Lord Shiva, First Aspect of The Triune Godhead, Creator and Destroyer, Source of Universal Duality

1. Duality:

The Universe we live in, one of an uncountable number of Universes in the Cosmos of Intelligent Infinity, is a Universe of Duality. For reasons we may never know, The Creative Godhead of this particular Universe chose to express Itself by way of two equal and oppositional Cosmic Principles that would pervade and condition all intelligent life throughout this enormous Playground of Creation.

One of those Divine Principles is that of Unity, Oneness, and Unification. The other Divine Principle is that of Separation, Disunity, and Separativeness. The very creation of the Universe Itself was the beginning half of the balanced duality of expression given to our Universe by its Universal Logos: the Outbreathing of the Universe to be eventually followed by the Inbreathing of the Universe. The Great Manvantara of Creation will inevitably be succeeded and balanced by the Great Pralaya of Dissolution. The Day of Brahma is followed by the Night of Brahma and on and on into infinity as The Creator of this particular Universe comes to know Itself through the interplay and interaction of these two great Governing Principles.

One is no greater nor more important than the other in the scheme encapsulated by the Divine Polarity, which proceeds out of the Divine Will and Purpose of The 1st Aspect of The Triune Godhead, called Lord Shiva and God the Father when personified by the frail human intellect. Shiva, The Creator and The Destroyer, is dancing through time and space to the bi-polar rhythm of The Grand Orchestrator and never pauses and never tires and never fails to advance endlessly toward infinity. (The First Aspect and not The Godhead is called Shiva.)

Shiva exhales and the myriad of life appears. Shiva inhales and all of life disappears. The Respiratory Cycle of our Universe knows no beginning nor no end, because the only moment that is ever experienced in the Mind of God is NOW. The abstract concept that humans reference as "time" is a non-existent concept to all life that is beyond and above the Level of Physicality and which is not burdened with the collectively-constructed thought-form of the time-illusion that has been fashioned by the Race of Man on Earth.

Shiva creates and Shiva destroys, and the Purpose of God is fulfilled. The Universe expands; the Universe contracts. All of Creation is, and all of Creation isn't. All of the Monadic-Sparks of The Creator fragment their Consciousness on the involutional spiral towards physical manifestation, and all of the fragment-aspects coalesce their consciousness into larger and larger Gestalts of Consciousness on the return evolutional spiral to The Source of All. The Big Duality is played out at every Level of Existence because the Divine Principles of Unity and Disunity underlie the very blueprint of our Universe, and it will ever be so until Lord Shiva stops dancing.

Evidence for this duality can be found in every aspect of life on Planet Earth and continually serves as a reminder of the Two Cosmic Principles which govern all life in the Universe, including this troubled speck of cosmic dust well known as the Planet of Sorrows. You have your up and your down, your in and your out, your left and your right. Inspiration follows expiration; day follows night; the moon waxes and wanes. Tides ebb and flow. Centripetal force opposes centrifugal force. There is evolution by comparison with involution. There is male and female; there is yin and yang; there is positivity and negativity; and there is black and white. And, Lord knows, there is conservatism versus liberalism.

Atomic fusion versus atomic fission is well representative of the basic duality of all life. The pairs of opposites confront every human being walking down the long hallway of mirrors called earth-life on this evolutionary scheme as a subconscious reminder of the greatest of choices that each of us is required to make: do we choose to serve the self or do we choose to serve others? There's really no in-between territory of equivocation and choosing not to choose. It has to be one or the other, thus observing and complying with the universal dictum of all sentient life having to freely choose one of the two Cosmic Principles over the other.

2. The Choice:

Do you choose the Principle of Unification, in which case you are choosing to help others more than you help the self? Or do you choose the Principle of Separativeness, which places the paramount importance on the self at the expense of all others? In the first case (Unity), there is an evolutionary growth of orientation towards selflessness and the caring for others. In the second case (Disunity), there is a devolutionary trending toward selfishness and aggrandizement of the self. You either choose to serve others or you choose to serve the self. Those are the two choices that everyone has to make, and there is no escaping the choice. Our Universe of Polarity makes that mandatory. Obviously, most people on this planet are unaware consciously of these two choices, but their behavior and their actions will speak of the choice that has been made, even if subconsciously.

