Lord Saint Germain, Chohan of The 7th Ray for Planet Earth

Before I offer information about the 7th of the 7 Rays, which comes from The Masters of the Wisdom, I feel obligated to briefly explain what these so-called 7 Rays are (see "The Seven Rays Explained"), since the reader may have no particular knowledge of this esoteric matter. The choice of the word, Ray, is not mine and is, regrettably, reminiscent of more trivial uses, such as a "ray gun" in old science fiction literature or a ray of light or a "death ray", and you may see what I mean. But I will use the terminology of Those Who Know because that is Their choice, and that's good enough for me.

In the spirit of condensing it down and making it readily understandable to the cross-section of human cognition, there are 7 Cosmic Forces which permeate and penetrate all of universal creation at all the many levels of existence, and these Cosmic Forces proceed out of The 7 Principle Aspects of The Creator of this universe, call that Creator what you will in the languages of Man. Put in another way, The Supreme Godhead of our universe initially became a Triplicity or a Trinity at the very outset of manifestation from its former Beingness as The Undifferentiated Source. So, in the process of differentiation and coming forth from the pralayic period of rest called the Night of Brahma, The First 3 Major Aspects of The Triune Godhead were created in the first step of differentiation.

These 3 Primary Aspects of The One Divine Source have also been called God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy Spirit, and the names from ancient Sanskrit literature are Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. They convey the same concept. In occult teachings They are known as The Will of God, The Love of God, and The Mind of God. The second step in the differentiation was the production of 4 more Aspects out of The Mind of God (The 3rd Aspect) in the creation of a total of 7 Aspects of Divinity. This is the origination point and the reason for the 7-fold nature of the universe at all levels of existence (to learn more, go to "A Septenary Universe"). These 7 Divine Principles are called The 7 Spirits before The Throne of God in the Christian Bible. All of the entirety of the universe, the sum-total of all life, may be considered as the direct creative extensions of these 7 Aspects of Manifest God. There is nothing in the entire universe that was not created out of the creative intentions of The 7 Divine Aspects.

The 7 Cosmic Rays, if we may revert to that terminology, are The 7 Cosmic Forces which have emanated out of The Divine Beingness of The 7 Aspects for the purpose of creation and the conditioning of that creation in line with The Plan of God for this universe. The unique and divinely-inspired energies of these 7 Forces are called The 7 Rays by The Higher Ups. But here's a point that needs elucidation. In our particular solar system, only one of those Cosmic Rays is functioning. Only one of them conditions all of life within the ring-pass-not of our solar system and the aura of our Solar Logos, and that one is the Great 2nd Ray of Cosmos, The Love of God, The Ray of Love-Wisdom.

This entire solar system since its inception has been created out of love and with love and for love and from love, Divine Love. The 7 Rays of our solar system are all sub-Rays of the Universal Second Ray, hence each of these Rays and the different energies which They provide is imbued with and qualified by The Love of God. It is a system of love, all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding on Planet Earth. The qualities and the purposes of each of the 7 Rays may be found in "The Seven Rays Explained", but we are here to focus on the 7th of those Rays for reasons I'll get into. But again, I wanted to make the distinction and clarification that the 7 Rays of Cosmos are not the same as the 7 Rays of our system of planets. All of our 7-fold energies have originated in the 2nd Cosmic Ray of Love, and that comes from The 2nd Aspect of The Triune Godhead: Vishnu, God The Son, God's Love for all Creation.

So, what is the 7th Ray of our solar system, and why would I deign to write about it in particular? What's so special about this Ray? What distinguishes it from the Others at this time? Roughly but not precisely so, one of the 7 Rays predominates in each of our zodiacal ages. Each of the ages of the zodiac here on Earth, 2100 years or so, is governed by and dominated by and comprehensibly influenced by the unique energies of one of the 7 Rays of our solar system. The Piscean Age, soon to be gone entirely, was governed by the energies of the 6th Ray, the Ray of Devotion and Abstract Idealism (I'll elaborate more about it later). The Aquarian Age coming in is governed and conditioned by the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Ritualistic Magic and Synthesis.

