A Pictorial Representation of Lord Saint Germain

It is my wish to make better known one of the greatest Sons of God ever to grace this planet that we call Earth in keeping with one of my pre-incarnative agreements to elucidate The Invisible Government of this evolutionary scheme, Those Loving Guardians of the Human Race Who have been variously called, from ancient times, The Great White Brotherhood, The Society of Organized and Illumined Minds, and The Spiritual Hierarchy (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). These non-physical, exceedingly-evolved Masters of Wisdom have guided, prompted, and inspired all the evolutionary advancements of all the Kingdoms of Nature (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, Deva) on Earth for millions of years and did so by physical embodiment to serve as the Divine Kings, Leaders, and High Priests of all societies and civilizations since the middle period of the 3rd Root Race of Man (referred to as the Lemurian Race on the Motherland of Mu in the Pacific Ocean).

Following the final phase of the great Atlantean War between the Sons of Belial (the Dark Brotherhood) and the Sons of the Law of One (the White Brotherhood), when the last remnant of Atlantis (Island of Poseidonis) was submerged beneath the oceanic waters roughly 12,000 years ago, The August Members of Earth's Hierarchy elected to thenceforth remain "behind the scenes" to conduct Their affairs and programs and plans more occultly and esoterically (at the instigation of Sanat Kumara, The Supreme Head of The Hierarchy - click on "Who Is Sanat Kumara?"). Direct involvement with incarnate humans for thousands of years would be sporadic, secretive, and reserved for special occasions which had to do with various aspects of the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara for the planet and especially for Humanity (the Wesak Festival of The Buddha in the Himalayas during the Full Moon in Taurus being one example).

Knowledge of The Great Ones and all Their activities was confined to the Mystery Schools of Initiation around the world (Egypt, Greece, Chaldea, Persia, India, Peruvian Andes, Mayan Priesthoods, China, and Tibet), and Initiates of the Schools were sworn to oaths of secrecy by the Hierophants. Codes, ciphers, symbols, allegories, and the secret sacerdotal tongue (Senzar, the predecessor to Sanskrit) of the Initiate Brotherhood was used all over the world for communication between Initiates into the Arcane Mysteries to conceal their secrets and their knowledge of The Ascended Masters of Earth from the profane masses and all the many (the majority) who were serving their own selfish interests (thus being aligned with the Dark Forces).

I must admit that the reasons for the withdrawal from direct intervention in human affairs by The Higher Ups has never been made very clear, but because of the timing, there has to be a causal relationship with the Atlantean War, the sinking of Atlantis, and the terrible effects felt around the world from the "Great Flood". I believe that tremendous karma was incurred by Humanity as a whole (group karma) and that The Lords of Karma for this solar system directed Earth's Hierarchy to "pull back" and allow the struggling human civilizations to work their way on their own up to a higher plane of consciousness, experiencing and enduring the pitfalls and setbacks and sufferings inherent in the climb (bolstered by Initiates incarnate from the Ranks of Hierarchy).

Great Ones would come forth from time to time and incarnate in the usual fashion to lend a helping hand to the slowly developing Race of Man, but as a Group, The Hierarchy of Light would not walk the face of the Earth again until the New Age in Aquarius at a higher turn of the spiral, and the Endeavor would (and will) be called the Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy (soon to come). They remained behind the Veil of Illusion, sending forth Teachers and Wayshowers whenever and wherever They were needed to give an evolutionary boost to human societies in accordance with the Great Plan held in the Mind of Sanat Kumara. Think of such Luminaries as Vyasa, Krishna, Heracles, Patanjali, Shankaracharya, Lao Tzu, Akhnaton, Siddartha Gautama, Zoroaster, Jesus, Mohammed, Plato, Moses, and Pythagoras (refer to "The Initiates Of Earth").

I also believe that the ever-ongoing conflict with the Black Magicians (the Forces of Darkness), both incarnate and discarnate, had a great deal to do with the decision to remain behind the Veil as a generality. When there was less secrecy and less selectivity of aspirants in the Temple Schools of Initiation on Atlantis, they became infiltrated by some students who became enamored of the power they developed using the ancient magical methods of manipulating energy and the Forces of Nature (which were taught to all Initiates), and they took a turn toward the left-hand path of serving the self instead of serving others and the greater good of the all. Some were fairly High Initiates of equal power and willfulness to Those of The White Brotherhood. When they were banned from the Temples, they formed their own occult schools and their own traditions of self-oriented magic, increased in numbers and power over the millennia, and became the opposing force known as the Lords of the Dark Countenance.

The War between the two polarities was fought primarily on the Astral Planes (of Emotion and Desire) but had its mirrored counterpart at the Physical Level, which led to the great destruction and inundation of the Atlantean Homeland in stages over hundreds of thousands of years, the final remnant being Poseidonis. The Sons of the Shining Countenance won by the narrowest of margins (according to The Masters) at the time of the final inundation, but the Dark Ones have been gaining in strength and influence throughout Humanity since that time up to the present.

I believe that the other major reason why The Heart Center of the planet, known as The Spiritual Hierarchy, remained on its Higher Levels of Beingness (the Buddhic Plane) for all this time (12,000 years) was to "seal the door where evil dwells". The Dark Brotherhood is oriented toward physicality and materialism with its power being felt on the Physical, Astral, and lower Mental Planes, hence being called Lords of Materiality. The Hierarchy of Light is "boxing them in" at the lower Levels of Existence, all the while teaching the Human Race how to defeat them and their self-serving agenda. They will have been defeated and removed from the planet when next The Masters of the Wisdom physically walk the Earth in the New Age of Harmony and Peace (see "The New Golden Age On Earth" and "Earth In Metamorphosis").

