Lakota Harbinger of the Tribulation Period and the Dimensional Shift

This information has been provided by Those Who are called The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy for this planet, Those Who have guarded and guided and overseen the evolutionary progress of Humankind for millions of years (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). They wish for more people to become aware of the crucial time period that is being approached and experienced. Evolutionary schemes like Schoolhouse Earth undergo cycles of growth and developement, and we are currently at the end of more than one cycle and are approaching the beginning of another.

The universe is septenary in its beingness, and the levels of existence may be divided into 7 Major Density Levels, which, in turn, are divided into 7 Dimensional Levels each. The seven-fold nature is reflective of the means of expression of The Creator of this universe, which initially expressed as a Triplicity and then as a Septenary (The 7 Aspects and Attributes of The Godhead, from which emanate The 7 Cosmic Rays). So, there are 7 Density Levels and The Octave is The Creator. Planet Earth (the consensus reality that we experience) is in the uppermost Dimensional Level (7th) of 3rd Density and is about to transmute into the lowermost Dimensional Level (1st) of 4th Density. It is and it will be a major Dimensional Shift from one Density Level to another. Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has said that Earth has been in 3rd Density (progressing through its 7 Dimensions) for 3.2 billion years.

Concomitantly, the planet is also moving from the conflict-ridden and sorrowful Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age of Peace and Harmony, which will be overseen by The Chohan or Lord of the 7th Ray, Master Rakoczi (called Saint Germain). As seen from a galactic perspective, The Galactic Being (called Hunab Ku by the Mayans and The Great Central Sun in occult teachings) has made the Shift to the next higher level of expression, and the entire galaxy must follow since it is contained within the body of manifestation of The Galactic Being.

There are virtually billions of other sentient civilizations in this galaxy alone, and every single one of those civilizations and their planetary homes have made the Shift to the next higher level of expression except Planet Earth and her Humankind. This is the sole laggard planet in the entire galaxy (believe it or not) which has not done so, and that is one of the reasons why there are so many galactic observers here to watch this tremendous transformation unfold.

It had been expected for centuries (see the Tzolkin or Mayan Calendar) that the end-point space/time nexus for the Shift would be 2012 A.D., and now that the year 2012 has come and gone it is obvious that it didn't happen, but I come to tell you that it was postponed and more than once. I was told by The Masters about the postponement years before 2012 rolled around and included that information on my website. The Source that spoke through Edgar Cayce had it all happening from 1958 to 1998, but obviously that did not happen either. Lord Hilarion of The 5th Ray Department of The Hierarchy has explained that there will be 7 Years of Tribulation prior to a world-wide event which will signal the end of the Piscean Age, and those 7 Years have not even begun as of yet.

The reason I've been given for the postponement by Sanat Kumara and The Solar Logos is that the numbers of humans who will be CAPABLE of making the Dimensional Shift into 4th Density and their Light Bodies are so low that They have extended the time period in an attempt to get higher numbers who will be able to experience the New Golden Age and to express the unconditional love from their 4th Chakras. That is the principle reason for the talks that I give and the 13-step program that They asked me to create. If interested, click on "13 Steps To Paradise".

Although we will be going considerably past the year, 2012, it should be apparent that this planet will not be allowed to hold up the evolutionary progress of billions of other civilizations and the galaxy indefinitely. So, although there has been a slight reprieve in the timing of the Earth Changes and the 7 Years of Tribulation leading up to the Dimensional Shift, the galaxy will not be able to wait much longer for the awakening of the billions of slumberers who are mired in the mundane illusion. Third Density Earth will be uninhabitable after the Shift and, in fact, will be deactivated for a long time, so all the preparations are from WITHIN and no amount of preparation from without will assure one's "survival" (such as weapons, ammunition, food, underground storage of supplies, and the like).

Update:   In December of 2010 I was given an updating of the information regarding the Dimensional Shift of Planet Earth. The Ascended Masters said that the Dark Forces were rapidly gaining ground with Humanity and that the collective greed, hatred, and complacency (about evolution of consciousness) were getting completely out of control. They said that far greater numbers of humans were being influenced toward the polarization of service to self (Dark) than those who were choosing the service-to-others polarity (Light). And They also said that the Dark Brotherhood have been very successful in subverting and reversing many of the programs and plans of The White Brotherhood around the world. Because of these developements, The Planetary Logos (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara) and The Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet have made the decision to bring the timing for the Tribulation Period and the Dimensional Shift back closer to the original 2012 time-frame, generally speaking, to mitigate the losses that are being incurred. The lengthy postponement period, as of the current moment in our time illusion, has been cancelled. It was intuitively felt by the channel for the message (a friend of mine) that the end-point for the Piscean Age and 3rd Density will be around 15 to 20 years past 2012 A.D., and that will be preceded by the Tribulation Period of 7 Years.

These are the criteria for being CAPABLE of making the Dimensional Shift:

1. A more expanded awareness and consciousness of extra-mundane matters which automatically raises one's frequency of being.

2. A balancing and increased open-ness of all the major chakras in the Aetheric Body of the individual.

3. A centeredness of expression in the Anahata Chakra (Heart Center) by comparison with the vast majority of Humanity, centered in the lower 3 chakras.

4. A strong polarization toward the service to others polarity (also called the positive polarity or Light Forces) by comparison with those who serve the self (the negative polarity or Dark Forces).

5. A more open channel to the Higher Self, the Source of one's beingness (called the Soul, the Atman, and the I Am Presence).

Submitted with love on behalf of The White Brotherhood


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