes.

At the Transfiguration Initiation, the Presence is revealed as a many-colored Lotus with 12 petals. Three rows of 3 petals each are arranged around a central bud of 3 petals that conceal "the Jewel in the Lotus". The Jewel isn't revealed until the 4th Initiation, but the Initiate recognizes his Soul as a perfected triplicity of purposeful, actively-intelligent love (3 aspects). The 1st Aspect (Will) of the Soul is brought out at this time. The symbolical Lotus pulsates with life, radiates the full spectrum of colors, and is of rare beauty. The Initiate forms an immediate identification with his Presence, a merging of consciousness occurs, and for the first time "Fire" of The Monad (Higher Self of Soul) pours down the Antahkarana Bridge and makes contact with the amazed Initiate (these symbols are part of the Mysteries of the Path).

17. At the Great Renunciation Initiation (the 4th), The Presence brought before The Initiate is The Monad, The Father in Heaven. The Soul has been withdrawn into The Monad, and the Causal Body through which It functioned is dissipated and gone, both no longer of need, and The Initiate is liberated and free to contact The Monad. It is the Love Aspect (2nd) of The Monad which is contacted at this Initiation and the Will Aspect (1st) at the Revelation Initiation (the 5th), when The Adept becomes Master on the 5 Planes of Human Evolution. Another, more-subjective Presence is increasingly made known at these two Initiations, The Presence of The Planetary Logos Who enfolds and incorporates The 2nd Ray Monads of the planet into His Beingness. Put another way, The 2nd Ray Monad involved with Earth may be considered a Fragment/Extension of The Planetary Logos.

At the Decision Initiation (the 6th), functioning as the Love Aspect of Monad, The Initiate is brought into The Presence of The Solar Logos by The Monad and is given realization that The Planetary Logos is one of The 7 Centers or Chakras in the body of The Solar Logos. The Resurrection Initiation (the 7th) extends further recognitions and realizations regarding The Solar Logos.

18. The Vision granted by The Presence is the next revelation provided to the One becoming Initiate, and essentially it reveals the part that He or She has to play in the Plan of Sanat Kumara. A panorama of past lives is displayed, showing the capacities and talents developed which will be of service to the group. The work to be done in the present and immediately future lifetimes is shown, and then for encouragement the final consummation in the future is shown, along with some important steps to be taken to get there. Wider and more encompassing Visions are accorded as the Initiate advances. All of these Visions have a single underlying purpose, though each is on a grander and grander scale, and that is the essential unity of all life in the universe. All is One! Here are the Visions for the 7 Initiations.

    1st. The part of the whole which must be accomplished in service to the Race before the 2nd Initiation.

    2nd. The part The Soul Group must play in the general Plan, that is, the many incarnations of The Family of Souls Who belong to the Initiate's Monad. Insight into group purpose and group karma and group relations with respect to the goal is given.

    3rd. A larger Vision as it concerns the entire planet is revealed as is the purpose of all the Souls on the planet Who are on the same Ray as the Initiate's Soul (one of the 7 Rays). The subordination of the group to the aggregate of groups is learned for cooperation in larger plans.

    4th. The extent of planetary purpose and karma within the solar system is revealed, including the plans for all the Kingdoms of Nature on Earth, and the purpose and inter-relation of a complementary planet to Earth is given (Mars), so that The Initiate will assist the dual purpose toward a united plan of the two.

    5th. Vision of a 3rd planetary scheme (Mercury) in triangulation of force with Earth and its complement, and The Adept is expected to assist The 3 Planetary Logoi (Earth, Mars, Mercury) in synthesizing their schemes into a unity for the benefit of The Solar Logos.

    6th. The fundamental purpose of The Solar Logos and solar system are revealed for the first time, which allows cooperative work with The Solar Hierarchy to proceed.

    7th. This Vision projects beyond the solar system and into the purpose and plans of The Logos of Sirius, The Higher Self of The Solar Logos.