Herein lies the importance of the 7th Ray for Planet Earth. The New Golden Age in Aquarius, just off to the near horizon, will be constructed with the energies of this Ray, which will directly influence the character of the new civilization, the structure of the new institutions, the evolution of the human form, and the relationship of Humanity to Itself and all other Kingdoms of Nature. This is the energy which will transform human civilization and bring in the New World Order in the Sign of Aquarius, and the divinely-inspired Ascended Master Who will supervise the distribution and allocation of these energies is The Master Rakoczi, The One called Saint Germain, The Chohan of the 7th Ray for Planet Earth. He it is Who will be overseeing the developement of the New Age in following the Master Plan of Sanat Kumara (The Lord of the World and Head of The Hierarchy). He it is Who wields the powerful energies of the 7th Ray. (If interested, click on "The New Golden Age On Earth".)

1. There are 3 Great Lords in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy of 7th Initiation Status (7th Degree Initiates). Each of Them focalizes and works with the energies of one of the 3 Major Aspects of this solar system after those 3 Rays have been transmuted through The Consciousness of Sanat Kumara. The Manu is on the 1st Ray; The Bodhisattva is on the 2nd Ray; and The Mahachohan is on the 3rd Ray which incorporates Rays 4 through 7. In other words, The Mahachohan's Department in The Hierarchy contains and is responsible for Departments 4, 5, 6, and 7, which may also be called the Ashrams of the respective Ray Chohans (see "The Ashram of The King").

As above, so below. Just as Aspects 4 through 7 were born from The 3rd Major Aspect of The Divine Trinity, so were the minor Rays of 4 through 7 born from the Major 3rd Ray in this solar system, and so were Ashrams 4 through 7 born from The Mahachohan's 3rd Ray Ashram. The Mahachohan is called The Lord of Civilization for Earth, and it is His Ashram or Department which manages the energies of Rays 3 through 7.

Well, coming back to Master Rakoczi, 80 years ago He was called The Mahachohan a number of times by Master Djwhal Khul, so it may be that not only is He The Lord of the 7th Ray for this planet, but He may have taken the 7th Initiation and assumed responsibilities of the Great 3rd Department of The Hierarchy from the former Mahachohan. I've not gotten confirmation of this advancement, but if He is not currently The Mahachohan for Planet Earth, He is next in line for The Exalted Position. He is also The Regent for Europe, America, and Australia, guiding their destinies and inspiring their statesmen and rulers through mental impression.

Some of His more notable lives may be found by going to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?". His Aetheric Level Retreat is in the Carpathian Mountains of Hungary (Ancestral Home of Count Rakoczi) from which He took His Ascension (5th Initiation) at the end of his lifetime as Sir Francis Bacon. The Wonderman of Europe, Le Comte de Saint Germain, was and is only an aspect of The Greater Consciousness of this 7th Ray Chohan, but those who are aware of The Masters still insist, perhaps unknowingly, on calling Him Saint Germain. To minimize confusion, I have frequently used the name of Saint Germain also. Whatever name is used, whether Chohan or Mahachohan, this is The One responsible for bringing in the new civilization of Mankind, sometimes called the New Heaven and New Earth, and a new order of human relations throughout Humanity by means of the energies of the incoming 7th Ray.

2. As I've mentioned, the 6th Ray was the dominant energy for the period called the Age of Pisces, and it slowly began diminishing in power and potency in 1625 (A.D.). The energy of the 7th Ray started to come in during the year of 1675 (A.D.) and has been ever so slowly building in strength and influence. The 7 Rays do not necessarily follow each other in numerical sequence as the zodiacal ages progress around the astrological zodiac for Planet Earth, so the 6 to 7 sequence that is taking place cannot be considered the norm.

The duration and sequence of the Ray influences is one of the secrets of Initiation, so more may not be given, but it can be said that the sequence in which the 7 Rays are allowed their influence on the Master Plan for Planet Earth is the decision of The Planetary Logos for Earth (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara), the Plan being administered by Lord Sanat Kumara (for more, go to"Who Is Sanat Kumara?" ). To know the sequence is to gain an overview of the Divine Plan for this planet, however increasingly larger glimpses of that Plan are given as the Initiate Ladder is ascended, and The Initiate then becomes a Participant in making the Plan happen.

