The Essential Method of The White Magician for Aligning with Soul: Meditation

This subject deals with two matters of prime importance to the aspirant on the Evolutionary Path on this planet, that lengthy sojourn known as the Lighted Way and the Path of Discipleship which everyone, without exception, must eventually tread on this planetary scheme called Earth. Thought-forms and Magic are inextricably linked to each other as we shall see, and if I could sum it up in generalities, I would say that the Path of becoming evolved on this particular planet is the Path of learning how to become an intelligent, purposeful, loving creator in alignment with The Will of God for Planet Earth, which is, in effect, the Master Plan of Lord Sanat Kumara (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?"), The Head of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Path of Discipleship leading to the Path of Initiation (for more, go to "The Only Path On Earth") was the Way that was chosen for Humankind by Sanat Kumara way back during Middle Atlantean Times, and the means for cooperating with the Grand Plan was the usage of thought-forms and the creative process that we have come to call magic in our modern languages, though admittedly the word has come to be misused all too easily by the ignorant and the unknowing.

Thought-forms are ideas (whatever the source) that have become formulated and organized by the mind and clothed with emotion and/or desire by the emotional body. At least, those are the types of thought-forms of all below the rank of an Adept of the 4th Initiation Level in Earth's Hierarchy, Those Who are no longer encumbered with an emotional body (see "The Ashram of The King"). The magic, from a human viewpoint, lies in creation of something that manifests itself down here in dense physicality, some thing that originated as a nebulous idea on the Mental Plane and which was brought down to the Astral Plane by desirousness and which ultimately was precipitated upon the Physical Plane by focused attention, creative visualization, and the use of secret words of power given to those who have demonstrated their trustworthiness to The Keepers of the secrets.

This magical, creational process is used at all Levels of Being in the universe for everything in God's Creation, be it a galaxy, a star cluster, a solar system, a planet, or a Root Race of Humankind. The Divine Source of All endowed all of Its fragmentary extensions in this universe with the ability to create and be co-creating partners in this vast playground of free-will expression, and the method used is no different than the way we do it on this microcosm called Planet Earth. Of course, the creative "sounds" used on the Higher Planes are obviously not the same as those emitted by the vocal cords of humans but are, nonetheless, particularized vibrational forces which are designed to muster the Great Builders of Form, the Deva Evolution, and their infinitude of helpers (the elementals). And I should say that the method is also the same for both the Black Magicians and the White Magicians alike.

Workers in black magic are those of the Dark Forces who serve the self at the expense of all others (for those interested, click on "The Polarity of Light Forces and Dark Forces" ). They have studied in the mystical circles and have developed the intellect and have learned the visualization techniques and the words of power which will direct the Deva Builders and their subordinates on the Aetheric Levels, but their creative activity is confined to the two lower Major Planes in the universe, the Physical and the Astral, because they are without Souls (according to Those Who Know) and, as such, their destructive reach is limited in its scope as also is their power. They work from the lower Mental Plane Levels to originate their self-aggrandizing creations, which have immediate and powerful effects on the Physical Plane once brought into manifestation, but the Lords of Materiality can do their damage only at the lower levels of Cosmos (love is absent in their make-up).

The workers in white magic all serve the Plan and the Purpose of The Planetary Logos for Earth (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara). Thus, all their creations are for the good of the all and the progress of the evolutionary journey of all the Kingdoms of Nature on Earth. Their orientation is toward serving others and the forgetfulness of self. They work as guided by the Light of their Souls, that is, it is the Soul or Higher Self which is performing the creational acts of white magic through them, and that is one of the principle reasons for the emphasis upon mind control and meditation and Soul contact during the training of an aspirant to the Mysteries. Only those who have become intelligently polarized on the Mental Plane (it is the habitual focus of attention), who have significantly developed the lower concrete mind, and who are becoming Soul influenced can become a white magician as instructed by The Ascended Masters and the lower Initiates in Their Ashrams.

