The Thread of Life from Soul to Heart Center of Incarnation

This so-called cord is also referred to as the Sutratma and may be considered as a thread or channel which originates in The Monad (The Higher Self of the Soul) and extends to the incarnate personality by way of the Soul, thus linking The Father in Heaven on the Monadic Plane with the Son of Mind on the higher Mental Plane with the 3-fold lower self immersed in physicality.

The Monad has extended forth this Sutratma in order to infuse the Life Principle into its lowermost reflection on the Physical Plane. It is virtually the life-force itself that flows downwardly from The Monad through the Sutratma and ultimately to the 4th Chakra (Anahata) of the aetheric body and thence to the physical heart of the dense physical body. The Life Thread is anchored in physicality in the heart, and the vascular system acts as a distributing agent of this vitalizing energy to all parts and systems of the body.

To those of some clairvoyant ability, the Sutratma has a shimmering, silvery appearance, consequently the name given to it of the Silver Cord. It is really one third of a triple thread that passes from the Soul to its incarnate fragment through the crown of the head and downwardly to parallel the spinal cord. The triple thread is composed of the Thread of Life (Sutratma), the Thread of Consciousness (Antahkarana), and the Thread of Creativity.

The Antahkarana becomes anchored in the middle of the brain of the aetheric body, which places it in proximity to the pineal gland of the physical brain. As mentioned, the Sutratma gets anchored in the aetheric body Heart Center, which immediately impacts and transfers to the physical organ of blood pumping, the heart. And the Creative Thread gets anchored, for purposes of energy flow, into the Throat Chakra of the aetheric body, which serves as the source of creativity in the human who has become in conscious contact with the Soul and is well along the Path of Discipleship to an Ascended Master (see "The Only Path On Earth").

The energy transmitted by the Sutratma is that very energy which enlivens and animates all the atoms of the physical body. As well, it is the coherent force which holds together and in place all the atoms in an integrated fashion. Since the physical body is an effect (a precipitation, if you will) of the aetheric body, the Life Principle would flow to the aetheric body first, and that would be preceded by the life energy coming through the mental and emotional bodies in an almost instantaneous yet step-wise manner.

I should say that, although the Sutratma ends up in the aetheric/physical heart, the blood stream is not the only way that the life-force is distributed throughout the body. All of the Major Chakras which anteriorly parallel the spinal cord are centers of its distribution through the tiny channels in the aetheric body called nadis or meridians (see "A Basic Primer On The Chakras") as the acupuncturist knows. In explanation, the aetheric body (on the Aetheric Levels) is the template and blueprint for the organization of the atoms and molecules of the dense physical body, and yet none of it would be possible without the life-force energy coming through the Sutratma.

1. The Life Principle that is sent by The Monad through the channel called the Sutratma is related to and emanates from The 1st Aspect of The Godhead, that which is called The Will of God. Put in other words, this is the channel through which The Monad influences the Soul with its purpose in being, and the Soul, in turn, influences its personality fragment with its purpose in the scheme of Earth and the Plan of Sanat Kumara (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?"). The will-to-be, the will-to-do, the will-to-love, and the will-to-self-determination in the human being are the direct result of the energy coming through the Sutratma.

This Life Thread is the means by which the Soul grips its physical vehicle, imposes its higher will upon the lower will, and brings the personality into alignment with the purpose, the intentions, and the aims of the Soul once the personality has begun to establish regular contact with its Higher Self through meditation and the Sutratmic Connection has been strengthened. You could see it as an increasing downflow of force as the aspirant moves along the Path of Discipleship toward the 3rd Initiation (the Transfiguration). If interested, see "What Initiation Is Really About".

2. The Sutratma is the means that the Soul uses to express itself in physical form (as impelled by The Monad to do so). Without this Life Thread and life current, the Soul would have no means for experiencing and expressing down here on this very dense level of beingness called physicality, and It would have no means for eventually bringing (after hundreds of lifetimes in darkness and ignorance) the incarnate personality under its control, the goal of all spiritual paths. You see, once the Sutratma has begun throbbing and humming with activity as the personality makes more and more contact with its Source through meditation, the personality willingly sacrifices its lower will to the greater and more knowing will of its Soul. Free will choice has been made. The Sutratma conveys both life animation as well as life purpose.

3. Allow me to offer an image for visualization. Picture the Soul as a brilliantly radiant globe of golden-white light suspended in the vast outer reaches of space. From this intelligent, loving Focus of Light project thousands of spokes or lines of force in all directions into many dimensional levels of existence, into many planetary schemes of evolution. At the end of each of those spokes or lines is a little ball of life and light. The little balls are representative of incarnate fragments of the Greater Sphere, and the spokes or lines are the Silver Cords to all of those soul-expressions. The activity of the energy in the spokes varies greatly depending on the advancement of the incarnation at the end of the tether. And all of the incarnate expressions are happening simultaneously from the standpoint of the Soul (for much more about the Soul, go to "The Soul").

