The Chohan of The First Ray for Planet Earth

The First Aspect of The Triune Godhead is known as The Will of God, which is also The Power of God, and is the most powerful Force in the Universe. That which is known as the 1st Ray is the Energy emanated by The First Aspect of our Universal God and which brooks no interference, no obstruction, and no opposition at any level of existence in this Universe.

Those Universal Entities, Who are called Archangels by the religiously-minded, are The Administrators of the Ray of Power to assure that the Divine Purpose for this particular Universe is made manifest. They are without free will and may be considered Direct Extensions of The First Major Aspect of The Godhead. To the Christian this is God The Father, and to the Hindu this is Shiva (The Destroyer). Each of the 7 Rays has 3 aspects to It, and the destroyer aspect is the lowest aspect of the Ray of Power.

Archangel Michael is The Primary Agent for administering, projecting, and distributing the 1st Ray Force throughout the Universe (we humans must use human terminology). Some other "Archangels" assist, but there are other Cosmic Entities (called Archangels) Who have the responsibility to administer the energies given off by the 6 other Primary Aspects of The Creative Source for our Septenary Universe, Rays 2 through 7 (refer to "The Seven Rays Explained"). They all collectively see to it that The Purpose for which God created this Universe is fulfilled perfectly and unfailingly.

The 7 Rays are the combined Forces that make Creation in all its enormity and diversiveness what it is, and the 1st Ray is the Agent that sets the creational ball rolling (so to say), but in our solar system only one of the 7 Rays is operational, and that is the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom (The Love of God). All of the 7 Rays of our solar system, and certainly those which have their impact on Earth, are branches or sub-Rays of the Great 2nd Ray and, consequently, are imbued with and impulsed by Divine Love.

The 1st Ray for Planet Earth may be thought of as The Will of God set into motion and dominated by The Love of God. Sanat Kumara, The Lord of the World (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?"), is The Custodian of The Will of God for this planet, and Shamballa with its Great Council is the Administrator of the Divine Purpose for Earth, doing its work through the Center called The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Center called Humanity.

The Hierarchy of Initiates and Ascended Masters is divided into 3 Major and 4 Minor Departments or Ashrams, each of which has one of The 7 Chohans for its Head, a Chohan being a 6th Level Initiate and Wielder of Forces. The Chohan for the 1st Ray Ashram of Planet Earth is Lord El Morya Khan, a Rajput Prince in His final incarnation in India before taking the 5th Initiation and Ascending beyond the Wheel of Rebirth (during the 19th Century). Some of His more memorable lifetimes may be found in "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?". The "Supervisor" or "Chief Executive" of the entire 1st Ray Department is One Who is called The Manu, whereas El Morya is The Head of the Ray with governing ashramic responsibilities. He's second in charge, putting it simplistically.

The Manu, as the Presiding Lord of The Hierarchy's First Group, is a Position rather than a name. He's the Ideal Prototype for the Race of Man and fosters the developement of the racial type, in our case the 5th Root Race (called the Aryan, which is not exclusively Caucasion). Vaivasvata Manu held the Office for 100,000 years, before Master Jupiter moved into the Position of Manu, and had a physical dwelling place in Shigatse, Tibet, as do El Morya, Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, and The Mahachohan. By the way, the force of the ring-pass-not around Shigatse is impenetrable to the uninvited and uninitiated.

For the duration of each Root Race of Mankind (of which there are 7 in each of the 7 Rounds of Earth), there are two Manus during that stretch of evolutionary developement (not simultaneously). In recent times, one of The 7 Kumaras (the 1st Ray Kumara, Sanaka Kumara) of The Shamballa Council moved on to higher work and advanced to The Great White Lodge of Sirius (The Higher Self of our Solar Logos) to become The Manu Equivalent of their 1st Ray Division, being in charge of the deployment of the 1st Ray Forces throughout the Sphere of Influence of The Sirius Logos (our Solar Logos being one of seven expressions of The Sirius Logos). I should explain that The Path to Sirius is one of The 7 Paths of Higher Evolution available to The Initiate of 6th Degree and higher on Earth (see "A Septenary Universe").

When Sanaka Kumara moved on, Vaivasvata Manu assumed that Position of proximity to Sanat Kumara in The Shamballa Council. Then Master Jupiter, the eldest in The Lodge of Masters and a 1st Ray Specialist, took the 7th Initiation and became the current Manu for the 5th Root Race of Humanity and one of The 3 Great Lords in Earth's Hierarchy (Manu, Bodhisattva, Mahachohan). Master Jupiter, now Lord Manu, was originally from Planet Venus and came as one of The Lords of The Flame with Sanat Kumara to Earth 18 million years ago. He energized and activated a much younger Light Body for the lengthy work ahead with the 5th Root Race. Jupiter Manu will be in charge of racial developement and the evolution of physical forms until the end-point of the 5th Root Race and its 7th sub-race many millennia into the future.

