As Planet Earth moves into its next higher level of expression, which is being called the New Age in Aquarius, and as the 5th Root Race of Humanity (the current one) advances well into that New Age in 4th Density, the matter of telepathy is going to become a matter of highest concern to all, because everyone on the planet is going to become telepathic in one way or another. It won't happen right away, but it will be happening to the entirety of Humanity over time as the Aquarian Age comes fully into incarnation and the synthesizing energy of the 7th Ray fully succeeds the separative 6th Ray energy of the Piscean Age (for more, go to "The Seventh Ray" ). The newly-aquired ability will be dependent on the level of consciousness, the awakening of the major chakras above the diaphragm, and the advancement along the Path of Initiation which every incarnate soul on the planet treads.

All humans are telepathic to some extent or another, but the method and the means of that telepathy vary greatly as does the source of the telepathic message. For example, there are, broadly speaking, three major kinds of telepathic impression. There is instinctual telepathy, the lowest form, which involves the solar plexus chakra of both the sender and the receiver. This is solely the transmission of a feeling from one person to another, and it originates in the astral/emotional body of the sender and is unconsciously and unknowingly and involuntarily sent out from the solar plexus chakra (which is directly connected with the astral body and is the outlet for emotional energies), being transmitted through the aether to the solar plexus chakra of the recipient and registered in the astral body of that one as a "feeling". "I have a feeling that .................. ". These chakras exist in the aetheric bodies of the individuals (see "The Aetheric Body" ).

The great majority of the people on the planet are limited to this type of telepathic exchange because they are centered in their expression in the chakras below the diaphragm. They still have astral consciousness just like the 4th Root Race Atlanteans. The powerful emotional body is still the dominating influence and ruler of their lives (click on "The Astral Body" ). There is no thinking involved in this type of telepathy (it is subconscious). There is just the emotion that finds its way to the target of the sender, and it comes in as a gut feeling and knowingness. Animals instinctively communicate this way and, through this mechanism, perceive threats and dangers about them. This solar plexus activity is the so-called sixth sense of animals. Mother and child communicate this way at a distance, not by thought but by the instantaneous transmission of strong emotions through the medium of the solar plexus chakra (the manipura).

Watch a flock of birds, a school of fish, or a herd of animals for a perfect demonstration of the instinctual form of telepathy from solar plexus to solar plexus, interplaying and instantly transmitting from one to all in the choreographic display.

Then there is the mental telepathy that occurs from mind to mind and which takes place on the lower mental subplanes (the Mental Plane, as do all Planes, has 7 subplanes). This is only possible between those who have developed the mind and who are generally polarized on the Mental Plane and who have succeeded in controlling the emotions and desires of the astral body. These are the mental types, the intellectuals, the thinkers of the world, those who are perpetually focused in the mind to the exclusion of the emotional nature and the influence of the previously powerful human emotional body. They've risen above the emotions, which are overwhelmingly negative, and function in the world of thought, making the activity of what is called "impression" possible.

The ability of Higher Realms and Higher Beings to impress concepts and ideas and thought-forms upon humans does not become possible until the emotions are sublimated and the mind has become developed, the goal of evolutionary progress in the Human Race. As long as the solar plexus chakra is the receiver in the astrally-polarized person whose centeredness of expression remains in the 3 chakras below the diaphragm, there is no possibility of receiving mental impressions and, hence, inspiration from the Higher Levels. In fact, the major reason why aspirants on the Path are taught that Soul control of the astral body is a necessity is precisely so that the student-aspirant may be mentally impressed by his or her Teachers as the Path is traversed (check out "The Only Path On Earth" ).

