Great Lord Maitreya, Master of The Masters and Instructor of the Deva Evolution on Earth


At the outset, I want to make clear that most of the highly-esoteric information contained herein comes from One Who has transcended the confinement of the limited human intellect and Who has entered a State of Consciousness (Buddhic) permitting of direct knowingness of matters relating to the 3 Planes of Human Experience (Physical, Astral, and Mental) as well as Levels beyond that in our Solar System. Additionally, this incomparable Teacher has full and immediate access to the Akashic Records for plumbing unfathomable depths of the Mysteries and Truths, which have evaded the non-initiate masses of the Race called Man (until now). This enlightened Master of the Wisdom is known as Djwhal Khul, and He is in line to become the next World Teacher for Planet Earth when the Great Office is vacated by the Current One (Lord Kuthumi).

The information comes from One Who Knows and is not hindered by any degree of human speculation. I will take the concepts of this Ascended Master and render them in a more comprehensible fashion, or at least that is my intention. The approach I am making will provide a somewhat different viewpoint to the evolutionary goals of the 4th Kingdom in Nature on this planet, the species called Homo Sapiens. I would caution the reader to read slowly and fixedly so as to absorb more thoroughly and accurately. Concepts will be new and heretofore unknown (to most) and may be puzzling to those who have little foundation in this arena of knowledge, but I will try to simplify and explain in common-sense language to mitigate confusion. Repetition will be used to help these ideas (and facts) to sink in more easily, and it will be necessary to repeat some basics that I've written about many times (in other articles) to give a better fluidity to the reading (and less referencing).

Have fun; get ready for some shocks; be astounded if necessary (but not disbelieving); take your time; don't read it like a summertime novel; digest at your own pace; remember the truly incredible Consciousness of The Source; and understand that the mediating vehicle for the dissemination of these teachings was in precisely-attuned, crystal-clear, highly-conscious rapport with the Cosmic Mind of The Master and was an advanced Initiate in the Ashram of Lord Kuthumi. That one was Alice Ann Bailey. Word for word was taken down, as if in dictation, for a self-sacrificing period of 30 years! (I have re-worded, re-organized, and re-synthesized what is to follow, and I humbly honor my steadfast predecessor by faithful adherence to the essence of the revelatory concepts given as a pre-planned program for the rapid advancement of Man's mental apparatus and spiritual consciousness.)

Some subjects to be discussed, and not necessarily in this order, are:

    1. The Nature of Atomic Substance
    2. Elemental Life
    3. The Essence of Physicality
    4. The Role of the Deva Evolution
    5. The Army of the Voice
    6. Creation of Life and Form
    7. Who are the Lunar Lords?
    8. Who are the Solar Angels?
    9. The Mark of the Beast
    10. The Origin of Souls
    11. Creation of a Human Being
    12. The Permanent Atoms of the Soul Body
    13. The Way and Means of Human Evolution

It will be necessary to know that there are 7 Major Planes of Existence in this Solar System: Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic (in ascending order). And, because multiple references will be made, you need to know that there are 7 Forces of Creation radiated throughout the Solar System from its Creator Being, The Solar Logos, and these are called the 7 Rays (each having its unique energy and qualities). These may be briefly reviewed, as needed, by clicking on "The Seven Rays Explained". They are known as follows:

    I. The Will of God (Shiva)
    II. The Love of God (Vishnu)
    III. The Mind of God (Brahma)
    IV. Harmony Through Conflict
    V. Analytical Reasoning
    VI. Abstract Idealism
    VII. Ceremonial Order


Let us start with the most basic part of the basics, the fundamental building block of physical matter, that unit called the atom, and it should become apparent later on why this should lead the discussion. I'll make a number of statements to help in understanding the nature of the atom and its relationships. These are not derived from the Field of Physics but rather from the Knowing Mind of an Ascended Master.

An atom is a focal point of force, an energy unit, a force center which belongs in the domain of metaphysics (beyond physics), as has been acknowledged by the quantum physicists. Its properties cannot be restricted to being a tiny unit of dense-physical matter because it is likewise a tiny unit of energy. (Before going further, it should be known that all the Major Planes of Being are composed of 7 sub-planes each. The Physical Plane has 3 lower dense-physical levels and 4 higher aetheric-physical levels. Most humans perceive and acknowledge only the dense-physical levels.)

An atom has a spheroidal shape with a ring-pass-not defined by its electrons, and it is dual in nature with both of the polarities: positive and negative, protons and electrons, repulsion and attraction. It is distinguished by activity, generated from within and influenced from without: oscillation (back and forth motion), rotary motion, and spiral-cyclic motion. That is to say that it vibrates (oscillates) at a certain frequency, has a specific rotational speed on its axis of rotation, and it cyclically spirals. Further, it has responsiveness to other atoms.

An atom is not an inert unit of matter/energy but rather has life and consciousness and contains an innate point of light. It produces heat, which depends upon its vibrational activity and frequency of motion, and each atom is a part of a greater whole (reflecting the oneness of all life in the Universe). The principle energy which plays through and upon all atoms is the 3rd Ray Energy, thus making atomic life a living substance which palpitates with the vitality of Brahma (3rd Aspect of God).

