A Modernized Depiction of Lord Hilarion, The Chohan of The 5th Ray

I hope to make this material as simplistic and as easily comprehensible as possible to all those with little exposure to a study of the occult concept called the 7 Rays, but there may be times when the abstract concepts are a little difficult to break down into the linearity of word language and the intuition of the reader may be called upon for clarification. Allow silence to intervene and send a request to the Soul (Higher Self, Atman, Solar Angel) for some intuitive input on the matter, which, if it comes, will be a fully-formed thought package illumined by the Light of the Soul. But let's hope that I can use the 5th Ray Energy to make these esoteric subjects so down-to-earth that anyone will be able to understand them.

We start with The Beginning and The Origination Point for all things: The Unmanifest and Undifferentiated Source for all that there is. This is unfathomable and beyond any speculative imaginings of the highest intellect of Man. It cannot even be thought about by Man or Ascended Master or Solar Logos or Galactic Logos. It will always and forever remain The Greatest Mystery of them all, and no words in any human language can ever be justified in attempting to describe a solitary characteristic of The One.

Unmanifest Source of All chose to exteriorize and project forth out of Itself The Manifest Source of All. Unmanifest became Manifest, and there are still no words which can be used to approximate an understanding of Manifest Infinity (except infinity). The concrete mind of Man can make no approach but remains respectfully in the distance (awed by infinity). The Infinite Manifest One then differentiated Itself to fragment out of Itself an infinite number of Creator Beings Who would be given the Purpose of creating and manifesting an infinite number of universes, one universe to each Creator God, if you will. Theoretical physicists have postulated an infinity of universes, and their postulations are true.

The God or Logoic Being of our particular Universe chose to bring forth all of Creation in this Universe by projecting forth a Triplicity of Itself, a 3-Fold Godhead which are called The 3 Major Aspects of The Godhead (also called God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit in Christian theology and Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma in Hindu theology). The 3 Major Aspects are, in numerical order, The Will of God, The Love of God, and The Mind of God (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). The One became The Three, and then The Three became The Seven, but the additional Four were born out of The Mind of God, The 3rd Aspect, and are called The 4 Minor Attributes of The Godhead.

Seven is the number of the Universe. The 7 Primary Reflections of our Universal Logos have made this a septenary universe (refer to "A Septenary Universe"), and the number 7 is reflected throughout all of life and down through every Level of Existence (of which there are 7 Major Levels or Densities, each consisting of 7 sub-levels or dimensions, which are, in turn, subdivided 7 times). The Streams of Force which are emanated by The Divine Seven are called the 7 Rays in common language. The 7 Rays originate from The 7-Fold Source of our Universe and penetrate and perfuse and saturate the entirety of the Universe at every level of its expression, and it is the intermingling and interaction of these 7 Forces which has brought forth all that there is in our Universe, the Forces being divinely manipulated by The Multi-faceted Godhead.

Our solar system was formed by a Cosmic Being of Grandeur called The Solar Logos and is the second in a series of 3 incarnations which will be taking place in this remote corner of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Higher Self or Source Level for our Solar Logos is The Logos of Sirius (yes, the Dog Star, which is the lowest physical aspect of That One). Only one of the 7 Cosmic Rays is operational in our solar system, and that one is the Major 2nd Ray, which is known as Love/Wisdom because of its unique energies. This is The Love of God for all of God's Creations (please see "The Second Ray"), and our God (The Solar Logos) can rightly be considered a God of Love.

All 7 of the 7 Rays in our solar system are branches or offshoots or sub-Rays of the Great 2nd Ray and, consequently, are imbued with the Love of God. It might be of some help to look over "The Seven Rays Explained" before proceeding. By extension, all the 7 Rays coming to Earth are subsidiary Rays to the Cosmic 2nd Ray, including our provincial 2nd Ray. The 7 Rays for Earth are received by Sanat Kumara (The Head of Earth's Hierarchy at Shamballa, located in the Highest Aetheric Plane over the Gobi Desert of China). The Ray Energies are stepped down and transmuted through The Consciousness of Sanat Kumara and distributed according to the Purpose of Earth's Planetary Logos (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara) and the Divine Plan for Earth, known in its entirety only to Sanat Kumara (click on "Who Is Sanat Kumara?").

There is a Great Council of Shamballa that is comprised of The Highest Initiates in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, 7th and 8th Degree Initiates, such as The 3 Great Lords (The Manu, The Bodhisattva, and The Mahachohan) and The 6 Buddhas or Kumaras, the closest Associates to our Lord of the World. Of Those, there are 3 Buddhas of Activity (each on one of the first 3 Rays) and 3 Buddhas of Esoteric Inactivity (no information is given about Them). According to the Plan for Humanity and the other Kingdoms of Nature (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Deva), the 7 Rays are released cyclically by Sanat Kumara to the Active Buddhas, and They step the energy down to The Contemplative Nirmanakayas (ever in deepest meditation). They further step down the energy and transmit it to The 3 Great Lords and The Chohans of the 7 Rays (6th Degree Initiates in charge of the 7 Major Ashrams or Divisions of The Spiritual Hierarchy). From there, the Ray Energies are directed to the Kingdoms/Evolutions of the planet to promote furtherance of the Divine Plan (see "The Ashram Of The King").

Each astrological age is governed by one particular Ray and the energies it expresses through the developing Kingdoms of the planet, each Ray having its own unique qualities as it is worked out by the disparate groups of Humanity. The sequential progression of the incarnational expression of the 7 Rays on Earth is one of the Secrets of Initiation, because it offers implications into the Divine Purpose of Sanat Kumara and the Divine Plan, to which all of The Initiates and Masters of Earth's Hierarchy are dedicated and committed.