The third and highest form of telepathy is called intuitional telepathy. Intuition is a received mental impression from the Soul or Higher Self and may originate from the even loftier Realms of The Teachers of our Souls, The Ascended Masters of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?" ). These people are the more advanced of Humanity who are capable of such contact. They have established conscious connectivity to the Soul through meditation or innate abilities brought forward from other lives. They have developed the ability to hold the mind steady in the Light of the Soul to receive the higher impressions of guidance, knowledge, and inspiration directly from the Higher Self or the Ashram in The Hierarchy to which they are affiliated or The Ascended Master ultimately overseeing the progress of that student (see "What Is An Ascended Master Anyway?").

This form of telepathy is one of the required developements upon the Path of Discipleship (once accepted into the Ashram of a Master) and one of the fruits of the meditational processes. The Crown Chakra (Brahmarandra) is the receiving center for all these impressions. Actually, the disciple remains on the periphery of the ashramic group until impressionability from Soul Level is firmly and consistently in place, so that The Master may impress the disciple, via the Soul, with group ideas and group goals that have to do with the Master Plan of Sanat Kumara, The Lord of the World (for more, click on "Who Is Sanat Kumara?" ).

1. Telepathic Impression is considered as a science to The Spiritual Hierarchy. It is an exacting discipline which necessitates long periods of training in the Mystery Schools of Initiation and the Temples of the Astral Levels when asleep at night or when discarnate and between lives. The training period covers many lives and is one of the most important elements in the esoteric education of a disciple and an Initiate as the ladder of evolution is ascended on the Path of Initiation (see "The Only Path On Earth" ) begun by Sanat Kumara during the Middle Atlantean Period eons ago. The ability to be mentally impressed vertically from Higher Levels and the ability to mentally impress others, either vertically or horizontally, is a prerequisite to attaining Mastership in Earth's White Brotherhood. Even The Higher Initiates are still learning the finer details of this all-important science and means of communication.

You see, this is the way that all of Life in the Universe communicates: from mind to mind by means of symbols and pictorial representations or visions. There is no use of language, such as humans know it, giving forth the linearity of word-symbols and sounds by vibrating the vocal cords accompanied by the cooperative work of the pharynx. At the levels of physicality, most sentient life-forms do not have a vocal apparatus and, beyond the Astral Planes of Being, communication must necessarily be by mental transference of thought from one Being or Group of Beings to Another. But it is learned and perfected on the ladder of ascent as one gradually escapes from the Wheel of Rebirth on this planet.

The Higher Levels of Life teach the lower levels of Life, knowing that there is only One Unity in the Universe (the Law of One), that All are One in The Divine Mind of The First Cause, and it is a natural and loving act of wisdom to reach back and down (symbolically) to help and to instruct those who are on a lower rung of the evolutionary ladder of return to The Godhead. The Science of Impression is the scientific means for the Higher Levels to impress the next lower level with the Purpose of God for this Universe or the Divine Purpose for some smaller portion of the Universe, such as a galaxy or a star cluster or, in our case, the solar system and our Planet Earth. The Purpose or Will of God (1st Aspect of God) is known to The Higher Beings and is transmitted telepathically as the Divine Plan, which is the exoteric expression of that Purpose.

Just as the Divine Energies of the 7 Rays (go to "The Seven Rays Explained" ) are stepped down or transformed at every level of existence in the Universe to the next lower level of existence and so on, the Divine Thought is stepped down from Higher Being/Higher Level to Lower Being/Lower Level uncountable times before reaching beings of sentiency at such a low level as our dense physicality. The Will/Purpose of God flows downward (in terms of vibrational frequency and level of consciousness) from the highest to the lowest levels, from the Cosmic Logoic Plane to the Cosmic Physical Plane, which, in our solar system, is divided into the 7 Major Planes of Existence. And at each lower level along the way, the Purpose of God is received as a smaller and smaller fragment of the Divine Plan to ideally be attained as appropriate for that level and so on and so on down through all the Planes of Being to and through all the Intelligent Life on those Existential Planes (there are 7 Cosmic Planes in a Septenary Universe -- see "A Septenary Universe" ).

