In the Summer of 1992 I gave a series of talks about what this planet had been and would be going through in the near future. I had been highly interested in the transformative process of Planet Earth for many years because I felt at some level of my beingness that I would be involved in that process (somehow), and I readily devoured all the reading material I could get my hands on, material that would practically jump off the bookstore shelf at me, material that always built upon what I'd already learned as though the books that came to me were ordered and then sent by some Spirit Instructor looking after my occult education.

There was a lot of garbage out there drawing the attention of those with poorly developed discernment, and there were works with truthful statements intermingled with mostly disinformation, misunderstanding, and blatantly obvious lies (a method favored by the Dark Brotherhood), but in my hermetic years of re-awakening while living in my retreat in the Sierra Nevadas (1987 - 1991), my intuitive, inner knowings had grown quite dramatically, and I could keenly discriminate the legitimate material from the unworthy.

I was able to distill the essence of the ideas and condense down and synthesize the concepts that were aimed at a barely awakening Humanity in an attempt to get It prepared for what was inevitably coming. The true teachings and true warnings had fallen upon deaf and dumb ears mostly, so I offered to ring a few alarm bells that Summer and try to wake up as many sleepy-heads as I could, drawing on the extensive material on the subject resting in my memory banks. Since that time, I've continued to add more knowledge to those memory stores from the best and the highest Sources for that particular field of information, and I've achieved levels of perspective that go far beyond this speck of dust at the outer fringes of this enormous galaxy, perspectives that I wish to share with those who are willing to open their minds and use their intuitive, feeling sense to judge the veracity of what I have to communicate.

I have gathered this information from the very Highest Levels of Existence that are available to this Third Density Plane of reality at this time, information that has a bearing upon what is really happening to this planet and the sentient beings that have made a home on her surface. The teachings come from such Sources as: Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy (refer to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"), unimaginatively vast Gestalts of Consciousness or Group Minds existing at Density Levels closer to The Creator, and highly-evolved Intelligences from other star systems in the galaxy and in the Cosmos. Obviously, human intermediaries called "channels" have to be involved to bring the communications to us, and I've selected only the clearest and non ego-obstructed of those channels. Examples of The Sources would be Hilarion, Djwhal Khul, Maitreya, Kuthumi, RA, Pleiadians, Sirians, and The Confederation of Man.

Part of the reason for this endeavor is to inform more people as to just what on Earth is goin' on. Forewarned is forearmed against the anxieties and confusion and fearfulness which could result when these things start happening. When the Deal starts going down, those who have chosen to remain in the ranks of the sleepwalkers will be in for the shock of their lives, because they expect this world to continue as it always has been, but it will never be the same again (thank God) and the transformation of which I write has already been set in motion and is absolutely inevitable. In fact, this is merely the calm before the storm.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me give it to you from a galactic perspective. Yes, this whole thing that is happening is galaxy-wide. This galaxy of billions of stars is teeming with life, sentient life (far more sentient than Homo Sapiens to be sure). In fact, there are billions of other civilizations in this galaxy alone, every single one more advanced (spiritually and technologically) than humans. The Galactic Being, Who was called Hunab Ku by the Mayans and Who is called The Great Central Sun in the occult literature, has spread Itself out upon the Playground of Creation, and this lenticular-shaped Galaxy that we call the Milky Way is the physical manifestation of That Galactic Being. The Galaxy is its body or form, and It has offered Itself as a focus in the Cosmos for the developement of consciousness and the evolution of Sparks of The Creator Who wish to experience at the physical level of existence.

Earth and Her humans are only one of those billions of sentient Races that are contained within The Consciousness and the Energy Field of That Galactic Being. As the Galaxy evolves and advances, so do all who are contained within It. The closer the stars and the planets are to the center of the Galaxy, the more highly evolved are the Races of those stars, and the inverse is true. The position of the Earth at the far-flung periphery of this great Galaxy is an indication of the evolutionary level of its sentient life-forms. I find it rather amusing that the "intellectuals" amongst Humanity consider Man to be the most complex and advanced life that exists in the Universe. That presumption is the heighth of absurdity and, in fact, just the opposite is the truth of the matter as I'll explain.