We are, however, given to know the dominant Ray of the closing Piscean Age, which was the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism (the major impetus toward the separative, competing, and feuding religions of the Occident, the proliferation of ideologies of all kinds, and the emphasis on devotion to country, king, religious icon, national flag, or guru). The dominant Ray of the incoming Aquarian Age will be the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order, and the energy as it impacts the Human Race will be the opposite to the separativeness of the past 2,000 years. The 7th Ray, under the supervisory distribution of The Lord of the 7th Ray, Lord Rakoczi (Saint Germain), will impel a state of synthesis and coming together and unification and group consciousness. It will bring together that which was torn apart and unite the Human Family in common purpose (for more, go to "The Seventh Ray"). The rest of the Ray sequences will be given to The Initiates of The White Brotherhood Who must dedicate their lives to the fulfillment of the Plan.

1. We come now to the 5th Ray, one of the 4 Minor Rays of Attribute that proceed out of the 3rd Major Ray of Active Intelligence. As above, so below (reflecting mirrors are aligned all the way from The Godhead down to dense physicality on a speck of cosmic dust like the Earth). As the 4 Attributes of God are born of The Mind of God (3rd Aspect or Brahma), so the 4 Attributive Rays of our solar system are born of the 3rd Ray (refer to "The Third Ray"). They may be called minor, but they have very potent and powerful influences on this evolutionary scheme. So, the 5th Ray may be considered as a branch of the 3rd Ray and has some qualities in common but yet has its own unique catalytic influence on the Center (or Chakra) called Humanity (likewise with the Animal Kingdom).

This 5th Ray is most commonly known as the Ray of Concrete Knowledge, the Ray of Science, and the Ray of Scientific Exactitude. In essence, it is an energy which stimulates the lower concrete mind, the analyzing intellect (by comparison with the higher abstract mind), the only kind of mind that the bulk of the Race thinks exists. The progression of evolutionary advancement for the Human Race over eons of time (millions of years) has been the perfecting of the physical vehicle during the 3rd Root Race Lemurians (on Mu), next the perfecting of the astral/emotional vehicle during the Atlantean 4th Root Race, and now finally the developing and perfecting of the mental vehicle by the 5th Root Race Aryans (currently in its 5th sub-race), now in progress and far from the goal. The 5th Ray will have a major role to play in the future of Humankind to that end.

The use and distribution and focusing of this 5th Ray Energy is overseen by The Chohan of the 5th Ray, Lord Hilarion, and since the 5th Department of Hierarchy falls under the umbrella of the Great 3rd Department of The Mahachohan, That One is the ultimate Chief Executive, so to say, guiding all the work in His Wisdom. Hilarion is The Heart of Ashramic effort for the 5th Division of Earth's Hierarchy, and The Brotherhood of the 5th Ray is called The Brotherhood of Truth (all the disciples and Initiates in Hilarion's Ashram). (For an overview, see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?".)

In pre-historical times, The One that we now call Hilarion was High Priest of the Temple of Truth on Atlantis during its latter days before the continent was submerged in the Atlantic Waters. The Greek Initiate, Plato, during the Golden Age of Greece was an incarnate embodiment of Hilarion, and He came back centuries later (c. 242-327 A.D.) as the Neoplatonic philosopher Iamblichus to further teach and enlighten and expand the minds of men by reinforcing and supplementing his former teachings. Iamblichus came to extend and build upon his philosophical foundation brilliantly given out in the lifetime as Plato. He came to complete the work and advance further on the Initiate Path (please click on "The Only Path On Earth").

During the time period when the Wayshower for the Piscean Age (Master Jesus) walked the Earth in a little Roman province called Judea, Hilarion was The One Who received the deeply symbolic visions on the Island of Patmos that later came to be incorporated into the Christian Bible as "The Revelations" and which were later attributed to John. This is an example of a High Initiate dividing His Consciousness to incarnate in more than one personality at the same "time", because He also came as Saul of Tarsus, known to Christianity as Saint Paul (likewise El Morya simultaneously came as Saint Peter and Melchior the Magus; Kuthumi came as John the Beloved and Balthazar the Magus; it's esoteric but not an uncommon phenomenon for The Elder Brothers of the Race).

The Great Apostle, Saint Paul, was an embodiment of Master Hilarion. His expansive mind, under the dominant influence of his 5th Ray Soul, was able to analyze and synthesize the teachings of The Christ through Jesus and to organize the far-flung followers of those teachings around the Mediterranean Basin. He came in as a 3rd Degree Initiate, which was very advanced for that era, and took the 4th Initiation of Renunciation toward the end of that life. The mental powers were prolific and powerful, and he was totally Soul-merged being a 3rd Degree Initiate, but he had a propensity for coloring the teachings of The Christ with the laws of his former Judaic Faith, thus distorting for all time the simple and loving message that The Christ (Maitreya) gave out to the simple-minded folk of the region. His crucifixion at the end of that life, by the Romans, can be viewed as the exteriorization of the 4th Initiation of Renunciation, after which The Adept is absorbed in Monadic Consciousness (Source of the Soul) and is beyond the influences of the material planes.

There were two more lifetimes among the peoples of the Earth, one as the aforementioned Iamblichus (c. 242-327 A.D.), during which there was a further integration of the 4th Initiate Status and Monadic Consciousness while making some preliminary preparations for the Ascension Initiation, and the other was parallel and partially concurrent with that of Iamblichus, this being another example of the fragmentation of consciousness of a High Initiate. The second one centered on that part of Palestine now called the Gaza Strip. His name was Hilarion (292-372 A.D.), and Christianity celebrates the lifetime as Saint Hilarion, the desert father and miracle worker. He had so many people (multitudes) coming to him to learn and to be healed that he sought out the most remote desert fastnesses, only to be found once again. This was truly one of the exemplary lives of The Adept Initiate, helping and healing and succoring and uplifting all those around Him and serving as a Radiant Dynamo of Love and Light not only to the Middle East but to the entire planet as well. He took the 5th Initiation and Ascended in that lifetime, never to go out any more in incarnate form, having gone beyond the Wheel of Rebirth, and He remained with Earth out of compassion for its Humanity. He is now a 6th Level Initiate, a Great Chohan of Earth's Hierarchy, a Master over Masters and High Initiates on the 5th Ray, and a Friend and Mentor to me (with Whom I have had many lives).