There are Grand Beings at every level Who specialize in stepping down the energies and the thought-impressions to their Counterparts at the next lower level. For example, in our neck of the woods in this Universe, the flow of the Divine Septenate Energies and the Divine Purpose would proceed from The Galactic Council of 12 (The Exoteric Expressions of our Galactic Being) to The 7 Stars (7 Grand Gestalts of Consciousness) of the Ursa Major Constellation (the Great Bear). From there it would be stepped down to the Star Sirius (The Higher Self of our Sun) and The Great White Lodge on Sirius. From there it flows to our Solar Logos (Sun) and Solar Hierarchy, from whence it gets stepped down to Sanat Kumara, The Head of Earth's Hierarchy and The Administrator of God's Will (or Purpose) on Earth.

Each level or segment or portion of Creation receives its part of the Divine Plan that is intended solely for that fragment of the Great Jigsaw Puzzle of Creation. In totality, including all the Levels of Creation and all The Participants in the Plan, all of it amounts to the Purpose of God for this particular Universe (out of the infinitude of Universes). For Earth then, The First Kumara (Sanat) mentally impresses The 3 Exoteric Kumaras (The 3 Active Buddhas) in The Council of Shamballa, and They, in turn, step it down to The Divine Nirmanakayas (ever in deepest meditation), and They transmit it to The 3 Great Lords of Earth's Hierarchy: The Manu (1st Ray), The Christ (2nd Ray), The Mahachohan (3rd Ray). They, collectively and cooperatively, transform it for the next level of The Lords of the 7 Rays. Each of those 7 Chohans takes that portion of the Divine Plan for Earth that is dependent upon the Ray Energy controlled by that Chohan (if interested, click on "The Seven Rays Explained" ) and mentally impresses each of The 7 Masters in charge of the 7 Subsidiary Ashrams in The Chohan's Sphere of Influence. The 49 Ascended Masters of these 49 Minor Ashrams then impress, collectively, all the Initiates and disciples in their respective Ashrams with their discrete portion of Sanat Kumara's Plan, and it is up to those disciples and Initiates in the Ashram who are incarnate to correctly receive that fragment of the Plan telepathically and to work toward making it physically possible and manifest on Earth.

Do you see how it works, and do you see the importance and actual necessity for learning and mastering the Science of Impression? The Great Ones of Earth's Hierarchy are all about the Plan. That is why They remained after taking the 5th Initiation and Ascending: to help Their Beloved Hierarch, Sanat Kumara, with the Divine Purpose for Planet Earth (see "The Ashram Of The King") . And that is what They use the discipline of mental impression for: to transmit Their portion of the Divine Plan to all the disciples and Initiates in Their charge, each of those aspirants being given an individualized fragment of that Master's allotted portion of responsibility for the Plan.

It is all apportioned in septenary fashion to the 7 Major Ashrams of The Chohans according to the Ray Energies and Talents at Their disposal, and by use of vertical mental impression They call upon the imagination and free-will expression of all The Masters and Their ashramic personnel to bring that part of Sanat Kumara's Plan into reality at this level of physicality. I should make it clear that only Sanat Kumara is capable of knowing God's Purpose for Earth. Only that Level of Consciousness is able to comprehend it. All lower levels can only receive the proposed outward expression of that Purpose, which is called the Divine Plan.

2. The Masters and Higher Initiates do not waste their "time" in transmitting telepathically things of a personal nature to Their incarnate disciples, and those who think otherwise are deluded. The contact by The Higher One and the thought-form or idea which is skillfully projected for mental impression is sent first to the Soul of the disciple to be impressed upon the aligned mind/brain of that disciple during periods of Soul contact during meditation and other conscious states of intuitive receptivity. Again, you may appreciate the reason for meditation, establishing Soul contact and Soul control of the personality, and the building of the Light-permeated Bridge of Antahkarana to the Soul (for an elaboration, go to "The Soul" ), down which pours the inspirations, love, wisdoms, and thought-packages from the Soul (and Master) to the developed, clear-thinking mind of the incarnate disciple to be registered there as a telepathic impression.