I hope this mild digression helped to throw just a little more light on The August Body from Which our Saint Germain comes. They now want to become more widely known to an awakening Humanity so that a more coordinated and cooperative enterprise may be initiated between Hierarchy and Humanity for successful fulfillment of various aspects of the Divine Plan for Earth, the Plan to which are dedicated ALL The Ascended Masters and the disciples in Their Ashrams (check out "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?"). Because They never interfere in the free-will affairs of Man (unlike the Dark Ones), all the many aspects of the Plan (big and small) must be worked out and accomplished by humans in incarnate form. The more widespread the knowledge about Them and a truer understanding, the more They can communicate telepathically to individuals for furtherance of the Plan and preparations for the Advent of The World Teacher (Lord Kuthumi) in the coming New Age (please see "The Coming Of The Christ").

It was in the 19th Century (after the birth of Jesus) that The Heavyweights of Hierarchy made a determination that the Race of Man (particularly the Occident) had become ready once again to know of Their existence (The Himalayan Adepts had been known to Their disciples in Tibet, China, and India for a long time). Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) was Their instrument for this disclosure as well as for a new Movement of Universal Brotherhood (Theosophical Society). HPB published "Isis Unveiled" in 1877 and "The Secret Doctrine" in 1888, having gotten nearly all of the material from Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi, and El Morya, Who were 4th Degree Adepts at that time (prior to Ascension). She was a 3rd Degree Initiate-Disciple in Morya's Ashram and re-acquainted the Western World with the long-forgotten concept of Advanced Beings promoting the welfare and progress of Humankind (refer to "The Ashram Of The King").

The writings (dictations) of HPB were the "Preparatory Phase" of releasing some of the Arcane Mysteries that had been secretly handed down from generation to generation of Initiates in the Mystery Schools for eons of time, and the "Intermediate Phase" took place when Alice Ann Bailey served as amanuensis for Master Djwhal Khul (then Ascended) from 1919 to 1949. She was a 3rd Degree Initiate in the Ashram of Kuthumi, her Master. The writings (or telepathic dictations) of AAB gave out considerably more information about Earth's Hierarchy and immensely more about the "Wisdom Teachings". A third and "Advanced Phase" of the teachings has yet to materialize and may not appear until the Aquarian Age is fully underway. The concept of The Hierarchy of Masters has slowly percolated into human awareness in modern times and will be known to all in the glorious Times to Come.

One of the most prominent and influential of these Ascended Masters is The One Who is called Saint Germain, however the more appropriate name for this Great One is The Master Rakoczy as I'll explain, and I should add, as an aside, that all of the information in this entire article comes from Those Who Know, The Masters, and not from frequently erroneous human sources. All of these so-called Masters have ascended to Their lofty status of consciousness by way of the Path of Initiation (see "The Only Path On Earth"), and it is the 5th Initiation (the Revelation), given by Sanat Kumara, which releases The High Initiate from the Wheel of Rebirth and produces what is called an Ascended Master of the Wisdom (go to "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?").

Master Rakoczy took His Ascension Initiation on May 1st, 1684, at the end of His lifetime as Sir Francis Bacon (more about that later) and has, since then, also taken the 6th Initiation (the Decision) and become one of The Chohans (or Lords) of the 7 Rays. More specifically, Lord Rakoczy is The Chohan of the 7th Ray for Planet Earth and The Heart Center of the 7th Ray Ashram of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (refer to "The Seventh Ray"). Each Astrological Age of roughly 2,100 years is governed and conditioned primarily by the energies of one of the 7 Rays. The Piscean Age was under the influence of the 6th Ray of Devotion and Abstract Idealism (see "The Sixth Ray"), and the Aquarian Age will be dominated by the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order, White Magic, and Freedom under the supervisory guidance and oversight of Lord Rakoczy. The New Golden Age on this planet will fall under His responsibility.

The reason this Great One has been called Saint Germain is because, after His Ascension in the latter part of the 17th Century, He took it upon Himself as Regent of Europe to attempt to create a United States of Europe and unify the Royal Houses of the many disparate (and warring) states to bring peace, prosperity, stability, and greater freedom and justice to the downtrodden proletariat. By an act of the will and visualization, He created a body of manifestation (the mayavirupa) to conduct all His affairs at this dense physical level, however this Body of Light (if you will) did not conform to and was not subject to the recognized physical laws of this level of reality. He most commonly went by the name of Le Comte de Saint Germain, especially in His dealings with the Royal Court of France (Louis XV, Louis XVI, and Marie Antoinette), but in His extensive travels to all parts of the continent, other names were used as well (Comte Soltikoff, Graf Tzarogy, Chevalier Schoesling, Marquis de Montferrat, etc.).

Though few of the nobility recognized His true status, this was an actual Ascended Master in their midst, and His talents, spoken languages, breadth of knowledge, and frequent "miracles" astonished them. Voltair said of Him that He was a "Man" who knew everything and never died. His body never aged, which was a cause of considerable consternation to those who saw Him at varying periods of their lives. His physical presence in Europe was noted (and recorded) for most of the 18th and 19th Centuries as He traveled continuously in pursuing His goals of unification, peaceful coexistence, and raising of consciousness.