The periods of Office of The Manus overlap as do the racial forms of Man on the planet because plans for racial developement are prepared for ages ahead of time. The remnants of the 4th Root Race (the Atlantean) are the Orientals, particularly the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, and The Manu of the 4th Root Race, Lord Himalaya, has remained in aetheric physical form (a Light Body) with a Center of Influence in China to preside over the remaining developement period for the 4th Root Race and to bring about its final disappearance (as with all Human Races). He's the second Manu of the Race and works in close cooperation with The 5th Race Manu.

The work of The Manu (by application of the 1st Ray Energy) and His Exalted Subordinate (Lord Morya) is largely concerned with governments of the world, international politics, and with the creation, evolvement, and dissolution of racial types and forms (in this case with the 5th Race and its sub-races). The Great Devas Who are called The Builders of Form (all forms) work closely with The Manu. With regard to sequentially setting the racial type of humans, He works by means of a dynamic meditation conducted within His Crown Chakra and perfectly visualizes all that needs to be done to accomplish the end results and uses the power of the enunciated sound (secret mantrams) to summon The Building Devas Who have the visualization thought-form to follow as a guide to do their work. Then He transmits the powerful 1st Ray Energy in its destructive and creative aspects to El Morya and The Higher Initiates in the Ashram, and They transform and step it down to be of use to The Deva Builders. All have telepathic access to the idealized thought-form in the mind of The Manu (it might be helpful to review "Angels, Elementals, and Creation").

This Great Lord of the 1st Ray has responsibility for the setting of racial type (in accordance with the Master Plan of Sanat Kumara) and for segregating the groups out of which the sub-races will develope. This requires the skillful manipulation of 1st Ray Forces to move the Earth's tectonic plates and to raise and lower continents to bring to an end the sub-race forms that have become obsolete (in the Grand Scheme) and to isolate the newer forms to consolidate and purify the genetic line (for thousands of years). Any condition needed for the fostering of the new racial type (geographical, political, climatological, etc.) is overseen by Lord Manu and His Chohan (M.), and The Will of God from Sanat Kumara and Shamballa is the means of accomplishment (with the participation of The Devas). The method of visualization, mantric sound, and projection of energy by use of the will is the method taught to and used by all Initiates in Earth's Hierarchy. We call it White Magic, but it is merely creation or destruction by application of Universal Laws (for more detail, go to "Thoughtforms In Magical Work").

In summation, The Manu manipulates physical matter, being occupied with the evolution of all forms on this planet, whether it is the form of mineral, plant, animal, human, or planet; or whether it is the form of governments, cities, nation-states, islands, continents, and races. The Deva Builders of Form are submissive to The Will of The Manu and follow perfectly His creative thought-form. And it is through the Department of The Manu that the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) is worked out by The Lords of Karma: for group karma, such as tribes, countries, races, institutions, and the like. They impose the Balancing Law, and He and His Assistants wield the forces which meet the requirements of the Law.

Master El Morya, as mentioned, is The 1st Ray Chohan for Earth, and He carries out the Manu's directives, which are the 1st Department's apportionment of the Master Plan for the planet as conceptualized by The Planetary Logos for Earth (The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara). Master El Morya, Who is usually just called M. or Morya, retained His physical body following His Ascension (though a far lighter version to be sure) as do many of The Masters to continue their close work with the 4 lower Kingdoms of Earth (Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human). That body is, by human standards, very tall and imposing, and He has a commanding, dignified, and majestic presence. Henry S. Olcott (a founder of the Theosophical Society and a disciple of M.) thought Him to be around 6'8". Another disciple of the same era, through clairvoyant vision, guessed His height at 7 feet. He has dark eyes, a dark beard, long dark hair, and wears a turban wrapped around the head with, frequently, a large blue sapphire in the front of the turban.

His transitory physical form has maintained a residence in Shigatse, Tibet, in the Himalayas not far from that of His Spiritual Brother and Fellow Chohan, Kuthumi Lal Singh (M and KH have worked closely together for centuries). It is impossible for the student or the merely curious to find their way there without being beckoned by The Master. There is a ring-pass-not and a forcefield which protects from intrusion by the uninvited. His energy field is too powerful for the non-initiated to be in His Presence, as might be expected of a 6th Degree Initiate and Chohan on the energy line of The Will of God. All Initiates and disciples in His 1st Ray Ashram are called The Brotherhood of the Diamond Heart and are under His direct or indirect instruction and supervision.

The Master M. has in His charge all of the truly esoteric schools on the planet, the Mystery Schools for Initiation, and the reason for this is that all of The Initiates on Planet Earth (regardless of Ray type) are in the process of learning to develope the will aspect of being so that They may further the Purpose and the Plan of The Planetary Logos in Whom we all live and move and have our being. That One is The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara, and Planet Earth and all her life-forms is the incarnate expression of That One. The Master M. is in line to become the next Manu for the 6th Root Race of Man (we are currently the 5th sub-race of the 5th Root Race) unless developement is more rapid than expected, and then He would take the 7th Initiation (the Resurrection) and replace Jupiter Manu for the 6th or 7th sub-race of the 5th Root Race.