3. The Chohan of the Ray of Idealism (the 6th) has been Lord Jesus-Sananda (if interested, go to "Lives of The Master Jesus" and "The Unknown Nazarene" ). He incarnated as The Wayshower for the Age of Pisces and was overshadowed by Lord Maitreya (known as The Christ and The Bodhisattva) for the 3 years of His Ministry. This Ray of Abstract Visioning and Devotion was intended to prepare the way for the great 7th Ray, which would bring into expression that which was envisioned. You see, it was the powerful energy of the 6th Ray which produced all the idealism and one-pointed zeal and fanaticism and uncompromising devotion (to religion, to Jesus, to the saints, to Mohammed, to king, to country, etc.) during the now-receding Age of Pisces.

The 6th Ray is closely associated with the Astral Plane (of Desire and Illusion) and works through the Solar Plexus Chakra of humans, having a great impact on emotionality coming from the astral body (see "The Astral Body"). Let us say that it can intensify the emotions that are related to idealistic causes. This is the energy and the Ray that gave us all the ideologies, especially religious, over the past 2,000 years and actually beyond, because Buddhism was established when the 6th Ray was active, which gives a hint as to the lengthy period of dominance of the latest Ray influence. It isn't necessarily strictly confined to the dates of a single astrological age.

The 6th Ray gave us all the religious wars, including the Christian Crusades and the Muslim Counter Crusades. It spread the idealism of Islam by the point of a sword from Spain to Indonesia. It fostered fundamentalism and radicalism and fanaticism. The ideals of democracy, fascism, communism, socialism, and authoritarianism (for example) were fueled by the energy of the 6th Ray. Martin Luther's ideological schism with the Roman Church and the subsequent Protestant Reformation would not have been possible without it. All wars have been a consequence of the clashing of two opposing ideals (look at the Cold War), and the opposition of the freedom of the Allies to the enslavement of the Axis Powers during WWII was a good example of the 6th Ray in action (with a lot of 1st Ray will-power thrown into the mix).

The intense devotional attitude of Christians toward Jesus and their religion was for many centuries the direct effect of the 6th Ray playing upon the Collective Psyche, just as the zeal of the Muslim in spreading his religious beliefs was nurtured by those energies. The Ray of Idealism had a profound effect upon both Western and Eastern Civilization. The surrendering of self to the total devotion to Guru in India was made possible by this energy as was devotion to anything in particular: king, country, emperor, monastic order, a cause, a revolution, or an idea. If there is devotion or if there is idealism, the 6th Ray must be considered the unquestioned impetus.

There are so many examples: the Russian Revolution for Communism, the American and French Revolutions for Freedom, the wars between the Christian Denominations, the wars between the Islamic Sects, the Labor Movement, the Suffrage Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Women's Rights and Gay Rights Movements, Capitalism, Hippie Communalism, Spiritualism, and on and on. The Code of Hammurabi, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence of the American Colonies, the American Constitution, the European Union, the African Union, and the United Nations Charter were all made possible by the 6th Ray (6th Ray Initiates conceptualized and 7th Ray Initiates made it happen).

Under the impulse of the 6th Ray and operating in accordance with the Plan of Sanat Kumara, Earth's Hierarchy of Masters used the energies of idealism and devotion to divert Humanity from its preoccupation with material desires, the desires of the flesh and materialistic orientation, toward the realm of higher values, which were more abstract and more ideal. The agents chosen were religion and philosophy. Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Mohammedanism, Judaism were all a part of the program to lift the values and the sights of Humanity from the mundane illusion to the Realm of Spirit, and the energy of the 6th Ray was the perfect vehicle for the job.

It was, indeed, successful, though we know that the Forces of Materiality (the Dark Ones) perverted the energies to create the innumerable conflicts and wars in order to generate the energy of FEAR out of the opposing idealogies. They were also very successful. Even so, the 6th Ray has done what it came to do and implanted and then fostered the ideals that have steadily though haltingly advanced the Civilization of Man to the point whereby The Lord of Civilization may utilize the 7th Ray in manifesting a newer and higher order of spiritually-impelled civilization.