Lord Hilarion and His 5th Ray Brotherhood have responsibility for all of the scientific achievements and technological accomplishments of the Human Race. By the focusing and distributing and intensifying of the 5th Ray Energy after it has passed through The Mahachohan (3rd Ray Dept.) and by mentally impressing the incarnate disciples and Initiates of this Brotherhood, the scientific discoveries which will benefit Humanity are made. The Industrial Revolution, the Technological Revolution, the Communications Revolution, the Computer Revolution, and all the individual inventions that contributed to those advancements were all accomplished as a direct result of the work of Hilarion and His Ashram.

The seed idea is placed into the "mind belt" of the planet (collective consciousness) for those intellects and scientifically-educated minds to pick up if they are intuitively receptive enough, which explains why similar discoveries are made at the same time in different parts of the world. As well, Initiate Members of the Ashram will project ideas and thought-forms telepathically to be impressed upon the mental body of incarnate disciples, and they are then charged with developing the idea and bringing it into concrete reality in dense physicality. (The Hierarchy must ever work through disciples in incarnation so as not to infringe upon the Law of Free Will as imposed by The Lords of Karma for this system.)

All of the Healing Arts of Humankind are also under the oversight of Hilarion, and the developement of the lower concrete mind toward the higher abstract mind of the Race is part of His agenda. It could be looked at as expansion and elevation (frequency-wise) and perfection of the mental body. The Soul is a Reflection of The Monad (The Spark of God) for purposes of physical plane experience, but first The Monad relects its triple nature in what is called the Spiritual Triad, composed of Atma (Will), Buddhi (Love), and Manas (Mind), The 3 Aspects of The Creator. The Spiritual Triad is a higher counterpart of the Soul, and the higher abstract mind is another name for the manasic component of the Triad. The 5th Ray Brotherhood is tasked with advancing the analytical-type mind of Humanity toward the abstract-type higher mind of The Monad's Reflection, and this is why the work of Hilarion's Ashram is so important to The Planetary Logos, because the perfection of the mental body is the goal and destiny of the 5th Root Race.

The Spiritualistic Movement of the 19th Century was initiated and fostered by Hilarion in order to thin the veil between physicality and the Astral Realms to put an end to the fear of death and hell and annihilation and the other lies propogated by religious doctrines regarding the end of physical life. The Movement was intended to demonstrate that life goes on after so-called death and that it's not spent in some heaven or hell, a major advancement in thinking for the West (if interested, click on "Death, A Detailed Explanation").

This Chohan of the 5th Ray controls all Movements on this planet designed to strip the veil from the unseen, such as all Psychical Research Groups, and assists all psychics of the higher order operating through the ajna chakra (the 6th or brow chakra) to develope abilities beneficial to the good of the all (by comparison with the psychics operating through the solar plexus chakra, the great majority). Generally, His Ashram works to expose the subjective worlds lying behind the grossly material for those seeking truth. This One gave to the world the book, "Light On The Path". This is The One Who supervises all the scientific discoveries and their applications in the world and withholds certain discoveries which might be misused by the Forces of Darkness.

Hilarion also has a special interest in working with atheists and agnostics and disbelievers of all kinds in any sort of Divinity or Higher Level of Beingness because the individuals had discovered that they were deceived by spiritual leaders in another life. All those who have bitterly denounced any possibility of belief in God or anything beyond this life are under the instructive care of this Brotherhood (while asleep, mental impressions, orchestrated synchronicities in life, etc.). The truth is used as a catapult to set them free from materialistic delusions. And because the approaching Age in Aquarius is making such demands on Hilarion, another very experienced Master is now sharing His responsibilities, One known as Master Markco.

I should add, as a quick aside, that most claims of channeling from Hilarion have their origination in either astral plane entities (usually the 5th sub-plane) or the great astral/aetheric thought-form of Hilarion mentally constructed by Humanity over the centuries and tapped into by astrally-polarized mediums.

2. What things may now be said about this 5th Ray Itself?

    a. This is the energy of pure mind; this is the energy that produces thought; this is the energy of the mental body of Man; this is the energy responsible for the thought-form making capabilities of the Human Race; and this is the energy which facilitates the concretization of abstract ideas. Abstractions, archetypes, and symbolic representations are made logical and orderly and linearly understandable by the lower, concrete mind utilizing the 5th Ray.

It is the concrete type of mind that has taken many millions of years to develope in Man (18 million) with much yet to go, but there are higher types of mind to be achieved in the distant future, exponents of which may be found in the "Crest of the Wave", the disciples and Initiates of Earth. And that is called the higher abstract mind, which derives its existence from what is referred to as the Spiritual Triad of The Monad (Higher Self of Soul). The Monad reflects its triple nature as Atma (Will), Buddhi (Love), and Manas (Mind), the latter being the lowest of the reflections and the source of abstract mind. Its workings are purely symbolical and hence considered abstract to the usual intellectual functioning of the lower mind.

Only those who have become polarized on the Mental Planes (polarization being an habitual focus of attention) and who have begun to build the antahkarana bridge to the Soul through meditation and selfless service are able to make contact with higher mind, and these are the disciples and Initiates on the Path of Return. They have an evocative ability to draw the higher mental energies (abstractions) down from the Triad and Soul through that bridging device called the antahkarana (built out of mental matter to the Soul and out of Light from the Soul to The Monad). Without taking too much of a detour, the antahkarana is built naturally over many lives by meditation and service to others and is a device of necessity for eventually merging with the Soul at the 3rd Initiation and then with Monadic Consciousness at the 4th Initiation. Without the antahkarana, no treading of the Path of Initiation and the Path of Return is possible (check out "The Only Path On Earth" ).

The growth of the concrete mind of Man has been the preliminary stage of the mental evolution of the Race, taking millions of years to reach our current state and all made possible by the collective impact of the 5th Ray on the Center called Humanity. So, whether in cyclic incarnation or not, Ray 5 has always been influential, only moreso when dominating an astrological age.