He was the Central Figure and Motivating Power behind the establishment of lodges of Rosicrucians, Masons, and Knights Templar all over Europe (and America). He undertook diplomatic missions between Royal Houses and countries; He averted wars and bloody conflicts; He counselled kings, queens, czars, and princes - not to mention many, many friends of lesser nobility; He entertained in miraculous ways the courts of the ruling houses to gain a foothold for later counselling and advisement on more important matters; Any of the numerous languages that He spoke was perfect and without noticeable accent; He was profoundly knowledgeable about history, arts, politics, geography, chemistry, gemology, alchemy, mathematics, and you can practically just name it. He simply became known as "The Wonderman of Europe".

He was on very good terms with King Louis XV of France, but when he died, Louis XVI was more cynical toward His counsel, and He conducted most of His affairs with Marie Antoinette regarding the Court of France. Many warnings were given to revolutionize the political system, the judiciary, and the police powers of France, but the warnings went unheeded, and the French Revolution violently erupted, taking the heads of Louis and Marie. Fragmentary and miniscule glimpses of Le Comte have been recorded for posterity: "The Count of Saint Germain" by Isabel Cooper-Oakley (not well written) and "Memoirs of Marie Antoinette" by Countess d'Adhemar who was a maid-in-waiting to the queen. But, as might be expected of a Master on a mission, He was very secretive in His movements and activities for the most part. It's enough to say that an Ascended Master walked the Earth for a couple hundred years, demonstrating the hardly imaginable potential for a Humankind in rapid evolutionary ascent.

The unification of Europe, politically, would have to wait, but we may be assured that this Master and Regent for Europe (Rakoczy) was supervising the entire effort which resulted in the European Union in the 20th Century. With much help from incarnate disciples involved in statesmanship and politics, the E.U. must be considered as one of His accomplishments. I think it is worth re-iterating that The One known as Saint Germain was only an Aspect of the Consciousness of our Chohan of the 7th Ray. The full Beingness and Glory of That One is more accurately known to Earth's Hierarchy as Master (or Lord) Rakoczy, but I'm aware that most people are more comfortable using the name of Saint Germain, and so I may use it interchangeably myself.

This Chohan is also The Regent for America and Australia, breeding and training grounds for the next sub-race (the 6th) of our current 5th Root Race (the Aryan). By way of explanation, there are 7 Root Races of Man in each Round of Earth (which has 7 Rounds), each with 7 sub-races. The leading edge of the evolutionary thrust is the 5th sub-race of the Aryan Race (in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States). As Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon), this Master made known the "New World" to the European Continent and paved the way for populating it with immigrants from the "Old World", the Aryan Race, who were destined to evolve into the next sub-race of our 5th Race in the future. And then, as Francis Bacon, He was instrumental in facilitating the colonization of the "New World".

America has much to do with the New Age of Earth and will be to the New Age as India was to the Old Age, and Saint Germain has been guarding and guiding her destinies since the colonization by European countries began. This is an example of the ability of an Ascended Master to divide His attention and fragment His Consciousness, because He was very much involved with the American Colonies all the while doing His work in Europe as Le Comte. The American Revolution would not have been possible without His invisible "Guiding Hand", His mental impression of the leaders of the Colonial Revolution (the Founding Fathers), His activity in the Masonic and Rosicrucian Lodges of the day, and His mysterious appearance at the Convention of Independence Hall in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was crafted and was being anguished over.

The document to be sent to King George III had laboriously been completed and awaited the signatures of the revolutionary leaders in attendance. They feared for their lives and the loss of all their property. Under English Law, they were committing high treason, the punishment for which was being hanged by the neck until unconscious, then being taken down, revived and disemboweled, then being beheaded while still alive, and finally having the body slashed into "quarters". The head and body parts would then belong to the "Crown" and could be put on public display. These dudes had a LOT to lose by signing their names to the Declaration.

As they were understandably wavering in their courage and intent, a mysterious stranger, tall, dignified, and wearing a dark robe in Summer, stood up from the back of the hall. He delivered such an impassioned, forceful, and commanding speech of such fiery immediacy that the delegates lost their apprehensions and their reservations and rushed to sign the document, beginning with the courageous John Hancock. Fifty seven of these brave individuals put their life and their possessions on the line that auspicious day in July of 1776, and when the hubbub had subsided and the enormity of the event had registered, they went to thank the orator for such eloquence and inspiration. He had simply disappeared (virtually).

Of course it was The Master Saint Germain. "Sign that document!", He had remonstrated. "God has given America to the free!", He proclaimed. His galvanizing speech was interrupted multiple times by waves of enthusiastic applause by the most prominent men of the colonies, though they would lose everything, including their heads, if the rag-tag colonial army could not defeat the most powerful military force in the world. The Master, by His powers of persuasion, decided one of the most pivotal events in history. (Click on "Freedom Speech Of Saint Germain" for the full text.)

Freedom is one of the divine qualities of the Great 7th Ray, and the road to freedom for the American Colonies was paved by the intervention and oversight of The 7th Ray Chohan. A free America was a necessity for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan, and it is doubtful that the Legions of Hell could have thwarted the thrust for freedom initiated by Saint Germain. He also appeared to and counselled George Washington in moments of despair, giving the "Father" of his country enticing future visions of a free America to assuage his doubts and encourage him to continue prosecuting the War for Independence.