The consciousness of an atom is not static and doesn't remain the same for all "eternity". God is ever in expansion and growth (during the active cycle of manifestion) and likewise are all lifeforms projected from The Prime Creator. The atom's goal, ultimately, is sentiency leading to self-consciousness after unimaginable cycles and stages and mergings. An aggregation of atoms (called molecules) produces form/matter (of course).

That which gives life to the atom is called an elemental or an elemental life. The elemental is the noumenon behind the phenomenon called an atom, which is its embodiment. In other words, an elemental is the informing entity of an atom, informing it with life and consciousness (much more about elementals later). The atomic sphere is the manifest form of an elemental life. The elementals come into form life by means of atoms, to which they give life and a certain tiny measure of consciousness. So, it can be deduced that the elementals are even more fundamental than the atomic life. They are the real essence and foundation for all form life consisting of atomic matter or substance, and there is matter and form life on the 3 Planes of Manifestation in this Solar System.

What I mean is that there is manifest form on the Physical, Astral, and Mental Planes of this Solar System (including the Earth), though it may not be visible to the human eye with its light spectrum limitations. Atomic substance (with its informing elemental life) exists at many frequency levels of being, and the vibrational activity of that substance increases as the sub-planes are ascended: from the 3 dense-physical levels up to the 4 aetheric-physical levels, and then up through the 7 astral levels to the lower 4 mental levels. There is form life of differing atomic frequency on all these levels, the higher the sub-plane the higher the vibrational frequency. (The Mental Plane is divided into the Concrete Mental and the Abstract Mental, the lower 4 and the higher 3 sub-planes. Lower manifest life ends at the abstract mental levels.)

In this Solar System, it is known (or should be known) that all life and all energy comes from the Sun, the lowest Reflection of our Solar Logos. It is the pranic emanation (life force) from the Sun, entering the 2 polar regions of each atom, that produces its rotary motion on its axis of revolution (analogous to the rotation of the planets). So, the primary activity of the atom (rotational) is initiated by the Sun (which stands to reason), and then many other energetic influences are superimposed upon that. One of the most powerful of those influences on this planet is the incoming/incarnating 7th Ray (since 1675 A.D.), which will thoroughly suffuse the New Aquarian Age. It is gradually increasing the vibrational/oscillatory rate of all aetheric atoms, including those that compose the aetheric body of Man (the template for the dense physical body), which is elevating the atomic nature and refinement of the human body.

Finally, before moving on to the hard-to-understand elemental life, I will mention the reason for the spheroidal shape of all atoms (and planets and stars). There is a Universal Law of Expansion which governs the imperative for the growth of consciousness of all life in the Universe (God ever in expansion). All forms, of whatever size and nature, have an indwelling life which informs the form with some measure of consciousness as well as the life force energy. That consciousness is inevitably, and according to Law, expanding outwardly in all directions equally (reaching out for more), and this expansive pattern becomes reflected in the form that is being indwelt.

As an aside, since all atoms are informed with life and consciousness, all things made of atomic substance (whether a rock, a waterfall, a cloud, or a skyscraper) are likewise so informed. All the things of manifest existence are animated with some kind of consciousness and activated with some degree of life, giving everything under the Sun an entified nature. Everything imaginable is alive. And this is called Hylozoism, thanks to the Elemental Kingdoms of the Lord.


These tiny, tiny lives (known to few) are the informing entities of and within the atoms of substance on the 3 Planes of Manifestation (as mentioned above) throughout the entire Solar System, and they can be thought of as the sum-total of living substance of each of the 3 Planes and their sub-planes (Physical, Astral, Mental). These are involutional lives on the involutional arc by comparison with the evolutionary lives on the evolutionary arc of existence. The former (our elementals) are on the Outgoing Path in the descent into Matter, and the latter are on the Return Path in the ascent toward Source (or Spirit).

They shape and then they compose all the forms that exist in the 3 Worlds of Man (the 3 Planes mentioned) as will be explained, including the 4 lower bodies of Man: dense-physical, aetheric-physical (the vital body), emotional (astral), and mental bodies.

The elementals are really the essence of all things which have a form or body, not the consciousness indwelling within the form but the essence and nature of the form itself (subject to many energetic influences). They are manifest, collectively, as the atoms and molecules of the form. The elemental life in all its grades and frequency levels is really an integral part of the Deva Evolution of the Solar System (not just Earth).

More will be given over to the vast Deva Kingdom below, but for the moment I want to clarify the role of the elementals in this kingdom. The Devas are the Builders of the forms of all that exists at the levels of manifestation. They do this not only on Earth but in all Planetary Schemes and bodies in space throughout the Solar System. There is a vast hierarchical structure within the Evolution (discussed later) that cascades from Deva Lords to Greater Builders to lesser builders to the elemental life of many grades, showing forth as atomic matter.