Abstract higher mind is the next goal for the Race, and the highest goal for the mental developement of Man is Intuition or what is called Pure Reason (direct knowingness and not related to the reasoning of the limited intellect). You can think of the concrete mind functioning on the lower Mental sub-planes, the abstract mind on the higher Mental sub-planes, and the Intuition operating on and coming from the Buddhic Plane. (The 7 Planes of our solar system from lowest to highest: Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, Logoic).

    b. Since the late 19th Century, there has been an intensified application of this 5th Ray by Hilarion where Humanity is concerned, and its effect upon the minds of men (and women) has been evidenced by the virtual explosion of technological and scientific advancements over the past 100 years. Sanat Kumara in consultation with His Shamballa Council made the decision, and Hilarion's Ashram has put forth the effort. It effected a tremendous stimulation of the intellect in general, and the mind-belt of the planet was flooded with innovative ideas by The Brotherhood of Truth, bringing about the modern technology that we all take for granted. Every concept from the telegraph to the telephone and from the television to the Internet was formulated and projected from the Higher Level to be received and organized and brought to reality by a mentally-receptive disciple or a group working on a project, and the 5th Ray catalyzed the whole process.

    c. Every incarnate individual has what is called a Ray Structure. This refers to the fact that each of the following levels or aspects of the self has a dominant Ray of influence: Soul, personality, mental, astral, and physical bodies. The Soul Ray remains the same for an entire Round of Earth (of which there are 7, with the current Round being the 4th). The Rays of the lower aspects change from life to life, and all are experienced in all combinations to round out the Causal Body of the Soul (for more, go to "The Causal Body Of The Soul") on behalf of The Monad, its Source.

Physical bodies are invariably 3rd and 7th Ray with a few big-boned 1st Rayers; astral bodies are always 2nd and 6th Ray; and mental bodies are 1st, 4th, and 5th Ray. The only exceptions are for disciples at the suggestion of The Master (Souls choose the Rays and are instructed by The Ascended Masters). So, when we're talking about the 5th Ray, it is the mind that is thus governed by its qualities, which should be expected, but the personality may also be 5th Ray. If the Soul plus personality or Soul plus mind are both on the 5th Ray, that one will be prototypical and a strong exponent of the 5th Ray qualities.

    d. What would that kind of human be like? This is the person who lives in the lower mind and seeks mental activities and mental pursuits, sometimes in science. They use reason and logic as a basis for functioning in every area of life and must mentally analyze everything (sometimes ad nauseum). Nothing is valid unless it can be explained logically. They are oriented entirely onto the Material Plane, because the intellect has major resistance to accepting anything that can't be proven materially, scientifically, and logically. They have a barrier to being able to (or wanting to) penetrate into the subjective realms of existence (the vast majority of beingness).

They are trapped in the intellectualization of the concrete mind and are very enamored of their own minds and are unable to understand (or believe or accept) that reality does not end at the edge of the Physical Plane. In other words, unless they are disciples and Initiates, they are materialistically enslaved and cannot think or imagine or experience beyond our 3-dimensional physical reality (solid, liquid, and gaseous). Despite all their intellectual powers, encyclopoedic knowledge, and university degrees, they are imprisoned by their own analytical minds in the universe of materiality; however, if they are ever able to break through the barrier to the unseen worlds beyond, their type of mind allows them to understand it better than others with a 1st or 4th Ray mind. And that begins to happen on the Path of Discipleship when conscious Soul contact is being made.

This 5th Ray gives precision and exactness to thought and is quite useful for penetrating past all the obvious and superficial right into the heart and essence of a matter. The mind conditioned by this energy will not stop at anything in analyzing the core essence of some idea, some precept, some anomaly, some scientific theorem. They work from without to the within to discover the nature of the garments of God in all things. Their focus is on the form but never the life aspect within the form, and that focus can be made laser-like with a tunnel vision when driving deeply to the heart of a matter. It can readily be seen why scientific pursuits (of every kind) are appealing to the 5th Rayer.

The 3rd Ray (of Intelligence in Action) can govern the personality and physical body (including the brain), but it doesn't have the pin-point precision and deep penetration of the 5th Ray of Scientific Exactitude. Come hell or high water, the truth will be uncovered in all investigations of the chosen subject to which these 5th Ray mental energies are directed. This type of mind just loves information, even information for information sake and will keep on accumulating it as long as mental clarity remains. It has been very useful in uncovering the essence of material life, providing the comforts and leisures and products of modern life on the planet, and probing into the physical causation of all physical phenomena, but the barrier ever remains until the Soul Level begins to exert its influence and acceptance is given for discipleship under the tutelage of a Master.

Ray 5 induces the tendency to enquire and discover, to seek out and search, which translates to an inner prompting to evolve. This is where the power to develope thought comes from. There could have been no developement of the mental body in Man without the 5th Ray. Mental separativeness and categorization and rationalization are by-products of this energy working through concrete mind. The main drawback for all those who remain mired in the analytical mind as a consequence of 5th Ray conditioning is the pronounced limitation of materialism and the devotion to form and form activity.

In the advanced human, that intelligence is transmuted into wisdom with the help of the Soul, and abstraction and direct intuitive knowingness progressively begin to over-ride self-satisfied and self-contained intellectualization. The Universe opens up, and the lowly material world is seen for what it is: the smallest of stepping stones to the grandeur of Cosmic Life.

    e. Personality characteristics of Ray 5 include restraint and reservation in getting to know other people. The natural tendency is to analyze others and to be critical of the faults that are found. Self sufficiency may lead to unintended isolation. They are comfortable in the workings of their own minds. The thought world may take precedence to social interaction.

3. Virtues and Vices of the 5th Ray:

Each Ray has certain qualities and characteristics as it is expressed through the individual who has the Soul-chosen energy in the Ray Structure for that incarnation. The Ray provides particular strengths or weaknesses, depending on the point of evolution of the individual, the lesser evolved tending to express the vices and the more evolved tending to express the virtues of the Ray.

    Virtues: truthfulness (ever uppermost in mind), common-sense, detached justice (without any emotional consideration for mercy), sharp intellect, accuracy (exactitude), perseverence, uprightness, self-assurance and independence, curiosity for knowledge.

