What is Shamballa, this ancient, mystical place that has appeared in prehistorical literature for thousands of years? Myths, legends, and all too much misinformation has been associated with the name, Shamballa. I hope to clear up some of that confusion in this brief overview of the matter, and I want to convey that the information comes from The Great White Brotherhood, The High Initiates of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.

Roughly 18 million years ago, Sanat Kumara was granted permission by The Solar Logos for this system of planets to come to Earth to lead the sentient life on this planet upwards into the Light and raise the primitive consciousness of the human life-forms from the barbarism and savagery into which they had fallen, because the dissolution of this planet was being considered, as it was not meeting its evolutionary expectations and was becoming a collective burden to the solar system. Certain High Initiates in an act of love and sacrifice offered to precede Sanat Kumara to the Earth in order to prepare the way and build for Him an appropriate place of dwelling and center for the administration of the Plan to slowly advance the evolutionary progress of Earth and her peoples (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?").

These 104 Initiates were called, in the ancient writings of old, The Lords of the Flame, and They, along with Sanat Kumara, all came from the planet in our solar system that we call Venus, however their level of existence was much, much higher dimensionally. It would not be visible to our telescopes, for example. The plans had to be approved by The Lords of Karma (The Karmic Council) for this system, and when that approval was received, the 104 were allowed to enter into the Wheel of Rebirth, the Cycle of Incarnations on this planet. They would enter into the human life-form as it existed then and be subjected to the laws of this particular planet, which included the Veil of Forgetfulness upon birth of the form. Their subconscious would be programmed, after birth by their Guides, with the mission for which they had volunteered, and gradually the memory would be awakened as they grew and developed.

These Lords of the Flame, now incarnate, lowly humans, would find their way, eventually, from all over the world to the shores of a great inland sea in that part of the world that we now call China. The distant memories of their origin and mission were stirred despite the primitive circumstances of their tribes and cultures, and they would follow a powerful intuitive impulse across continents and oceans to find each other on the shores of the Gobi Sea. Set within this sea was a beautiful, verdant island where they would focus their building efforts in a project that came to be called the Building of Shamballa, and the island would eventually be called the White Island, which was a reference to the gleaming white structures that comprised the city upon it.

The name of the city, Shamballa, was taken from the capital city on Venus, the home of their Beloved Sanat Kumara, and the plan was to design it to be a replica of Shamballa on Venus. Every precise detail of this city was forever preserved in the Akashic Records, and that is where they drew their inspiration once their clairvoyant powers had been reawakened and their Ajna Chakras had been vivified. Only the finest building materials were used in its construction, the finest marbles and rare woods and stones and precious gems that the Earth had to offer.

The Building of Shamballa took 900 years to complete, because it was totally destroyed a number of times by natural cataclysms as well as by marauding savages who wiped out the entirety of the great ones who were sacrificing their lives to build it. These incarnate Initiates had to come back time and time again to recontinue with the mission, and each time they had to restimulate the memory of their purpose, find their way from the distant corners of the Earth, and maintain the constancy and determination and willfulness of that mission. For 900 years they labored; for 900 years they held the vision; for 900 years they would not be deterred by the Forces of Darkness that placed all manner of obstacles in their path.

They did ultimately prevail in creating a replica of their Shamballa on Venus with the Great Golden Domed Temple to serve as the center of the city and the home of Sanat Kumara. The larger stones were carved and moved by use of their telekinetic powers and the use of sound, much as was done with the Great Pyramid of Giza. The boulevards were wide; the domed temples were massive; the minarets were tall; plazas were abundant; fruit trees and flowers were planted everywhere. It was a labor of love that went on for centuries. The City of the Sun on Venus was the pattern and template for the Golden City of Shamballa, so called because of the gold filigree that was used on many of the temples. Each of the 7 Major Ashrams of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy has its own series of temples (refer to "The Seven Rays Explained").

The coming of The Lord of the World was accompanied by grave ceremony and joyous exultation, and the Earth received an unprecedented leap in its evolutionary advancement by the Aura and Energy Field of this Great Being. The downward spiral of the sentient life of the planet was immediately halted and a trend of reversal was begun, which would lift the Collective Consciousness in a step-wise fashion through the eons of time. The Great White Brotherhood was formed to carry out the Plan of Sanat Kumara for the Kingdoms of Nature on the planet and would be the vehicle for advancing the consciousness of the Race of Mankind. All of the original Members of The Brotherhood were from Venus and other systems of evolution outside of the Earth, but gradually over the eons of time They would come to be replaced by Initiated Individuals from the Earth's own evolutionary system, The Buddha and Lord Maitreya being the first ones to so graduate in consciousness (for more on Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, go to "The Ashram Of The King").

Today this great City of Shamballa can no longer be found at the dense physical level of Earth. It cannot be seen by the human eye with its very limited spectrum of light visibility. It cannot be perceived by any of the sensory organs of the human body. It has been removed by The Planetary Logos (The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara) and lifted in vibrational frequency into the highest Aetheric Level, which is the uppermost of the 7 sub-planes of the Major Physical Plane (comprised of 3 dense-physical sub-planes and 4 aetheric-physical sub-planes). It very much exists over the Gobi Desert of Western China, and only those who are called may visit in their astral forms. This is usually done at night when sleeping or when meditating or some other form of altered state of consciousness. Students and Disciple-Initiates of the Ascended Masters attend classes in the temples there. Four times a year, on the equinoxes and solstices, The Great Council meets to discuss telepathically the events on Earth, the progress made, and plans for the next quarter and year.

I think that something of practicality should be mentioned here. These Great Beings that we call The Buddhas of Activity and The Kumaras and The Chohans of the 7 Rays and The Ascended Masters, the upper echelon of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, do not have any kind of dense physicality to their beingness, such as what humans experience. The Higher Members, such as The Kumaras and The 3 Great Lords (The Manu, The Bodhisattva, and The Mahachohan) have aetheric bodies on the higher Aetheric Planes. When it comes to The Ascended Masters, some of Them, after the 5th Initiation, maintain the old form which has been atomically-accelerated and perfused with Light and is physically accessible. Other Masters may create, out of Their will and intention, a form (the mayavirupa) which may be seen by those who do have dense physicality. The form that They choose would then be used in giving instruction to Their students and Initiate Members of Their Ashrams. And the Center called Shamballa is one of the primary meeting places aside from Their Aetheric Retreats around the planet. Shamballa does exist and has been here for millions of years. It is not a myth handed down by the Eastern Adepts to the poorly-understanding uninitiated.

In the words of The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, Shamballa is The Center from which The Will of God is dispersed. The Will of God is The Energy of The First Aspect of The Triune Godhead, also called The First Ray (please see "The First Ray"). The First Ray makes its way from Higher Levels into The Consciousness of Sanat Kumara, Who then passes it on in transmuted form to The Manu and The Chohan of The First Ray, El Morya. From there it is distributed in very precise ways throughout the planet to effect the changes needed for the coming New Golden Age in Aquarius. The First Ray, called Shiva the Destroyer in Sanskrit Literature, is the destructive force which will remove the old ways and systems and forms to make way for the new ones in the coming New Age (to be governed overall by the 7th Ray). The radical and momentous changes in the consciousness of the Race will be effected under the guidance of Sanat Kumara, utilizing the Powerful Force of The Divine First Ray and centering the effort from "The Bright Center Lying Far Ahead", Shamballa.


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