A Much Higher Perspective

This is a subject that is going to raise a lot of hackles and protestations because of firmly-entrenched ideas, human morality codes, and beliefs passed down from one generation to another. I'm going to give it to you from the higher perspective of consciousness, not from the viewpoint of the human species and its severely-impaired intellectual prowess due to a cerebral cortex that is still functioning at 10% of capacity. This piece of writing will be coming from the point of view and level of knowingness of Those Who are The Guardians and Teachers and Benefactors of the Human Race, Those Who are known as The Ascended Masters of Wisdom.

In its most direct form I can state without equivocation that there is no right and there is no wrong, not only on this planet but throughout this entire universe. All of sentient life throughout this immense universe, and it is teeming with sentient civilizations, has been endowed with the freedom of choice and expression by The Creator of this particular universe. This is a universe of free will. Everything is allowed. There is no Higher Being or Creator God passing a judgement on anyone's choices made or actions taken. There is simply the freedom to make any decision that you want to make and the consequences of that decision to be experienced. The consequences can be enormous or they can be inconsequential. It is all for the benefit of learning and experiencing. The Creator of this universe is ever in a state of expansion because the uncountable sentient aspects of Its Consciousness (all Souls and Monads) are ever expanding their consciousness through the freedom to choose in a free-will universe.

Astronomers have discovered that this universe is expanding, and not only is it expanding, but the rate of expansion is increasing. Of course, they can only see the physical level of existence with their various types of telescopes and measuring devices, but the reason for the accelerating rate of expansion of this universe has been given. It might be stated thusly: The Mind of God is ever-expanding, and the rate of that expansion is accelerating in a geometrical progression.

Lest I digress from the human predicament, I'll return to Earth and say that you can do no wrong but also you can do no right. This can be construed as well-nigh heresy to all the moral codes and laws and customs and behavioral patterns that have come to be accepted by civilizations, such as we know them on this planet. I do not denigrate nor do I oppose the codes and laws which have advanced certain civilizations out of barbarous beginnings, but I do say that human laws and regulations are not right, just as they are not wrong. They are simply another way of living and learning for the incarnated Soul which journeys to the farthest reaches of the universe in its spiral of return to The Godhead.

This concept might seem revolutionary but only within the prison walls of the thought-forms that have been imposed upon untold generations by their forebears. It's not revolutionary at all but is merely the way it is! I offer you the key to your shackles, but when you bust out of your chains remember that to every action there is a reaction, as the physicists know. In the ancient Sanskrit teachings it was called karma, which pointedly means action. There is positive and there is negative karma, and its administration is overseen by the Higher Self or Soul (Atman in India).

That's not to say that the Soul places judgement on the actions of its incarnate personality. Whatever those actions, good or bad, right or wrong, as erroneously seen by the various societies, the Soul seeks to balance out and harmonize all of its experiences for the sake of its growth and evolution. The karmic recompense is Self-imposed by the Soul, but the re-action and the experience of that reaction occur at the personality/aspect level of the Soul. The Soul is not righting a wrong, and it certainly is not punishing the beloved aspect of Itself. It is all a matter of balance and harmonization within the Gestalt of Consciousness which is called a Soul.

For example, if murder is committed by a certain lifetime of a Soul, it is likely that the Soul will choose to experience being murdered in another lifetime and possibly by the Soul expression of the one who had been murdered in the first place, thus balancing the experience of both Souls. It's not a Self-inflicted punishment, and no consideration for right or wrong comes into the equation. It's another opportunity for growth and balance within.

This principle is really the reason why no Ascended Master or Higher Being or God Itself could ever pass judgement on the actions of a sentient life-form that is lower down on the evolutionary ladder (besides the ineffable Love that They all have for all of Creation). There is nothing to judge. No wrong has ever been done, no matter how heinous a crime it is considered by the laws of humans. It should be abundantly obvious that there certainly will be no "Judgement Day" as falsely taught by the Christian Religions. There is no "Vengeful God" to smite the Philistines (chuckle). There is no "Hell" to punish the wicked. There is no such thing as "sin" which needs to be absolved by some priest. You weren't born into "Original Sin" to spend a lifetime of groveling to some religious institution in hopes of finding your way to "Heaven".

You can do no wrong, just as you can do no right. You can only do as you wish to do as influenced by the conscience of your mind, and that conscience is a subliminal form of guidance given by the Soul. Maybe that Soul wishes to rape, pillage, and plunder to come to know those experiences. Maybe that Soul wishes to be a servant of Humankind and spread mercy and compassion to all in its sphere of influence to come to know that experience. Neither is right; neither is wrong. All simply IS! The Soul's return to The Godhead takes as long as it takes. There is no right or wrong way to do it. And all paths taken lead to the same Source of All.

Don't be fooled by the unenlightened notions of a human species that has barely been given a glimpse of the light which will lead it out of the darkness of ignorance. Evil and good, heaven and hell, right and wrong, yin and yang, Dark Forces and Light Forces all take their proper equal place in a universe which has been created to be a Playground of Duality until all are drawn back into The Bosom of The Divine Source to coalesce into The Oneness which they've been all along.


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