The best way to understand it is to consider the elementals to be cells in the bodies of the lesser devas, who are involutional entities themselves (without self-will, self-knowledge, or a mind). The lesser devas are cells in the bodies of higher devas, and they, in turn, are cells in the bodies of Greater Devas, and so on. The Greater Building Devas in their totality are more accurately the sum-total of substance/matter of each Plane and sub-plane, and They hold that position by way of all the lesser devas and elemental life that comprise their bodies.

In a simplistic way of presenting it (because there is more to come), the role of the elementals in form-creation is as follows: the tiny, involutional lives work blindly and passively under the command of the lesser deva builders. They are swept into formative activity by waves of energy and sound vibrations projected forth by the lesser builders who bend the elementals to their rudimentary will, just as they are bent by the greater will of the Higher Builders.

The sequence of the construction cascade is a little more complex, but the overview should out-picture the elemental role in forming all objects and bodies out of their own atomic substance. The creational scheme is the same, in general, for all the levels of manifest form on the Physical, Astral, and Mental Planes. The Greater Devas animate and guide the lesser devas, who vitalize and direct the elementals and their atomic substance. All the forms in the Solar System are not only created by the Deva Evolution but are composed of their own substance (via the lesser builders and their elemental life).

Coming down to the level familiar to most humans, the Dense Physical Portion of the Physical Plane has 3 sub-planes recognized as solid, liquid, and gaseous, demonstrating the different vibrational frequencies of the constituent atomic/elemental life (frequency rising from solid to gaseous). An aetheric/vital form is a precursor to any dense-physical form and is assembled by the lesser devas and elementals on the Aetheric Physical sub-planes. It can be thought of as a scaffolding or blueprint for the dense form, and, once completed, the elementals of the dense levels (called "seeing elementals") gather themselves together into a form that exactly parallels the blueprint but on the lower, more concretized level. The form organizes and precipitates into dense physicality as overseen by the lesser devas who are instructed by Higher Devas.

Put in a slightly different way, when the vital body has been constructed and integrated by the lesser devas and their elemental lives (at aetheric level), its inherent magnetic energy attracts all the dense-physical atoms needed to mold together its denser form. Then its dynamic life energy (prana or chi) activates those atoms. The attractive force of the aetheric form draws the "seeing elementals" into the requisite dense form, and they compose that dense form with their atomic substance.

Thus come to be all the dense-physical forms out of their aetheric-physical counterparts (the doppelgangers), and these are the only forms accepted as "real" by the human masses and their scientists of all stripes, who are imprisoned by the unevolved Material Paradigm and the extremely-limited sensory mechanism of the human body (the 5 senses). All physical forms are of a dual expression in our Solar System, having both an aetheric and a dense aspect to the form, and the vital body is considered to be the more real and the more important by Those Who Know. When the Human Race has finally come to develope its aetheric vision (a natural capability of the eye), it will come to know this truth. The aetheric elementals form the pattern (as so compelled), and the "seeing elementals" duplicate the form in the dense-physical, the two forms occupying the same space at different frequency levels and fully interpenetrating each other in every way.

The elementals of the Physical Plane are categorized by 4 broad groupings, and the sum-total of each of the 4 Groups is called the Element in our language. These are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, the 4 Elements. The Element is the totality of the elementals in the Group (along with the lesser devas of that Group) and may be considered as an unique Entity or Being but one that is involutional and not evolutional, one that is without mind or self-will or self-determination. The Elements are controlled by the Higher Devas, as might be expected, since they are constituted of strictly elemental life. (They are also controlled by magicians, white and black, who know the ceremonial rites.) These 4 Elements, then, are found on all the 7 sub-planes of the Physical Plane (the dense and the aetheric).

All the waters of the Earth, for example, the lakes, rivers, oceans, storm clouds, and moisture contained within all forms are brought into being by the Water Element with its constituent water elementals (under the direction of the Deva Builders). The Element has no choice in the matter, isn't aware of a choice, and works blindly under superior control. Likewise, the Fire Element and its elementals compose all that burns and heats and flames up and provides warmth on this Earth (and the Solar System). They are the forest fires and the volcanic eruptions and the flames of every size and the heat issuing from any heating source.

As an aside, the fire elementals and Fire Devas aren't confined to the Physical Plane but are found also on the Astral and Mental Planes of the entire Solar System. They are all under the ultimate rulership of The Lord of Fire, Agni, The Deva Lord of the Mental Plane. They and their Higher Devas will be bringing in the New Aquarian Age on Earth (a hint for the thoughtful). The fire elementals of physicality are the most numerous, the most powerful, and the most dangerous of the elemental life and are not to be trifled with. The ones on the Mental Plane construct and compose the thought-forms that are imagined by Man. The thought energies of humans drive these fiery life-units into activity that results in a form, built of mental matter, being congealed on the concrete mental levels (4 lowest sub-planes of Mental Plane). Thoughts are things (thanks to Lord Agni) and have a variable lifetime, depending on the focus and the intent and the staying power of the thinker.

When it comes to the 3-fold lower nature of the incarnate personality (physical, emotional, mental), the elemental lives of the 3 lower Planes of Manifestation compose those 3 bodies and constitute the nature of those bodies. In fact, the 3 lower bodies of Man in their combined totality form the personality, so it is the particular nature of the elementals in each of those bodies that is determining the qualities and nature of the personality (until a certain evolutionary point is reached).