You may thus appreciate the absolute need for transcending the emotional body and any emotion besides love, the need to become mentally-polarized and mentally-developed, the need to learn how to receive an impressed idea in the lower mind (the concrete mind), to register and record it in the brain and then to concretize and organize that idea in the brain, and the need to express that idea in the language of the day. All these things are taught in the Mystery Schools and Astral Temples of The Initiates. But disciples become Initiates and Initiates advance to higher degrees and greater responsibilities. The Science of Impression includes the outgoing art as well. Lengthy, multiple-lifetime instruction is given in formulating precise and complex thought-forms, holding those idealistic visions, and then projecting them to a given target using certain of the higher chakras, such as the Throat and Brow (Ajna) Chakras (for more about the chakra system, click on "A Basic Primer On The Chakras") .

Someone on the Path, and all humans on the Earth are on the Path whether knowingly or not (see "The Only Path On Earth" ), must know how to receive as well as send/project mental impressions. The Hierarchy is here to serve the Plan of Sanat Kumara. That is Their primary reason for being (as a Collective called The Hierarchy). And all disciples (who become Initiates) learn that it is the Plan that they serve as well (not The Masters with Whom they cooperate in bringing forth the Plan). All the Souls Who have entered the Incarnational Cycle here have agreed to serve and fulfill the Divine Plan and thus inspire their incarnate personalities once contact is made. So, the mental impressions sent out from Higher Levels have always to do with the Plan.

It is God's Will which is working out on Earth (gradually and slowly), and the Agents of the Will of God are that long and mighty chain of Enlightened Workers from Shamballa to The Hierarchy to Humanity's New Group of World Servers; and it is imperative that the ideas surrounding the Plan of Sanat Kumara be impressed accurately and comprehensibly along every link in that chain, and that's why the Science of Impression and mental/intuitional telepathy is emphasized so strongly as all the aspirants move from the Hall of Ignorance (average Humanity) to the Hall of Learning (disciples) and finally into the Hall of Wisdom (The Initiates).

The Planetary Logos, The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara and The One in Whom we live and move and have our being, has 3 Major Centers or Chakras (out of a total of 7 Centers): Shamballa, the Crown Chakra, Hierarchy, the Heart Chakra, and Humanity, the Throat Chakra. Shamballa is called "the Center Where the Will of God is Known" because of The Presence of Sanat Kumara and The 3 Buddhas of Activity Who embody and transmit the First Ray, the Will of God, which contains within It the Purpose of God for Earth, and that Purpose is reflected down to The Hierarchy in the form of a Divine Plan for the planet and wherein it is infused with the Second Ray Love of God. When the Plan is telepathically reflected further down into the Center called Humanity, it is imbued with the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence, so that when the Divine Plan is creatively brought forth upon Earth through the free-will expression of the Throat Center called Humanity, it is a 3-fold manifestation of The Triune Godhead. The Plan is composed of loving, intelligent will and is reflective of The 3 Major Aspects of The Godhead (Will, Love, Intelligence).

You could say that this writing and others that I've done on behalf of Kuthumi and The Hierarchy may be considered as a mentally-impressed fragmentary aspect of the Plan for Earth and her Humanity, albeit an infinitesimally small portion of the Grand Plan. The goal is expansion of awareness and heightening of the mental body frequency in those who are guided to the website, nudging spiritual aspirants further along the Path, and providing more incarnate vehicles for the Ashrams of The Hierarchy to work through in promoting the Plan (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?") . You could think of vertical telepathic impression as being the primary means for The Great Beings and Heavy Hitters of Earth's Hierarchy to achieve what The Lord of the World came here to achieve 18 million years ago when He came with The Lords of The Flame from Venus: the Purpose of God for Earth as interpreted through The Incomprehensible Minds of The Solar Logos and The Planetary Logos for Earth.