4. The 6th Ray generated the vision, and the 7th Ray will materialize that vision. The 6th Ray promoted separatism, sectarianism, and nationalism, and the 7th Ray will bring about fusion, synthesis, and unification. The 6th Ray fostered the individualistic spirit, and the 7th Ray will foster group spirit and the rhythmic, ritual-working of groups. The 6th Ray produced the narrow, idealistic religions, and the 7th Ray will inaugurate a synthesis of religions into a New World Religion as given forth by the Aquarian Avatar of The Christ Consciousness (Lord Kuthumi). The 6th Ray brought about separative instincts, religious doctrines, exclusivity, elitism, and patriotic fervor; the 7th Ray will bring peace, goodwill, brotherhood, unity, inclusivity, and the destruction of barriers and borders. The mystic was the culmination of aspiration on the Path under the 6th Ray, and the white magician will be the culminating aspirant to the Mysteries under the 7th Ray, working with intelligent will, sound, mantrams, visualization, and the Deva Evolution (for more, go to "Angels, Elementals, and Creation").

The 6th Ray people are the old die-hards (and blow-hards), the conservatives, the reactionaries who hold on desperately to the past and all the old ways, trying to maintain at all cost their elitist positions, their power, their wealth, and the status quo. Their attitude to life, to death, and everything in between is crystallized. It is so hardened and immutable that they refuse to accept change or ideas which conflict with their Piscean perspective. They will necessarily have to be removed as the 6th Ray cycles out of activity and the 7th Ray becomes the primary influence after the Dimensional Shift. Their obstructionism will not be allowed to hinder the progress of the Human Race under the world-changing impact of the 7th Ray and its Master Magician, Lord Saint Germain.

Disciples are aspirants who have been accepted for training by an Ascended Master, training which carries on over a long cycle of lifetimes. It was the work of the incarnate disciples of the Piscean Age to create the idealistic thought-forms in every culture throughout the world to raise the consciousness of the masses from the mundane world of form to levels that the average, undeveloped masses had not yet conceptualized. The disciples were the thinkers in all fields of endeavor, and the 6th Ray both stimulated their ideologies and ideal visions as well as prompted them to remain fervently devoted to those ideations, whether they were in the field of architecture, business, or religion or they were in science, philosophy, education, agriculture, engineering, or government. Through the disciples of the world, as inspired by their Masters, the progress of the Race was made possible by their one-pointed, passionate conceptualizing of a better and more ideal way while under the influence of the 6th Ray Energies.

In backtracking slightly, I should say that all incarnate humans have 5 Rays of influence, one each for the Soul, the personality, the physical, astral, and mental bodies. During a Ray Cycle (e.g. the Piscean Age), Souls of that particular Ray incarnate in great numbers to express their Beingness in full. During the Piscean Age, a high number of 6th Ray Souls under the guidance of Lord Sananda came into incarnation, and when the personality is also of 6th Ray influence, then the disciple may be called a 6th Ray disciple. The 6th Ray disciple may be the originator of the grand and futuristic and idealistic concepts, but his mind is in the "clouds" and there's nothing of a practical nature to this kind of disciple. Their ideas are brought no closer to physicality than the Astral Plane. It takes the 7th Ray disciple to bring it all into manifestation on the Physical Plane Level. The 7th Ray disciples of the world are the ones who, under supervision by Master Rakoczi, have made possible the realization and the concretization of the dreams and fantasies of the 6th Ray disciples because of their set of traits and talents provided by the 7th Ray Energies. The Lord of the 7th Ray materializes the visions of The Lord of the 6th Ray (and those of The Great Council of Shamballa).

5. Simply put, the 7th Ray disciple (and Initiate) brings into outer manifestation God's Plan for this planet. Of course, the disciple as well as The Initiate has responsibility for only a small fragment of the Plan, but they are the ones that see it to fruition at this very dense level of being. These are the businessmen and financiers and executives and talented organizers of every kind.