1. Despite some teachings to the contrary, the goal of regular and regulated meditation work is the synchronization and the bringing to at-one-ment the brain, the mind, and the Soul, following which the Soul may control its incarnate expression by way of the Sutratma (see "The Silver Cord" ) and its Consciousness Thread, which connects to the aetheric/physical brain. This is also the goal of the early stage of the Path of Initiation. You see, for hundreds of lifetimes before its incarnations finally begin to awaken the mind and stimulate the mental body, the Soul is in deep meditation with its Family of Souls and is engaged in higher creative work as guided by its Master Teacher on the same Ray (one of the 7 Rays).

When the incarnate personality has raised its polarization from the Astral to the Mental Level (most of Humanity is polarized on the Astral Plane in the emotional body) and undertakes the discipline called meditation, the Soul may finally reach its physical expression and start to work through him or her in furtherance of the portion of the Plan that has been allocated to that Soul Essence. The ideations and visions are telepathically given by The Ascended Master to the Soul, and when able to do so, the Soul transmits the received idea to the brain of the personality in meditation. It is then up to the aspirant/disciple to use the analytical aspect of lower mind to form the idea into a workable, organized thought-form. When the meditating personality has synchronized the meditation with that of the Soul, the higher abstract mind merges with the lower concrete mind, and Soul purpose may be transmitted to the brain instantaneously. This, then, is worked out by the linear thinking of the aspirant on the Path, resulting in the formulated thought-forms that are available for the magical work and the benefit of Humanity.

2. A disciple is one who has traversed the Path of Probation over many lives and has met the qualifications for becoming accepted to the over-lighting guidance by an Ascended Master in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and the direct instruction of one of the lower Initiates in the Master's Ashram. The way of the disciple is the way of the white magician, who must be in conscious alignment with the Soul and must be capable of receiving and responding to the higher impulses which come through the Sutratma as ideas, dreams, and aspirations. The white magician-disciples are the more advanced ones of the Race, the intellectuals, the leaders, the self-sacrificing servers, and the spiritual ones.

The Soul is unceasingly in deep meditation for the entire cycle of incarnations and may be contacted by the mentally-polarizing incarnate personality through the developement and the disciplining of the mind in the state of consciousness called meditation. When meditative synchronization occurs and the abstract and concrete minds merge on the Mental Plane, the Soul has been consciously contacted and knows that its incarnate expression is now ready for and can benefit by its energetic impressions. The student becomes a white magician when the one-pointed communication from the Soul is conscious and steady and is clearly received (for more on the Higher Self, go to "The Soul").

The Soul galvanizes and motivates its instrument, through the sutratmic connection with the brain, into intelligent activity qualified by love, the over-riding energy of all Souls in this 2nd Ray Solar System (dominated by the 2nd Cosmic Ray of The Love of God). The crisis point in the incarnational cycle has been reached, and the Soul redirects its focused attention from the Realm of Spirit to its incarnate fragment and its earthly part in the Evolutionary Plan.

3. As before mentioned, and I hope I don't get too repetitive, the great ideas for furthering the Plan of The Eternal Youth (Sanat Kumara) are originated by Those Who know the Plan, The Masters, and They look for disciples of Theirs' who have an enlarged, pulsating, and vibrant sutratmic channel from the brain to the Soul, indicating active communication and an ability to be used by The Hierarchy. There are other qualities that enter the picture, but these are usually developed along the Probationary Path: a willingness to serve Humanity, sincerity, truthfulness, a loving heart, receptivity to higher impressions, mental developement, and some measure of Soul control.