The work of El Morya concerns itself with the manipulation and direction and concentration of the Forces of the 1st Ray as they may promote the Plan of The Manu and the Purpose for Earth as envisioned by Sanat Kumara. In those transitional periods between cycles on Earth, when there is the approach of a new astrological age (e.g. Aquarius) or a human sub-race or a new Root Race, the use of the Will Forces is frequently seen as destructive, as Shiva is loosed upon the world. The old ways and old forms are shattered to make way for the new. Tectonic plates are shifted by 1st Ray application to the aetheric body of the planet; continents are inundated; land masses are raised; mountain ranges are born; the root stock of new sub-races of Man are isolated for their growing period; and all the forms that served their purpose in the preceding cycle are swept from the face of the Earth. The 1st Ray sets the stage and the conditions for the building, constructive Forces of the 2nd Ray.

Of course, all of The Chohans have many responsibilities as might be expected of their growing Cosmic Consciousness. The leaders of the world in all the fields of human endeavor fall under the influence of Master Morya and His Brotherhood (whether incarnate or discarnate). This is especially the case with politicians and statesmen and the upper echelons of military leadership. They receive inspiration and impulse and mental impression and infusions of energy from the Ashram of Morya. All is directed toward the ultimate goal of synthesis, bringing together, harmonious relationship among the units of Humankind, and sometimes it requires Shiva (1st Ray) to precede Vishnu (2nd Ray) in the unfolding drama being enacted on the planet.

World War II was such a planetary drama that was intended to precede an awakening of consciousness for the Race and a greatly altered viewpoint of human inter-relations, and the Ashram of El Morya used the skills and irrepressible determination and force of willpower of their incarnate members (Churchill, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Patton, De Gaulle, Montgomery) to soundly defeat the Forces of Evil who were pressing for a separative (rather than unitive) world of enslavement and domination by Darkness.

The color blue and the letters, M and R, have a vibrational connection with the powerful 1st Ray Chohan. Some of his known lives (with the M/R sound) were the Irish composer Thomas Moore, Sir Thomas More (in the time of Henry VIII), Shan Kai Ra Marya of the Zend Avesta, Melchior the Zoroastrian Magus, Prince El Morya Khan, and the letters MR may be found displayed at His sanctified home in Shigatse and His Aetheric Retreat near Darjeeling, India. There is much more information available about Morya's Retreat than about His home in Shigatse, thanks to Geraldine Innocenti who served as a channel to The Masters in the 1950's in an Endeavor of The Hierarchy called The Bridge Activity. It was claimed that Innocenti was an incarnate expression of Master Morya, Who was The Driving Force behind the Endeavor that lasted for 7 years (another septenate).

1. The Darjeeling Retreat: In point of clarification, each Major Plane of Existence in this solar system has 7 sub-planes. The Physical Plane has 3 dense physical sub-planes (the lowermost) and 4 aetheric sub-planes. These Retreats of The Masters are to be found on the higher aetheric levels and are not perceptible to the ordinary human eye. The Darjeeling Retreat of Morya is called the Temple of Divine Will and is the meeting place of the Darjeeling Council, which advises and guides and instructs governmental leaders from around the world who are brought there in their astral form, while sleeping, by their Guides. Teaching is given on the higher, more spiritually-based form of government by The Master and The Higher Initiates in His Ashram.

The exquisitely-constructed White Palace is built in the style of the Taj Mahal with tall minarets on both sides of the palace. The inside of one of the minarets is a Personal Sanctuary with all furnishings done in a royal blue and unblemished white (the colors of Morya). A column of marble steps at the entrance to the palace leads up to massive golden doors that have the symbol for this Great One and His work on them: a crest containing a golden chalice with the golden letters of MR held within the chalice. The palace is constructed of pure white stones and sits on one of the hills that surrounds Darjeeling (at the aetheric level). The grounds are filled with serene, stately trees, and the view of the surrounding countryside below is magnificent.

Inside the great doors the astral visitor finds a splendorous entrance hall with a vaulted ceiling that has a great prism which pours the 7 colors of the rainbow onto the hall below (signifying the septenary nature of all life in the Universe, the 7 Rays, and the 7 Divisions of The Hierarchy). To the right is a door with the crest of The Master on it and a golden plate in Sanskrit that reads "The Council Room of The Brotherhood". Periodically the higher Initiate Members of The Hierarchy gather in this Council Chamber to formulate plans for advancing Sanat Kumara's Plan and to discuss world affairs. It seats more than 500.

On either side of the entrance hall is a gracefully-curving stairway that leads up to a balcony that contains a gallery of full-length portraits of many of The Ascended Masters. Extending beyond the gallery on either side are sleeping quarters and guest apartments. Beneath the arching double stairway is a huge, hand-woven tapestry of King Arthur and his knights sitting around the Round Table (King Arthur was one of the lifetimes of Morya).

