1. Many physical maladies are a karmic carry-over from other lifetimes, and the personality has agreed (prior to birth) to the illness as a means for setting aside the negative karma. The Higher Self or Soul of the person will determine in its wisdom at the time of the healing whether or not the karma has been adequately balanced.

2. Belief and attitude and expectation are highly important in creating the reality that we experience. If the individual requesting the healing does not truly and fully believe that they can be healed, then that disbelief and doubt may block the healing from taking place.

3. If there is a sub-conscious program of disbelief in any other healing method than the conventional System of Medicine, then that message playing repeatedly beneath conscious awareness may likewise block the healing.

4. Some people become attached to their diseases and disabilities because of secondary gain, such as the sympathy and attention and assistance that they receive from friends and family. There must be a true desire to be healed before it can happen. The Ascended Masters will not interfere with our free will processes (if unfamiliar, click on "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?"), and thus the free will of each person must be exercised in the form of sincere desire to be healed before it can be offered to that one.

5. Negative emotions (all based upon fear of one kind or another) and negative thinking patterns will ultimately become manifest as a physical problem to the body. For any healing to be permanent, those deleterious emotions and thoughts must be stopped and replaced by more uplifting ones. A return to negative emotions and negative thought patterns may even reverse a healing that was previously given.

6. A healing may not be apparent immediately but rather may become obvious over the passage of time as deemed appropriate by the Higher Self. Most of the Healing Energies provided by Lord Kuthumi are infused into the aetheric body, the template of the physical body and the location of the chakras and meridians, and consequently take time to become manifest at the physical level (see "The Aetheric Body"). The healing of physical problems that are a result of dysharmony in the emotional body (astral body) or mental body take longer to come into physical manifestation.

7. The form that the healing may take may not meet the expectations of the person receiving the healing. It may be quite different and is always determined by the incomprehensible wisdom of the Higher Self. It should be explained that in EVERY case when Kuthumi comes to the side of the healing recipient, some form of healing is always offered to that person whether or not it is precisely the form that is being requested, and it is always for the greater good of the individual's evolutionary progress.

8. A healing may take the form of the gentle and grateful passing of some long-suffering person (what humans delusionally think of as death). This event is the most Joyous and Ecstatic in the life of that person when the merging with their Higher Self occurs and the tormented physical body is left behind.

9. It should then be apparent that not everyone gets healed in exactly the way that they are asking to be healed (although many do so), however every single person who is graced by The Loving and Compassionate Presence of Kuthumi will receive the healing that is deemed the most beneficial to the progress of that divinely-infused spark of The Creator.

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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