3. A few more examples might serve to illustrate and instruct. There is such a thing as the Wesak Festival, which is annually conducted at a secret meeting place in the Himalayas on the full moon in Taurus, which is usually in the month of May. It is The Buddha (The One Who incarnated as Prince Siddartha Gautama) Whom all who are gathered await. Ceremony is conducted; secret mantrams are enunciated; geometric forms and symbols are formed by the interweaving of bodies. When The Buddha arrives, blessings are given and powerful energies are conducted to the gathered Initiates and Adepts, but the most important part of the Ceremony is the telepathic transmission of the Divine Plan for the coming year by The Buddha to the meditating Members of The Hierarchy Who are in attendance. And since The Initiates are of varying levels, each receives only that which is appropriate to their level. The impression does not come in any language but is conveyed by idea, thought-form, and vision.

Immediately after the Armistice of World War One, there was a meeting of The Higher Ups of Earth's Hierarchy in a Conclave in Shamballa (click on "Shamballa" ). Lord Serapis Bey, the then Chohan of the 4th Ray for Planet Earth, presented an enlightened idea for the preservation of international peace and political unification of the world's nations. This was called the League of Nations. Lord Jesus-Sananda, The Chohan of the 6th Ray, agreed to work with the idea and impressed it upon the minds of the discarnate Initiates in His Ashram. One of them took the responsibility of working with it and stepped it down and impressed it upon the mind of Colonel House, one of the members of the Woodrow Wilson Administration. He was unaware of the source of the idea but passed it on to the president. The League of Nations was a divinely-inspired idea that found its way to this level by mental impression and, of course, was the forerunner to the United Nations.

Albert Einstein readily admitted that his Theory of Relativity came to him in a flash of sudden knowingness, an intuitional burst of mental impression, for which he would spend years in formulating the mathematical and analytical proofs. He didn't know where it came from except to suppose that it came from his own mind. Well, it came from the 5th Ray Ashram of Lord Hilarion, The Chohan of the 5th Ray of Scientific Exactitude and came from one of the Higher Initiates Who transmitted it to Einstein by way of his Soul. The knowledge would be needed for developement of the atomic bomb against the Axis Powers during World War Two, which The Hierarchy could foresee.

4. There is what is called a Science of Invocation and Evocation, and this is intimately tied up with the Science of Impression. That is, because of the directive by The Lords of Karma that this will be and is a free-will system of evolution for incarnate souls (throughout the solar system), the free will of humans may not be violated by all Those Who comply with the Universal Laws of The Creator. We must ask in order to receive, as The Christ in Jesus reminded us 2,000 years ago. All Higher Beings may not impose Themselves or Their ideas upon all lower beings without first being asked either consciously or subconsciously. In other words, Their assistance must be invoked by all the various means. As an aside, I should explain that those of The Dark Brotherhood, the self-serving polarity, do not follow the directive of free will and impose themselves on others for the sake of power and control with all the karmic consequences which attend to such interactional behavior (see "The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces" ).

Most invocation of help is made in a subconscious manner, individually or collectively. It isn't necessary to be consciously aware of asking for or invoking help, because as long as the invocation or request is going out from the individual or collective subconscious, the response from The Higher Ones may be evoked. Invocation brings about evocation, and the evoked response is invariably in the form of a mental impression. For example, the Collective Unconscious of Humanity, since the inception of current Humanity during the middle of the 3rd Root Race 18 million years ago, has been sending out invocative appeals for help in its evolutionary progress all along, and this has allowed Earth's Hierarchy to respond under the free-will imperative.