19. Rods of Initiation are used at many Levels of Existence: Hierarchical, Planetary, Solar, and Cosmic, which goes to show you that Initiation is an evolutionary process that goes far beyond our solar system. Each Rod of Power is charged by the Initiation Rod of the higher level with pure electrical force - from Sirius to The Solar Logos to The Planetary Logos to Sanat Kumara to The World Teacher or Bodhisattva. It was The Presiding Lord of The Karmic Council for this solar system Who brought the Rod for The Solar Logos from Sirius, and He it is Who gives the secret words to all The Initiators, which draws down the power that charges the Rod of Initiation.

The Rod of Sanat Kumara is known as the Flaming Diamond and was brought from Venus when He came with His Lords of the Flame 18 million years ago. His Rod is charged by the Rod of The Solar Logos at the beginning of each new World Period of the planet (there being 7 World Periods, one during each Round of the Chain, with 7 Root Races in each World Period). The Flaming Diamond is used to charge the Rod of each World Teacher at the time that They take Office (Maitreya held Office for 2,600 years, for example). Both of these Ceremonies take place in Shamballa. The lower Rod is touched by the higher Rod in solemn Ceremony producing a recharging of its capacity, and when the Rod is used, it acts as a transmitter of powerful force from a much higher level as the secret words and phrases are used by The Hierophant.

The Flaming Diamond is used not only in Initiations, beginning with the Transfiguration, but in magnetizing and cohering some large-scale work of the 3 Great Lords. Through The Manu (1st Ray) it magnetizes a central point around which forms a city, a nation, or a Race. Through The Bodhisattva (2nd Ray) it brings coherency and the attractive quality to the great religions of the world. Through The Mahachohan (3rd Ray) it focalizes points for the cohesion of great organizations and movements which promote the developement of cultures and civilizations.

20. Before the Application of the Rod of Fire, The Initiates and Masters in attendance at the Ceremony have a 3-fold work to do to assist The Hierophant and the Initiate.

    A. Firstly, by means of chanting certain mantrams, the energy of one of The 7 Planetary Logoi, Who form The 7 Chakras in the body of The Solar Logos, is invoked. That energy passes first to The Solar Logos where it is purified, and then it passes to The Planetary Logos and then to Sanat Kumara, whose secret words focalize the energy in His own body and then release it through the Rod of Fire. The particular planet and its energy (one of the 7 Rays) is determined by the energy needed for the individual Initiate (and the Initiate's Soul on one particular Ray).

    B. A form of meditation by the assembled Brotherhood works on the mental body of the Initiate, enabling Him to shut out anything extraneous to the Initiation Itself, to forget the entirety of the past, and to be able to have the far-sightedness of the goal divorced from the illusion of the linear passing of time.

    C. The Brotherhood, while chanting Their mantrams and utilizing the magical powers of sound, form a certain geometrical figure or pattern that is required for the particular Initiation at hand. This facilitates the force invocation and the group energetics for the Ceremony.

21. Continuing now with the ceremonial experience of the Initiate, He has contacted His Presence, knows unequivocably what He must do now because of the Vision, and peace reigns within. The White Brotherhood in attendance chant certain mantrams and conduct certain rituals before The Hierophant ascends to the throne. Once all are in place - the Initiate and 2 Sponsors in triangulation, the 3 Higher Beings in outer triangulation, and The Initiator - the Rod is ready to be applied.

By the use of secret words and phrases (different at each Initiation) The Hierophant triggers the downflow of stupendous force into the Rod of Power. From thence it flows through the Heart Center and then hand of The Initiator to The 3 in outer triangle. By an act of Their will, They circulate the fiery force through Their Heart Centers and pass it to The Sponsors. The Hierophant then utters another secret word, and the force is suddenly thrown into the bodies and the chakras of the Initiate. It passes through the chakras first in the mental body then to those of the astral body and thence to those of the aetheric or vital body.