1. Some Lives of Saint Germain:

    a) the Prophet Samuel

    b) Saint Joseph, father of Jesus

    c) Proclus, the Greek philosopher

    d) Merlin, the White Magician of King Arthur's day and Camelot

    e) Roger Bacon (1211-1294 A.D.)

    f) Christian Rosenkreutz, founder of the Order of the Rosy Cross

    g) Paracelsus, the Swiss alchemist (Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim)

    h) Christopher Columbus (1451-1506 A.D.)

    i) Sir Francis Bacon, author of the Shakespearean literature

2. Freedom, as a quality of Divinity, is one of the intentions in the Divine Purpose of our Planetary Logos, The Reflection of Divinity for this Planet called Earth and The One in Whom we all move and live and have our being. The One Who would later become known as Saint Germain, while in silent contemplation and adoration of The Creator of the Universe, was given the idea (mental download or thought-package) to give the virtue of freedom to the peoples of the Earth. On a Soul Level, it was decided to take on the Cause of Freedom for the developing Human Race, which, in its millions of years of evolutionary developement, had progressed to the point of being the 5th sub-race of the 5th Root Race.

This Soul made the decision to invest its energies and its Soul Purpose during its incarnational cycle to bring liberation and freedom from limitation and bondage to the Race of Man. It could be said that the Cause of Freedom was a divinely-inspired idea and ideal, having originated in The Consciousness of The Great Central Sun of the Galaxy (The Galactic Being) and having made its way into The Consciousness and the Purpose of The Planetary Logos of Earth. It was then incorporated into the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara (Incarnate Expression of The Planetary Logos) as an integral portion for the destiny of Mankind, and the Soul of The One Who would become Saint Germain became inspired to offer the gift to an awakening Humanity and to accept the labours, challenges, and responsibilities for bringing freedom, in all its ramifications, into manifestation at this dense level of reality.

The ways and means of accomplishing this Cause of Freedom was left to His own initiative and imagination as was the recruiting of other Souls in the Cause to volunteer their own efforts and energies through the millennia while in incarnate form. When the thought-form and the sacrificial imperative had become congealed and organized in the higher mind of this Benefactor to Planet Earth, a Fire Temple was created on the Astral Planes into which was placed the Flame of Freedom to serve as an energetic source for all impulses of freedom which would be felt (in the solar plexus chakra) by the differing human societies around the world. This Flame, since its creation, would be constantly tended and guarded over the millennia by Angelic Hosts (Devas) until the day (or era) when full and unrestrained freedom would be experienced by every human living on Earth.

It became the goal and obligation and determination of this now Ascended Master to foster and promote the Cause of Freedom in all of His lives from that moment that the inspiration flooded into His Beingness to so consecrate and dedicate His incarnational cycle while associated with this planet. Imagine the magnitude of such an endeavor! Securing interest and cooperation from others at the Soul Level was not so difficult because of clarity of consciousness and loving understanding and the altruistic nature of the Soul, but reawakening those commitments among the embodied incarnate who had passed through the Veil of Forgetfulness was another matter and often unsuccessful. And each time He came into embodiment, not only did He have to remember His purpose for incarnating (eventually rending the Veil), but there was karma to be expiated and plans and methods to be adapted to the culture in which He was immersed and the degree of advancement of its peoples.

3. During the waning days of the Land of Atlantis when the only portion of the great continent that remained was Poseidonis, our Saint Germain was the High Priest of the Temple of Purification and the Order of Zadkiel (Archangel of the 7th Ray). He was a disciple of One Who is known in The Spiritual Hierarchy as The Great Divine Director, and it was the physical aspect of the Freedom Flame which burned brilliantly in the Inner Sanctum of the Temple, radiating its energetic qualities to the students and all who were drawn from afar to the Temple. This would be around 10,000 B.C., so this Member of our White Brotherhood has been involved with Freedom, Freedom's Flame, and the 7th Ray for a very long time.

The Flame of Freedom may be considered as a fiery aspect of the Violet Flame, and the Violet Flame may be thought of as a concentrated focus containing the essence of the purifying energies of the 7th Ray (some of which include the purification of the subtle bodies, transmutation, the virtue of mercy, bringing together into synthesis, the merging of the higher with the lower, concretization and materialization of aetheric thought-forms, and the mental orientation toward rite, ritual, ceremony, and white magic). Please refer to "The Seventh Ray". These Sacred Flames in the Temples of Atlantis and later in the Aetheric Retreats of The Masters were a more direct means of imbuing and impacting Humanity with the divine virtues that were needed for progress than the manipulation and distribution of the 7 Rays throughout the world over eons of time. The Flames were more immediate in their effects, and the priesthood (particularly the High Priest) had responsibility for maintaining the Flame.

Before the final shifting of its tectonic plate and the total inundation of Poseidonis, all the High Priests of the Temples of The White Brotherhood were telepathically informed of the imminent cataclysm and were given instruction and guidance for taking the Temple treasures and their Sacred Flames by boat to other parts of the world. For example, he who would become Lord Hilarion (5th Ray) was instructed to carry the Flame of Truth to what would later become Crete, and he who would become Lord Serapis Bey (3rd Ray) was guided to and up the Nile River to the area that became Luxor, guarding the Ascension Flame. The High Priest of Zadkiel was mentally and clairvoyantly directed to the area of Europe that would one day be called Transylvania, nestled close to the Carpathian Mountains, carrying the Flame of Freedom.

