The Ozarks of Arkansas

I have been receiving repeated messages lately from The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy with regards to the creation of the first Spiritual Sanctuary that I have been asked to do on their behalf (see "The Sanctuary Of Kuthumi"). These are some of the most persistent and forceful messages that have been conveyed to me since I stepped onto my prearranged path in the Spring of 2006 after 15 years of living in the wilderness.

The Masters would now like me to direct more of my focus and my energies toward the developement of the first Spiritual Retreat/Community which will be located in North America, although the precise location has yet to be worked out (from Higher Levels). They have informed me that these Sanctuaries are considered to be a critical component in the effort of preparing much higher numbers of people to become capable of making the Dimensional Shift with this planet into the next higher Level of Expression (1st Dimensional Level of Fourth Density) in the fairly near future (if interested, click on "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth").

This Project of creating the Sanctuaries is entirely overseen and guided and guarded by The Lofty Ones Who are called The Ascended Masters, and they (the Sanctuaries) will come into being through the concerted and cooperative effort of those many who are impelled (from within) to become a part of this Thrust of The Great White Brotherhood (if need be, go to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). These Temples of Grace are a foregone conclusion, and now is the time for action, for bringing Them into this Third Density Reality in the final phase of the Piscean Age.

At the suggestion of and prompting by The Lord Hilarion (The Chohan of the Fifth Ray for Planet Earth), the following ideas and categorization of necessities are being organized and mentally ruminated in order to create a more easily followed Road Map to that Sanctuary or Retreat, which may be called The Sanctuary of Kuthumi and which will be dedicated to The World Teacher for Planet Earth, Lord Kuthumi (see "Who Is Kuthumi?").

The process of organizing the essential needs and placing them into categories and subcategories and visualizing the particular details is a powerful creative tool that will facilitate and expedite the creation of this Community of Light. It will be drawn from the Aetheric Level, where the thought-form has already manifested, into the physical at this Third Density Level of Reality. And The Masters have informed me that tremendous effort is being exerted by Them to bring this Utopian Place to fruition. I reiterate (while being prompted to do so) that It is considered to be one of the critical ways in which far greater numbers of unawakened humans will become adequately prepared to be able to make the Dimensional Shift along with the planet into the Fourth Density Aquarian Age.


1. Training of the teachers and healers who will be going out into the world to carry out the Mission on behalf of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth.

2. Offering healing sessions to all who come and make the request. It is to be a Center of Healing for Humanity at all levels of being, a Center where The Ascended Masters will work through the healers for the recipients of the healings, a Center where people will come from all over the world to be healed.

3. Serving as a Center where the Light of The Creative Force will be focused for the benefit of the Transformation of Earth and Her Humanity.

4. Being a living example and a model to the world of the ideal community to which others may aspire and which will be a forerunner to the nature of communities when the Aquarian Age has arrived.

5. One of the essential and primary purposes is to teach and to train and to motivate and to prepare dramatically larger numbers of people to become capable of making the Dimensional Shift with the planet into the Fourth Density New Age (see "13 Steps To Paradise").

6. This Temple of Grace will be one of the Sanctuaries to which will be brought the young Masters of Love (see "Mission of The Love Masters") to be raised and nurtured and trained and taught to fulfill their exceedingly important mission of becoming the founders and the leaders of the New Golden Age on Earth.

7. This Focus of Higher Consciousness and Vortex of Light will actually play a part in bringing the Piscean Age to a close and the Aquarian Age to a beginning.

8. It will serve as a Retreat and a Sanctuary and a bastion of hope and peace for those who are weary of the worn out ways of the Piscean Age and who wish to live in a higher state of consciousness while under the guidance of Earth's Ascended Masters.


1. Situated between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains in North America. Land in the Ozarks is of particular interest.

2. Moderate, temperate climate with an altitude conducive to growing for the Plant Kingdom.

3. Abundant fresh and pure water.

4. Good soil for the growing of crops and vegetables and fruit and nut trees, a soil capable of sustaining the community.

5. Size: 200 or more acres.

6. Developement: most of the land is to be kept in its natural state and undeveloped.

7. Well forested land is preferable, especially land not violated by the chain saw or polluting chemicals.

8. Must be far from heavily-populated areas and in a rural area of more sparse population.

9. Topography: flat areas for large gardens and field crops will be needed.

10. Ownership is a necessity. The utopian vision cannot be compromised by meeting the expectations or rules of the unenlightened.