The Galactic Being has evolved to the next higher level of expression, and naturally and necessarily all that is contained within its Beingness must move on or shift to their next higher level of existence. It can be no other way, since they are all a part of the immense Consciousness or Co-Creator that created this Galaxy as an expression of Itself. Now, every single one of those civilizations in this Galaxy have made the necessary Dimensional Shift (harmoniously) except for Planet Earth and Humankind. This is the one and only laggard planet in this entire Galaxy comprised of billions of other civilizations to make the leap in Collective Consciousness that is required for it to move up to a higher dimensional experience. In other words, it is the most lowly-evolved of all of them (and goin' nowhere fast if one cares to consider the ubiquitous hatred and bloodshed and cruelty that apparently has no end in sight).

This planet, however, is an integral part of the Galaxy and cannot be left behind as the evolutionary spiral inexorably wends its way back to The All That Is from whence all life sprang, and all "eyes" are focused upon this watery, emotional sphere to see how things will turn out. The entire Galaxy cannot put its evolution on hold indefinitely for one single, backward planet and hence the limited time-span for the Shift to take place. In fact, it is overdue but the Transformative Changes have been postponed by Sanat Kumara (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?") and The Solar Logos of this system because greater numbers of humans than those who would have been capable of making the Shift are needed after the Deal is done. If it would have gone forward in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's as had originally been planned, fewer than 1% of the population would have survived because their vibratory nature was too low for Fourth Density (the Density Plane to which Earth is heading).

The Shift for Planet Earth involves going from the highest Dimensional Level (7th) of Third Density to the lowest Dimensional Level (1st) of Fourth Density, also called the Astral Planes. I must digress a little bit here to say that human experience is unique in that it involves all 3 sides of the triangle of being - physical, emotional, and mental. All of the other Races in this Galaxy use the intellect, the mental side, as a slingshot for launching their evolutionary flight back to The Creator. They have seen what emotions have done to this planet and its ever-struggling life-forms, and they want no part of them. The negative emotions, which are all based upon fear, have been the very thing which has held this planet back over eons of time, and the Galactic Races do not see the value of emotions because of the example that humans have set.

But The Galactic Being has plans within plans within plans, and this wayward speck of cosmic dust has a grand role to play in the scheme which has been formulated. The Earth Humans are going to be teachers for all those who follow the events here as they unfold, for they will demonstrate the inestimable value of the only true positive emotion that there is, and that is love. The plan for Earth, and this is overseen by Great Ones Who know the stakes of the game, is that when the Dimensional Shift is fully realized and Fourth Density has been entered, those who remain with the planet will become centered in their Anahata Chakra (mistakenly called the heart) and they will begin to emanate unconditional love for all things.

This has been called the "Christing of the Race" by Hilarion (Chohan of the 5th Ray for Planet Earth), and the energy of love will burst forth from this planet with such intensity that it will astonish all the galactic observers who had expected the emotional side of humans to lead to the planet's destruction. The Galactic Being wishes others of its Races to incorporate emotions into their make-up, and that is exactly what will happen when They watch the blossoming and then the explosion of the Christ Love coming off this planet and making it appear radiant like a Star. The other Races have no feelings at all, so this will be a big step for Them and for the Galaxy at large. That is the importance of this planet as unlikely as it seems, and that is why there are so many here to observe. The Second Aspect of The Triune Godhead (Divine Love or The Christ Logos) has influenced The Galactic Being into desiring to express more Love, such as will be found on Earth when It has gone through it's birthing pains and has delivered to its Maker a Golden Age suffused with the highest form of love, that which will draw The Christed One back to walk again amongst Humanity to serve as the highest example of that love and to be The Way-shower for the Aquarian Age on Earth.

The love demonstration by Humanity after being mired in the fear-based emotions for eons is deemed so critical to The Galactic Being that The Galactic Council, Who are The Twelve Expressions of That One, are directly involved in the outcome of the Transmutational Rebirth of this planet, and They have commissioned (if you will) Beings of Pure Love to be coming onto this planet at this time. I call Them the Masters of Love, and They will be the Leaders and Teachers of the initial phase of the New Age, getting it started off on the right track (see "Mission of The Love Masters"). The Galactic Council has declared that there is no possibility of failure and have directed so much Power toward its success that the Denizens of Darkness, no matter what their own power, will be powerless to affect the end result.

Now, there are other ways of looking at the Coming Times on Planet Earth, and I will offer another perspective. In a Universe of Seven Major Densities of experience, each of those Densities has 7 Dimensional Levels of Existence. The Earth has been in Third Density for over 3 billion years and is in the highest Dimensional Plane of that Density, ready to make the Shift into the lowermost Dimension of Fourth Density. In fact, it is presently straddling those 2 mentioned Dimensions and is right on the cusp of the Change.