A Sanctuary for the Virtue of Freedom was established and maintained there for the millennia between then and now with the Flame of Freedom radiating its energies from either the physical or aetheric levels, having the Fire Temple at the Astral Level to serve as the originating template (when the physical focus was over-run and destroyed by savages, the aetheric focus would remain active). This area which is now in Romania would become the great Radiating Center on Earth for the energy that inexorably propels Man toward freedom, and that Great One Who is known as Saint Germain either incarnated into the area or came from elsewhere to spend time there so as to intensify and magnify the energy of freedom radiated to all Mankind. The first incarnation after the fall of Atlantis was as a simple shepherd boy, and many other lives followed during which the sphere of influence of the Freedom Flame would be expanded each time.

Many centuries passed before the energetic momentum was sufficiently anchored and stabilized for Sanat Kumara and The Lords of Karma to grant permission for a permanent and imperishable Focus for the Freedom Flame to be established at this hallowed, sanctified location and where it will remain for all time. The Heart of Transylvania became the focal point for the desires and yearnings and movements and societal revolutions for freedom in its many forms. This was the origination point and Saint Germain its Guiding Light.

It was only natural and fitting that He took His Ascension from this Transylvanian Focus of Freedom to join the ranks of The Perfected Masters and to continue His work of manifesting a world in which freedom is known to all its inhabitants, thereby allowing all incarnate souls to freely choose to take up the evolutionary imperative of becoming Soul-merged and Soul-governed, thus fulfilling Soul purpose while in physical form. Liberty was the God-Gift of this Master to the peoples of the Earth.

4. Certain Divine Qualities are required to impel the spiritual impetus of the Race of Man on Earth, and certain locations on the surface of the planet are chosen (by Sanat Kumara) as a radiating center for the energy of that Quality which is so badly needed by an awakening Humanity to subdue the lower nature and recognize the beckoning Light of the Soul. Consequently, certain of The High Initiates in The White Brotherhood volunteer to attract, transmit, and radiate the qualified energies of those Divine Qualities as a gift to Humanity and an aspect of Their work for the Grand Plan of Sanat Kumara: such as compassion by Kuthumi, love by Maitreya, devotion by Sananda (Jesus), truth by Hilarion, and the will-to-good by El Morya. And They sustain the Powerful Flames of those Qualities at Their Sanctified Temples and Retreats around the world (at the Aetheric Level).

5. The Transylvania Retreat:

A brief note of explanation might be helpful at this point. Transylvania was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary until World War I, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire ceased to exist, and then became a part of Romania as the border lines on the map were redrawn. This Retreat of The Brotherhood is multi-leveled, as with all in God's Creation, and may be found at the Physical, Aetheric, and Astral Levels. Each level had a role in the dissemination of the qualities and virtues of Earth's 7th Ray, which I hope to clarify in the following, and it became an approved and bonafide Retreat after thousands of years of effort on the part of The Holy Brother (Sanctus Germanus) selflessly following the dictates of His Soul in service to Humankind.

The Baronial Manor and Estate of Rakoczy in the heart of Transylvania in Europe (Romania) is the Sanctuary and Retreat of The Lord of the 7th Ray for Planet Earth, but long before the land became the property of the Royal House of Rakoczy, the one who was to become Saint Germain embodied time and time again into the immediate neighborhood to augment the radiatory capacity of the Freedom Flame (at the Astral Level) and to bring those energies through his beingness for the sake of the Human Race. This charged and recharged the very land and atmosphere of this Transylvanian Focus with a powerful momentum of freedom, from which it would disseminate to all parts of the world crying out for the liberation from oppressors, tyrants, and slave-masters.

Physically, to this day, there remains what can be described as a medieval castle on the estate, built in the 16th Century and becoming incorporated into the Rakoczy Estate in the 17th Century, with many subsequent additions and modifications. But keep in mind that there is also a Retreat and Sanctuary at the Aetheric Level (the Physical Plane has 7 sub-planes, the lower 3 being dense physical and the higher 4 being aetheric-physical), which is beyond all the violence and marauding of the dense physical. The physical manor/castle has served as a gathering place through the centuries for incarnate disciples and Initiates who would dedicate their lives to the promotion of freedom where it was most needed in the world, while the Aetheric Retreat would be available to 7th Ray disciples in sleep state while in astral form, disciples between lives on the Astral Planes, and Initiate Members of Earth's Hierarchy in Conclave.

It was The Great Divine Director Who founded the Mystic House of Rakoczy. This was the original Master Rakoczy in The Spiritual Hierarchy, The Mentor and Master to The Initiate Who, after eons of lifetimes of service to Humanity, became The Ascended Master that we know as Saint Germain. Following His Ascension (5th Initiation) in the 17th Century, Saint Germain took on the name and responsibilities of His Master, being thenceforth known to The White Brotherhood as The Master Rakoczy, while The Divine Director assumed greater responsibilities in The Council of Shamballa. As mentioned, Le Comte de Saint Germain of 18th and 19th Century Europe was but an aspect of The Greater Consciousness of Master Rakoczy. I, therefore, hope to dispel certain misconceptions about Saint Germain and Master Rakoczy.