The elemental life of each of the 3 lower bodies (and its atomic substance) has its own instinctual nature which colors the responses of the indwelling entity (called instinct), but that nature is strongly influenced by the Ray Energy of dominance for that particular lifetime, which is chosen by the Soul for a certain type of experience (each body is conditioned by one of the 7 Rays). The physical body is usually found on Rays 3 and 7, the astral body on Rays 2 and 6, and the mental body on Rays 1, 4, and 5.

Exceptions begin to occur when the aspirant starts to awaken on the Path of Discipleship (to a Master), but not before then, and are a pre-incarnative decision of the Soul. So, the governing Ray of the body conditions the elementals of that body, and they, then, determine the expressive nature of that aspect of the personality, be it physically, emotionally, or mentally. This situation is applicable to the majority of the masses, who are of unevolved and unawakened nature and who are more oriented toward Matter than Soul Consciousness.


Now that a rudimentary explanation has been given for that most fundamental level of life called the elementals, I will say a few things about the Grand Evolution called the Deva Evolution in this Solar System, a wide-ranging and hugely-diverse evolutionary impulse that is considered of equal importance to the self-conscious variances of Man throughout the System by its Creator, The Solar Logos. If I could condense it all down into a nutshell, I would say that the great majority of the Deva Life to be found in this Solar System was thrust forth (emanated) from The Heart of the Sun to be the means, the vehicle, for constructing the Thought-form of our Solar Logos, which is the Solar System. They were projected into beingness by The 2nd Aspect (Vishnu) of our Solar Divinity to bring into manifestation this entire System of Planets and all its life-forms and all its Kingdoms of Nature in precise keeping with the Original Thought-form and Purpose created by The Logos.

They are found on all 7 Planes and have a purpose to be the Builders of all form on the Planes of Manifest Form throughout the entire System. They are the mechanism by which The Solar Logos manifests His Thought-form for this System of Evolution, and that is done through 7 Great Helpers, Who are called The 7 Creative Builders or 7 Sacred Planetary Logoi ("The 7 Spirits Before The Throne" in the Bible). They know His Intent and Purpose, and They more directly guide the Deva Evolution in their creational mission. The Evolutionary Kingdom, called Devas in the East and Angels in the West, are the sum-total of substance on all Planes that have substance, and They constitute the attributes of matter as well. This System doesn't exist without the Devas. They create all forms and constitute all forms with their lower aspect of self (lesser devas and elementals).

Now, the Builders aren't the only Constituents of the Great Deva Evolution, because there's a smaller branch, numerically, that is involved in the developement of consciousness within the forms that have reached the stage whereby they are ready to leave the Animal Kingdom and enter the Human KIngdom by the discovery of self-awareness (ahamkara) and becoming individualized and ensouled. They are given the spark of mind by an Entity that we call a Soul and become indwelt and informed by that Soul.

The origination for these Soul-Entities is in the Monad, Pure Spirit on the Monadic Plane. The Souls are lower reflections of the Monads, and the Monads are lower reflections of The Planetary Logoi (Creators of the Planetary Schemes). The Souls are the Intermediaries Who allow the Monadic Beings to experience life at the lower manifest levels (for example, as human beings). But all the Souls are a branch of the Deva Evolution. It's just that They have a different Originating Source than the Builders (the majority), Who come from The Vishnu or Love Aspect of our Solar Logos. Both, however, are called Solar Angels, and there will be much more about Souls and Solar Angels later. (They are that portion of the Deva Life at Home on the Higher Mental Plane.)

I just think that it would be very instructive and mind-opening to learn more about the Deva Builders and how They actually create form. To do that, we should investigate the Deva Builders Who occupy the 4 higher levels (sub-planes) of the Major Physical Plane, the aetheric-physical levels (all this is applicable to Earth). The Aetheric Devas (of many grades) are called the Devas of the Shadows because their prevailing hue is violet. They're also called the Army of the Voice because They are called to constructive action by the sounding of the Sacred Word. (There is a Sacred and Secret Word for each Plane that calls the Greater Builders to creative activity.) These Violet Devas of the Aethers range in hue from dark purple to lighter purple to light violet to a translucent lavender, going from the lowest aether to the highest aether. They all have a crescent moon sign on their foreheads (for those with aetheric sight), which distinguishes Them from Astral Plane Devas (called the Agnisuryans).

Each of the 7 Major Planes in the Solar System has an Informing Deva Life Who is the Ruling Intelligence of that entire Plane and Who is carrying out the Will of God (issuing from The Solar Logos). These Great Devas are called The Raja Lords of the Planes and are of rank and power equivalent to a 7th Degree Initiate in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, such as Lord Maitreya, The Master of The Masters. That One for the Physical Plane in our System (not just Earth) is Lord Kshiti. He presides over everything on the Physical Plane with exception of the Human Kingdom and has 4 subordinate Deva Lords, one for each of the aetheric sub-planes. These 5, forming a Superior Council, have supervision over a lower Council of 7 Great Devas Who oversee all the work of the greater and lesser builders of the Plane (within the Solar System). For Planet Earth, Kshiti and His Council follow the "blueprint" laid out in the magnificent Thought-form of Earth's Planetary Logos (Creator of the Earth Scheme) and direct creative energy in the implementation of Logoic Purpose. They express the Will of Sanat Kumara (The Lord of the World) and the Council of Shamballa as far as the Physical Plane (and all its life-forms) is concerned. (Link to "Who Is Sanat Kumara?".)