The 7th Ray is the Ray that approximates and fuses the subjective with the objective, the Ray that constructs the forms through which Divine Will can express Itself. It is the form-building Ray, and all The Initiates in Master Rakoczi's Ashram virtually work their magic with the cooperation of the Building Devas to bring the ideal into form in accordance with the Plan. These are The White Magicians on this Ray, and through the use of Secret Words of Power imparted by The Hierophant during Initiation, They are able to draw the support of the Greater Devas in commanding the lesser devas and elementals to create the requested forms so visualized by The Initiate. It is this 7th Ray Energy which facilitates the work of the magician, white or black, and it is called the Ray of Ceremonial Magic because rhythmic rites and rituals and ceremony always accompany the selfless work of The 7th Ray Initiate in creating form for the good of the all and in utilizing that Creative Force called the 7th Ray. (To learn about Initiation, click on "The Only Path On Earth".)

The 7th Ray is multifaceted in its effects upon Mankind, and perhaps that is why it has so many descriptive names (Order, Magic, Freedom, Ritual, Ceremony, Synthesis, Form-Building, Law, and Organization). These could also be considered descriptions of the qualities and characteristics of this Ray as it works out in those sufficiently receptive to its influence, certainly all those whose personality Ray is the 7th but also all those who have established enough of a communication channel to a 7th Ray Soul and all those with a 7th Ray physical body, which includes the brain (sensitive to 7th Ray impulses).

6. It could give a better understanding of this Ray and its energies if I offered some examples of those who are impacted by this Ray and those who are able to use its unique energy signature. The sculptor uses Ray 7 to create form out of an inert piece of stone (form-building). Freedom fighters in every land who are seeking to bring an end to despotism are using Ray 7 (freedom). Legislators who design and institute laws of the land and the judges who make decisions based on those laws are using Ray 7 (law). The military officers who plan strategy or who display a genius for logistical and tactical support are using Ray 7 (order). The individual who delights in parades and the review of troops and grand processions is showing an affinity for Ray 7 (ceremony). The marital counselor who does his best to keep a marriage intact is using Ray 7 (synthesis). The Native Americans who meet once a year in pow-wow and perform dances to honor their traditions are influenced by Ray 7 (ritual). The voodoo priestess who uses that form of black magic passed down through the generations is controlling the elementals by using the 7th Ray (magic).

These are only a few examples to demonstrate how the energy of Ray 7 works out as it makes its contact with Humanity after being transmuted and directed by The Lord of the 7th Ray. If you remember the descriptive terms I used for this Ray, then you'll remember how it can be used by the incarnate human. And those who are better able to use it are those with Ray 7 as a part of their Ray composition in the Soul or the personality or one of the 3 bodies previously mentioned. The Soul Ray remains the same for an entire Round of Earth with its 7 Root Races (this planet is in its 4th out of 7 Rounds), and the 4 Rays of the personality are chosen by the Soul before incarnation.

We can draw some names out of history who were Initiates in Earth's White Brotherhood and who had a strong influence of the 7th Ray. Anyone who's Soul is on the 7th Ray can be considered a member of the Ashram of Master Rakoczi if they have reached Initiate Status or are on the Path of Discipleship. All 7th Ray Souls are instructed by the 7th Ray Chohan or one of His Master Disciples on the same Ray. Of course, incarnate expressions of Saint Germain would naturally have a 7th Ray Soul: Roger Bacon, Cristobal Colon (Columbus), Paracelsus, and Francis Bacon. The greater and clearer the contact with one's Soul, the more will be the influence of the Soul's Ray, and that will be seen working out in the life through the descriptive terms given for this multifaceted energy.

Some other notables with a 7th Ray Soul were Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater of the Theosophical Society. Che Guevara helped to organize the Cuban Revolution and went on to Bolivia to continue his calling (where murdered by the C.I.A.). Aristotle organized the teachings of his mentors, Plato and Socrates, and became the tutor for Alexander from Macedonia. Pablo Picasso and Nicholas Poussin were both artists from the 7th Ray Ashram with substantial input from Soul Level as was Ezra Pound, the poet. Nicholas Roerich, the painter-husband of Helena Roerich, was almost entirely 7th Ray except for his astral body. His form-building and magic took place on canvas. Heinrich Schliemann, the archeologist, also had a 7th Ray mind and used those organizational energies to pinpoint and excavate the ancient city of Troy. Dmitri Shostakovich and Igor Stravinsky were both musical composers with Soul influence from the Ceremonial Ray. "The Rites of Spring" undoubtedly emerged out of the Ritualistic Violet Flame. John Steinbeck, the author, is included in the group, and Leon Trotsky helped to bring order to the Russian Revolution and the early days of assembling order out of wide-spread chaos. He helped to bring the philosophical and economic ideal of Communism into physical manifestation. Eleanor Roosevelt, in her tireless humanitarian efforts, used the 7th Ray to integrate the oppressed and downtrodden into a "New Deal".