4. It is the Sutratma which made possible the Individualization of Man on Planet Earth. When The Lord of The World, Sanat Kumara, came to this planet 18 million years ago, one of the most profound effects of His Aura, His force distribution, and the work of Those Who came with Him was the stimulation of the poorly-developed mental body of the then dominant animal-men (more animal than man). This critical event in the floundering history of the planet made it possible for Soul-Beings to enter into and ensoul the first primitive wave of the Human Kingdom on Earth, what is known as the Ensouling of Mankind (a great Initiation for The Planetary Logos, Higher Self of Sanat Kumara).

When the Souls entered into these fairly primitive anthropoids and sent down the Sutratma to be anchored in their hearts, it created the Individualization of Man. Previously, the dominant species of animal-men were oriented in group consciousness and had little realization of the self outside of the group, the family, the tribe, what have you. The ensouling by means of the Sutratma, in conjunction with the awakening of mind, produced individuation and sentiency.

5. The aetheric correspondent to the physical spinal cord is the 3-fold column comprised of the Life Thread, the Consciousness Thread, and the Creativity Thread. These channels in the aetheric body which are housed within the aetheric spinal column are called, in Sanskrit, Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala. The Sushumna transmits 1st Ray Energy of will, purpose, and life (the Sutratma). The Ida transmits 2nd Ray Energy of love and wisdom (the Consciousness Thread). The Pingala transmits 3rd Ray Energy of intelligence informing creativity (the Creativity Thread). Life energy from Monad and Soul pours all the way down the Sushumna, the central channel, the entire length to the Base Chakra, although it is focused primarily in the Heart Chakra.

6. When sleeping, it is the Consciousness Thread which is withdrawn (by the Soul) from the aetheric/physical brain while being attached to the astral brain for the night-time astral body experiences. The Sutratma remains intact and attached to the aetheric form and provides the return path for the individual when awakening from sleep. Because the Life Thread is anchored in the aetheric Heart Chakra, which supplies energy to the heart, this is the reason why someone asleep or in meditation should not be startled suddenly. The precipitous return from astral traveling to the physical body may stimulate an unusual amount of energy from the Life Thread to enter the heart and cause serious cardiac arrhythmias.

7. The process of death is somewhat similar (death, of course, only to the personality aspect of beingness). It is the Soul which decides the timing and method of death for its incarnate extension. When that moment comes, the Life Thread and the Creative Thread are withdrawn respectively from the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra into and through the Crown Chakra of the head, while at the same time the Consciousness Thread is withdrawn from the Head Center. When the decision has been made by the Soul, the 3 Threads are withdrawn back into the Causal Body of the Soul rapidly, definitively, and simultaneously, exiting through the Crown Chakra of the aetheric body. The life of all the chakras is carried with it, and the body dies and disintegrates because there is no longer a coherent force holding it together.

There are cases wherein the Life Thread is held intact and the Consciousness Thread is withdrawn for varying periods of time before the Sutratma. These are the cases of obtundation and coma; the individual may live in this "vegetative" state for years. If the flow of energy through the Consciousness Thread is reduced and curtailed by the Soul in the latter years of life (perhaps for karmic reasons), this leads to the cases of cognitive dissonance and dementia. The usual case is the withdrawal of the 3 Threads at once, temporarily leaving the consciousness intact on the Astral Plane in the astral form (see "What Happens After Death?"). I know of someone who placed his hands over the crown of a dying person's head to "experience the energy". The forceful withdrawal threw him several feet across the room. It shouldn't be trifled with. Death should hold no apprehension or fear. We all have transiently left our bodies (physical) at night thousands of times in what humans call sleep, and we have permanently left our bodies behind hundreds of times in what humans call death. We are well rehearsed for this most beautiful and ecstatic of events.

8. The Silver Cord of Life proceeds from The Monad (Pure Spirit) and reaches the physical personality by way of the Causal Body of the Soul (for more information, go to "The Causal Body of The Soul"). At the 4th Initiation (the Renunciation), when the Soul and Causal Body are reabsorbed back into The Monad, there is then a direct line of power, purpose, and life from The Monad to the new Adept, and all relation is thereafter with Monad. The Soul has served its purpose and is no more, and from now on the life force and the purpose of being will flow strongly and directly from The Monad to its physical reflection, which is totally absorbed in Monadic Consciousness.

9. The fact that this Life Thread inserts into and pours most of its force through the Anahata (Heart) Chakra of the human being on this planet means that the very life process of Humanity is infused with and governed by love. Life itself cannot escape the over-riding influence of love on Earth. This solar system and its Solar Logos are fully dominated by the 2nd Ray Energy of God's Love, virtually. It's a 2nd Ray system, and The Planetary Logos of Earth is a 2nd Ray Logos of Divine Love, so I have no doubt that the very Thread of Life for humans anchors into the Heart Chakra to give Humanity the essence of love at the core of their being.

Submitted with Love


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