Before moving on to the process of form-creation on the Aetheric Planes, I should mention that there are other groups of Devas in the Army of the Voice besides the Violet Shadows. Three of the Major Orders are Violet, Green, and White (the actual color seen with aetheric vision).

    a. Violet: These are all associated in some way or another with the aetheric bodies of every form of existence on the Physical Plane (system-wide). Two groups build the aetheric doubles, and two groups contribute the substance for the building out of their own bodies. They all evolve by teaching the Human Race how to perfect the physical form and by learning how to feel (they don't have astral bodies).

    b. Green: These are the protectors of plant life and the Plant Kingdom on Earth, which is intended to nourish the Human Kingdom from henceforth once into the New Age (Vegetarian Diet). They have a high developement and guard certain sacred spots all over the planet, which are required to be unmolested and non-violated by human incursion.

    c. White: These are the Devas of the air and water, presiding over the atmosphere and all the waters, great and small. They control the air and water elementals (thus those 2 Elements) and matters regarding the Fish Kingdom. The Guardian Angel of each human unit is chosen from the more evolved of this Order.

Still confining my comments to the Army of the Voice, the Devas of the Aethers, there are 2 main groupings to be found on all 4 of the aetheric sub-planes of the Physical. Firstly, there is a vast group who transmit the life force called prana to all the myriad forms of life. Prana comes from the Physical Sun that we see with our eyes and is passed through these Devas to be appropriately modified before being transmitted to the aetheric/vital bodies of all physical life-forms. We could call these the Energy Providers. Secondly, there is another vast group associated with the aetheric doubles of all form life. They're sub-divided into those who contribute their own elemental substance into the form and those who gather and cohere that substance into the requisite form (all guided from higher level). These could be called the Form Providers, who have to work intimately with each other (the Devas of the Aetheric Doubles).

The Transmitters of Prana (first group) provide the needed energy for the aetheric elementals to build the aetheric bodies of all life-forms. Then, by their pranic transmission, They preserve all physical forms for the duration of the intended life. They hold together in coherency all physical life-forms in the Mineral, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms (human forms being cohered by the Soul). These Devas produce the warmth felt by the sun's rays entering our atmosphere.

The energy and activity and elemental substance of these 2 groups is responsible for every thing tangible and objective on the 3 dense-physical sub-planes on Earth and in the Solar System (those sub-planes are solid, liquid, and gaseous). This Army of Builders, called the Army of the Voice, are beckoned and compelled into creative activity by the sounding of the Sacred Word of the Physical Plane, and I'll try to explain how that works.

There is a whole Chain of Command (so to say) and cascading of power and responsibility from higher to lower levels in this creative process. A Secret Creative Sound is issued forth by a Creative Entity after having thoroughly visualized in every detail that which is to be created, and the "Creator" may be a Solar Logos, a Planetary Logos, a Shamballa Council Member, a High Initiate in Earth's Hierarchy, etc. The Creational Sound, which accompanies the visualized thought-form, is picked up by the Deva Transmitter of the Word.

These Great Devas, Who transmit the Sacred Sound through their bodies, are only 7 in number, one for each of the Major Planes in the Solar System, and are found on the highest sub-plane of their Plane. They are subordinate to The Raja Lord (and His Council) of the Plane but are at the top of the Builder Pyramid. They're extremely-powerful Devas Who have passed through the Human Stage in much earlier eras, and their true nature remains one of mystery (even to High Initiates). These are not to be confused with the much lower Transmitters of Prana. The 3 Who are connected with the 3 Worlds of Man (Physical, Astral, and Mental Planes) have emanated from one of the 7 Stars of Ursa Major (in the Big Dipper), which is another mystery, but it indicates the strong connection between our Solar System and the Constellation of the Great Bear.

It is through Their agency and purpose that everything tangible and visible in the entire Solar System has its originating Source. They work at the behest of The 7 Creative Builders (The 7 Sacred Planetary Logoi) and are The 7 Agents Who make possible the formation of the objective Solar System and its 10 Planetary Schemes. What They do is pass the Sacred Sound through Their bodies (whatever that's like) and sound forth the Sacred Word of Their Plane with magnified power and force to the Highest Deva Builders that are on the 6 lower sub-planes of Their Major Plane. These, then, elaborate the Sacred Word into a Sacred Mantram to be used by the Greater Deva Builders in supervising the work of the lesser builders and elementals. It all involves the power of very specific sounds and the utilization of visualized thought-forms (and the forceful projection of the Will).