I can list a few Initiates from out of the historical pages with a personality that was dominated and colored by the 7th Ray. It may be surprising that some of these were Initiates and hence Members of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, but keep in mind that the Lighted Way is not trodden by only the religious-minded and spiritually-oriented. Assisting the Master Plan of Sanat Kumara requires the cooperative effort of Initiate Disciples from all walks of life (see "The Initiates of Earth"). And the Initiate Level of these individuals varies widely: Captain James Cook (explorer), Charles Darwin (scientist), Fyodor Dostoevsky (writer), Albrecht Durer (painter), Henry Ford (engineer), Sigmund Freud (psychiatrist), John Lennon (musician), Leonardo Da Vinci (painter, genius), John Locke (philosopher), Louis Pasteur (chemist), Peter the Great (emperor), Sergei Prokofiev (composer), Maurice Ravel (composer), Peter Paul Rubens (painter), and Kung Fu Tzu/Confucius (philosopher).

All of these Initiates were able to draw upon the properties of the 7th Ray in orienting and driving the personality, however their capabilities and thrust in life would be modified by four things: the pre-incarnative goals, past-life influences, the Soul Ray and extent of Soul connection, and the Rays of the 3 bodies - mental, astral, physical. To a lesser extent astrological influences may enter the picture for those Initiates of lower degree (3rd Degree Initiates and Higher are beyond the personality influences of the stars and planets). All contributed in their own small way to the unfolding Plan for Humankind at this stage of its developement.

7. Some of the human virtues given by the 7th Ray, to those with conscious Soul contact, are self-reliance, courage, strength, perseverence, courteousness, and carefulness in detail. Some of the human vices of this Ray, that can be prompted in those without Soul control, are bigotry, pridefulness, judgementalism, narrow-mindedness, formality, and being highly opinionated. Virtues which must be acquired in the 7th Ray aspirant are tolerance, humility, wide-mindedness, and a unity consciousness.

This is the Ray that compels the individual to say the right word and do the right thing at the right moment (promoting social success). It makes the sensitive receiver of this energy want to do things decently and with the greatest attention to detail and all in precise order. Rules and precedence are given the highest priority, and the Path is approached through ritual and ceremony and established rules of practice. Law and order in a democratic society come about solely due to the 7th Ray and its impact on The Initiates in that society. They make the equitable rules; they enforce the rules; and they see that order is maintained.

8. I would like to conclude by making a number of statements about the 7th Ray, which should help to promote a clearer understanding about this revolutionary force that will be utterly transforming this planet during the imminent Aquarian Age.

    a. It is the Ray of executive and business organization brought about by the activity of the lower concrete mind in one-pointed application. When the motive of the executives and financiers and rulers and organizers has become spiritually-infused with the synthetic compulsion toward brotherhood and unity, their energies and efforts will be directed toward the creation of right human relations on the planet and an equal distribution of its resources. First Level Initiates numbering in the millions will undertake the organization of this effort, using these energies and bringing an end to the disease, starvation, suffering, and uneducated minds.

    b. This is the Ray of Synthesis, and the reason that the word synthesis is used is because this energy of the 7th Ray promotes and catalyzes the bringing together of things in God's Creation, such as Spirit and matter, the Soul and its incarnate personality, the Human Kingdom with the Deva Kingdom, the Human Kingdom with the 3 subhuman Kingdoms (Mineral, Plant, and Animal), and the disparate groups, races, tribes, and nations of the world into a united Human Family. The 6th Ray separated and individualized while the 7th Ray will unite and comingle.

    c. This is the Ray of Manifestation, the energy which has the practical nature of bringing that which Spirit conceptualizes, visualizes, and willfully intends into a concretized, materialized form on the Physical Plane of Existence. The word, Spirit, may refer to the Soul, The Monad (Higher Self of Soul), The Hierarchy, The Chohans, The Great Lords, The Planetary Logos, or The Solar Logos (They're all in it together).