The general idea is passed to the Soul of the disciple on the higher Mental Planes, where it is further organized and adapted to the talents and traits of the personality, and then it is "downloaded" by the Soul to the disciple in meditation and may include a vision of the tremendous possibilities and the end results of the concretized idea if it can be successfully seen to fruition. The intelligent aspirant works with the idea on the Plane of Mind until it is more ordered and organized and crystallized and defined, clothing it in mental matter on the lower Mental Planes and producing a thought-form which can be disseminated by the disciple to his group or other advanced thinkers on the planet. The thought-form/idea gets around, and when it is seized upon as desireable and admirable by those who are polarized in the astral body (the great majority), it has made its emotional appeal and is brought down onto the Astral Plane, the illusional Plane of Desire. From there it is stepped down to physicality by practical measures and practical adaptation of the idealistic thought-form to the necessities of physical life.

Why don't The Masters just precipitate Their visions and plans by magical means directly onto the dense physical levels (by working with the Devas and elementals)? There is a Law in this solar system (and beyond its ring-pass-not I'm not sure if this Law applies) that was decreed by The Lords of Karma (The Karmic Council) to prevent interference in the free-will affairs of Mankind by Higher Beings on the Evolutionary Ladder. It all has to do with the Law of Free Will (which the Dark Brotherhood gleefully ignores) and giving Souls incarnate here all the opportunities of learning the lessons that Earth offers. The Masters must achieve Their plans solely through those who are incarnate and walking the surface of the planet, thus the disciples and Initiates who have taken incarnate form and who are able to receive the telepathic impressions. The Masters may give the reasons and the impetus and the outline of the plan or idea, but the disciple must fill in all the details and do all the work of bringing the thought-form into what is called Reality.

They periodically meet in Conclave to make plans and assign tasks to the most appropriate disciples that are available for helping to bring a portion of the Greater Plan to realization. Assignments are given with wise discrimination to disciples with a stable mental body, a quiescent astral body, and a healthy physical body with steady nerves, and no one is ever asked to do more than can be accomplished.

For example, the idea of giving Western Civilization another spiritual boost and the knowledge of the existence of The Great White Lodge was instituted by Master El Morya with the cooperative effort of Kuthumi, Hilarion, Djwhal Khul, Saint Germain, and The Mahachohan. It was really a group effort and group conceptualization. The idea was passed to the Souls of Colonel Henry Olcott and Helena P. Blavatsky, who then received the telepathic impression of this idea from Soul Level. It was then up to them to take the idea of such an Occidental Movement and work out all the details of creating the Theosophical Society. They were Initiates of considerable stature and talent and other Initiates joined in the enterprise (W.Q. Judge, C.W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant), but it was left to their initiative and free-will choices to get the job done, to turn a thought-form into a movement to advance human consciousness. The White Brotherhood had to work through Their incarnate Members to bring this gestalt of an idea from the Mental Levels into form in physicality (if interested, see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?").

4. Thought-forms are continually being produced by Humanity, but since only a small minority of the Race are mentally-polarized and since most produce these forms unconsciously with astral, desire matter, very few, fortunately, become realized at the dense physical level. I say fortunately because nearly all of these transitory astral creations are motivated by selfish desires and negative emotions, such as hatred, jealousy, fearfulness, etc. Only the forms produced on the Mental Plane by the one-pointedness of a concentrated mind have a chance of becoming tangible in physicality. Additionally, the fleeting astral forms are so feeble as to be innocuous or so in line with mass thinking that their effect is negligible.

Emotionality is a detriment to doing magical work of the right-hand kind (white), and that is one of the reasons why the astral body must come under the full control of the Soul before the 2nd Initiation (the Baptism) can be taken (see "The Astral Body"). Thought-forms begun on the Mental Level, if created by a disciple with turbulent emotions, will attach to the astral body of that one when coming down from the Mental to the Astral Plane and will be lost in the chaotic state of the emotional body and never find a separate existence on that Plane. The seething waters of the emotions drown it out of existence. To be creators and to be effective instruments of The Hierarchy of Masters, the white magicians must have established complete control over the emotions and the desires provoked by the mundane world. Emotional tranquillity and desirelessness are pre-requisites. Aspiration for the helping of Humanity and the furthering of the Master Plan has to supercede all former desires.