Some of the help evoked was in the form of Lords of The Flame (the earliest Members of Earth's Hierarchy) walking the Earth as The Divine Kings and Sages of old, having created a physical form by an act of the will. They virtually gave to early Humankind all the arts and sciences and culture and civilization to a Race with a very poorly-developed mind. Some of the help came in the form of mental impressions sent to the more advanced members of the Race who were capable of such reception, and some of it came by way of thought-forms and ideas projected to the Collective Unconscious of the Race, because the overwhelming majority were capable only of solar plexus receptivity of feelings and sacral center impacts having to do with self-reproduction (sex) and self-preservation (survival). The contents of the Collective Unconscious became available to those who made some halting strides toward the early stages of developing a mind, and that access could come during sleep or an altered state of consciousness. They could then teach their group or tribe the new discoveries.

The entire history of human evolution may be considered to be the result of mental/intuitive impression upon the more advanced members of the Human Race (disciples and Initiates) by The Members of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (The Society of Illumined Minds), and the entirety of what was evoked from The Hierarchy for millions and millions of years had been invoked subconsciously by an awakening Humanity, otherwise it could never have been given, and animal-man would still be the dominant species on the planet. As a matter of fact, I can go so far as to say that the coming of Lord Sanat Kumara 18 million years ago to turn the tide of planetary evolution was only made possible by the collective demand and invocation of the Collective Unconscious of the primitive anthropoidal species called animal-man. The Ancient of Days was allowed to come by The Karmic Council because of the freely-generated invocative appeal made by the Collective Unconscious of the 3rd Root Race on the Motherland of Mu in the Pacific Ocean (there are 7 Rounds or Incarnations of Planet Earth, and each Round has 7 Root Races of Man).

All gains, all progress, all innovations, all advancements of any civilization, any nation, any sub-Race, or any Root Race are made by mental impression of ideas and concepts from The Higher to the lower, from The Hierarchy Chakra to the Humanity Chakra, and are allowed and made possible solely because the lower has invoked help from The Higher. Mental Impression is the primary and most important evocative response that The Hierarchy has to give to Humanity during the current era wherein it became necessary to physically separate The Hierarchy from Humanity following the final submergence of the last remains of Atlantis, the Island of Poseidonis.

However, the Reappearance of The Christ (this time it will be Lord Kuthumi) and the Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy in the early phase of the New Aquarian Age will take place once the invocative appeal of Humanity has become strong and "loud" and wide-spread enough (at the subconscious level). Then will there be physical contact once again between Humankind and The Mentors of the Race, and the range of evocative response from the latter will be broadened. The Boddhisattva/Christ, as The Focus of The Heart Chakra of The Planetary Logos, will invoke and draw near The Avatar of Synthesis Who will inaugurate a "Reign of Avatars" for this planet to guide the Human Race toward perfection of the mental body, "supernatural" abilities, the bridging of the Antahkarana toward Monadic Consciousness (The Monad is The Higher Self of the Soul), and the fulfillment of the Purpose of God for this little planet suspended in the firmament of Creation (for those who do not know, go to "The Coming Of The Christ") .

5. Perhaps a few ancillary and supplemental comments may help to widen the understanding of the all-important method of enlightening and instructing and influencing sentient beings to help them climb the evolutionary ladder, the method we are calling Mental Impression.

    a. Telepathy from mind to mind is commonplace among the mentally-polarized (habitual focus of attention on the Mental Plane), but the problem is learning to discern the source of the impression (most often the subconscious of the individual and rarely an Ascended Master). Telepathy from Soul to mind (intuition) developes only when the aspirant learns to hold the mind steady in the Light during meditation and makes Soul contact. Received impressions are vague and abstract and mystical in the beginning, but as Soul influence and control developes and the brain becomes more aligned with the mind (through training), the impressions are more formulated and organized, and the aspirant becomes a more effective vehicle to assist the Higher Levels.

Telepathy between Master and disciple doesn't begin until Soul impression has become possible (because The Masters communicate through the Souls of those in incarnation), and then group work is transmitted via the Soul (not individual instruction). As the disciple becomes an integral part of a group in service to Humanity, then The Master reaches all of them with one group thought-form sent via their Souls (check out "What Is An Ascended Master Anyway?") .

    b. Mental impression is not a simple thing to learn and takes many lifetimes of training in the physical and astral Schools of Initiation to gain proficiency. The dual training involves both receptivity and projection. Without going into detail, the students must come to master sensitivity to impression, registering the impression correctly in the mind, downloading it into the brain as a more concrete thought-form, accurate interpretation of the form, and then the conversion of that thought-form into the linearity of language, the word symbols.