And that which materializes may be practically anything in the phenomenal world: a new species of animal, a precious metal in the Earth, a mountain range, an island continent, a religious order, a democratic government, a Root Race of Man, a revolution against tyranny, a style of clothes, a musical form, a new form of transportation, the materiel for war, a constitution for a government. The idea is created in the mind, whether of lower or higher order, and the idea is brought forth into manifestation by humans psychically sensitive to the thought-form and responsive to the 7th Ray.

    d. You can see how tremendously busy the 7th Ray Ashram of The Hierarchy has had to have been over the past millennia and exponentially so, as the Human Race has exploded in numbers, and technological progress has advanced so rapidly. They are The Ones Who made it all possible, and this is a testament to the greatness and the power of our Chohan of the 7th Ray, Lord Saint Germain, for overseeing it all, just as He will be overseeing the New Age in Aquarius.

    e. The way that the trained disciples and Initiates approximate the ideal to the practical and the idea to its form is the use of this energy while conducting ritual and ceremony. In the Initiate training of the Mystery Schools and the Ceremony of Initiation, white magical techniques are taught to the worthy, and secret words of power are imparted. These mantrams and sounds are used in conjunction with a detailed visualization of the end result and the forceful projection of the will. The Greater Devas (the Builders) are called into the enterprise and cooperate in actualizing the manifestation from the Aetheric Level to the Physical Level (more may be found in "Angels, Elementals, and Creation"). This is one of the functions of the Ceremonial Ray.

    f. The blended unity of the 7 Rays in our solar system produces the Light Supernal at the highest levels of Divinity in this system, and this Light Supernal can penetrate down into the dense Physical Plane only when the 7th Ray is active and being used as a medium and the Sun is in Aquarius. This combination has happened 6 previous times in the life of the 5th Root Race (the current one) and is used to establish a New Order on Earth and precipitate illumination.

This Light Supernal will be evoked upon Earth by The Great Invocation (see "The Great Invocation") given out by Master Djwhal Khul nearly 80 years ago. Then The Aquarian Avatar (Lord Kuthumi) will be The Lens through which It is focused and adapted to human need. The New Civilization and the New World Order will thus be brought to Earth by means of the 7th Ray. Miracles will be commonplace, and white magic will be known everywhere. All life-forms will be modified and refined. Man, the creator, is coming into possession of his powers.

    g. A large number of 7th Ray Souls are now incarnating on Planet Earth with 7th Ray personalities to bring to an end the antequated and crystallized attitudes and beliefs of the conservatives and to organize the activities of the New Era. Under instruction of The Masters, they will use their practical orderliness to address the good of the all and not the individual. There will be markedly increased expression of the Soul through the incarnate humans, conscious cooperation with the Divine Plan, and an acceleration of the Initiation Process not heretofore seen.

The old systems and institutions and attitudes and ways of living will have to be destroyed by the 1st Ray of Will and Power (The Manu and His Department) acting through the 7th Ray. Shiva, The Destroyer, will partner with Lord Saint Germain, The Unveiled Magician. The Human Kingdom will finally assume its responsibilities for the lower Kingdoms of Nature and will be the primary impetus in their evolution through radiation of creative energies and group magical work. Many, if not most, of the current species will become extinct only to be re-incarnated as improved species, more appropriate for higher dimensional life and divinity expressing through them.

This great Transmuting Agent (7th Ray) of The Planetary Logos will render entirely new characteristics in the Human Race. Aetheric vision will become universal; mental activity will increase dramatically; psychic powers will become wide-spread; and there will be greatly increased facility to connect with the Soul and advance on the Initiate Path. Finally, the aetheric web, which veils the Astral Plane from the Physical Plane, is going to be dissolved, and the "other side" is going to become visible and tangible. Mankind will come to know the illusory nature of the Astral Worlds and will transfer its polarization from the emotional/astral body up to the mental vehicle, and the Astral Planes will die away just as surely as the 6th Ray Piscean Age (and the selfish dinosaurs who wanted it all for themselves).

Offered with Christ Love to The Divine Alchemist, Lord Saint Germain.


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