All that the Initiate can see is The Hierophant and the blaze of an unutterably intense blue-white flame of purification on all sides, pouring from the Rod, circulating around The Triangle, passing through The Sponsors, and creating a wall of fire to conceal The Brotherhood. It is as though fire had descended from "heaven" (God is a Consuming Fire). The Initiate is completely bathed in the purificatory fire, which accelerates the vibratory activity of every atom in all His bodies (physical, aetheric, astral, mental, and causal) and beneficially alters His entire nature. Were it not for The Sponsors and The Triangle of 3, the Initiate would simply not be able to viably handle the terrific power of the fiery force that The Hierophant has invoked.

The Sponsors direct the energy in such a way that the kundalini fire in the Initiate is made to rise to the specific chakra being stimulated, but all the chakras as with all the bodies are greatly affected. The targets for the 1st Initiation are the aetheric chakras, for the 2nd Initiation the astral chakras, and for the 3rd Initiation the mental chakras. The result is an increased ability of the chakras to be transmitting agents for the life-force energy from Soul and later Monad, increasing progressively the capacity and the power of the Initiate to effectively operate in the world from that level of beingness in serving the Plan. Those levels parallel the 5 Initiations: Physical, Astral, Lower Mental, Higher Mental, and Monad. I'll reiterate for purposes of apprehension. The first 3 Initiations vivify respectively the Heart, Throat, and 7 Head Centers, and the process of Initiation gradually burns away the protective aetheric web separating each of the 7 Major Chakras as the kundalini rises upwardly (for more information on the chakras, click on "A Basic Primer on The Chakras").

22. After the Rod has been applied, The Sponsors move back into the Ranks of The Lodge; The Triangulating 3 take a stand behind the throne of The Hierophant, and Initiates of the same degree as the new Initiate take Their place around Him to assist in the last 2 Stages (Administration of the Oath and Giving of the Secret and the Word). The first 3 Stages of the Ceremony are conducted the same for all the Initiation Levels. In Initiations after the 1st, all those of lower degree status than the Initiate must drop back to the rear of the Hall of Initiation (in Shamballa) behind a "wall of silence" created by the energy of mantrams, because They may not be allowed to know the secrets being imparted to the higher Initiate.

The Oath is a triple Oath and is administered by The Hierophant. It is given in 3 sections and, in the interlude between sections, certain ceremonial work is performed by Those assembled around the Initiate. Each section is concerned with the energy of one of the 3 Rays of Aspect (Will, Love, Intelligence), so that energy of a triple nature is made available as it flows from The Hierophant through the same-level Initiates to the One taking Initiation. All benefit by the stimulation. The Initiator elevates His Rod of Power and speaks words of certain mantric value, then The Three standing behind the throne touch the Rod with their Staffs of Office, utter a mystic word jointly, and the downpour commences. This is done 3 times for the 3 sections of the Oath and the 3 energies involved.

The Initiate repeats each phrase given by The Initiator, and the assembled Initiates of same degree chant a Senzar phrase equivalent to "So Be It!" (Sensa is the secret language of the Initiates).

    A. Secrecy is sworn to with regards to the portion of the Plan revealed in the Vision and the part He will play in the Plan except for how it is demonstrated outwardly in His service for the Human Race. A phrase enunciates the future purpose of the Initiate and another makes clear the willingness and willfulness to never be swayed from accomplishing the purpose (1st Ray Energy).

    B. There is a solemn vow concerning right relations with all of Mankind as well as with the Fellow Members of The Hierarchy, and that relation is based on Love (2nd Ray Energy). The Initiate also is sworn to never reveal the true nature of The Presence as revealed in the Ceremony.

    C. He must vow to remain silent about the true nature of energy and the Laws of its manipulation that have been secretly imparted and must also vow to use that force, which is now available to Him, solely for furtherance of the Plan of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and the helping of Humanity (3rd Ray Energy by use of mental powers).