In this particular Universe, there is a duality or polarity of expression of all the beings that have emanated from The One Infinite Creator. It is just one of the ways that The Creator has chosen to experience and come to know Itself. The polarity chosen follows one of the Two Major Principles of this Universe. There is the Principle of Disunity or Separativeness, and those beings thus polarized are in service to the self. This polarity is called the negative or the Dark Forces, and they seek power and control over others in order to serve the self. The other Principle is that of Unity and Cohesiveness, and those thus polarized are in service to others. They are called the positive or The Light Forces and seek eventual reunification with The Creator. All of the beings on both sides of the polar divide have issued from the same Creative Source and are loved equally by That Infinite Source as extensions of Itself. The Dark Brotherhood is loved just as much as The Light Brotherhood by The One That created them.

I wanted to give that brief explanation to offer a better understanding of another aspect of this Transitional Shift. All Third Density planets have both polarities on them to quicken and intensify the learning experience for the Souls Who incarnate on them and to catalyze the polarization process itself. There are only 2 ways to go. One either serves the self or serves others and, consciously or unconsciously, becomes aligned with the so-called negative polarity or the positive polarity. There is no middle ground. All Fourth Density planets are of a single polarity, one or the other.

Earth will be going to the service to others polarity once it is fully into Fourth Density, and there will never again be allowed on this planet those who serve the self and who in doing so seek wealth and status and power for the self while forcing control and subjugation and domination and loss of freedom on others. It is all over for the Dark Ones on this planet once the Shift is complete. They will, however, play their part to perfection and struggle to the bitter end to maintain their control and their material resources, making things very difficult for all who are here, but the end result is a foregone conclusion. All who are polarized sufficiently toward service to self will continue their lessons and learning on other Third or Fourth Density planets, nevermore on this one.

It is true that this planet will be completely of the polarity of service to others once the residual of Third Density experience is left behind, but the numbers will be few. The projections in the past were fairly consistent that roughly 10% of present Humanity will remain "alive" (embodied) after the Deal is done, but I happen to think that those are unrealistically optimistic projections knowing what I've come to know. Greater numbers were expected to turn to the Light 20 and 30 years ago, but it just did not come to pass, and the Dark Ones were very successful in their promotion of war and hatred and selfishness and greed and the emotion of fear which virtually sustains them.

The whole process is unemotionally called the Harvest, and it is overseen by Many Who are on Higher Planes of Being. The Higher Self of the incarnate personality will know the orientation of polarity of that personality, and if negative it will be removed by what we call dying in one way or another. If the orientation is positive, there must be a very strong polarization toward service to others to be harvested into the Fourth Density here, otherwise that personality will also be removed when the Higher Self withdraws the life-force, and it will be allowed to repeat the Third Density lessons elsewhere on other planets. Fewer than 1% on this planet meet the criteria of having a high enough vibratory nature and a complete enough polarization to the service to others to be able to remain with this planet into Fourth Density after the Harvest.

The frequencies of the energies in Fourth Density will be so much higher that it would be excruciatingly painful for those not adequately prepared to move into a higher level of existence, and that preparation begins in consciousness and the expression of love. In Fourth Density are learned the lessons of love, in Fifth Density the lessons of wisdom. Knowing this, the Higher Self is aware of whether or not its incarnate lower self is prepared to remain after the Harvest. Whatever the polarity, only those sufficiently polarized one way or the other are Harvested into Fourth Density, the positive ones remaining here and the negative leaving (forever). Those not polarized enough, one way or the other, will be removed by their Source Self and will then be allowed to continue incarnation cycles on other Third Density planets.

This planet and this solar system have actually already spiraled into the Fourth Density Vibration, but the collective beingness of all its life-forms remains in Third Density, and this has created a dysharmonious clash of energies because of the incompatibility of the huge negative thought-forms of Humanity at the Aetheric Level and the new, more highly refined energies of Fourth Density. This mismatch of energies will actually be the real cause of the geo-physical cataclysms and severe storms and pandemic diseases and bellicose actions (war) which are simply symptoms of that energy mismatch as the planet electromagnetically re-aligns with the higher level.