To the left of the entrance hall is a grand drawing room for the entertainment of friends and disciples of El Morya. A precisely and harmoniously designed garden lies just outside of the drawing room windows, where the visitor may appreciate the endlessly-blooming flowers of both the Occident and the Orient and a backdrop of the grandeur of the Himalayas. In the fireplace a fire is always kept burning for the pleasure and enjoyment of any guests, and a rosewood piano sits with a view, for the player, of the garden and mountains beyond. Quite frequently both El Morya and Kuthumi (in aetheric physical form) will sit and play together at the piano.

It is hard to imagine such an august and auspicious gathering, but we are informed (by Master Serapis Bey) that on occasion several of The Chohans of the 7 Rays will congregate in Morya's drawing room around the rosewood piano to generate heavenly music of such beauty that the energy created therefrom is projected to the entirety of Humankind as a buoyant, Light-filled, vitalizing power for the benefit of all. It could be noted that every one of The Ascended Masters is very talented musically. Morya sings in a beautifully-expressive tenor voice, while Kuthumi may accompany Him on the piano, Saint Germain on the violin, and Paul The Venetian on the harp. Oh, to eavesdrop on such a gathering as that!

2. The Sanctuary: Within the Minaret Sanctuary is a vibrantly-beautiful altar which is bordered with white diamonds and blue sapphires, and upon the altar is a large, exquisite Golden Chalice or Grail from which perpetually rises the Heart Flame of the Diamond Heart Brotherhood. The Heart Flame is a pure White Fire with a peripheral tinge of blue. The blue of the Flame as with the blue throughout the Retreat is representative of the power and the faith and the protection of the 1st Ray and its Brotherhood on Earth. This Golden Grail and the Diamond Spear have been with Master Morya since He lived the life of King Arthur of Camelot in the 4th Century A.D.

The Golden Grail represents upheld consciousness into which is poured the inspiration of Earth's Divine Plan and likewise represents purified, Soul-infused or Christ Consciousness, which eventuates as a result of the Master Plan on Earth (remember the allegorical quest for the Golden Grail). The Diamond Spear represents the projection forth of the 1st Ray Energy of Will by the Diamond Heart Brotherhood to accomplish the goal (the Plan of Sanat Kumara) through the united action of Hierarchy and Humanity. Both of these sacred items have deep symbolic importance to the mission of Morya's Ashram. In an esoteric fashion, the White Heart Flame holds within it the Divine Purpose and Plan for the evolution of all the Kingdoms of Nature on Earth as externalized by Humankind through the guidance of The Hierarchy.

Each Initiate "drinks" from the Chalice of Divine Will in order to serve Humanity and externalize their portion of the Master Plan for Earth. In other words, it is their use of the 1st Ray Energy of Will that provides the impetus to action and the will to succeed at any cost. There's also an element of protection in the mission of the 1st Ray Brotherhood. They create, out of the Universal Light, a blazing aetheric Diamond Heart to surround and enfold and protect any individual or group or movement or endeavor that has as its intended purpose the advancement of the Plan (think of the protective tradition of Archangel Michael).

The carpeting of the Sanctuary is an electric shade of blue, and there's a circular nave behind the altar with 3 great stained-glass windows of the finest stained glass that are predominantly of a blue coloration, which imbues the altar with that color when the light shines through. Scenes in the windows depict the 3 Magi following the star to Bethlehem (Morya was Melchior), crusading knights on their way to Jerusalem (Morya was Richard the Lionheart), a figure playing a harp, a scene near the Lakes of Killarney, Ireland, and others which give clues to the former lives of this Master, lives not yet recognized as such by Humanity. One window shows Morya and Kuthumi directing Light through H.P. Blavatsky while seated with a book before her (They helped her write "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine"). There's a window dedicated to Archangel Michael and another to The Eloah Hercules (of The 7 Elohim) Who both serve on the 1st Ray of God. These windows provide a window into the lives and Beings considered of importance and significance to the 1st Ray Chohan.

3. In the aetheric atmosphere above the aetheric Retreat is a large amphitheater created by M. to accommodate the many aspirants and pupils from around the world who are attracted by the magnetic pull of this Retreat and its Flame. It is a place to come for ceremony and celebration and instruction while clothed in astral form during sleep or meditation. A much larger replica of the Sanctuary Altar stands to the front of the amphitheater and which is composed of white crystal and blue sapphire jewels that continually emit a flaming fire from their centers.

Morya's personal elegance and fastidiousness are to be found in the extensive gardens around the grounds and the architectural beauty of the Palace. The Master's imprint is everywhere to be found. Warmth and graciousness radiate throughout the Retreat, which was chosen to be at Darjeeling at the suggestion of The Mahachohan because of energetic proximity to the Himalayas and the relative purity of the atmosphere. M. agreed to have His Headquarters in India also because of service to the country and region for many ages and the spiritual momentums from ages past.