5. So, the Soul passes the idea received from The Master down to the mentally-oriented disciple in meditation through the Consciousness Thread of the Sutratma to be registered in the brain, or it may be passed intuitively if that faculty has been awakened. The Master has received the divine idea as a dynamic formula from the Archetypal Mind of The Planetary Logos. The Soul, Who is under the instruction of The Master, takes the formula and mentally makes a blueprint out of it, a skeletal outline, which is passed in that form to its incarnate personality, the disciple. The disciple is able to receive the blueprint most clearly and readily when the mind can be held steady in the Light. By use of mental power, the disciple expands the embryonic concept through diligent, persistent, single-minded attention and gradually constructs the thought-form on the lower levels of the Plane of Mind, the Manasic sub-planes (every Plane has 7 sub-planes).

The building of the form involves visualization in as much detail as the disciple can muster, and that's why the visualization process is emphasized in all Esoteric Schools of Mysticism. The Soul (and sometimes The Master) will help out in all this by sending visions to the clairvoyant aspirant but not to the extent of impeding the working out of free will. When the disciple feels intuitively that the thought-form is correct in as many details as possible and that it is ready to be brought down to the Astral Levels, the word is sent forth to coworkers and friends and group members and leaders and the general public to develope enough of an interest to emotionally draw the thought-form onto the Astral Plane and clothe it with desire, desire by the people to have it come into being. It is the desire which transforms the mental form into astral matter and brings it closer to physical reality, but the desire must be on the part of others, not the disciple, lest it become a part of his astral body and never find an independent existence to benefit the Race.

The 4 Aetheric Levels are the 4 higher sub-planes of the 7-fold Physical Plane. For the thought-form to manifest upon the dense Physical Level, it must come through and be re-constructed upon the Aetheric Level, from which it will automatically and inevitably become a physical entity. The Devas of the Shadows are the Builders of Form on the Aetheric Level, and They control and are assisted by the lesser devas and elementals, which build the form out of their own substance (check out "Angels, Elementals, and Creation"). The cooperation of the Shadow Devas in the creational effort is gained by the enunciation of secret words of power given to the disciple by the Soul or to The Initiate by The Hierophant of the Initiation (Kuthumi for the first two and Sanat Kumara for the next three).

When the mental form has become adequately clothed in astral matter and is ready to be brought down further to the Aetheric Level, the Shadow Devas receive their specific instruction by means of the steadily-held visualization by the disciple and the pronouncement of the words of power, but that enunciation is made by the Soul functioning through its physical instrument. The secret words have their power upon the Devas when it is the Soul, as Controller of the form aspect, Who is making the pronouncement, and that is possible only when there is full alignment of the brain, the mind, and the Soul. The combination of the mantram and the visualization tells the Devas what to do and where to do it. It is the Deva Kingdom that transforms the astral form into aetheric matter, which serves as the template for final precipitation into dense physicality.

The final stage is not yet complete as far as the disciple-creator is concerned. The thought-form, so constructed and so close to realization, will remain in the aura of its creator unless it is released to find its way to its objective. A mystic phrase (another of the secrets) is used to send it on its way to do what it was intended to do, but if that phrase is spoken by the personality and not by the Soul through its instrument, the form remains in the mental aura and gains in strength as more attention is given to it and becomes so potent that the disciple becomes a victim of his own creation. It becomes an obsession and blots out all other reality and poisons the well-springs of life by its obsessional nature.

In other words, if the aspirant does not know how to detach from his own creations and if he doesn't know the mystic phrase for breaking the link with his thought-forms and if he isn't in conscious contact with his Soul, he should never attempt to consciously create by means of white magic. There are dangers to be encountered in magical work if one doesn't fully know what they are doing. One final component cannot be left out. When the created form is being driven forth from its creator as the Soul enunciates the mystic phrase, it is an act of the will that propels it outward to go on its intended way to fulfill its mission. Willpower and the use of the will are critically important to the disciple and The Initiate and compose part of the training in all Mystery Schools.