The Royal House of Rakoczy was a Hungarian Noble Family that lived in the Kingdom of Hungary from the 13th to the 18th Centuries. It was one of the foci for the spiritual work of The White Brotherhood on Earth, ever inspiring the pilgrims who found their way to its gates and ever radiating the energetic impulse of freedom to the world. In the 17th Century a strong movement toward the unification of Europe and the elimination of feudalism was directed by Prince George (Gyorgy) Rakoczy I (1593-1648) from this Retreat of The Brotherhood, antedating the efforts of Le Comte de Saint Germain. Francis (Ferenc) Rakoczy II (1676-1735) unsuccessfully led a rebellion against the Habsburg Emperor for freedom, independence, and the right of self-determination (1703-1711). The "Hungarian Rhapsody #15" by Franz Liszt was written in honor of it. The son of Francis II, Gyorgy III, was the last member of the Royal Rakoczy Family; he died in France in 1756.

Thousands of seekers after truth and justice have been drawn to the Rakoczy Manor over the centuries, but their offerings and work for Humanity have been recorded more upon the Akashic Records (Astral Book of Life) than upon the pages of history (Initiates are sworn to secrecy about certain matters relating to The White Brotherhood). To this gracious manor came Baron von Steuben, the Marquis de Lafayette, Empress Catherine of Russia, Princess Louise of England, and Napoleon Bonaparte with Josephine, although they were not fully aware of the lofty status of their host at the time. The compulsion to visit for all the many who came was directed from the Soul Level that they might be favorably influenced by its Freedom Flame and carry that inspiration with them.

Some of the priceless treasures that mark the milestones of Mankind's journey and also which have great sentimental value to The Master Rakoczy (Saint Germain) are guarded for posterity here in this Manor. Some of them have to do with remarkable lives of His Brothers in The Initiate Brotherhood, and others are memorabilia from His own lives that had such tremendous influence on the progress of Man. Here we find the sword and shield of King Richard the Lionheart (El Morya), a worn habit of beloved Saint Francis of Assisi (Kuthumi), and the actual Round Table of King Arthur (El Morya). Other examples are some crude astronomical maps made by Galileo and a preliminary draft of the Magna Carta which gave such unprecedented freedoms to the citizenry of England. With relevance to some of the more notable lives of Saint Germain, there are charted compass readings by Columbus, unpublished drafts of "The New Atlantis" by Francis Bacon, and futuristic designs for explosive powders and aircraft by Roger Bacon. Included is an old riding habit of Queen Elizabeth I (the true mother of Sir Francis Bacon). I believe these historical treasures to be the aetheric counterparts secured within the Aetheric Level Retreat.

The energy of the 7th Ray emanating from this focal point at the base of the Carpathian Mountains of Europe gave impetus to the Golden Age of Greece. Marco Polo received his impetus to explore the trade routes between Europe and the Far East in this Baronial Mansion. Galileo learned the truth about our heliocentric system of planets and Earth not being the center of the "universe" here (to the fury of the Roman Church).

The Italian Renaissance of art and music, which drew to a close the European Dark Ages, was born here. The religious fervor of the Middle Age Christian Saints (Initiates) received its energetic impulse from here. The courage of the pilgrim fathers who brought their followers to dangerous far-off lands on an unexplored continent was derived from this Retreat's Sacred Flame. The explosive waves of freedom that swept the American Colonies and the people of France during the latter part of the 18th Century had their derivation in the Flame Room of Freedom.

Century after century, previous embodiments of Saint Germain came to this particular location in Europe, drawn as though a moth to the flame, ever attracted again and again subconsciously or superconsciously to renew his spirit in the Radiance of the Freedom Flame and then to carry that divine inspiration back to his homeland with renewed purposefulness in his life. Little is it known that as Roger Bacon he came here repeatedly on sincere pilgrimage, and as Columbus he was drawn here to receive his inspiration to cross the uncharted waters of the Atlantic Ocean to make his "discovery" of new lands where the oppressed masses of Europe could exercise unimagined freedoms.

6. Sir Francis Bacon:

As I have mentioned, the final physically-incarnate lifetime of Lord Rakoczy was as Sir Francis Bacon (born 1561). It looks like history needs to be re-written, because he was the secret and illegitimate son of the "Virgin" Queen Elizabeth (imagine holding on to that secret by the ladies-in-waiting at the threat of their heads) and, consequently, the rightful heir to the Throne of England, which he was denied because of the queen's command that the loss of her virginity would never be known by her subjects (vanity augmented by hypocrisy). And so, when the queen died, the laws of succession placed King James I on the throne to the enormous disappointment of Sir Francis who would have advanced the entirety of Western Civilization due to the huge influence (and power) of Britannia and his pure-hearted spiritual aspirations. He was a very High Initiate (4th Degree), nearing the Ascension, and he was a genius who would have markedly altered the course of history.

William Shakespeare was his nom de plume, and one need only read "The New Atlantis" to gain an understanding of his vision for the future of Humankind. All that was never to be (in his lifetime), and after the coronation of James I, he despondently returned to the only sanctuary he had known for many, many lifetimes, the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania. There he was given spiritual respite and a renewed desirousness to complete his work in England and to bring to a conclusion his cycle of incarnations, so he returned to the island-nation.