All those (from here or elsewhere in this great big Theater of Operations) who have chosen to be of service to others are automatically aligned with The Universal Brotherhood of Light, Those Who are called The White Brotherhood and The Forces of Light. For those who have eyes to see, it can be observed in the activation of the so-called Heart Chakra (the Anahata) in the Vital Body counterpart of the dense physical body of the incarnate individual (that aetheric doppelganger which serves as the template of the denser body-form). On Planet Earth these Forces have come to be called by many names during the millions of years that They have self-sacrificingly remained to serve the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara and a struggling, recalcitrant Human Race: The Lodge of Masters, Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, Sons of the Fire Mist, The Great White Lodge. (Refer to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?" and "The Ashram Of The King".)

All those who have knowingly or unknowingly chosen to serve the self (in all that that entails) and to place the matters of the self before the matters of others are automatically aligned with (vibrationally) those who are called the Dark Brotherhood, for which we also have many names, such as the Lords of Materiality, the Lodge of Black Adepts, the Black Magicians, the Sons of Belial (during Atlantean Times), and the Lords of the Dark Face. It goes without saying that none of these designations have any reference to skin color. As a matter of fact, the terms Light and Dark are a trifle melodramatic in their descriptive zeal, and yet they are so often used and recognized that I will continue to employ them as a matter of convenience.

3. Dark & Light:

These two Forces, the Dark and the Light, stand opposed to each other throughout the entirety of this Universe, and there will forever be an oppositional dynamic interaction between the two as long as Shiva is dancing on the Outbreath Phase of our Creator God's Life Breathing Cycle. (On the Inbreath Phase or Pralaya, the Will of God, as personified in Shiva, implodes the Universe unto Itself, and all is perfectly quiescent and non-manifest. There is undisturbed Divine Repose.) We can never know why The Universal Logos chose to experience two embattling Sides of Itself, but it should be emphasized that one Side is not loved any more than the other Side, for both are equally-extended expressions of that Universal Source. The White Brotherhood is no more favored than the Dark Brotherhood. That frequently takes some time to mentally sink in.

However, before you get too sentimental and complacent about the Dark Brothers of the Universe, I should mention that their modus operendi and prime objective is CONTROL. In order to serve the self and satisfy the self and aggrandize the self, they must acquire power for the self; and that power is derived from bringing others under their control and domination. The more things, the more people, the more sentient civilizations that they bring under their iron-fisted control, the more power that they perceive and experience for the self. And the greater the degree of the control, the greater the enslavement of all those who have fallen under their domination. And the greater the enslavement, the greater is the loss of freedom and ability to exercise one's free will.

The Dark Ones seek to impose their will on all others in order to gain power for the self, and that especially (though not exclusively) includes any beings who are of the opposite polarity and aligned with The Forces of Light. Those facing the peril of being enslaved and controlled must ever do battle with the enslavers because, once their freedom is lost, they can no longer choose the way of evolution on the return spiral to The Godhead. Their progress is impeded; they are kept "under thumb"; they must do the bidding of their overlords. Those who serve others can never give way to those who serve the self, because the loss of their free will can never be allowed, and consequently there will ever be battle (at many levels) between the two Polarities.

4. The Negative Polarity:

Now that some general statements have been made, perhaps we may move on to some particulars regarding the subject of this enterprise: the Dark Brotherhood. They are present throughout the Universe and choose many physical and astral forms for their manifest expression. One of the more powerful and aggressive arms of this controlling polarity is the grouping called the Reptilians, called thusly because of their resemblance to the alligators and crocodiles on this planet. I mention them because of their heavy involvement with Earth's Humanity for the past 400,000 years and in order to link the reader with the article that I've written about them called "The Reptilian Conquerors" (click on link). They are a force to be reckoned with throughout the billions of galaxies in this Grand Theater of Operations, and The Forces of Light are doing that reckoning pre-emptively, preventatively, and powerfully.

Acknowledging that this Brotherhood (Dark) is as universally ubiquitous as its Counterpart (Light), let us narrow this discussion down to the Planet Earth and this solar system for the moment. The Dark Ones have had their interfering involvement here for much longer than the few hundred thousand years of the Lizzies (as The Pleiadians like to call the Reptilian Ones). Their manipulating schemes with the Human Kingdom can be traced back for millions of years to the 3rd Root Race on the Motherland of Mu in the currently-named Pacific Ocean. That Race has been called the Lemurian since the 19th Century and was the beginning of the ensouled, individuated Human Race as we know it today.