11. The deed must be donated without contingencies or restrictions. This matter would be guided by The White Brotherhood.

12. Well distanced from the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes.

13. Far enough removed from railroad tracks, interstate and U.S. highways, military bases, and nuclear power plants.


1. Internet marketer for the websites, the healing mission, and the creation of the Spiritual Sanctuaries.

2. Spreading the word: Internet forums, talks ("13 Steps To Paradise"), recipients of healings, "business" cards, newspaper articles, interviews. To all those who feel strongly that they would like to assist, in some way, the creation of the first Sanctuary, it would be helpful to spread the word about my website ( to friends, family, acquaintances, and like-minded people.

3. Prayer and visualization: creative group effort -- once weekly at a set time.

4. Someone with knowledge and experience in making foundation grant proposals.

5. Full time webmaster for and for

6. A tax attorney to volunteer to create a "501-c3", non-taxable, non-profitable, charitable entity called Sanctuaries of The Masters, Inc., the umbrella organization.

7. A person with promotional skills to create ideas for promoting the websites, the healings offered, the Sanctuary of Kuthumi, and the teachings of "13 Steps To Paradise".

8. Organizing and digitalizing any channeled messages of advice and guidance from The White Brotherhood, Those Who sponsor this huge Project.

9. An accountant will be needed once the operation is satisfactorily underway.

10. Donated real estate property or parcels of land, especially located in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas.

11. Monetary contributions may be sent via Paypal on the Internet. See the "Contributions" link on my website.


1. County ordinances and planning.

2. Carpentry, Woodworkers.

3. Electricians.

4. Construction Trades.

5. Farming (Organic and Biodynamic Methods).

6. Gardening (Organic).

7. Mechanics -- diesel, auto, farm machinery.

8. Healers -- of many kinds.

9. Speakers, Lecturers.

10. Culinary (Cooks, Bakers, Chefs).

11. Channels and Psychic Counsellors.

12. Secretarial: word processing, record keeping, public liaison, bookkeeping, appointments, schedules, Internet forums, phone inquiries.

13. Spiritual Teachers (for adults). Focus: a. The Way to Paradise, b. Earth in Transformation, c. The Age of Christ Love, d. Living in True Harmony, e. Meditational Alignment with Soul & Soul Purpose.

14. Pipe-fitting and Plumbing.

15. Natural Energy Engineer or Technician: a. Solar (photovoltaic), b. Wind, c. Earth's electromagnetic field, d. Water-driven turbines.

16. Child Care -- according to Aquarian Age Principles: a. highly advanced teachers, b. centered in the Heart Chakra (the Anahata).

17. Painters.

18. Computer Technology.

19. Heavy Equipment Operation.

20. Guest Speakers for conferences and retreats.

21. Attorney (incorporation, real estate, 501-c3, court litigation, legal documents, defense advocate).

22. Comedians (to keep us all laughing through the chaotic and turbulent times).

23. Grounds maintenance.


1. Respect for all life in all Kingdoms of Nature: Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human.

2. Ahimsa -- causing no intentional harm to other living things.

3. An orientation toward the giving of self to others and away from selfishness, self-orientation, and egocentrism.

4. Humility in character.

5. Loving thy neighbor even as thyself.

6. Tolerance and acceptance for any and all forms of worshipping The One Infinite Creator.

7. Non-violence.

8. Willingness to serve the needs of the community.

9. Willingness to reach out to those in need of help.

10. No illegal drugs are allowed! No growing, manufacturing, transporting, possessing, using, or selling.

11. Non-prejudicial nature toward others of a different skin color, race, sexual orientation, age, language, cultural background, religion, and appearance: and non-discrimination toward those with developemental and physical disabilities.

12. Controlling of pets that they not cause injury to or disturb others.

13. Consideration of others with regard to noise and loud sounds, also with regard to the use of perfumes and lotions with pungent artificial chemicals.

14. Honesty, sincerity, and truthfulness in all forms of human interaction.

15. Everyone who comes is expected to contribute, in whatever way they have to contribute, to the community -- be it by way of skills, talents, knowledge, working trades, special gifts, or monetary donations.

16. Cooperation in all aspects of life. Competition in all forms will not be allowed -- not in sport nor play nor contests nor in games, not in anything.