When his altruistic and sacrificial mission for Humanity had been completed, he wrapped up all his affairs, and with the help of fellow Initiates sworn to secrecy, he faked his own death while visiting the Earl of Arundale in Highgate, Middlesex, England. Fabricated circumstances of his death were circulated and false announcements were sent out that he had "died" on the 9th of April, 1626 (Easter Sunday). Funeral arrangements were made for a closed casket, and then at the private funeral attended by selected guests, he came disguised as a woman with veiled face. The casket was buried in Saint Michael's Church in the city of Saint Albans where stands a statue of him to this day, but no skeletal remains of Sir Francis would ever be found upon exhumation of that grave. After the funeral and secretly in disguise, he made his way back to the Rakoczy Estate on the continent.

We are not given to know the activities and travels of this Adept in the decades prior to His 5th Initiation, but His Ascension was taken on May 1st, 1684 while at the Rakoczy Manor and in the arms of a dear friend (name unknown). He precognitively and clairvoyantly described the final scene in his stage play called "Hamlet". Immortal words and immortal works were given by him to us as Shakespeare, and after departing from the Wheel of Rebirth, He graced our Earth for a couple hundred years as Le Comte de Saint Germain, working tirelessly for unity, peace, harmony, synthesis, and the elevation of the consciousness of Mankind.

7. The Flame Room:

There is a Flame Room for the Sacred Flame of Freedom in the heart of the Rakoczy Retreat of The White Brotherhood. This Fiery Aspect of the Violet Flame is focused within a circular room surrounded by 3 circular corridors which temper the intensity of the Flame proceeding outward. Freedom's Flame has burned in this Inner Sanctum or Holy of Holies for many centuries, but only an Ascended Master can withstand and accommodate the intensity and power of the energies within the Flame Room Itself. Point of evolvement and Initiate Status determine how close in the surrounding corridors an Initiate may get to the Sacred Flame of Freedom without being overpowered by its Light. One of the Higher Devas of the Deva Kingdom perpetually guards and sustains the Flame.

Everyone who is drawn, in some way, to the Transylvania Retreat (physically or in astral form) is blessed and empowered by the radiation of this Flame, and all those thousands who made a commitment to the spreading of the Cause of Freedom down through the centuries helped to expand its sphere of influence.

8. The Temple of The Maltese Cross:

Above the Retreat at the Aetheric Level, the Deva Builders of Form have created a magnificent Temple of the Violet Flame in the form of a Maltese Cross (one of the symbols associated with Saint Germain), which has a very beneficial effect for Europe and portions of Asia Minor. It is Archangel Zadkiel (of the 7th Ray) Who bears responsibility for drawing the Flame of Freedom, contained within the Sacred Flame Room of the Retreat, up into the Violet Flame of the Temple of Light above the Retreat for the sake of enhancing the effects and the effectiveness of the Violet Flame for the spiritual aspirants of Earth.

It will be recalled that the Saint Germain-sponsored Movement of the 1930's (the I Am Activity founded by Guy Ballard) promoted the use of the Violet Flame for personal purification and transmutation and for the general transformation of a laggard Human Race. Godfre Ray King (Ballard) served as a mediumistic vehicle for The Master Saint Germain in transmitting instructions to the students of the Movement. They were taught techniques for using the Violet Flame which will be in common usage by the creative white magicians of the Aquarian Age: visualization, decrees, and affirmations done collectively as a group under the umbrella of ceremony and demonstrating the power of sound.

The energy from the Violet Flame has a broader range of applicability in catalyzing and enhancing spiritual qualities in humans than the Flame of Freedom, which was created most specifically for bringing liberation to the peoples of the Earth with little experience of that divine attribute in its many ways of understanding. The merging of the Freedom Flame into the Violet Flame could be considered as an augmentation and a synergistic conjunction to magnify the thrust for freedom on the planet. This Temple is visited by seekers of all kinds and disciples of Master Saint Germain in their astral bodies while asleep (as directed by their Higher Selves) for lectures, presentations, ceremonies, and drawing the far-reaching effects of the Violet Flame into their lives; while the Rakoczy Sanctuary is more selective to the visitations of Initiates of The White Brotherhood (physical or astral) who have a broader scope of mission in fostering the visionary plans of The Chohan of the 7th Ray.

By the Law of Attraction, Initiate Disciples of the Ashram of Saint Germain would somehow be drawn to the Transylvanian Focus over the centuries to be placed within the field of influence of the Radiation of the Sacred Flame, and whether knowingly or unknowingly, they would be infused and energized with the courage and strength and stamina and determination to do their part in the Cause of Freedom once returned to their homelands. Most of the powerful and influential visitors to the Baronial Mansion were not consciously aware of the energies being absorbed by their subtle bodies while leisurely enjoying their stay in the beautiful surroundings, but, nonetheless, the impact of the Flame and its energies propelled them to perform a great service to Freedom's Cause as an aspect of the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara (and Saint Germain).

9. The Chohan of the 7th Ray:

The previous 7th Ray Chohan was Quan Yin (The Mother of Mercy), holding the post for 14,000 years (I know; it sounds like a long time, but there is no passage of "time" at higher levels of existence). Master Rakoczy took His 6th Initiation (the Decision) and assumed the Office of the 7th Ray Chohan late in the 18th Century, only a century after He made His Ascension (5th Initiation) from Transylvania, demonstrating phenomenally rapid developement of this "Son of God".