    Vices: Mental separativeness, differentiation, and anti-social cleavage, prejudice and judgementalism, tendency to isolation, unsympathetic, harshly critical, arrogance, narrowness of thought and opinion, lack of forgiveness, over-emphasis on form nature and materiality (to the exclusion of the inner garment of God), and pridefulness of thought.

There are certain virtues which must necessarily be acquired for the 5th Ray aspirant to progress on the Path: love (which the intellect has little time for), devotion (blocked by intellectualization), sympathy, reverence, and a wide-mindedness (breaking out of the tunnel vision).

4. 5th Ray Examples: A few examples of historical personages may help to foster a better understanding of this 5th Ray. These were Initiates of varying degree and disciples of The White Brotherhood. The higher the Initiate Level, the more the Soul influence and virtues of the Ray are expressed. When the mind is on the 5th Ray, its mental qualities come pouring through. All those with a 5th Ray Soul are members of Hilarion's Ashram and The Brotherhood of Truth. Aspects of Soul, personality, mental, astral, and physical bodies are designated as S, P, M, A, or Ph.

    Wilhelm von Rontgen: S, M       (German physicist)
    James Watt: P, M       (Scottish inventor)
    Anton van Leeuwenhoek: P, M       (Dutch scientist)
    Gottfried Leibniz: S, M       (German philosopher & mathematician)
    Johann Kepler: P, Ph.       (German astronomer)
    Alexander Fleming: P, M       (British bacteriologist)
    Rene Descartes: S, P       (French philosopher & mathematician)
    Antoine Lavoisier: P, M       (French chemist)
    John Dalton: P, M       (English chemist)
    Charles Darwin: M, Ph.       (British scientist)
    Richard Arkwright: M, Ph.       (English inventor)
    Harvey Spencer Lewis: P, M       (American founder Rosecrucian Order)
    Isambard K. Brunel: P, Ph.       (British engineer)
    Nicolas Copernicus: M       (Polish astronomer)
    John Dewey: M       (American educational reformer)
    Georg Hegel: M       (German philosopher)
    Heinrich Hertz: M       (German physicist)
    Hippocrates: M       (Greek physician)
    Andrei Sakharov: M       (Russian physicist)
    Pythagorus: M       (Greek philosopher & mathematician)
    Paracelsus: M       (Swiss physician/alchemist)
    Robert Oppenheimer: S       (American physicist)
    Karl Marx: M       (German philosopher)
    Guglielmo Marconi: M       (Italian inventor)
    Louis Pasteur: S       (French chemist)
    Archimedes: S       (Greek mathematician)

We can see the qualities of the 5th Ray demonstrated in the lives and life work of these disciples from the Ashram of Lord Hilarion. They all used the analytical aspect of mind to benefit their societies or the world at large and thus contributed their small share toward fulfilling the Divine Plan for Planet Earth.

A couple more examples may be given out of interest. Saint Joan of Arc came into 15th Century France as a 3rd Degree Initiate and Senior Disciple in the Ashram of Hilarion (her Soul was 5th Ray). The only "voice" she heard was that of Lord Hilarion, although she believed them to be coming from saints and archangels who had captured her devotion. She had tried to free her beloved France from the English oppressors (and aggressors) but was martyred for her efforts. She/He is now an Ascended Master.

Willy Brandt, the former Chancellor of Germany, had a 5th Ray mind and was very nearly 3 Degrees Initiate, which means that his Soul was practically totally dominant in every aspect of his life. Soul quality of inclusiveness and his mental quality of intelligence and pragmatism produced his policy of "Oest Politik" which unified Germany and accelerated the end of the Cold War, a major contribution to the stability of the world. He chaired the Brandt Commission which produced the report entitled "North-South, a Programme for Survival". It recommended practical measures for solving the economic disparities between the southern and northern hemispheric nations and outlined ways for more equitable sharing of the world's resources with the desparately impoverished and starving millions on the planet, ideas influenced by his Soul and his Master (but it was rejected by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and other wealthy nations of the North).

Nation states have also a Soul Ray and a Personality Ray, the Soul Ray remaining the same for the life of the nation and the Personality Ray periodically and infrequently changing due to migration patterns and major events. The common and undeveloped masses of the country express the traits of the Personality Ray in a self-centered nationalistic manner. The traits of the Soul Ray are the goals and ideals and destiny of the nation as determined by Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and are sensed by the disciples and Initiates of the country, who may give expression to that Soul Ray if gotten into a leadership position and if they are able to persuade the proleteriat of the country. Soul qualities benefit the world (inclusiveness); Personality qualities benefit solely the nation (exclusiveness). No nation in the world is currently expressing its Soul Ray, and this is unlikely to change until the Aquarian Age.

Austria has a 5th Ray Personality, and all its intellectual, mental pursuits will be oriented in a manner of self-interest until led by Initiates responding to its 4th Ray Soul of Harmony and Beauty and Oneness with all other peoples. The western edge of Europe has a 5th Ray Soul in the 3 countries of Holland, Belgium, and France.

Taking France as an example, the brilliant and scintillating intellect of the French with its scientific bent is a result of the interplay of the two Rays that govern the country: 3rd for the Personality and 5th for the Soul, both being mental energies and synergistically augmentative in their combined effect. They have contributed much knowledge and scientific discovery to the world but remain inwardly focused toward the self interests of the nation and all things French. When the Soul Ray begins to dominate the Personality Ray and the intellect is turned toward the study and elucidation of all the matters of spirit and the focus of its peoples becomes inclusive and altruistically-minded, then France will have important revelations to give to the world by way of its Initiates. The Solar Angel (Soul) will be scientifically proven, and its implications will reverberate around the world (refer to "The Soul").