They learn how to make the aura more magnetically attractive to higher impressions and how to discern the source of the impression. They learn how to open up and vivify the upper chakras naturally and then how to use certain chakras for receiving and certain chakras for sending telepathic impressions (it's not a simple matter of sending directly from mind to mind). They also learn how to create precise visualizations and powerful thought-forms and how to project them to a certain recipient by use of the will. Training is likewise given in the knowledge and use of symbols which frequently accompany or compose a thought-form. It's not for the slacker or faint-of- heart.

    c. The disciple (to a Master), as the end point of the downflow of an idea that is impressed upon his mind, must brood and ruminate on the idea until he has organized it into a practical, workable concept, and then he must present this idea in all its many details to his group of disciples with whom he works (all being under guidance) or to his society or to the world. It is up to the initiative, determination, and creative potency of the disciple (and his group) to bring the impressed idea into manifest form, and it will always have something to do with some aspect of the Divine Plan.

Again, the aspirants and the disciples and The Initiates do not serve The Masters; they all serve the Plan as will all of us one day, and that Plan will reveal, ultimately, God's Purpose for Planet Earth. This same thing (vertical impression) is going on all over the Universe on planets, stars, and galaxies (all of which have their own Spiritual Hierarchies), upon all of the 7 Cosmic Planes from the Logoic (highest) down to the Physical (lowest), from the most immense Gestalts of Consciousness (Senior Monads) stepwise down to individual incarnate expressions. It's a universal method for transmitting and manifesting the Will and Purpose of God at every level of existence and on every evolutionary scheme (of any size) in the Universe.

The Divine Thought Form of a Perfected Universe, projected from The Mind of God at the beginning of Creation, is carried down through every Level of Existence to every corner of Creation by the agency of the 1st Ray Energy of Will (1st Aspect). And at every level of manifesting this Divine Purpose, the Divine Energies of the two other Major Aspects of The Trinity, Love (2nd Aspect) and Intelligence (3rd Aspect), are incorporated into the triangulation of forces which together act to exteriorize the Perfect Purpose into the Perfect Universe through the intelligent, loving use of the will of all beings in the Universe who have always been a unified whole within The Mind of God.

    d. The disciple is not given all the keys and is not allowed to be the sending agent for thought-form impression until the 3rd Initiation (the Transfiguration or Soul Merge) has been taken and the Soul is in full and absolute control of the personality and its 3 vehicles (physical, astral, and mental). The personality can no longer be allowed to affect the disciple and influence any of the decisions because of the dangers which accompany the powers of impressing and controlling the minds of human beings who are less advanced and knowledgeable. Under Hierarchical rules, the disciple may be entrusted with this power of mental impression only when the tests of the Transfiguration have been passed and the Soul is in charge. The brain modifications associated with this Initiation also enable the disciple to contact at will (using discretion) any Member of the Ashram or The Master at its Heart Center. (For more information about Initiation, go to "What Initiation Is Really About" .)

    e. Through the Science of Impression, the little wills of men are made to be the agents for the Divine Will of our Planetary Logos after that Will and Purpose has been stepped down the many levels from Sanat Kumara to the New Group of World Servers spread amongst Humanity to the 4 corners of the world. It is the means, par excellence, for The Diamond-Souled Kumaras and The 3 Great Lords of The Shamballa Council to assure that the Great Purpose for Earth, as transmitted to Them by Sanat Kumara, is brought to perfect and timely fruition on this planetary system wherein the Law of Free Will may not be violated and the 4th Kingdom of Nature, Humankind, must manifest that Purpose. Please see "The Great Invocation" .



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