I have elected to share many of the communications that I have received over the past few years from Those Who are called The Great White Brotherhood, Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, and The Ascended Masters of Wisdom. They wish to make their existence known to a much greater extent than is currently the case because They will shortly be walking amongst us to prepare the way for the Coming of The Christed World Teacher, and They seek a greater cooperation and participation of Humankind with the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara as the Piscean Age comes to a close and the Aquarian Age of Peace and Harmony gets under way (see "The Ashram of The King").

Most of the messages were provided through the mediumistic talents of someone that I have known since the days of boyhood -- Greg. He was trained and prepared for this work in the Astral Temples before this lifetime to be consciously and clearly receptive to the Higher Levels of The Hierarchy, in part to assist in the work that I came to do on behalf of The Masters and The Council of Shamballa. The messages come spontaneously and unexpectedly and arrive in a variety of ways: aetheric visions, clairaudience, reception of thought-packages, intuitional impressions, and the onset of chills and gooseflesh phenomena.

At my current stage, I serve as a vehicle and conduit for the Christed Energies of Kuthumi in healing and not so much as a channel for messages from that Level of Existence, although I am informed that my receptivity from Them is more than I think and more than I care to admit. Kuthumi is merging with me, and at some point I will knowingly channel communications from my Source, and His Presence will be felt by all those who are sensitive enough. For the moment, however, I share the things that The Ascended Masters have deigned to inform me about through the ones that They have selected to bring through the messages, primarily Greg.

I have included the critical as well as the complementary to demonstrate that this personality called Jim is as humanly flawed as any other, and if I can achieve, then any and all can rise up out of the mire of the collective mundane illusion that is called reality and set their sights upon the glories that beckon in the New Golden Age.

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