5. The Temple of Truth:

In certain special, high-energy areas of the planet are located Retreats of The White Brotherhood of Planet Earth. At one time thousands of years ago they were physical locations, physical Retreats, but because of destructive, hateful efforts of the Dark Brotherhood (the polarity of service to self), these Foci of Light were lifted onto the higher aetheric planes and out of reach of marauding, malevolent dark forces in physicality (the Major Physical Plane has 7 sub-planes, the lower 3 dense physical and the upper 4 aetheric physical). Each of the Retreats is overseen by a High Initiate, a 5th or 6th Degree Master, and at the Heart Center of the Retreat is a Sacred Flame which embodies and radiates the unique energies of The Hierarch and His Brotherhood of Initiates.

In the latter days of the Land of Atlantis around 12,000 years ago, the sole remaining portion of the Atlantean Continent was Poseidonis, a very large island but, nevertheless, a fragment of the original motherland. There had been an ongoing war between the Sons of Belial (black magicians) and the Sons of the Law of One (white magicians) for thousands of years, and the culminating point of the 4th Root Race (Atlantean) was near at hand. Sanat Kumara had decided to end the never-ending war and its adverse effects on the entire planet, and The Manu of the 1st Ray Dept. would be The Instrument to bring it to a close by commanding the earth elementals to shift the tectonic plate on which was riding Poseidonis and commanding the water elementals to inundate the island and sink it to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean (you might want to read "Thought Forms In Magical Work").

Great Spiritual Temples of The White Lodge were positioned all over Poseidonis, having millennia of history, and each was supervised by a High Priest or Hierarch. They attracted pilgrims from all over the world, and each had a divine quality of energy to impart to the open and receptive aspirant, a gift to give from The Hierarchy to developing Humankind. Before the coming cataclysm, the High Priests were all telepathically warned with enough time to spare so that preparations for departure could be made. Icons, relics, manuscripts, irreplaceable treasures, and the Sacred Flame would have to be readied for the journey by boat.

Hilarion (under another name) was the High Priest of the Temple of Truth and was given his final warning one night that it was time to leave. He and 40 trusted and worthy disciples sailed east from the homeland through what would become the Mediterranean Sea and reached their given destination (selected by Hilarion's Master) of the land peninsula that would become Greece before the world-shaking event. They landed on a region that would later become the Island of Crete when further geological changes had ensued. As they were conducting their grateful and reverential ceremony with the Flame of Truth, the final sinking of Atlantis could be felt in the earth movements. One hundred similar boats from Temples had sailed from Poseidonis, but only 10 made it to their final destination. All others were overwhelmed by the violent waters.

Once the rains and the turbulent weather subsided, they set to building a replica of their beloved Temple on Atlantis, one with soaring columns and architecture later identified with the Greeks but which was originally Atlantean. This was no small project; it took centuries to complete, and the disciples of The Brotherhood of Truth re-incarnated over and over again into the region to continue with their work, having each time to pierce through the veil of forgetfulness to remember their mission (as would also happen with the Ascension Temple of Luxor and Shamballa on the White Island of the Gobi Sea).

The Temple of Truth on Crete then became a magnet for seekers and pilgrims from all parts of the world to come for guidance and truth and raising consciousness. The priests and priestesses served as mediums to convey messages from Higher Levels of Earth's Hierarchy and to convey the absolute truth no matter how it might be taken. One of the Major Sources of revelation for the Temple was Pallas Athena, the Patroness of the High Priest and the Temple, a High Initiate of the 5th Ray Division in The Hierarchy (more discussion later).

The famous Temple stood for thousands of years until the Dark Brotherhood of Earth made a determination to bring its liberating and illuminating impact to an end. They destroyed the entire massive complex (in the physical) but not before all the extensive documents and sacred objects could be spirited away. Many of the writings eventually found their way to the Library of Alexandria and were burned up in the Great Fire, but most of them were taken to what is now Tibet and China and remain secretly hidden away for that time when peace and brotherhood prevails on Earth (okay, better stop holding your breath).

The Temple of Truth in the aetheric over the Island of Crete remains. Just as the aetheric body of Man serves as a template and precipitating cause for the dense physical body, this aetheric Temple was the higher counterpart of the physical Temple that was destroyed, but it was above the fray, so to say. It's in physical substance , but the substance is aetheric-physical and not subject to the same laws known to physicists.

The Temple (aetherically speaking), which is the Great Focus of Truth, stands on a high prominence and has a grand marble stairway of 400 steps leading up to the wide-columned entrance. It's design is Atlantean with many enormous and gracefully-carved columns giving it an aura of grandeur and magnificence. It resembles the Parthenon in Athens, which was erected in honor of Pallas Athena. Phidias, its architect (lifetime of Serapis Bey), mentally connected with the thought-form of the Temple of Truth and brought forth its design as a miniature replica in Athens to provide an energetic focus for the seeking of truth by use of the mind (ever stimulated by the 5th Ray Brotherhood).

There is a frieze made of pure gold and designed somewhat like wedgewood all around the front, sides, and back of the Temple. It contains panels that document milestone events in the history of The Brotherhood of Truth, arranged chronologically on the walls: visitation by Vesta, the first "Goddess" of Truth during Atlantean Times; conferring of High Priestess Office on Pallas Athena (Atlantis); establishing of the Oracle at Delphi (Greece); reception of the Temple thought-form by Phidias; construction of the Parthenon; the Golden Age of Greece (and others).

The material of the aetheric Temple is self-luminescent and, along with the golden frieze, makes for a startling effect for the first-time visitor. The massive columns within are adorned with flowers of various colors representing the 7 Rays, the outermost being a deep violet (7th Ray) while those closest to the door of the Inner Sanctum are green (the prismatic color associated with the 5th Ray). Within the Sanctum is the Great Altar, standing over 100 feet in height, with a carved monumental pillar to either side of the Altar. Upon each is a golden brazier which radiates the Green Flame of Truth. The Altar itself is made out of precious emerald (as hard as it is to believe that so much emerald exists on the planet), and the primary focus for the Sacred Flame of The Brotherhood is at the center-front of the Altar (a radiant green with a center of white fire). To the front of each pillar is an enormous throne chair designated for visitations by The Lord Mahachohan and Pallas Athena during special ceremonies (in aetheric form created by holographic projection or a mayavirupa precipitated by visualization and use of the will).