5. Sanat Kumara:

For the sake of historical clarification, let me briefly side-track here to say that Lord Sanat Kumara and His Lords of the Flame came into the Earth Scheme from the Planet Venus (at higher levels than dense physical) 18 million years ago to turn Earth's devolutionary spiralling around. The mental principle was infused into the quiescent mental bodies of the most advanced species of anthropoidal animal-men, and one of the most important Cosmic Initiations of The Planetary Logos (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara) took place. In the Akashic Records it is called the Individualization of Man. A tiny spark of mental activity was initiated; the species of nascent Humankind became individually ensouled for the first time; the incarnational cycle of Souls in sentient form began (on Earth); and the dominant anthropoidal species went from a group consciousness (as present in all animals) to an individualized consciousness, the first awareness of an I.

The Race that was to become Man became individualized, one of the seminal events in the history of the planet, all made possible by the arrival of Sanat Kumara and the 103 Lords of the Flame Who were of such an Initiate Status as to know the secrets for commanding the elementals and Devas of the Mental Plane to make possible the insertion of the mental principle into the previously inactive mental bodies of that large group of animal-men on Mu, the continent long ago submerged beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Great Event occurred during the 4th Sub-Race of the 3rd Root Race of Man, the very middle point of the millions and millions of years in the developement of our 3rd Race.

Let me side-track just a little bit more to make sure that everyone understands that this planetary sphere that we call Earth undergoes 7 Incarnations or Rounds. We are currently in the Middle or 4th Round. In each Round there are 7 Root Races of the sentient species that we have come to call Humankind. Each Root Race has 7 Sub-Races, and each Sub-Race has 7 branches. Mu was the motherland for the 3rd Race, just as Atlantis was the breeding ground for the 4th Race, and Modern Man is the 5th Sub-Race of the 5th Root Race. The Lemurians perfected the physical form. The Atlanteans perfected the emotional nature and the astral form. The Aryans (not just Caucasian) will perfect the mental nature of the Race.

I hope that this isn't too confusing, but not only does our Planetary Logos (The One in Whom we live and move and have our being) undergo 7 Incarnations as a manifest sphere of evolution, but our Earth is one of a grouping or Chain of 7 Earths, each of which has its own 7 Rounds or Incarnations. Our planet, in its 4th Round, is the 4th Globe in the Chain of 7. These 49 Globes would not be at the same dimensional level and would be undetectable and unknowable at the Dense Physical Level. This used to be one of the secrets of Initiation until given out by H.P. Blavatsky in the latter part of the 19th Century.

The other digression I find necessary is that our solar system has 7 Major Planes of Existence within its ring-pass-not. From lower to higher they are: Physical, Astral, Manasic (Mental), Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic. Each Major Plane has 7 sub-planes, and the 7 Major Planes of our solar system are incorporated into the lowest of the 7 Cosmic Planes.

6. Lemuria:

We can now return to the Lemurian Race and the interference received from the Dark Ones millions of years ago, which was in the form of corrupting the newly-developing species of Man, which had no more than the dim spark of a mind and little reasoning power. The goal of those Teachers Who incarnated from the Ranks of Earth's first Spiritual Hierarchy was the perfecting of the control of the physical form (which had only a rudimentary autonomic nervous system back then). All the teachings related to the right discipline and right activity of the dense physical body, and Hatha Yoga was a prominant part of the instructional program in their Temple Schools. Additionally, the aetheric body of the species (location of the chakras and nadis) had to become more intimately integrated with the dense physical body, and the exercises promoted by the Initate-Teachers were designed to accomplish that.

During the millions of years of evolution of the physical form in the 3rd Root Race, the only two major chakras to come into functioning activity were the lowest two, the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra, and those only very slowly and very gradually. The Root Chakra, the first to activate, would provide the will-to-live, survivability, the adaptability of the physical form to varying conditions and environments, and its energetic field of influence precipitated what we now call the adrenal glands in the physical form, which would secrete hormones into the bloodstream in moments of crisis to improve chances of survival (by fight or flight). The adrenals became the dense physical counterpart to the aetheric-physical Root Chakra. The Race survived and thrived.

The Sacral Chakra had to have a modest degree of energy transmission from the start of the 3rd Race in order to assure the perpetuation of the species, because, as we know, the energy of sexual attraction and sexual desire is sent by this chakra to the organs of reproduction, and they, in turn, notify the occupant of the body of the urgency of their need. The dense physical counterparts of the aetheric-physical Sacral Chakra coalesced into manifestation as the gonads in the male and female (testes and ovaries), which produced the specialized cells (gametes) for the species' propogation (spermatazoa and ova).

