I have been asked by The High Initiates and Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?") to create Spiritual Sanctuaries and Healing Centers around North America in this lifetime. I am told that I have mentally been developing this concept and endeavor for several lifetimes and that this is the one to bring it into fruition before the onset of the New Golden Age at the Higher Level of Expression to which Earth is transitioning (see "Earth In Metamorphosis"). I am taking this opportunity to bring this knowledge forward so that more people will become aware of this project which is guided and guarded and protected by The White Brotherhood. Comments and input and suggestions and feedback are welcomed from those who are intuitively drawn to this conceptualization seeking manifestation.

Each of these Communities will be consecrated and dedicated to one of The High Masters in The Hierarchy and That One will oversee all the activities and developement and progress and goals of that Community. Examples of Masters and Chohans Who will be involved are: Kuthumi and Maitreya and Hilarion and Saint Germain and Sananda, to name a few. It is one of the projects in the Plan of Sanat Kumara (The Lord of The World) to which all of The Hierarchy are dedicated. The land itself will never have human ownership but rather will be "owned" by The Hierarchy, however the structures on the land may be owned by individuals as with condominiums.

These Places of Grace and Vortices of Light will serve as models for the communities which will spring up around the world as the Piscean Age gives way to the Aquarian Age. They will be Beacons of Light to those who have been stumbling in the darkness of the mundane illusion. They will be centers for healing and for teaching/learning and for living close to the Earth in respect and love for all the Kingdoms of Nature and all other sentient life-forms. They will incorporate mutual caring and sharing and helpfulness and kindness toward one another. They will be guided by the Cosmic Principle of Unification and Synthesis, and any activity or interaction which is drawn from the Cosmic Principle of Separativeness and Disunity will not be allowed.

These Centers will necessarily be located in the more remote rural areas far from the centers of population and pollution and deleterious thought-forms. The land area will need to be large enough to accommodate the tremendous growth that is anticipated. Fresh water must be abundant. Good soil must be present to sustain the community. A temperate climate would be preferable. There will be gardens and orchards and field crops and full cooperation from the Devas and nature spirits to enhance the abundancy of the offerings from the Plant Kingdom.

I have elsewhere written much more about this project of The Ascended Masters of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. For the interested, please click on "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi". I go into greater detail on what this is all about. I will say that so far I've not gotten the first piece of land to get things started, but I've been informed that there is not the slightest possibility of failure for this endeavor. It WILL come into being. For much of my life I have had this attraction to the Ozarks of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas, and I hope to begin this massive project in that area of North America. Let me know what you think. Is there anyone out there who wants to be involved? Who wishes to be graced and blessed by The World Teacher for Planet Earth (Lord Kuthumi)?

This link explains my need for help: "Why I Need Help!".


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