This Great Oath will contain the same essential ingredients for all levels of the Initiate Path, however larger and greater schemes of evolution will be encompassed as the Divine Ladder is scaled. Breaking of the Oath is extremely rare (though it has happened). The opportunity to reveal that which must remain hidden is never allowed (think in terms of the Dark Brotherhood and what they would do with it). If the intention ever arises, the conspirator (fallen from grace) will be struck dumb or dead as is needed! These are serious matters involving the creative and destructive forces of the universe.

23. The Giving of the Word is the next Stage of the Ceremony. At each Initiation some Word of Power is given to the Initiate. The basis of all manifested phenomena, creative or destructive, is the enunciation or production of some special sound or word with the full force of the will behind it. This is part of the Mysteries which may only be given to the trustworthy who have proven Themselves through the step-wise Initiatory Path.

These Power Sounds affect the Builders of Form, both the lesser devas (and elementals) and the Greater Devas. The lesser builders are unconsciously forced to build the forms out of their own substance by the vibration sent forth, and the Greater Builders cooperate consciously with the one who enunciated the sound. The Power Sound must be produced by a self-conscious being who in meditation has visualized in totality the finished product and then projects it forth with the will. The form or creation will cohere just as long as the sound is maintained, and when it ceases, the Builders let it dissolve into the Melting Pot of Creation, be it an insect species or a star system.

The Word of Power which was given by The Sirius Logos to our Solar Logos for the creation of this solar system (the 2nd in a series of 3) was a Sacred Word which sounds something like AUM to the frequency spectrum limitations of the human speech and auditory receptivity. It was a cosmic sound that we try to imitate with "AUM". The cosmic AUM is a triple sound with triple effects as creatively utilized by The 3 Aspects of Divinity. Shiva (1st Aspect) works with A to create life or spirit. Vishnu (2nd Aspect) uses U to create form which spirit must occupy, and Brahma (3rd Aspect) uses M to create intelligence in the form. Infinite permutations are possible in the use of these sacred sounds at different frequency levels along with the "holistic" visualization and projection of Purposeful Will.

Allow me a couple of examples. Seven Sacred Sounds based on the triple AUM created the 7 Planes of Existence in our solar system, each one now ensouled by one of The 7 Raja Lords (or 7 Great Devas). The Human Kingdom was created by the triple cosmic AUM at a particular frequency and sounded forth in unison by The 3 Aspects of The Godhead, a sound which still reverberates in the universe (hence Man's continued existence and evolution). Five Sacred Cosmic Words, accompanied by the visualization of certain symbols, created the 5 Kingdoms of Evolution on Earth by Vishnu (2nd Aspect) using permutations of the sound U.

All the Words of Power for this system of planets are rooted in the Cosmic AUM committed to The Solar Logos before the first solar system was created, and all are simply permutations or elaborations on those 3 basic sounds. The sacred and secret sounds are used by the worthy Initiate for creative processes, destructive processes, and the direction of energy - all in line with the purpose of The Planetary Logos and, further along the Path, in line with purposes of Higher Logoi and greater schemes of evolution.

24. At Initiation, the Word of Power is committed to the Initiate by Those assembled around Who are of equal rank, and They give it orally in a 7-fold form of 7 syllables after They've divided up into 7 divisions according to Ray type (of the 7 Rays). Each division chants one of the syllables in a rapid rotation while, at the same time, the symbols of the sounds pass before the "inner eye" of the Initiate Who must memorize each of the sounds.

Then The Triangulated 3 around the throne chant the 3-fold Word that blends the 7 sounds, and the symbol is again seen by the inner eye of the Initiate. Lastly, The Hierophant sounds forth the one Sacred Word that blends the 3, and one of the chakras of the Initiate pulsates in resonance with it. Each initiated Degree, then, has its own Word of Power which is used in its 7-fold form usually. A Departmental Head (Manu, Christ, Mahachohan) must approve the use in a triple form, because each syllable is connected with the Cosmic AUM and has an extraordinary power. The entire assembled Brotherhood in Conclave must approve the use of the Sacred Word in its unitary form because its power affects all matter of the entire Plane from which the Initiate is sounding it forth, in addition to the Planes beneath it. For example, if a 2nd Degree Initiate used the One Word of Power, it would affect both the Astral and Physical Planes in this solar system (and not beyond because of the ring-pass-not).