The marble floor of the Temple (outside the Sanctum) has geometrical designs which indicate where each Member of this Brotherhood of Truth stands at assembly. All Members within the Temple wear a robe of pure white with banding at the hem and sleeves of varying hues of green, indicative of Initiate Status and type of service to the world. Over the heart area is embroidered an old-fashioned oil cruet, representing a lighted lamp and signifying the relentless and constant search for truth pledged by all Members of Hilarion's Ashram. The symbol was originally adopted by Diogenes of Sinope (during 4th Century B.C. Greece) who set off on a lifelong quest for one truly honest man because he was so hard to find (and was known as the cynic because he questioned everyone in authority in his uncompromising quest for truth). Within karmic allowances, this Brotherhood guards those devoted to the healing of disease, scientific advancement, and improvement of comforts for the Race of Man.

There's a Great Audience Chamber in the Temple where Initiate Representatives of all the religions of the world are given opportunity to address all those incarnate who have lost faith in a Divinity or who never developed it in the first place and those with no belief in survival after "death". The atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and disillusioned are brought here by their Guides while sleeping and in astral form. The Initiate Speakers lovingly serve their Master, Hilarion, in tending to the flock of all those who have forgotten their origins and the imminence of divinity within.

Coming back to Pallas Athena, this was one of The High Initiates of Earth's Hierarchy on the 5th Ray during the Atlantean Era when Initiates and Masters walked the Earth and gave to the 4th Root Race its civilizations and cultures. They were the Divine Kings and Leaders and Rulers and High Officials of the Temples. It was an era when The Hierarchy was in direct contact with Humankind and when stimulus of mind (heretofore primitive) was a major endeavor. During a certain period Pallas Athena was the High Priestess of the Temple of Truth, and Her Great Light was sensed and known to all Initiates of The White Brotherhood on Earth.

Truthful and prescient information was provided to all those who were guided here by Her Light, and stimulation of mental developement was catalyzed by the 5th Ray Energy. The priesthood and discipleship was overseen by this Master. When a Higher Initiation was taken and physicalness was no longer an option, Pallas Athena still remained connected with the Temple of Truth on Atlantis and later on Crete, and Her Presence and Radiance could be sensed. The later Greeks who were non-Initiates (and thus unknowing) deified this High Initiate and placed Her in the Pantheon of Gods to be worshipped (an erroneous apprehension of the truth). This Master is now beyond the planetary ring-pass-not and is a 5th Ray Member of The Solar Hierarchy, overseeing the entire solar system.

The Oracle at Delphi (Greece) was established as another focus for the truth and illumination of mind after the Cretan Temple was destroyed by the marauding evil-doers. This endeavor was overseen by Pallas Athena and the 5th Ray Ashram of Hierarchy. The Vestal Virgins (named after Vesta) would serve as intermediaries or channels between Pallas Athena and humans looking for truth, but other Masters could also use the body of the Oracle depending on the visitor and the occasion. If I wasn't clear enough, these Vestal Virgins were the mediumistic Oracles known throughout the civilized world. Most of them had belonged to the Court (and Temple) of Pallas Athena on Atlantis, and their training, from early childhood, was supervised by That One (from Higher Level).

The requirements of the Vestal Virgins to become an Oracle included selflessness and impersonality and purity of consciousness. Their clarity of mediumship had to be unquestionable, and they had to absolutely honor the truth and allow for no prevarications or interpolations of any messages received. The Sacred Flame of Truth helped to maintain the purity of the Oracles for 700 years, but then, as with all endeavors of The White Brotherhood on Earth, Delphi became infiltrated by individuals who were more selfish than selfless and who had practiced black magic on Atlantis. They corrupted the purity of the Oracle and allowed their services to be sold for profit to benefit those seeking power and wealth and political control. The Focus of Light was brought to ruin and became a pawn of deception, and because of the degeneration of the Oracle and the surrendered purity of truthfulness, the connection was severed by Pallas Athena and The Hierarchy. The Black Lodge had shut down another endeavor of The White Lodge.

Archangel Rafael is the 5th Ray Archangel and has a connection with the Sacred Flame in the Heart of the Temple of Truth. All Souls taking embodiment with intention to provide a beneficial service to Humanity are blessed by Hilarion and this Archangel (a Cosmic Consciousness). Rafael directs energy from the Flame of Truth down the Life Force Thread (contained within the Silver Cord or Sutratma), which proceeds from The Monad through the Soul to the heart chakra of the personality, to help stimulate and sustain the lifetime of consecrated service.

6. Miscellaneous Comments:

    a. The Energy of the 5th Ray is the Energy responsible for the production of thought-forms upon the lower levels of the Mental Plane. The reason that disciples and Initiates must be polarized and focused on the Mental Plane is that the creative activity of their thought-forms is essential to their work in assisting the Plan of The Hierarchy and the Purpose of Sanat Kumara. This is the thought-form making Energy used by the concrete mind in the mental construction of those forms.

Mental impressions of the incarnate individual come from either the physical realm of Man, the Soul, or the Spiritual Triad (of The Monad) via the antahkarana (once its construction begins). The 5th Ray Energy is highly responsive to these impressions and is thus rapidly molded into a thought-form. When a Master, for example, sends a telepathic impression through the Soul to the lower mind of the disciple, a workable thought-form is congealed on the lower Mental Plane by this energy because of its extraordinary responsiveness to impressions made upon the concrete mind, whatever the source of the impression.