The intent of the Teachers, Who were guided telepathically from Shamballa, was to slowly awaken this procreational chakra only to the extent that it would be used as a stimulus to the urge to reproduce and continue to enlarge the numbers of the Race. Later goals for the energies brought through by this chakra were to transmute them and carry them upwards to the Throat Chakra for a higher form of creative activity, but the 3rd Race had not the mental activity nor capacity for such a major step. (Link to "Shamballa".)

The Dark Ones intervened in the steady progress of the Race and the Plan of Sanat Kumara, as is ever their proclivity to do, because their purpose is to impose their own will on free-will systems of evolution and to dismantle the plans and agendas of their opponents in the Great Polar Divide, The Great White Brotherhood. By the work of Black Magicians on the lower mental subplanes who are in the higher echelons of their own Hierarchy, they succeeded in prematurely stimulating the Sacral Chakras of the 3rd Race beyond all orderly use for the propogation of the species. This happened in the latter Sub-Races of the Lemurian and carried over into the Lemuro-Atlantean Transition to the 4th Race and even into the early Sub-Races of the Atlanteans.

The effect of this overstimulation and dominant energetic influence on the Lemurians was to catapult their sex drives into areas never intended by The Guides and Guardians of the Race. Sexual obsession, aberrancy, and perversion became commonplace, and since the Race had little reasoning ability with its infantile mind, there was no deterrent to the satisfaction of the impulses arising from the overworked and hyperactive Sacral Chakra. This was the era, during later Lemurian and early Atlantean times, when Beastiality was running rampant on the planet, the time which was recorded and passed on to us in ancient scriptures which somehow survived the global cataclysms of eras gone by.

Poor, mindless, hybrid monsters were to be found everywhere on the planet, and they bred more of their own kind on and on through untold millennia. Some were enslaved; some were kept as pets; some were sexually assaulted by the sexually supercharged members of the Race of Man and bore more progeny; some found remote seclusion and multiplied. The Lodge of Black Magicians were very successful in thwarting and delaying the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara for this evolutionary scheme, and this is only one such example of their meddling techniques.

7. Magic:

I use the term, Dark Magician, because these Initiates of the Left-Hand Path have studied and excelled in their own Mystery Schools wherein are taught the physical, emotional, and mental disciplines to acquire powers that place at their bidding the Elemental Forces and the lower Deva Builders (but none of the Higher Devas) for the accomplishment of their nefarious ends. They have been taught by their Higher Adepts the rituals, the words of power, the rhythmic chants, the thought-form making potential of visualization, the use of the Ajna (Brow) Chakra, and, most importantly, the sustained projection of the will in commanding the elementals and lower devas to do their dirty work for them.

This is what is called in the English Language magic by those who are knowledgeable, and both Sides of the Equation (Black and White Adepts) follow the same procedures and use the same methods learned in the Mystery Schools of Initiation on Planet Earth but also throughout the Universe. The biggest difference between the two Schools is in intention. For the Left-Hand Path the intention is self-centered and quite often harm-producing. For the Right-Hand Path the intention is for the good of all motivated by Love. The Deva Kingdom responds to the call of both Sides (if all the magic/creational steps are followed correctly), but the Dark Side may command no higher than the lower devas, who are essentially non-thinking entities, whereas The Light Side is able to gain the cooperation of the Higher Devas of greater power because They will approach only those who emanate the energy of love. The Black Magician has no love, rejects the energy of love, and closes off the Heart Chakra to be certain that it doesn't interfere with his selfish desires or destructive acts.

It was magic of the Left-Hand Path that augmented the activity of the Sacral Chakra of the Race of Man and which led to the population of the Earth by Soul-less, mindless animals that were never intended to be a part of the Animal Kingdom and which took millions of years to eradicate naturally from the intended evolutionary scheme. However, one exception has come down to us here in this 5th Phase of the Aryan Race, and those are the great Pithecoid Apes. They are the very distant ancestors of the bestiality perversion of the earlier Races and serve as a reminder to the Collective Unconscious of the current Race of Man. The paleontologists have it all wrong. They were not an off-shoot from a common ancestor with Man. They were a direct descendent from a hybrid animal-man that was begotten by a much earlier version of Mankind.