It is not that some Higher Being has decreed a punishment upon this planet. The lowly nature of the thoughts of humans, the collective effect of the fear-based emotions of so many humans, and the powerful and vast negative thought-forms which have been fed for millennia are producing the severe mismatch of energies which, in turn, will produce all the turmoil and chaos which are referred to as the Earth Changes. Humans have brought it upon themselves. It is no End of Times; it is no Apocalypse; it is no preliminary to some "Day of Judgement". It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. The planet is being birthed into the Vibration of Love, and the labor is not going smoothly. Many Lofty Ones have incarnated to improve the Harvest but few there are to harvest and thus the postponements of that Shift to somehow improve the numbers of those who may be carried along into Fourth Density and the giving of self to others out of love and compassion.

The most probable and most consistently given time/space nexus for the ending of this Harvest and the ending of 3rd Density used to be given as 2012 A.D., but obviously that did not happen. Years ago I was informed by The Masters that there have been multiple postponements (by The Solar Logos) which would take the Harvest way past the year, 2012 A.D., primarily because of the very low numbers of humans capable of making the Shift, however keep in mind that the Galaxy cannot and will not remain on hold indefinitely. The symptoms of World Changes will not just suddenly appear at that time but will be ongoing for years (the 7 Years of Tribulation) and will progress in severity and enormity the closer to Fourth Density that the planet gets. Just prior to the completion of Harvest and the Dimensional Shift, there will be a world-wide event of global nature that will forever be emblazoned upon the Collective Unconscious and the memories of all who were here to experience it. That well could be the Shifting of the Earth on its Axis, but it hasn't yet been decided by Those Who guide our affairs (see "The Ashram Of The King").

Update:   In December of 2010 I was informed from The Level of The Ascended Masters that The Planetary Logos for Earth (in conjunction with The Solar Hierarchy) has made the decision to forego the lengthy postponement and to bring the timing of the Dimensional Shift back closer to the 2012 time-frame, generally speaking. The Dark Forces have made great strides in subverting and reversing many of the plans and programs of The White Brotherhood around the world, and far greater numbers of humans have become aligned with the polarity of service to self (Dark) than those who have chosen the polarity of service to others (Light). I was told that the collective greed, hatred, and complacency (in raising consciousness) had gotten completely out of control. The losses being incurred, with regard to Humanity, will probably not be worth the further extension of time to attempt to get greater numbers to a higher vibratory level of being, considering that the entire galaxy is being held up in its evolutionary progress by this one planet and considering that the Dark Side is making faster and greater gains than The Light. The intuitive feeling of the channel for the message (a friend of mine) is that the end-point for the 3rd Density Piscean Age will be around 15 to 20 years past 2012 A.D., and the Tribulation Period of 7 Years will precede that.

Those of the positive polarity who have raised their frequency of being (and their awareness and love nature) enough to be compatible with Fourth Density are currently alternating their experience between 3rd and 4th Density, sort of straddling the fence. They may not be conscious of it, but their focus of awareness is being shifted between the two in preparation for the New World in 4th. When the traumatic events begin happening and civilization collapses, they will not be impacted because those things will be happening in 3rd Density, and they will be able to observe as though through a one-way mirror from a 4th Density perspective. It's hard to understand; I realize. The analytical mind doesn't work it out too well. The changes affect all those at 3rd Level but do not affect those moving to 4th.

Lord Hilarion likes to call the time leading to Harvest, the 7 Years of Tribulation, in keeping with the prophetic and highly symbolic visions of the one who wrote "The Revelations", which was incorporated into the Bible (Hilarion claims to be The One Who experienced those visions on the Island of Patmos). This is a time shortly to begin, and nothing will ever be the same again on Earth. I can speak only in generalities because the specifics of the events will be determined by the collective energies and thought-forms of the groups (large or small) that experience them, and the freedom to choose to change will ever be with them. It must be said, though, that there is little time left to be making those changes within before the approaching storm has descended. Keep in mind too that there is no such thing as death (see "What Happens After Death?").

The information that I offer is neutral information. How one chooses to repond to it emotionally is strictly the choice of that individual and not the fault of any other. One may be happy that a new day is dawning or sad that they will lose things that they are attached to or angry that the future won't meet their expectations or fearful for the predicted loss of life and destruction of possessions, but that choice is made by that individual alone. One doesn't have to have any emotional reaction at all. It is just information. The way I respond to it is with excitement and anticipation and longing for the day when a profound peace will have settled over the planet and a complete harmony will exist between all its life-forms.

I know what is coming and can hardly contain my joy in the knowing of what approaches on the other side of the Tribulation. Until then, let me tell you of the enormity of the changes and of the irreversibility of their nature. Remember, these are the symptoms of the dysharmonious clash of energies between a Third Density human species that has been recalcitrant in its spiritual evolution and the Fourth Density Plane to which it inexorably moves. Humanity has made its bed and must now lie in it.