6. One of the requirements of the white magician is that of detachment. If the disciple gets too close to the thought-form creation, it will never see the light of day because it'll remain in the mental aura and never objectify. While concentrated effort and time involvement and right motive and aspiration to serve the Plan of Sanat Kumara must ever underlie the creative endeavor, the aspirant must attain an attitude of impersonality and, as much as possible, refrain from identifying with that which is being created to allow it to reach the stage of manifestation and to avoid the energy drain and the ill effects of retaining the form in the astral or mental aura. The liberated and effective creator must be as the onlooker, the silent watcher of its creation (The Planetary Logos is referred to as The Silent Watcher, no doubt amused and appalled at the antics of Humankind -- just kidding .................... partly).

There is a need for silent mental detachment from the magical work to remain calmly centered in peacefulness and singleness of purpose without personal investment in the outcome. It will be as it will be. The work of the disciple or The Initiate of all degrees is to bring The Master's prototypical idea forth into manifested reality as precisely true as possible to the original intent of the divinely-inspired idea. And even though the direct link and control over the thought-form is broken by enunciating the mystic phrase in conjunction with the Soul, the creator of the form is thereafter karmically responsible for the results and the effects of the creation. Hence the imperative for having a very clear channel of communication to the Soul when receiving the outline of the idea and the vision (to get it right). Alignment and at-one-ment of brain, mind, and Soul need be precise before a disciple can be given these responsibilities.

All creators are responsible for their creations, even though they've been turned loose to fall under the influence of others, so it takes courage to agree to participate in the creation of God's Plan for Planet Earth knowing that any small fragment of that Plan, as manifested by some human disciple, may not turn out as expected or intended. It is always hoped that The Master of Wisdom has seen it all from beginning to end, but unintended consequences are ever the risk. For example, the Christian Religion is the responsibility of Lord Jesus (Sananda) as is all that took place in the name of that religion over the centuries, though it can be pointed out that Ascended Masters on the Atmic Plane are beyond the reach of the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma). Mohammed (a high Initiate) is responsible for all that took place in the name of Islam. Master Rakoczi is responsible for the European Union and the United States of America. Lord El Morya is responsible for the Theosophical Society. Lord Hilarion is responsible for atomic fission and all its uses, including the nuclear bomb. But any Initiate (or disciple) below the 5th Degree Level acquires the karma of the creation (positive or negative).

7. All sacred words used in magical work on Earth are permutations of and derivations from the 7-fold sacred sound of AUM, used at a Cosmic Level by The Solar Logos in creating the solar system. When used rightly by the Soul on the higher Mental Levels, it vitalizes and expedites all thought-forms. When used correctly with right thought and right motive by the white magician, it produces purification and cleansing and burning away of the old forms that need replacing by the new forms for the coming Aquarian Age. The sound of the AUM on the Mental Plane is symbolically the roar of a blazing fire. It has connection with the Fire Devas and the fire elementals on the Plane of Mind (for more, click on "Angels, Elementals, and Creation").

As a brief aside, the Atlanteans, who were very much polarized on the Astral Plane rather than the Mental Plane, used the word, TAU, in their creative magical work; but they were very self-oriented and full of desire for possessions and things of the flesh. Their emotional/desire bodies dominated their lives, and the mind was very much in its infancy. They used the TAU explosively to energize their astral thought-forms, but because of their method the forms boomeranged right back to the originator. The constant overuse and abuse of the TAU actually precipitated the ending of the Atlantean Civilization by the overwhelming watery deluge, and it is no coincidence that they drowned in the ocean's waters just as they had been drowning in their excessive emotions and desires. The Sons of Belial, the black magicians, satisfied their insatiable cravings by using the TAU. The Sons of the Law of One, the white magicians, could not counterbalance nor offset the great misuse with their use of the AUM. The 4th Root Race went under to make way for the 5th Root Race (the current one).