4. Let us move on now to some commentary about the 1st Ray. We have seen the universal perspective of this Ray of Divine Will that is The 1st Principle of Creation and the means by which Creation is initiated. Let us see how it works out on Earth, ever recalling that God's Love is at the core or basis for the activity of this Ray. God's Purpose in this solar system is achieved only because of Love and through Love.

It is a very direct and dynamic Force. It is initiative, drive, and thrust as it influences humans. It is the very vitality of life itself. It is the drive to achieve, the power to overcome all obstacles, the determination to see a project through, the will to be and to do and to take action and to push through anything standing in the way. It is the Ray Energy of cleansing and clearing away the old and obsolete to forge a path for the other Rays to come in and reconstitute according to the qualities that each has to offer and the supervisory discrimination of those High Initiates in Earth's Hierarchy Who are distributing and modifying the energies according to the necessities of the Plan as transmitted to Them by Sanat Kumara.

The old Piscean Age, for example, and all of its reactionary, lead-footed exponents and every single one of its institutions of lower consciousness will be broken down and cleared away by this 1st Ray Force (necessarily so) to be replaced by the new Aquarian Age under the influence of the 2nd Ray of Love (which is the Building Ray) in partnership with the 7th Ray of Synthesis as overseen by Lord Rakoczi (Saint Germain). Vishnu will rebuild what Shiva hath torn down, and the 7th Ray will condition the entire astrological age (refer to "The Seventh Ray" and "The New Golden Age On Earth").

The 1st Ray Initiates, especially El Morya, will be very busy in the coming years as They manipulate and project this energy to various parts of the world and various fractions of the Human Family. It focuses intensely on its target and moves swiftly through all resistance, and any resistance only intensifies its power. Think of General Patton in the European Theater of WWII and General MacArthur in the Pacific Theater. There was NOTHING (not even the legions of hell) which could have stopped their drive to victory over the Forces of Evil.

This powerful Force must be disseminated with tremendously skilled discernment and discretion. This The Initiates learn from Morya and His Higher Disciples in the 1st Ray Ashram: not too much and not too little of this energy to effect the intended changes, a little pinch here and a little pinch there. Otherwise, the unintended consequences could be catastrophic.

Each incarnate person here has 5 Rays of influence, one each for the Soul, the personality, the physical, astral, and mental bodies. For those with the 1st Ray dominating the personality and the physical body, they are primed for action and get bored easily and have many interests. They don't like the details. They just want to get something done, no matter the size or extent of the endeavor and then move on to other matters, leaving the aftermath details to be cleaned up by others. They are continually thrusting forward and ignoring all obstacles. Their focus can be very intense, and they need to stay busy. They are impulsed and impelled to overcome.

First Ray Soul is very thrusting, ever pushing its incarnate expression toward the preincarnate goals for the lifetime (a benevolent but demanding overlord, so to say). First Ray personality focuses on one thing at a time, with concentrated purpose, and thrusts forward without letting any barriers stand in the way. A 1st Ray physical form will be, frequently, tall, strongly built, imposing, with an air of authority, and it wills its way through anything even if it is on its "last legs". Many policemen, military personnel, and heavyweight athletes (such as boxers, wrestlers, shot-putters, and football players) are blessed with this type of body. A 1st Ray emotional body would be very threatening and explosive, but this is rarely chosen by the Soul especially for aspirants on the Path who must learn absolute emotional control before the 2nd Initiation (the Baptism). And a 1st Ray mental body or mind would be exceedingly focused (even obsessively) on whatever is deemed of importance or interest.

Some more examples of historical personages who were strongly influenced by the Ray of Will are Indira Gandhi, Julius Caesar, Brigham Young, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alexander of Macedonia, Mao Tse Tung, Abraham Lincoln, Charlemagne, Prince Metternich, and Napoleon I. These could be considered as prototypical examples of the 1st Ray in expression through the incarnate human.

5. Shamballa (click on "Shamballa") is the Center (or Planetary Chakra) where The Will of God is known. The Divine Will, as registered in The Consciousness of Earth's Planetary Logos, is transmitted to Sanat Kumara as the Purpose for Planet Earth, a Purpose known in its entirety only to Him. As deemed timely and appropriate, portions of the Purpose are passed on to The Great Council of Shamballa with its 3 Great Lords, The Contemplative Nirmanakayas, and The 6 Kumaras (3 Active & 3 Inactive).

The Plan for Earth is an effect or consequence of the Purpose and is formulated in a 7-fold manner by the Center called The Hierarchy with its 7 Branches or Departments that are governed by the 7 Rays. When The Higher Initiates took their Initiation, a partial vision of the Divine Purpose was given to The Initiate by The Hierophant of the Initiation, the higher the Initiation the more extensive and astounding the vision. The Hierarchical Plan is thus generated to accomplish the Purpose and must be worked out by the Center called Humanity (because of the Law of Free Will in this solar system). It is all a matter of the 1st Ray making its way down to the collective human expression.