The general sequence is as follows: 1. The Creative Intelligence making the Creative Sound. 2. The Deva Transmitter converting it into the Sacred Word of the Plane. 3. Highest Deva Builders elaborating the Word into a Sacred Mantram. 4. Deva Supervisors using the Mantric Phrasing to compel the lesser devas to organize the elementals into the desired form. (All this is a greatly simplified version.)

Coming back down to the Physical Plane and, particularly, the aetheric levels which always precede the dense levels in the creation of form, the 2 groups of Form Providers in the ranks of the Army of the Voice are those who compose the form with their own substance and those who organize and cohere the shape of the form. The latter are called the "Listening Devas" or "Listening Builders". The Listeners pick up and are compelled to action by the Mantric Sound projected by the Greater Devas and are governed in their action by the thought-form of The Creating Entity. They gather the atomic substance together from out of the bodies of the lesser devas, who comprise all aetheric bodies with their own substance, who contribute the construction material from their own bodies. The Listeners gather the material into a ring-pass-not and direct the elementals into a specific form. This is all done perfectly and obediently and thoughtlessly under the command of a Greater Builder. This aetheric form (held together by the Listeners) then automatically attracts the dense-physical matter around itself by its inherent attractive force, and an objectified form precipitates into dense physicality (a perfect duplicate of the life-giving vital body).

All form-building within the Solar System (and probably without) is done the same way, with the same participants and through the same stages, whether a planet, a continent, a mountain range, a river system, an animal species, or a human body; and all dense forms have an aetheric/vital counterpart that serves as the cohering agent and transmitter of the life-giving pranic fluid. Only the evolutionary level of The Creative Entity and the complexity of the visualized thought-form vary.

The Deva Evolution learns and grows and achieves by building all forms, by being incorporated into the forms with their own elemental substance, and by appreciation of the work accomplished. They are the impelling factor for all manifestation on the 3 Planes of Form (Physical, Astral, Mental) by organizing the atomic substance and controlling the activity of the elemental and lesser deva lives that shape and constitute all forms.

A slightly different way of looking at it is that the deva substance is awakened into form-building activity by the "Secret Word", and the subsequent Mantric Phrase of the Greater Builders issues more specific instructions to the involutional deva life. Particular sound vibrations, known to Initiates and Higher Creative Entities and passed through the Chain of Command of the Deva Evolution, prompt an automatic and involuntary response in the informing entities (elementals) of the atoms of aetheric matter; and the Listening Devas draw together the elementals to form the molecules and cells and organisms in compliance with the visualized thought-form sent forth by its Originating Entity.

Every dense-physical form is held together in coherency by the magnetic force of the aetheric-physical counterpart through the cycle of its life, and the latter is cohered and sustained by the work of the Deva Builders in keeping the pranic fluid (life force) circulating through the system of nadis and chakras and by having a control over the elementals of the form. Any maintenance, repair, or healing of the form (human or otherwise) is effected through the cooperation of the Devas involved with the informing or ensouling entity of the form (e.g. a Solar Angel). Everything that has to do with form, of whatever type and character, from creation to dissolution, has to do with the Deva Evolution.

There are Healing Devas of great power Who may even bestow life when it appears to be slipping away (if the Soul of the individual has not set its Will upon ending the life). They cannot be summoned in any way but may be attracted to the work of a very pure, selfless, giving human healer, who radiates love and is fairly well along the way of the Path of Light. They can greatly facilitate and augment the potency of healing ministrations offered by such a one. An affinity and bond is established, sometimes unknown to the healer. They have equivalent status to High Degree Initiates and have specialized in all the particulars involved in healing.

The Deva Lives can only be intuitively sensed by the psychically-developed human. They cannot be communicated with by the mechanism of thought nor approached in any way except through the rituals and sounds taught to the White Magicians (Initiates) of The Brotherhood, when the Deva Builders are drawn into some project of manifestation which supports the Divine Plan for Earth (black magicians have similar knowledge for summoning and commanding the lower deva grades).

In the New Age to come, the Devas of the Aethers (the Army of the Voice) will be approaching closer to the Human Evolution as facilitated by the synthesizing energies of the incoming and incarnating 7th Ray, which will condition the Aquarian Age. They've been requested by The Spiritual Hierarchy to make greater contact with Humanity for the benefit of both Evolutions. (The Devas were separated from Mankind following the disastrous end of the Atlantean Civilization because their powers were excessively manipulated and abused by the majority of the population, who were self-serving, greedy, and vengeful dark magicians. The formulas for contact were preserved in secrecy for the Initiate Circles.)

The Violet Devas of the 4 Aetheric Levels (sub-planes) will have special work to do in instructing Man in the use of color and sound (particularly musical sound) to effect changes in the aethers, which will inevitably precipitate changes and phenomena in dense-physical form. The requisite rituals and rhythmic incantations and mantric invocations for summoning Deva Life will once again be revealed (by Initiate Teachers) because of the advancements made by Man's intellect and spiritual consciousness.