1. Bank Account for Sanctuaries of The Masters, Inc.

2. Insurance Policy for the Sanctuary of Kuthumi.

3. Paypal Account for Sanctuaries of The Masters, Inc.

4. Website for Sanctuaries of The Masters and a Link and Page for the Sanctuary of Kuthumi.

5. Foundation Grants.

6. Contributors' postal mailing list and e-mailing list. Periodical update by mass e-mailing and pamphlet.

7. Form a Seed Bank: a. heritage seeds, b. non-hybrid seeds, c. non-genetically modified seeds, d. sturdy, regionally developed seeds.

8. Plans for non-conventional housing structures: Yurts, Domes, Spheres, Pyramids, Underground, Straw-Bail, Adobe Brick, Stone, Earthen, Thatch Roofed, Sod Roofed.

9. Supply Trucks.

10. Guest Transportation Vans.

11. Tractor, Shed, Fuel Tank, Farm Equipment, Machine Shop.

12. Permanent Resident Housing.

13. Guest Lodging.

14. Healing Center.

15. Teaching/Learning Center -- Community Library.

16. Ceremonial Area -- Meadow or Tree Grove for group gatherings.

17. Administration and Reception Center.

18. Power Generating Plant -- non-conventional, non-polluting.

19. Sewage Treatment.

20. Community Kitchen and Dining Area.

21. Roads, paths, hiking trails, grottoes, places for seclusion, communing with Nature, and communing with Soul.

22. Water Tower.

23. Isolated Cabins for Retreat and Meditation.

24. Dairy Cow Operation -- Barn, Equipment, Pastures, Veterinarian Services.

25. Sheep Flock Operation -- Grazing Pastures, Shelter, for wool only.

26. Free-roaming Chicken Operation -- Shed for shelter, for eggs only.

27. The Shrine of Lord Kuthumi.

28. Community Bulletin Board.

29. Golden Age School for the Masters of Love.

30. Grounds Maintenance Equipment.

31. Accountant to keep track of all fiscal matters.

32. Subtle, unobtrusive outdoor lighting.

33. Fencing around pastures.

34. Large Gardens for flowers and vegetables.

35. Fruit and Nut Tree Orchards.

36. Irrigation System.

37. Temple of Worship and Thanksgiving (non-denominational and consecrated to The Creator of All That Is).

38. Mail Distribution Center.

39. Children's Playground.

This itemized Road Map is not comprehensive and will be expanded as the thought-form congeals in the minds of those who wish to participate in creating this Center of Grace which is sponsored and overseen and protected by The Great White Lodge for Planet Earth. Those who lend their assistance and their generosity will find unexpected and deserving blessings entering their life. You see, this is all directly overseen by That One Who will walk the Earth in the New Golden Age as the next Avatar of The Christ Consciousness, Lord Kuthumi.

I have been informed on more than one occasion (by The Masters) that there is not even the consideration of the possibility of failure in creating and developing this Sanctuary of Grace, Harmony, and Love. It (and the others) will come to pass, and It will be a Beacon of Light to the world, and It will be a vehicle for helping to bring in the Aquarian Age and for assisting large numbers of people in making it into the next higher Level of Expression (click on "13 Steps To Paradise").

A few words should be given over to what this is NOT, because there will be detractors, and there will be critics, and there will be those who attempt to discredit this endeavor. This Spiritual Community will have no affiliation with any church, religion, or religious institution. This is not a sect, religious or otherwise, and this is not a cult, and this is not a hippie commune. There is no exclusivity but rather inclusivity. In short, this is a place of kindness and helpfulness and sharing with one another; and a place of peaceful coexistence and brotherly/sisterly love and compassionate service for the good of the all, totally embraced by The Galactic Being and all The Forces of Light!

Let us, then, come together in purpose and intent to bring this into being. If It is considered to be so important to The Very Ones Who have guided the evolution and progress of the Human Race for eons of time, and if They are devoting so much of Their effort and energies to this Project, what can be more important to be doing at this time/space nexus prior to the Years of Tribulation and the Dimensional Shift on Planet Earth aside from the healing and the evolvement of oneself? All other forms of human endeavor will pale in comparison. This Road Map may show the way to the creation of the first Sanctuary, but that Community of Peace and Love will light the way for all those struggling to escape from the darkness of the illusion and the grip of fear which will grow progressively during the remaining years of the Piscean Age of Sorrow.

This link explains my need for help: "Why I Need Help!".

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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