As I have written, after His Ascension in 1684, He took on a physical form (a light body unrestrained by physical laws), which was known most commonly as Le Comte de Saint Germain, for the primary purpose of bloodlessly forming a unification of all of Europe, a United States of Europe, but its realization would not manifest until the 20th Century. The Royal Houses and most of the Aristocracy found it too difficult to give up their power and control. Revolutions and wars ensued throughout Europe (with massive suffering and loss of life).

The work of this Master following Ascension may most readily (but not exclusively) be seen in the American and French Revolutions, both freeing the yearning masses from their despotic oppressors: King George III and Louis XVI. Although very little mention is made of it, He certainly would have played a major role in the revolutionary campaigns of Simon Bolivar in freeing the South American Colonies from the Yoke of Spain and likewise the colonial states north of the Isthmus of Panama.

His direct physical interaction with Humanity at this dense physical level ceased when He assumed the Office of The Chohan of the 7th Ray and the responsibilities of the 7th Ray Ashram of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy some time after the French Revolution, His service to Mankind becoming more cosmic and grander in nature. His work directly in the world of form could no longer be possible with the one exception (according to Him) of His attempts to work with Napolean Bonaparte I for the betterment of the human condition (that means He would have appeared to Napolean on a number of occasions, probably as a holographic projection).

In the 20th Century He sponsored a couple of Movements which had the necessary approval of The Karmic Council for our solar system and The Solar Logos (The Creator of this system of planets). As mentioned, the first one in the 1930's was called "The I Am Activity" and was begun by one of the pupils of Saint Germain, Guy Ballard (who claimed that he was a reincarnation of George Washington, also counselled by The Master). Preliminary and preparatory teachings for the Aquarian Age were given out, which anticipated the creational methods of white magic that will be taught more widely to the nobler fraction of Humanity that remains on Earth after the Dimensional Shift (mantras, decrees, affirmations, visualizations, projection of the will, and regular, rhythmic use of the Violet Flame for personal alchemical metamorphosis). For a brief synopsis, go to "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth".

The second Movement in the 1950's was co-sponsored with El Morya, Chohan of the 1st Ray, and was called "The Bridge to Freedom" or "The Bridge Activity". The focal point and mediumistic vehicle for The Ascended Masters was one Geraldine Innocenti, who claimed to be an incarnate aspect of El Morya. One of the aims of the Movement was to disseminate a greater knowledge of The Masters and The White Brotherhood but also the existence of Their Aetheric Retreats around the world and the ongoing monthly activities in those Retreats, so that the pupils of the Movement could participate in the activities by attending in their astral forms while in sleep state. This magnified the power of the energies employed for the benefit of Humanity. The 2nd Movement (sponsored by Saint Germain) was a supplement to the 1st and added greatly to our knowledge of The Great Ones Who have guided the progress of Man for millions of years.

10. The New Age and The Mahachohan:

It is this Chohan of the 7th Ray, Lord Rakoczy, Who may be considered as The Director or Governor of the New Age in Aquarius for Planet Earth. Lord Sananda (Jesus) of the 6th Ray was The Overseer (so to say) of the Piscean Age, soon to be completed, and it will be The 7th Ray Chohan Who will transmute and disseminate the 7th Ray Energies with such skillful discrimination that Mankind will be taken to heights heretofore undreamed of. The next Zodiacal Age for all the Kingdoms of Nature on Earth falls under the responsibility of our Master Rakoczy, and the 7th Ray imperative of SYNTHESIS will dominate the planetary aura in drawing together all that was formerly seemingly separated and dualistic (within the Illusion). This is the Force, as wielded by The Divine Alchemist, which will approximate Spirit with matter, Soul with personality, Hierarchy with Humanity, and the Astral Plane with the Physical Plane (if need be, go to "The Seventh Ray").

Unification (the Law of One) will predominate all of life on the planet, and a Brotherhood of Man will result as the Violet Flame consumes and transmutes all human discord and dysharmoniousness. Peace will reign as the Kingdoms of Life (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human) are freed from the deleterious emotions and harmful thought-forms of Man, which have retarded the progress of our Planetary Logos for millions of years. The God-Son of Freedom will supervise the prison outbreak as the human inmates break their shackles and storm the walls of indifference, selfishness, bigotry, avarice, and materialism, and the prisoners of Pisces will have passed through the transformative power of Freedom's Flame to emerge as the Soul-infused pioneers of Aquarius.

And The Director will be there to show the Way, but This One that we have known as Saint Germain is even more Cosmic and Exalted than we have feebly tried to imagine. There is an Office in The Hierarchy called The Mahachohan, The Lord of Civilization, The Great Lord Who oversees 5 Divisions of Earth's Hierarchy, Three through Seven (The Manu supervising #1 and Lord Maitreya #2). As of the 1940's, Master Djwhal Khul several times referred to Master Rakoczy as The Mahachohan (and He would know). Now, it may be a temporary Position, freeing the former Mahachohan up for greater work in The Council of Shamballa during this extremely crucial phase of Earth's evolution, but if it is not temporary, and if Lord Rakoczy has taken the 7th Initiation (the Resurrection) as required for the "Post", then our Saint Germain is cosmically beyond our comprehension in Consciousness. We may rest assured that our future as a Sentient Race and that of all the Kingdoms of Earth are in the most capable of Hands. The Cosmic Alchemist will be diligently at work in the Laboratories of God to bring the Vision of The Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara) to the fullest fruition.

In Dedication to Saint Germain


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