I believe that this is the most important step of all for those who wish to become capable of making the Dimensional Shift with this planet in the near future (refer to "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth"). The energy of fear and the emotion of fear is the single greatest contributor to the lowering of one's frequency of being. In fact, when in a state of fear and all of its associated emotional states, one is at the lowest state of being. Every single one of the many negative emotions is based upon fear of one thing or another, every single one. Such emotions as grief, sadness, anger, greed, hatred, despondency, depression, self-pity, jealousy, and anxiety are all based upon fear.

It is fear that drags down the Human Race along with its self-serving interests, and for this reason it is fear that is promoted by the Dark Forces in many ways throughout the world in order to hold the numbers of those who can graduate down to a minimum, because those who serve the self (the Dark Brotherhood) oppose the agendas of those who serve others (The White Brotherhood). The never-ending wars of cruelty and bloodshed, the group rivalries and hatreds, the clash of religions, the slaughter of millions in purges of bloodlust are all instigated by the Dark Ones as promotional campaigns for fear (and very successfully, I might add). Unwittingly, all of the news media serve the interests of those who use fear to dominate and control and enslave.

But there is a countermeasure to the all-pervasive promotion of fear. All of the emotions generated by the emotional or astral body are under the control of the mind and the will. The personality chooses the emotion that is going to be expressed, so simply choose not to express or even feel any of the negative emotions which are based on fear. All information, all events, all interactions are entirely neutral, and each person chooses, first of all, if there is to be an emotional response to them and secondly what that emotional response will be. The personality is in charge of all emotions, not the other way around. No one can ever be forced to have an emotion. They are all chosen by the personality, so choose the emotions based on love (kindness, gentleness, compassion, generosity, tolerance, empathy, etc.) rather than the emotions based on fear.

This is really an important matter, because fear in the emotional body, whether conscious or subconscious, will absolutely hold down the frequency of one's being at a level too low to make the Shift to the next higher dimensional level of expression to which this planet inexorably moves. Many times, those fears are hidden away as negative programs in the subconscious -- from traumas in previous lives or beliefs implanted during childhood by unknowing parents or teachers, etc. Consequently, the emotional body needs healing in most people, whether they realize it or not, because it is being fed the fearful energies of the negative subconscious program.

The Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus Center), located in the aetheric or vital body, is directly connected with the emotional body, and so a hands-on type of healing can be directed at and focused on that chakra. Visualization of the cleansing and balancing and opening of that chakra can be done. If the person has some inkling or suspicion of what the negative subconscious program is, there is a technique for consciously getting rid of that program as taught by Hilarion, Lord of the 5th Ray for Planet Earth. Otherwise, the subconscious programs may only be affected and influenced in an altered state of consciousness, such as meditation, hypnosis, and dream work.

Create a two-line poem that rhymes and states the opposite sentiment to that harmful, negative program that is playing over and over in the subconscious. Make that poem a positive affirmation, avoiding any negative words like no and not and don't and won't. At sunrise and sunset, repeat the poem aloud 21 times for 2 weeks. By that time, the subconscious will have begun to pick it up and will be repeating it, eventually replacing the negative program with the new positive one, and the fear will be removed. The subconscious loves a rhyme and remembers it more easily. Continue the vocal repetitions until you feel that the old program is gone.

Much can be written about fear, but I didn't want to lose the interest of the reader by going into too much detail. As simplistic as it sounds, it is nonetheless true that individual and collective fear is the greatest stumbling block to evolutionary progress for the Race called Mankind, and it will have absolutely no part to play in the emotional expression of those who find that they have landed in the 4th Density New Golden Age (please click on "The New Golden Age On Earth").


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