With very few exceptions, Shamballa directs the 1st Ray to The Hierarchy for its transmuting modifications before it is stepped down and disseminated to the Human Kingdom, but on rare occasions (for reasons known only to Sanat Kumara) Shamballa will send the Powerful Will-Energy of God directly to Mankind to expedite enormous planetary changes. Following are some examples:

    a. The time of the "Individualization of Man" during the 3rd Root Race on Mu (Lemuria), when the units of animal-man acquired self-knowledge and became ensouled entities. This was a Great Cosmic Initiation for The Planetary Logos and the first great crisis in human affairs.

    b. The time of warring struggle between The Lords of Light and the Lords of Materialism (Dark) on the Continent of Atlantis, which sunk the Atlantean Land and gave subsequent rise to the 5th Root Race.

    c. The time of the early 20th Century which led directly to the world conflagration called the World War (1914-1945) and which also led to the fission of the atom in both its destructive and its constructive components (Hiroshima & Nagasaki and nuclear energy for Mankind). This precipitated a rethinking of human relations, values, and attitudes.

    d. The direct flow of Will Energy continues from Shamballa in the 21st Century and will be the destructive agent of the Piscean Age norms and the driving agent to move the planet's tectonic plates and create the so-called Earth Changes that cleanse the Earth and precede the New Age in Aquarius. Most humans will be impressed and horrified by the destruction of forms and will not understand the creative activity that is taking place.

    e. The second great crisis in human affairs (far into the future) will be the collective group Initiation into the Mysteries of the Ages, the 1st and 2nd Initiations of Humanity as a whole. This will be precipitated by direct 1st Ray activity upon Humanity from Shamballa and will be the next Great Cosmic Initiation for The Logos of Planet Earth.

6. Miscellaneous Comments on 1st Ray Energy: Each of the 7 major chakras in the aetheric vehicle of an incarnate human is governed by and primarily activated by one of the 7 Rays (for more on the chakras, go to "A Basic Primer On The Chakras"). The head center (crown chakra) is the primary receiving and distributing agent for the 1st Ray, just as the planetary head center, Shamballa, is The Agent for God's Will at that level. The other chakras in the human are influenced secondarily by Rays other than the primary one. For example, the root chakra also receives a good measure of power/life energy from the 1st Ray. This is the get-up-and-go energy of survival and making one's way in the world. (All the chakras, to some limited extent, receive from all the Rays.)

It may be stated that it is the Ray of Will that actually creates the Center/Chakra called Shamballa, without which It would cease to exist. I have said that It has an important function in distributing The Energy of God's Will, but its major activity in that distribution lies in circulating and bequeathing the dynamic incentive to live to every form of life on Earth. This is an aspect of the 1st Ray that is not often recognized (or known). It seems obvious that all life-forms would want to live (the will-to-live), but that incentive derives from the constant play of this Ray Energy upon every form of life on the planet, and that comes from Shamballa (Sanat Kumara could not achieve His Purpose if life could not be sustained here). This is why Life is listed alongside Power, Will, and Purpose as qualities of the 1st Ray.

Disciples on the Path, who have become accepted by a Master into His Ashram, understand and experience their discipleship according to the Ray Energy of The Master. Disciples in the Ashram of the Diamond Heart, as overseen by El Morya, choose their path of service to Humanity based on energetic activity and physical action, the use of force and energy for good, and the challenges requiring drive and single-minded determination to reach the goal. These are the purposeful go-getters, the forceful doers, the leading edge of the mission or movement (think of H.P. Blavatsky and H.S. Olcott tirelessly traveling the globe to establish and expand the Theosophical Society, both directly supervised by El Morya).

The destroyer aspect of the 1st Ray is closely related to and very influential in that process that we call death (check out "Death, A Detailed Explanation"), once the Soul has severed the Silver Cord and withdrawn the Life and Consciousness Threads which connected It to its incarnate expression. This is the energy that produces the dissolution of the form and the dissipation of the elements, molecules, and atoms of the departed vehicle until it has been reincorporated into the planetary substance. It is this Ray Energy which drives the parasitic animals, insects, and micro-organisms to break down and consume the components of the form nature when the life has departed. It is a beneficent activity which protects the planetary body from the accumulated contamination by every life-form that has ever lived and died on her surface.

The 1st Ray may be seen as crucial at both ends of the spectrum of life and death. It is the giver of life and the taker of life if understood in the occult sense. The Creater Beings at every Level of Existence in the Universe use this 1st Ray Energy in the creation of life, and it is the Energy used in the destruction of form life and the degradation and dispersal of its component parts, whether a mountain, a tree, a reptile, a human, a planet, or a star. "I hold the keys of life and death. I bind and loose again. I am The Destroyer." (I am Shiva!) All The Lords of the 1st Ray on every Plane allow the other Divine Aspects (2 through 7) to achieve Their Purpose, and then They shatter the forms that were built. Shiva giveth and Shiva taketh away in perfect alignment with The Purpose of The Universal Source of All.

