This might seem a rather odd question to be asking of humans, right? After all, the overwhelming majority of individuals incarnate on this planet do consider themselves to be human beings, to be a part of the Human Family, to be a member of the Human Race. What can I be thinking to be asking such a question? Isn't it obvious that all of the sentient life that walks with two legs on this planet is a human being? What can I be driving at?

What I want the reader to do is to go deeper into the question, to get beyond what appears to be the obvious, for appearances can be deceiving. And, in this case, appearances ARE deceiving. And who wants to be deceived, other than those who delight in deceiving the self? All appearances notwithstanding, you are not human, and I'm not human, and no one else here is human. That seems a bold and brash statement to make, right? How can that be? What is the reasoning involved? Did the author loosen the marbles in his head?

There is purposefulness to the point that I'm trying to make, so bear with me. Every single individual that is leading what almost certainly feels like a human life on Planet Earth is merely occupying the physical form that is human in appearance. A bolus of consciousness has been sent by each one's Source down into that human form, usually at the moment of delivery at birth, to be fixed to that human form for the duration of the life. This Source to which I refer is variously called the Soul, the Higher Self, the I Am Presence, the Atman, and even the Solar Angel (by Master Djwhal Khul). And while it's true that the Soul periodically visits the developing fetus during the gestational period to become accustomed to both the form and the vibrational patterns in this Reality, a permanent attachment to the form doesn't take place, usually, until the infant is delivered of the womb and the umbilical cord is severed.

You see, the Higher Self, which is a non-physical Focus of Being and Consciousness at the 5th Density Level, fragments its consciousness so that It may enter into and experience and learn from life in the physical at the various Dimensional Levels of the Physical Plane of Reality. That fragmentation of consciousness occurs thousands of times as the Higher Self enters many, many, many different types of physical forms throughout galaxies all over the universe, some being physical specimens that we wouldn't even recognize as being alive according to our parameters of life on this planet. All of those fragmentations of the Overall Consciousness of the Higher Self are thus incarnations, and each incarnation is an aspect of that Source of Beingness.

Before entering the Cycle of Incarnations on this planet, approval must be given by Those Who oversee the very orderly process, The Lords of Karma (The Lipika Lords) for this solar system and this planetary sphere of evolution. The Higher Self then begins its sojourn of experiences on this very remarkable planet for however long it takes to master the lessons that It came to master. You, as the reader of this little piece, are a fragment-aspect of the consciousness of your Source of Being, what the Judeo-Christians like to call the Soul. You are (hopefully - chuckle) occupying some kind of human form for the duration of this earth-walk, but I want to emphasize and I want to make perfectly clear that you are not a human, nor will you ever be human. The personality and the human body you are using are merely tools for the Soul to experience life at this much lower and denser level of existence. You are conducting your human life, with its diversity of events and its synchronicities, on the behalf of your True Self. And that Source Self grows and expands and evolves and raises its frequency of beingness by all that It experiences through you in each of the lives that you live, whether on Planet Earth or elsewhere.

The trouble occurs when we forget our origins and begin to identify with the physical form and think that we ARE that form with all its ramifications. That is the essence of the matter. On this planet, humans have become so identified with their bodies that they have forgotten what they are and who they are and whence they came. The Veil of Forgetfulness, which descends between the conscious mind and the subconscious (one of the rules of The Karmic Council for this system), is nearly impenetrable for the majority here, and they have come to think of themselves as humans. The form identification has ruled life here, and that has been a tremendous setback to the growth of consciousness.

Even more problematic is the identification with a certain Race of Humans. If one thinks that they are human, then they also think that they belong to a certain racial grouping, a certain ethnicity, and then the pridefulness of defending that racial type enters the picture. What all this leads to is the idea and the practice of separativeness, being different than, belonging to other than, being superior to, having a different physical appearance than. This can be summed up in the us versus them mentality. The same may be said for having identification with one's gender. Men think that they are men, and women think that they are women, but neither of those perceptions is accurate. Our Souls have incarnated equally as many times as male and female. All sexist thought, from whichever side of the divide, has its origins in the identification with the physical form. That is what leads to the schisms, to the oppositional tensions, to the confrontational dynamics, and IT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

You are NOT the human body you occupy, and the sooner that people can wake up to that realization, the sooner will the walls of divisiveness come down. There are two Cosmic Principles which govern all life in this particular universe. One of those Principles is that of Unity, Unification. The other one is that of Separation, Divisiveness. These Principles create the division of all sentient life into those who follow the Principle of Unity and those who follow the Principle of Separation. We loosely and rather over-dramatically call the two sides The Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, the latter being wedded to separativeness and the serving of the self above all others (see "The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces"). The identification with the physical form throughout Humanity has given the Dark Brotherhood a perfect entryway into the affairs of Man on this planet, and they have leveraged that misconception into the greatest atrocities imagineable. Violent, bloody conflict has its origins in identification with form (aided by all the fear-based emotions).

Think of all the things in the annals of history that have been fueled by this erroneous way of thinking: Slavery, Nazism, the Holocaust, the Hordes of Genghis Khan, repeated Genocides, Machismo, the need for Women's Suffrage, the British Empire, the Japanese Empire, ALL Empires, racial slurs, racial hatreds, racial bloodshed, racial slaughter, the Jim Crow Laws of the Deep South, the Black Panther Movement, the wholesale slaughter of the American Indian, the treatment of the Australian Aborigine, and the list goes on and on and on. If you really get down to it, all the wars down through the eons of time here on this planet could not have been possible without the identification of the warring entities with their human bodies. Every instance of superiority/inferiority has arisen out of this forcefield of ignorance. We probably will never be able to count the scores of millions who have lost their lives on account of this profoundly impactful illusion. Putting all the deaths to one side (and oh, what a side it is), how many BILLIONS have suffered terribly on this planet through the ages because of a false conception which has no basis in truth?

Your Soul is waiting for acknowledgement of your identification with That! Where do you think, "I AM THAT I AM", derives from? In a very simple phrase we affirm our identity with our I Am Presence and not with the lower self/personality, and the more that that identity is practiced in one's life and the more that a clearer channel of communication with the Soul is sought in meditation, the more that we will be living the purpose and the intent of the Very Source of our Being, and all the human problems dissolve into nothingness. The doorway for the Dark Forces closes, and unprecedented peace and harmony ensues.

Do you still really think that you're human?


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