Billions of people will be leaving in what humans call death, but in reality they are merely leaving their bodies behind. Their Higher Selves will withdraw the consciousness from that body before the pain of the trauma is suffered, and the means of going will symbolically hold great significance to the pattern of behavior and belief of each one. When the tectonic plates begin to move in earnest (and they will), entire land masses will be radically altered. Some lands will be submerged beneath the ocean's waters and others will rise from the ocean floor to begin another time of service in the new cycle to begin (such as portions of Atlantis and the Motherland of Mu in the Pacific).

The massive movement of those plates will create volcanic eruptions all over the world with resultant tsunamis and pyroclastic flows and the filling of the atmosphere with particles that obscure the sunlight and drop air temperatures around the world and affect the growing of crops. There will be diminished food supplies and mass starvation in some areas, and drinking water will be in short supply over much of the globe.

Just about anything imaginable will accompany the moving tectonic plates: raging wildfires, massive storm systems, floods and inundations, earthquakes of unforeseen magnitude. As land masses and large islands go down, the oceans will spill from their basins and massive walls of water up to a mile high will sweep over coastal lands, rushing hundreds of miles inland. Now, the larger events will more likely be toward the end of Tribulation as the Dimensional Shift comes near, and the largest of all will be at the very end of this cycle coming to a close, but the intensity and frequency of the cataclysms will build from beginning to end.

Necessarily, all of the current societal systems will utterly collapse and be no more, because they are brainchilds of the Piscean Age and can have no part to play in the Aquarian Age of higher consciousness. All of the following systems are doomed for extinction: Educational, Political, Military, Medical, Economic, and Religious. They all must and will go with the passing Age of Pisces and Third Density Reality. I'm sure that the implications can be imagined, and I impatiently wait for it to happen.

The insurance industry and the banks will topple like dominoes, one upon the other, as the geo-physical events proceed around the world, and governments will become bankrupt and collapse under the weight of their self-serving interests. Electrical power grid systems go down; the internal combustion engine becomes worthless when gasoline is no longer available; roads and aquaducts and rail lines are broken up. Cities are in pandemonium as the Dark Ones spread terror through the hearts of those susceptible to fear. Islands, cities, and coastlines become the most traumatized and difficult places to be (and the most dangerous).

Twenty million may go in a single event, and those who wish to remain will need to learn how to let all of those go without succumbing to fear or anxiety, which is the lowest of the emotions and which would drag down their frequency of being. Epidemics and plagues are likely to be invoked by the deleterious thought-forms of humans, and there will be regional wars fought by those who carry hatreds for each other fueled by the interference of the Dark Brotherhood. It will seem as if the world has been turned upside down, and the great majority of the masses who have chosen not to learn about what is coming to Earth will be panic-stricken and in utter confusion. Chaos would be a mild description of it, an understatement.

It could have been otherwise if The Great Teachers and Avatars Who have repeatedly come to change the ways of a spiritually bereft species had been listened to and not mocked or tortured or butchered for Their efforts made solely out of love for the species called Humanity. Harvests at the end of cycles do not have to be violent and chaotic, but this one will be because of the choices humans have made to remain in ignorance about higher, less material matters and the corrosive, self-damaging emotions that they have chosen to express (as a generality).

The Times to Come will be a great opportunity to show what is in one's heart by reaching out to offer a helping hand to all those in need of it, and many can become polarized enough in being of service to others and become centered enough in expressing from the Anahata Chakra to make that Harvest and find themselves in the Fourth Density instead of the tumultuous Third. The Higher Self will know if a compatible vibrational rate has been reached to assist that lower self in making the Shift. The desperate times will present everyone with a clear choice between caring for the self or caring for others, and this was foreseen by The Guides of the Race.

One of the functions of physical reality is to serve as a precise and exacting mirror to all who pass through it, and every single encounter, event, drama, interaction, and experience is not only a mirrored reflection of the beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes of the one who experiences it, but what appears out there to be in one's reality is, in fact, created by the consciousness of that one. They have created it (though unknowingly) themselves. There are no accidents and there are no victims, and this principle applies also to groups of people, tribes, cities, nations, and races. The reality that they experience is self-created, even though it is mostly in the subconscious. The extension of this principle is that the turbulent and cataclysmic times approaching will be a perfect reflection of what lies harbored in the Collective Unconscious of Mankind, and the local and regional differences will also be perfect reflections.