These Violet Devas will have much to teach with regards to their area of expertise: the manipulation of energies and elemental lives on the 4 levels of the Aethers. They'll offer ways to heal all illnesses that have their origins in the vital body (nearly all maladies ultimately), and this will include the use of colors, especially violet. They'll teach the sounding of tones that correspond to the different gradations of the color purple for the purpose of re-forming the aetheric elementals and healing the body. They'll demonstrate techniques for controlling the aethers to such an extent that gravity negation is effected and motion is done effortlessly. Humans will be taught to see aetherically, upon the aetheric levels, thus enormously expanding the visual range and giving proof to the physical nature of all life on the 4 higher sub-planes of the Physical Plane (the Aetheric Physical). They will particularly teach humans the care and nurturing and balancing and energetic harmonizing of the vital body with its system of chakras and nadis, and health, vitality, and longevity will be the result.


Well, are we ever going to get to Lunar Lords and what they are all about? Please bear with me through one more section that should be of vital interest to awakening human beings, the actual creation of its newly-incarnate form by a Soul (by means of the Deva Evolution). This is how a Soul comes into form life and the role played by the so-called permanent atoms, a very advanced and esoteric science which is exceptionally hard to understand (according to one of The Masters). I will do my best, however, to boil it down to its essentials and make some sense of it all.

A permanent atom is a tiny vortex of force within the periphery of the Causal Body of the Soul, and the Causal Body is the form built by the Soul on the 5th mental sub-plane (counting upwards) to gather and accumulate and store all the good and loving activities of every lifetime of the Soul. The Causal Body is the energetic repository and memory storehouse of every benevolent and altruistic act taken by the Soul throughout its entire Incarnational Cycle (whether 100's or 1000's of lifetimes through the eons). For more about the Causal Body, click on "The Causal Body".

There are actually a total of 6 permanent atoms for each incarnated individual, one for each of the lower and higher bodies (the lower and higher triangles of being): the lower triad being the physical (dually expressed), the astral, and the lower/concrete mental; and the higher triad being the higher/abstract mental, the buddhic, and the atmic. The Causal Body (on the higher-abstract Mental Plane) contains only the 3 permanent atoms of the incarnate personality (for the physical, emotional, and lower mental bodies). The permanent atoms of the 3 higher bodies, which are called the Spiritual Triad of the Monad, are above and beyond the domain of the Soul Body and are held in occult secrecy for reasons known only to the Higher Initiates.

This discussion involves the 3 permanent atoms of the Incarnating Soul for its expressions at the Physical, Astral, and Lower Mental Levels. These 3 force vortices within the Causal Body have a primary function of serving as the germination centers for the formation of the 3 lower bodies. In other words, each so-called permanent atom is the nidus or nucleus of attractive force for gathering together the atomic substance to form its new body or sheath for the coming incarnation, be that new body physical or emotional or mental (on the 3 Planes of Manifestation or in the 3 Worlds of Man).

These tiny vortices of energy aren't actually atoms, as we know atoms, but are rather concentrated, focal points of Soul Energy contained within the periphery of the Soul/Causal Body, and they have sufficient magnetic force to coherently attract the atomic matter required by a Soul to create one of its lower forms of expression in the 3 Worlds of Man. Their attractive force is innate because they derive from the 2nd Aspect of the Monad (Higher Self of the Soul), and that Aspect is Divine Love (or Buddhi), the Attractive Force of the Universe (2nd Ray). It is the Monad that sends forth the permanent atoms (from its 2nd Aspect) to be incorporated into the newly-created Causal Body when the Soul (lower expression of the Monad) is ready to begin the Incarnational Cycle. They come from the Monad but become imbued with Soul Energy as the incarnations proceed.

So, let's try another nutshell of condensed ideas. Human Monads are cells or extended expressions of The Planetary Logos (Creator of Earth) existent on the Monadic Plane. Monads project forth Entities that we call Souls out of their Consciousness in order to experience at Manifest Levels (3 lower Planes), and the Soul Entities are on the Higher Mental Plane (Abstract Level). On behalf of their Father in Heaven (the Monad), the Souls build a Causal Body to integrate all the positive incarnate experiences and house the permanent atoms sent by the Monad to guide the construction of all the lower bodies for each incarnation.

Then the Soul enters the Cycle of Incarnation (the Great Wheel) and becomes a prisoner of the planet until all its many acquired karmic debts are satisfied and its instrument in the World of Form has evolved to the point of direct alignment with the Monad, bypassing the need for a Soul, and gaining its freedom from the Law of Cause and Effect and the Great Wheel of Incarnation. This happens at the 4th Initiation (the Great Renunciation), and the Causal Body with its permanent atoms is consumed in electric fire descending from the Monad down through the Bridge of Light (the Antahkarana), built by the 4th Degree Arhat. The Soul is returned to its Father in Heaven in a blaze of fiery glory.

The 3 permanent atoms under discussion have the following qualities:

    a. Responsiveness: to specific sounded vibrations produced by the Soul and the Deva Evolution.

    b. Form-Building Power: inherent cohering ability to attract atomic matter into form, due to being a point of force emanated by the 2nd/Love Aspect of the Monad.

    c. Relative Permanency: for the entire duration of the Incarnational Cycle until the 4th Initiation (thus not being "permanent" or "eternal", likewise the Soul).

    d. Heat: (remains a secret of Initiation).