If given the master view of the 1st Ray, it may be seen as not only The Will of God emanated to all of Creation through The Specialized Beings Who step it down or transform it to the next lower Level of Beingness, but it may be seen as the Source of the Life Principle Itself. No matter what Level of Being, the 1st Ray confers life on all life-forms everywhere. It is this Energy which gives livingness to all things, and at the end of every life cycle (from an arachnid to a galaxy) it is this Ray Energy which is withdrawn to end the cycle of life and which then destroys the form and recycles its constituent parts into the great reservoir from which life and form will spring again. The 1st Ray in its function as life-giver and death-dealer perfectly reflects the essentual duality of this Universe: light and dark, negative and positive, yin and yang, inbreath and outbreath, the Days and Nights of Brahma. Shiva wears a mask behind as well as in front of the head and dances exclusively first on one foot and then on the other.

I have written about the Silver Cord which extends from the Soul to its incarnate expression during a lifetime and the Life Thread within that Silver Cord which anchors itself in the heart chakra of the aetheric body and through which flows the very life force itself, which animates and vitalizes the body (see "The Silver Cord"). Well, the Higher Self and Source of the Soul is the Monad. The primary energy comprising the Monad is the 1st Ray of Will and Life. The life source for incarnate humans originates in the Monad, with the Soul merely being the Intermediary (until the 4th Initiation/Renunciation when the Soul is no longer required and is reabsorbed into the Monad).

There is a close relationship between the 1st Ray and the Law of Karma (as it is overseen by The Lords of Karma) or Law of Cause and Effect, particularly for the more advanced among Humanity. As the aspirant begins to approach the 3rd Initiation (the Soul Merge), the more rapidly will the karma be worked out, because The Monad releases the destroyer aspect of the 1st Ray through the Soul to the personality , and all hindrances to karmic balancing are destroyed (the hits come hard and fast). There is great suffering involved, but The Initiate must be free of all negative karma by the time of the 4th Initiation of Renunciation. The Adept must stand free of any karmic repercussions as He or She wields Divine Forces in fulfillment of the Master Plan on Earth (for more about the Path of Initiation, go to "The Only Path On Earth").

7. Virtues and Vices of the 1st Ray

    Virtues: These are the more idealistic characteristics manifested by the personality, who comes under the influence of the 1st Ray, when in service to others: leadership, courageousness, candidness, directness, singleness of purpose, steadfastness, fearlessness, and standing up for the truth.

    Vices: Not only virtues are obtained by the use of this Ray Energy, but there are many on Earth, especially the self-centered and the willing supporters of the left-hand path, who develope and amplify the vices available from it: domination over others, dictatorial rulership, withdrawn aloofness, aggressivity, imposition of will upon others, unscrupulousness in ambition, love of power, pride, solitariness, arrogance, and obstinacy.

The virtues which must necessarily be acquired by the 1st Ray disciple, who is traversing the Path of Initiation and becoming a creative, cooperative Member of Morya's Ashram, are humility, patience, tolerance, tenderness, and sympathy. These soften the traits conferred by the powerful Ray of Will and facilitate the inevitable service to Humanity. Remember that the qualities offered by the Ray are potentialities not certainties to become manifest by the individual, and it is left to each one's choice and discipline as to how the Ray will work out in the personality or any of the 3-fold bodies of manifestation (physical, emotional, mental).

The Soul chooses the Ray, and the personality has free will to repress it, to modify it, or to intensify it. But its influence will always be felt for the entire lifetime as pre-incarnatively intended by the Soul. Someone with a 1st Ray body may choose to be a gentle giant. A 1st Ray personality may choose to be a force for good. A 1st Ray mind may be pointedly focused on a vaccine for the Ebola Virus or it may be singularly focused on mass murder by radical extremists. The Ray of Power may be used equally efficiently by the trained magician/initiates of the left-hand path (Dark) or those of the right-hand path (Light).

8. First Ray Examples: Perhaps a few more examples may be of interest to the student who is working on an understanding of the 7 Rays. I'll give the historical figure and the aspect dominated by the 1st Ray. Soul, personality, mental body, astral body, and physical body will be designated as S, P, M, A, and Ph. I'll list only those with a strong influence of Ray One. All those with a 1st Ray Soul are disciples of Morya (the Soul is the Student of The Master). We can see how the 1st Ray enabled their pursuits. Two or more impacts by the 1st Ray is a powerful impetus to action.