It can be seen, then, that mental polarization and mental impressibility (by telepathy) and thought-form construction are essential attributes for being an accepted disciple to a Master for furtherance of the Divine Plan. It can be extrapolated that the developement of the mind of the Human Race is an integral part of the Plan, so that the thought-form making ability of the Race as a creational tool will see the Plan to fruition, and the ever-present 5th Ray is the Energy which drives the process (see "Thought Forms In Magical Work").

    b. The 3 major fields of thought-forms produced by the mental impact of this Ray are Science (in all its branches), Philosophy (ideas leading to ideals), and Psychology (the understanding of the human mind and its applications), and it expresses principally through Science, which remains, regrettably, concretely materialistic (obsessed by form nature) and readily influenced by selfish greed. But the 5th Ray is steadily leading the Race toward illumination. It is doing its intended job and will be one of the principle forces driving Humanity as a collective toward the first two Initiations (Initiations of the future are group Initiations, and Initiation of the Center called Humanity is planned for the Aquarian Age).

    c. The misapplication and misuse of this energy in the individual with a 5th Ray mind or personality (the expression of its vices) may eventuate in one of the many psychological disorders of the mind, depending on the chronicity and intensity of the expression of those vices. The disordered mental energy produces a dysharmony of the concrete mind on the lower Mental Plane, and the mind uses the physical brain somewhat like a computer to interact with physicality, and so there is a strong energetic relationship between the two (the mind is not IN the brain).

Expression of 5th Ray vices may also lead to brain lesions, cancers, aneurysms, and other physical pathology. Migraine Syndrome is another consequence, which is more directly caused by the lack of closer relationship between the energy fields of the pituitary and the pineal gland. This affects the autonomic nervous system which, in turn, affects the vascular system of the brain, producing the unilateral arterial dilation and severe headache (and other symptoms).

    d. The Ray Energy of the physical form conditions and actually contributes to the molding of the physique in the formative stages in collaboration with the genetic inheritance.

The physical body is, 99% of the time, on either the 3rd or the 7th Ray, so the 5th Ray physical body is quite uncommon. This physical type has a tendency to be awkward and clumsy with poor physical coordination and is not athletically inclined, however the brain is on the same Ray as the body, and this type of brain would be more receptive to the mental assets and qualities offered by the 5th Ray. This would be hugely augmented by a 5th Ray mind or the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence being in the Ray Structure. A few lower-grade Initiates who scientifically took advantage of the 5th Ray brain were: Charles Darwin, Rudolf Diesel, Thomas Edison, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Max Planck.

    e. There is no one form or method of meditation suitable for all. The belief that all meditation and disciplining of the mind should be total silence and absolute inactivity is erroneous. The Masters teach that the Ray of the Soul (and some other lesser factors) should determine the method of meditation, and that method, when the personality has a 5th Ray Soul under instruction by Lord Hilarion, is an intense application of the lower analytical mind to some particular problem for the helping of the Human Race.

Single-pointed, single-purposed, unwaveringly-focused thought is directed toward a solution, a project, an endeavor to bring benefit to Humanity. The lower nature of the body and all emotions are completely controlled, and all knowledge and every mental capability are applied in loving service to the Race. A determined use of the will is involved, and supreme mental effort is required in piercing through to the Manasic Level of the Spiritual Triad to permit downflow from the higher mind. There is union (yoga) as with all forms of meditation, and in this case it is union of lower mind of personality with higher mind of Soul. The 3rd Ray method is similar but utilizes not just knowledge but all means physical, emotional, and mental to achieve the end in view for serving Humanity.

7. Closing Comments:

A short burst of the 5th Ray activity was applied to this planet by Lord Hilarion at the request of Sanat Kumara for the past century or so (short compared with the usual millennia of incarnational application of a Ray). The wave of practical, down-to-earth mental energy had the effect of prompting a more skeptical attitude to the past 2,000 years of mystical, fanatical, devotional adherence to the dogmas of religions and their fallacious doctrines. It gave the mind light enough to see through the screen of deception, but this wave of concrete mental energy also lifted the cognitive ability of the Race another notch on the mental evolutionary scale and stimulated the uncountable scientific discoveries which have enriched the lives of billions and brought comforts and leisures which have allowed more and more people to seek for true meaning in life and become more interiorly-oriented toward the Soul and the Divine.

The 5th Ray Wave temporarily led to a more materially-oriented way of thinking and a near-total focus on the form at the expense of the life within the form. The outer garment of God was investigated by every means available to the scientific mind of Man, but the inner garment of God was never penetrated. The mysteries of Nature were uncovered, but the True Mystery was never even suspected, let alone discovered. The wave has successfully revolutionized life on Planet Earth, and to Hilarion we must be grateful and indebted for technology and scientific advancements heretofore never seen on this globe, however it is now time for the 3-dimensional material focus to become superceded by a more expanded mental awareness that penetrates to the life within the form and the Soul within Man.

The 5th Ray is easing back, having done its preparatory work for the lower mind of Man, and soon the 7th Ray will do its synthesizing work in the Aquarian Age by bridging and bringing together the life and the form (in terms of human understanding), the higher mind and the lower mind, and the Astral Planes and the Physical Planes (lowering the veil). The mental pulsation at the end of the Piscean Age was an awakening device used by Sanat Kumara to lift the awareness of Mankind out of the delusional, ensnaring, and controlling thought-form of the religious institutions so that the mental level of the Race would be impressionable to the synthesizing qualities of the 7th Ray in unifying all of Mankind in one Brotherhood and drawing together the higher with the lower: Soul with personality, Hierarchy with Humanity, Shamballa with Hierarchy, a Transcendent God (without) with an Imminent God (within). (For a review of the 7th Ray, go to "The Seventh Ray".)

I guess we could say that the 5th Ray is the Force (projected from The Solar Logos) that The Planetary Logos is using to meet one of the intermediate goals in the Divine Plan for Planet Earth: the eventual perfection of the mental body of the Human Race in anticipation of higher goals for the planet, which involve the Will Aspect (1st Ray). The concrete mind is a stepping stone to the abstract mind, and that is a stepping stone to Pure Intuition (direct knowingness) coming from the Buddhic Plane beyond the Soul Level of the upper Mental Plane. That state of consciousness will be operational at all times when the goal is met (Masters call it Pure Reason, and no thinking is necessary). There is much to go when the unused 90% of the cerebral cortex is opened up to its reason for being and the frontal cortex is used by the higher mind of the Soul (and Spiritual Triad), but we are in good hands and Lord Hilarion will take us there.

Given with Love and Devotion to my Friend, Mentor, and Brother: Lord Hilarion


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