The question remains how the Soul (or Solar Angel) creates its lower vehicles prior to each incarnation. This is how it happens. The whole process is initiated by the Soul, as might be expected, and it involves the Deva Kingdom with its Chain of Command and The Lords of Karma for our Solar System (The Lipika Lords). The Karmic Council has an extensive Hierarchy of highly-evolved Beings to handle all matters related to the Law of Cause and Effect for the entire Solar System and, consequently, each Planetary Scheme of Evolution. There are multiple levels of these "Karmic Adjudicators" beneath the Council, and They have a close working relationship with the Deva Evolution, and They telepathically counsel all Souls prior to each incarnative venture. They are The Keepers of the Records (Akashic Records) and know the karma of all Incarnating Souls that needs to be balanced and expiated. (For example, 4 Great Devas on each of the Major Planes represent The 4 Maharajahs or Lords of Karma in the dispensation of karma regarding Mankind.)

The Solar Angel is in a deep state of meditation throughout the Cycle of Incarnation, and after the input from its over-seeing Karmic Lord has been received (for the next incarnation), it visualizes the thought-form of the 3 bodies to be created (mental, astral, physical). Then it sounds out its distinctive "Note" (somehow) to begin the form-building process. This Note sets up a resonant vibration in the 3 permanent atoms within the Causal Body, which makes them responsive to the Devas. It reactivates their responsiveness to form-building activity. But the Note also alerts the Great Transmitting Devas on the highest sub-planes of the Physical, Astral, and Mental Planes and draws Them into the enterprise.

These 3 Great Devas transmit the Soul Note through their bodies (a mysterious concept) and sound the Sacred Word of the Plane, but this time, instead of going directly to the Greater Builders, it is intercepted by the Devas of the Permanent Atoms, Who are the highest type of Building Devas on their respective Planes. I didn't mention Them before because only sentient, self-aware Man has the permanent atoms, and so these particular Devas don't apply to the construction of other forms. These Devas are on the highest sub-plane (called the atomic sub-plane) of the Plane as are the permanent atoms. They modify the Sacred Word for their specialized purpose and pass it on to the Greater Builders Who, then, issue forth the appropriate Mantric Phrase to the Deva Life in their charge for the same sequence of form-building as explained in the Deva Section.

First the mental body is formed, then the astral body, and lastly the aetheric body, from which the dense-physical coalesces; so the lesser devas and their elemental life of 4 levels are incorporated into the 4 forms to bring into objectivity what is called the "Lower Quaternary" of the Soul. Where Man is concerned (in form-creation), a subordinate group of Lipika Lords has directing control over the lesser deva life to assure that each form meets the karmic requirements for the particular lifetime (as counselled to the Soul). Perhaps a mental deficiency is warranted or an emotional predisposition or a physical disability or genetic trait. The Karmic Kops supervise the final stages of a neonate in formation, and all this follows on conception of an ovum by a spermatozoa.

The 3 permanent atoms, which were revitalized into activity by the Soul Note, are also responsive to certain specific occult sounds made by the Deva Builders, which cause them to begin attracting atomic matter and their elemental lives, and The Karma Lords meticulously watch over that congealing and form-taking process. Not only do They have the Hall of Records to guide Their decision for the new incoming life, but the force vortices called permanent atoms also store certain energetic data, which They can use to produce the needed quality of substance composing the forms.

I'll try to explain. The focal points of Soul Energy called permanent atoms can be thought of as memory cells, holding the memory of significant experiences of each life, the quality of the form gained for that life, and the vibrational frequency and nature of the atoms of the form for each life (akin to computer data storage but more occultly esoteric). That memory data is then used as the foundational cornerstone for the construction of the body (physical, astral, or mental) for the next incarnation, so that there is never any retrogression by the Solar Angel, only greater refinement of form life in the linear progression of lives under the Time Illusion. The memory store of these energy vortices within the Causal Body assures that the form nature of the Soul from life to life continues to evolve in parallel with the evolving consciousness, and the Form Builders (directed by The Lipikas) use that data to draw into the new form atomic matter of the appropriate sub-plane (the higher the sub-plane, the more refined the substance of the form).

So, the 3 permanent atoms within the Soul Body of Man could be considered as a Triangle of Force which serves as the agency and memory storehouse for the creation of 3-fold form nature by the Soul to be able to experience, express, and evolve in the 3 Worlds of Man on behalf of its Monadic Source. This it does with the assistance of the Deva Kingdom and under the watchful guidance of The Lords of Karma. After eons and eons of time, when the evolutionary goal has been reached through the forcing process of Discipleship to a Master and Initiation, a 4th Degree Adept stands forth in loving commitment to the Divine Plan for Planet Earth and freed evermore from the shackles of form life. The Soul, the Causal Body, and the permanent atoms have all well-served their purpose, are needed no longer, and are consumed in the Fiery Will of the Originating Pure Spirit (the Human Monad). The Adept is a direct Representative of the Father in Heaven, and physical form (when needed) is taken by other means.

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