    Julius Caesar: S, M       (Roman statesman & military leader)
    Otto Von Bismarck: S, P, M       (German statesman)
    Helena P. Blavatsky: S, M       (Russian occultist)
    Charlemagne: S, P, M       (French emperor)
    Catherine the Great: S, M, Ph.       (Russian empress)
    Francisco Franco: S, P, M       (Spanish dictator & military leader)
    Ernesto (Che) Guevara: P, M       (Argentinian revolutionary leader)
    King Henry VIII: S, P, M, Ph.       (English king)
    Emiliano Zapata: S, P, M       (Mexican revolutionary leader)
    Josip Broz Tito: S, P, M, Ph.       (Yugoslavian dictator & military leader)
    Spartacus: S, P, Ph.       (Grecian rebel leader)
    Saint Paul: P, M, Ph.       (apostle & spiritual leader from Tarsus)
    Prince Metternich: S, P, M       (Austrian statesman)
    Mao Tse Tung: S, P, M, Ph.       (Chinese revolutionary & political leader)
    Jesus: P, M, Ph.       (Judean spiritual teacher)
    Hannibal: S, P       (Carthaginian military leader)
    Francis Drake: S, M, Ph.       (English naval commander)
    Winston Churchill: P, M, Ph.       (British statesman & military leader)
    Augustus: S, P, Ph.       (Roman emperor)
    Indira Gandhi: S, P       (Indian political leader)
    Charles de Gaulle: P, M, Ph.       (French military & political leader)
    Paul von Hindenburg: S, P, M       (German president & military leader)
    Ferdinand Magellan: S, P       (Portuguese navigator & explorer)
    Napolean I: P, M       (French emperor & military leader)
    Xerxes: S, P, Ph.       (Persian king & military leader)
    Robespierre: S, M       (French revolutionary)
    Saint Peter S, M       (Judean apostle to Jesus)
    Douglas MacArthur S, M, Ph.       (American military leader)
    Hercules (Heracles) S, M, Ph.       (Grecian spiritual teacher)
    Alexander of Macedonia S, P, Ph.       (Macedonian king and military leader)

Nations of the world have also a Soul Ray and a Personality Ray. The former remains the same throughout the life of the nation, and the latter may change as deemed appropriate to the larger scheme of world progress by the Higher Levels of Hierarchy from Whence Ray assignments are made. Souls have a preference for incarnating into countries with the same Soul Ray to facilitate, to some extent, the guiding influence of the Soul on its incarnate expression. The Soul Ray of the nation imparts the qualities intended for the higher purpose of the nation and which is sensed and expressed by the disciples and Initiates of the nation, the more advanced of the citizenry. The Personality Ray demonstrates as the predominant mass influence and expression, which is separative and self-serving to the nation (the national self-interest).

Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom have a 1st Ray Personality which powerfully influences the masses toward nationalistic tendencies and behaviors that are driven by the massed force of will. Canada strenuously guards her sovereignty against American political expansionism. Germany sought to expand the Fatherland in the World War (1914-1945) at the expense of other sovereign nations, ferociously advancing by blitzkrieg and campaign by the collective use of its will-to-overcome. And the British Empire came as a direct consequence of this Personality Ray powerfully expressed in conquering and overcoming the resistance of the indigenous peoples around the world.

China, India, Greece, Egypt, and Argentina have a 1st Ray Soul. If and when any of these countries begin to use their power and influence and energy and resources for the benefit of the world community moreso than for nationalistic interest, they will be expressing from the collective Soul Level and will be led, as a nation, by Initiates of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (considering current policies and behaviors, let's not hold our breath for that).

9. Closing Commentary: The Solar Logos (The Creator of this solar system and what we see physically as our sun) is a Fragment/Aspect of The Sirius Logos, what we call Sirius A and B. Our Solar Logos is one of a group of 7 Expressions of Sirius, and there will be a total of 3 "incarnations" of The Solar Logos as this solar system. The first is gone and in the past, during which the 3rd Aspect of Creative Intelligence was perfected. Our current solar system will, in eons hence, be perfecting the Love or 2nd Divine Aspect. The third and final incarnation of this system of planets will develope and perfect the Will or 1st Aspect of God (as it is experienced cosmically).

The reason and purpose for this pattern and progression is one of the secrets of Initiation into The Solar Hierarchy. All life on Earth (and the other planets) in all its 7 Rounds and in all the 7 Globes of the Chain (7 Earths) is destined to develope and bring into perfection the Will Aspect of beingness, but the ultimate purpose for this Evolutionary Plan is known only to The Lord of the World. The higher the Initiation taken, the greater the vision of the Purpose is revealed (for more about Initiation, go to "What Initiation Is Really About").

For the Earth, then, the 1st Ray is the most potent energy in all planetary life and is held in leash by The Great Ones Who know how to wield it. It's the medium by which creation and destruction is accomplished and is the leading force by which the Plan for the planet is sequentially and dynamically implemented stage by stage. It is the fiery force, as directed and allocated by The Manu and El Morya, that will thankfully relieve us of the Piscean Age and will initiate the skeletal structure for the Aquarian Age, to be filled in by the 7th Ray and the Ashram of Lord Saint Germain.

The Will of God, as tempered by our all-encompassing 2nd Ray of Love, is fundamentally the primary motivating potency for all life and evolution, and when evolution runs its course, Shiva cleans the slate (on this planet and everywhere else in the Playground of Creation).

With love and dedication to Lord El Morya Khan!


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