Will you turn your concerns toward the self and your possessions, or will you turn your concerns (and your compassion) toward others?

There are forming now, and there will be forming small, closely knit Spiritual Communities living in harmony with Nature and with the Earth. They will be pockets of Light that will be little affected by the geological happenings around them as long as they maintain an internal harmony, a peaceful coexistence, and a loving nature toward all life. Such Communities will make the transition into Fourth Density practically without knowing what happened, suddenly finding themselves in a pristine, peaceful world, and that will make them invisible to those humans of darkness that want to destroy them and snuff out the Light.

The stockpiling of weapons and ammunition and food is not the answer for "survival". Everyone is going to survive anyway. It is just that billions and billions of bodies are going to be left behind as the occupants of those bodies are withdrawn by the Source of their being. The survivors will not be those who make their preparations from without in terms of material supplies but rather will be those who make their preparations from within. The reality experienced will reflect that which is within each one (automatically), and no amount of money or weaponry or underground accommodations or survival gear will help someone make the Dimensional Shift into the Aquarian Age on Planet Earth.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn, and that will seem so to those who remain ever-mired in selfishness and materialistic orientation in all that that implies. The dawn that breaks will be doing so for a Golden Age on Earth that is hard to imagine. It will be an Age of peace, brotherhood, and unity, an Age of immense spiritual progress and miracles. There will be a new and purified Race of Humanity, one which will have learned that Mankind is but a single Family. Humanity will manifest the same Divine Love that Master Jesus embodied when He walked the Earth, that Christ-Love that proceeds forth from The Second Aspect of The Godhead.

The Golden Era soon to come will be overseen by That One in The Spiritual Hierarchy Who is known as Saint Germain or Master Rakoczi, The Lord of the Seventh Ray, and the use of the Violet Flame will become prominent as will ritual and ceremony, which are teachings associated with The Seventh Ray Brotherhood. Saint Germain will guide the progress of the Race in the Aquarian Age, and as I've written elsewhere many of The Adepts and Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy will walk the Earth and have Ashrams or Schools of Initiation around the globe. They will prepare the way for The One Who will be coming as the next Avatar of The Christ Consciousness, That One Who is called Kuthumi (see "The Coming of The Christ"). The Path of Initiation will allow many humans to finally escape from the Wheel of Rebirth and move on in their evolutionary journeying through the Cosmos.

In the New Age, the full range of psychic abilities will eventually be acquired by everyone as the chakras all become balanced and a steady channel of communication is opened to the Higher Self of each person, and by then telepathy will be the dominant means of communicating thoughts to one another. The double-stranded, helical DNA will evolve, over time, back to the original 12 strands that humans possessed eons ago before they were bio-genetically altered by master geneticists from elsewhere in the Universe (hundreds of thousands of years ago). At that time, the humans will have their Crown Chakras wide open, and they will be using the frontal lobes of the brain as they were intended to be used, and their mental capabilities will bear little resemblance to what passes for cognitive functioning now. There will be full use of the human brain, and lifetimes will be extended for hundreds of years as rejuvenation abilities are awakened.

There will be ongoing contact of the Spiritual Communities with advanced extra-terrestrial beings from other star systems in the galaxy and elsewhere. They will assist the fledgling Communities and offer teaching programs for the expansion of consciousness in any direction that the humans want to go. They have been in this solar system for a very long time watching the human drama unfold and, beginning in the 20th Century, preventing a nuclear conflagration which would have torn the "fabric" of space and imperiled other civilizations in this galaxy. They come from many regions of the Universe, are very diverse in their nature and consciousness, and some of the mother ships are over 500 miles in diameter. They are in other dimensions of existence and can't be seen by our telescopes. This solar system is virtually buzzing with life and activity, while our scientists make pronouncements about the solitary existence of Humanity in a deep, dark, and silent Universe devoid of any other intelligent life.

So, if you have made it this far in this writing, and the information has felt right to you, I hope that it will better prepare you to anticipate and to understand from a higher perspective all the things that are coming to this planet in the near future and the reasons why it will unfold as it does. There is not a thing to fear, and there is much to anticipate as the vestiges of darkness and savagery are removed from a species that knew too little the disastrous results of its own creations. The nobler fraction will be remaining to greet the New Dawn with open hearts and joyful countenances. During the Transition, there will be ample opportunities to reach out and help some struggling soul. Know that this will only draw you nearer to the most glorious time in this planet's history and to the bosom of The Christed One!!

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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