It should then have become evident that the synthesized Sacred Word in its unitarian form, which has blended the 7 and the 3 (just as The Godhead blends the 7 Rays and The 3 Aspects), is the Word of Power for an entire Plane in this solar system and that the use of the 7 syllables of the Word forms the basis of White Magic, which will be taught in the Mystery Schools in the New Age. I will assign a number to the Initiation and give the Plane affected by the One Word.

    1. Physical Plane
    2. Astral Plane
    3. Lower Mental Plane
    4. Higher Mental Plane
    5. Buddhic Plane
    6. Atmic Plane
    7. Monadic Plane

All these syllables and sounds of the Sacred Word invoke the cooperation of The Greater Devas in the manifestation process of building form and command the lesser devas to take specific forms. The mental visualization in toto provides the thought-form architecture upon which to base the construction, and the form retains coherency as long as the sound is sent forth and the will of The Initiate is directed toward the created form, whether that form is a plant species, a continent, a planet, or a star constellation. The willful intent of The Initiate will be colored or modified by the Ray upon which He operates. A 1st Ray Adept may create a specific form of government (democracy). A 2nd Ray Adept may create a religion (Zoroastrianism). A 4th Ray Adept may create an art movement (Impressionism). A 7th Ray Adept may create a civilization (Greek). See "The Seven Rays Explained" for the type of energies that each provides.

25. After the Administration of the Oath comes the Imparting of the Secret, which is a 7-fold Secret. The Initiate advances closer to the throne, and while The Hierophant holds the Rod of Fire in the middle, the Initiate places his hand on the lower end of the Rod while The Triangulated 3 place Their hands on the top of the Rod, and The Hierophant gives forth the Secret while energy from the Rod is circling through the Five. The Initiate both hears the Secret and clairvoyantly sees it displayed symbolically before the inner eye.

The 7-fold Secret concerns, among other things, one of the 7 Major Planes of the solar system, a key to the nature of one of The 7 Planetary Logoi Who are Chakras in the body of The Solar Logos, one of the 7 Laws of Nature governing the evolutionary scheme on the planetary expression of one of The 7 Logoi, and a secret is given about one of the 7 Rays (the number 7 never stops cropping up).

The 7-fold Secret is conveyed orally in the nature of short mathematical formulas which the Initiate must commit to memory, and clairvoyantly He sees an oval of a certain hue with 5 particular symbols in it, similar to hieroglyphics. Symbols are the means of communication in the universe, and the Initiate is made aware of this in the Schools of the Ashram and the Ceremony of Initiation. The following 9 symbols are used in the hieroglyphics that are found in the oval seen by the Initiate: the cross, the lotus, the holy grail, the line, the triangle, the cube, the point in the sphere, animal forms, and certain zodiacal signs. The final hieroglyph in the series of 5 provides a key for Hierarchy Members to link up with The Solar Hierarchy.

The set of symbols in the oval are formed by innumerable combinations and permutations of the given symbols, but numbers and mathematical equations enter the picture. The Initiate has to be able to recognize the secret visually as well as audibly, and his memorization is aided by training in visualization of thought-forms and the ability to accurately re-create a vision in the mind's eye for future use. But also, the other Four holding the Rod use the force of Their Will and an intense mental focus to indelibly imprint the memory of the Initiate.

26. The Secret of "The Mystery of Matter" is imparted to the Initiate at the 1st Initiation. This reveals the secret of the coherence of atoms, and the triple nature of electrical phenomena is demonstrated in vision. The secret of balancing forces on the Physical Plane allows the Initiate to contact the Deva Builders on Aetheric Levels for the production of phenomena physically, but this is rarely done because the results are insignificant in the broader scheme. First Degree Initiates of the Dark Brothers use this secret to impress and to generate fear.