8. I offer a few concluding and supplemental comments to bring this over-view of thought-form magic to a close.

    a. Every word spoken and every sound made mobilizes the Devas and elementals to take certain forms in mental or astral matter. Repetition of the sound and continued projection of the will energy toward the form cause its persistence. If it finds its way to the Aetheric Level, it will become reality. Everyone creates unknowingly and unconsciously, so consequently the admonitions to ever guard the thoughts and guard the tongue (and to see no evil). Mercifully, the malignant or selfish thought-forms of the majority are too weak, unstable, non-coherent, and unorganized to get beyond the aura of their creators.

    b. Motive underlies the distinction between a magician on the left-hand path (black) and one on the right-hand path (white). The former does it all for the self, and the latter does it all for others - for the good of the all.

    c. There are gigantic thought-forms that are world-wide in their scope and influence, mostly upon the Astral Plane of Emotions. When individuals or groups of people re-experience those emotions or thoughts, they reinforce and augment and expand the forms, thus increasing their potency. Examples: the hatred and bigotry that leads to war, desire for peace and brotherhood of Man, fear of extra-terrestrials due to misguided movies, enviousness of the have-nots for the things possessed by the haves, the fervent belief in a heaven and a hell, a yearning for freedom from tyranny and oppression, and the list could go on and on. The more potent the form, the stronger the impact on the related subtle body, usually the astral body.

    d. The White Brotherhood places advanced and innovative thought-forms on the Mental Plane of Earth to be discovered by those of sufficient mental developement and intuitive receptivity. This method is favored by the 5th Ray Brotherhood of Lord Hilarion for scientific and technological advancement: the cotton gin, electricity, the steam engine, radio and television, computers, the Internet, air travel, the telephone, rocket propulsion, atomic energy, and you get the picture.

    e. The more mentally oriented and polarized and the more that the emotional body is stabilized, quieted, and controlled, the more opportunity there will be to be a collaborator with Earth's Hierarchy to bring through portions of the Plan for Earth and Mankind; but a strong and clear and conscious Soul connection is essential to be so chosen. The thought-forms of the intellectual/mental types are more powerful than those of the emotional or non-intellectual types, thus the greater the developement of the mind, the greater the capacity to be dangerous or helpful to others, depending upon the motive behind the thought-forms created (for self or for others).

    f. Potent thought-forms charged with intense negative emotions never make it onto the Mental Plane but rather are confined to the Astral Levels and quite frequently act like a boomerang, returning after a brief sallying forth with increased potency to the one who sent it on its way. For example, a strong hatred for someone will not harm the hated one; it will likely return to the astral body of its creator with intensified energy and wreak its havoc there before being transmitted to the aetheric and then the dense physical body to cause damage and disease in the abdominal area supplied by the Solar Plexus Chakra (see "The Astral Body" ), which is the outlet for the astral energies. Curses, like chickens, come home to roost. This should serve as a precaution to those so inclined. The harm is done to the self.

    g. The coming Aquarian Age will be governed by the energy of the 7th Ray, the Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order (for much more, go to "The Seventh Ray"). This energy is that of synthesis or the bringing together and unification of things: Spirit with matter, Soul with personality, Devas with humans, etc. The work of the white magician will be tremendously facilitated by this all-encompassing energy (the black magicians will all be gone) because mental thought-forms will be more readily stepped down into physical reality and the Builders of Form will more easily be working with humans. A time is coming shortly when ritualistic and ceremonial magic will be performed throughout the world, and in group formation with power not heretofore experienced, bringing into manifestation all the idealistic visions of The Guardians of the Race as a New Heaven and a New Earth takes over the Evolutionary Scheme called Earth (see "The New Golden Age On Earth").


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