A Mystery called "The Secret of The Sea" is imparted at the 2nd Initiation, which clarifies two matters of great interest: the Law of Karma and the mystery of the so-called Astral Light. The Initiate can now read the Akashic Records and learn how to balance and remove his negative karmic obligations. By inner vision the Initiate is demonstrated the reality of The Lords of Karma (The Lipika Lords) Who wield the Karmic Law for the benefit of all the souls incarnate in Humanity (and the Karmic Law throughout the solar system).

The "Secret of Fohat" is revealed at the 3rd Initiation. This is also called "The Mystery of Electricity" and is considered one of the 3 fundamental mysteries of the solar system, having to do with the dense physical manifestation of The Solar Logos as the sun that we can see with our eyes. As a point in clarification, the 7 Planes of our solar system are the 7 sub-Planes of the Cosmic Physical Plane, and the physical body of the sun is formed from the 3 lower Planes (Physical, Astral, and Mental) of the solar system, while the 4 Higher Planes of this system form the aetheric body of The Solar Logos.

This Secret more readily allows the Initiate to comprehend 3 matters of importance: the rising of the kundalini fire to stimulate the chakras, energy transmission from the Soul via the mental, astral, and aetheric chakras to the physical body, and creation by means of thought-form visualization. The key to working creatively with the 3 lower Kingdoms on Earth (Mineral, Plant, Animal) is provided, and the method of sentient life developement in the 3 earlier Rounds of Earth is revealed (our planet is the 4th in the series of 7 Earth Planets in the Chain). Obviously, the symbols conveyed in the vision by The Hierophant contain a gestalt of information. The Initiate may now manipulate much larger planetary forces to further the Plan of The Lodge of Masters, forces in all the 3 Worlds of Human Evolution (Physical, Astral, Mental).

The Great Secret of the 4th Initiation is called "The Mystery of Polarity". This profound Mystery deals with the process of attaining at-one-ment out of duality at all levels of being. The meaning of and reason for sexual differentiation in all physical life on the planet is revealed as well as an understanding for the Separation of the Sexes during the 3rd Root Race of Man (prior to which all humanoids were androgynous). This Secret about polarity reveals a multiplicity of matters in the microcosm as well as the macrocosm, such as the relationship of our Planetary Logos with its polar opposite in our scheme (Mars) and the connection of our Planetary Logos with the Constellation of Gemini, the Twins. Two more examples of the revelations associated with this Mystery would be the higher relationship between the Human and Deva Evolutions and the method of at-one-ment between the Soul and its personality. This Mystery might be summed up in unification out of polarization.

The Great Secret of the 5th Initiation is "The Secret of Fire". Our knowledge and experience with the element of fire at this physical level doesn't really equip us with the apprehension of the concept of Fire from the perspective of Higher States of Being upon Higher Planes of Existence. Fire is equated by Djwhal Khul with The Will of God (1st Aspect) and the Spirit Aspect of beingness. The 5th Degree Initiate comes to a realization that "All Is Fire". Fire is the symbol for the Mental Plane, and the phrase, "God is a Consuming Fire", refers to Lord Agni, The Raja Lord of the Mental Plane.

Some of the revelations in the thought-form gestalt of this Secret include: the triple nature of Fire, the mathematical formula that describes the great cycles of creation in the universe, the method for the inducement of the ebb and flow of the universe - the Nights and Days of Brahma, and the fiery method of Shiva the Destroyer (1st Aspect of Divine Will) in ending manifestation to make way for a new creation. The Master may now wield the Laws of Manifestation on (but not over) all the Planes of Human Evolution.

27. Here's an example of an Initiation at the planetary level to ease comprehensibility of this subject. Back in "Lemurian" Times when the most developed mammal on the planet was more animal than man and when that bipedal anthropoid had very little mental activity, though a strong physical body and some emotional expression, The Planetary Logos took an Initiation conducted by The Solar Logos. Animal-Man throughout the world was the 3rd Chakra of our Planetary Logos, and when that Chakra was stimulated by the Fiery Force of the Rod of Initiation, all of the following world-shaking events occurred simultaneously: the invoking of Sanat Kumara from Venus, the beginning of the Human Kingdom, the definite stirrings of the mental body in the new but primitive humans, the Individualization of Man (out of group consciousness), and the Ensouling of Humankind, now fit for indwelling by Soul-Beings.

28. The following are the numbers and names of the Major Initiations on Planet Earth and the one of the 7 Rays which conditions and governs the energies of that Initiation:

    1. The Birth -- 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order, Synthesis, and White Magic
    2. The Baptism -- 6th Ray of Devotion and Abstract Idealism
    3. The Transfiguration -- 5th Ray of Concrete Mind and Scientific Exactitude
    4. The Renunciation -- 4th Ray of Harmony and Beauty
    5. The Revelation -- 1st Ray of Divine Will and Purpose
    6. The Decision -- 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence
    7. The Resurrection -- 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom

29. Perhaps a few closing statements may be instructive.

    **   Because the Path of Initiation was so successful on Venus in tremendously accelerating evolutionary advancement, Sanat Kumara brought it to Earth, patiently awaiting the day when Man would be ready to benefit from it (Middle Atlantean Era).

    **   Everyone on the planet, aware or not, is on this Path that proceeds from primitive nature to average people to probationers to disciples to Initiates of ascendingly higher degrees (more is given on this in "The Only Path On Earth").

    **   Mystery Schools of Initiation are forthcoming in the Aquarian Age and will be supervised by an Ascended Master for each one.

    **   The step-wise advancements of the Initiate Path produce a series of at-one-ments, demonstrating the unity of all life: oneness with Soul, then with the Soul Family, then with The Monad, then Monads of the same Ray, then The Planetary Logos, Logoi of the same Ray, Solar Logos, and on and on, merging into greater and greater Gestalts of Consciousness on Higher and Higher Planes until returning to The Ultimate Oneness, The Creator of this universe.

    **   The preparation and training leading up to each Initiation, accompanied by the fiery energy received, the chakra vivified, and the secrets imparted, increasingly give the Initiate the ability and the desire to work on Higher Planes and with more powerful energies to successfully bring to reality the manifestation of the Purpose of Lord Sanat Kumara and the Divine Plan (developed out of that Purpose) of our Spiritual Hierarchy.

    **   The series of Initiations and the Vision, Sacred Word, and Secret that are solemnly passed by The Initiator to the Initiate are designed to admit the Initiate into more and more encompassing plans of The Will (or Purpose) of God. It is the knowing of The Will of God and the intelligent, loving use of the 1st Ray Force that is being advanced as the Initiate Path is ascended. The most powerful energy in the universe comes increasingly under the control of the One Who moves upward on the Initiate Path.

    **   From a practical standpoint, there are measures which can be taken to finally escape the Hall of Ignorance and move on into the Halls of Learning and Wisdom: meditation, service, and purification. Meditation necessarily brings the lower concrete mind under control, brings it into contact with the higher abstract mind, and establishes an open channel to the Soul and eventually to The Master. A life of service is one of the prerequisites for the student/aspirant. Use your gifts to help and care for others and to open the Anahata (Heart) Chakra. Purification of the physical body occurs through vegetarian eating, plenty of fresh air, water, sleep, and sunshine, a moderation in all things including exercise, and an avoidance of harmful things, such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and pollution in all its forms. Purification of the emotional body entails the elimination of all negative emotions based on fear and bringing the emotions to a limpid, tranquil state of equanimity. Purification of the mental body involves the guarding of all thoughts, refraining from negative thinking patterns, and the production of beneficial thought-forms for the good of the all.

In everlasting honor of The One True Initiator, Lord Sanat Kumara

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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