This period in the evolutionary march of Mankind on Earth was the time for the beginning of the venereal or sexually-transmitted diseases. It was a lesson more than a karmic consequence for the Race, because their reasoning faculty and mental activity had barely been awakened, even well into the Atlantean Race, and the lesson was designed and implemented by The Lords of Karma for the solar system. Like children, the Lemurians could hardly be held fully responsible for their perverse actions, but they could come to recognize, with their very own eyes, the results of their sexual congress with animals when the diseases took their toll. Nevertheless, by the time of the 7th and final Sub-Race of the Lemurians, nearly the entire Race was riddled with venereal disease, and the micro-organisms survived in the soil from the decayed bodies of all the animals which were likewise infected (for the most part, humans used cremation). These were passed on through the 4th Root Race to our Aryan Race.

8. Atlantis:

Then came the Atlantean Race, the 4th Major Phase of developement in the Human Kingdom on Earth, and they were likewise tampered with and corrupted by the Dark Brotherhood operating from the Manasic Planes. This scheme of interference was even more devastating than what they had done to the Lemurians, and the Great Plan mentally projected by Sanat Kumara to His Subordinates in The Spiritual Hierarchy underwent even further major set-backs. (If interested, go to "Atlantis And The 4th Root Race".)

It was intended that the 4th Root Race would be the Human Race for the creation, developement, coordination, and perfection of the astral/emotional body in Man. Planet Earth was and is a unique experiment in the galaxy for the expression of emotions, and the emotional nature would be contained within the subtle energy field that we call the astral body. It is also the source of all desires, the desires of the lower self for the gratification of the self. You can see how this would be just too tempting for the Dark Ones to ignore. (Link to "The Astral Body".)

The Atlantean Race had a life-span of millions of years to work its way through the 7 Sub-Races and contribute to the emergence of the Aryan Race. It was the task of Earth's Hierarchy and its incarnate Teachers to foster and bring into fully-functioning activity the emotional/desire nature, not only to comply with the galactic choice for emotionality on Earth but to progressively enhance and solidify the developement of self-consciousness, which had been slowly growing in the previously group-conscious Lemurians (before Individualization). Self-centeredness was a necessary step in the evolutionary advance of the Human Kindgom (to the opportunistic delight of the Dark Brothers). It was a perfect opportunity for the Service-to Self Polarity to interject their agenda.

The Major Spinal Chakra which transmits the emotional/desire energies of the astral body is the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Manipura. The mind, which becomes attracted or attached to something (or someone), sends its impulses into the astral body, and these are fed as desires through the Manipura to the personality occupant of the body. Energy follows thought, and the desire energies proceed from mental body to astral body to aetheric body to dense physical body, the personality being the recipient of all of them.

The chakra to be awakened by the Atlantean Race was to be the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the subtle body to be formed and organized and integrated with the physical (both dense and aetheric bodies) and perfected was the astral body. Both are intimately connected; one doesn't function without the other; they are interdependent. It was the task and duty of the Hierarchical Teachers in their Temples to bring the Manipura Chakra into functioning activity, raising the congested energies of the Sacral Chakra up to the Solar Plexus and to then foster the incipient desire nature and the emotions, which would aid in improving the sense of self and individuality in the Race. They taught the use of the positive emotions (all based on love), but it wouldn't take long for the negative emotions (all based on fear) to come into play. (Link to "A Basic Primer On The Chakras".)

As soon as the emotional/desire nature of Humankind came into existence, along with the astral body, the Astral Plane was created. It had never existed before then and is non-existent in civilizations without emotions anywhere in the Universe. With this new developement of self-orientation and a planned expansion of the astral/desire nature, the Dark Magicians had their un-paralleled chance, and they struck with a plan which would lead to the downfall and destruction of the Atlantean Race (with the exception of the remnants of the 4th Race, who are known as the Orientals and the American Indians).

Why did The Planetary Logos and The Council of Shamballa allow it to happen? In a 3rd Density scheme of evolution, such as Planet Earth, both Polarities of Light and Dark are operational throughout the Universal Theater of Operations. (4th Density Spheres have only a single Polarity to facilitate greater crystallization of the polarization to either Positive or Negative.) And all free-will schemes allow the free interplay of the two opposing Sides. However, it should be borne in mind that there are plans within plans within plans in the Mind of Lord Sanat Kumara as received from His Higher Self, The Planetary Logos, and the difficulties (an understatement) of both the 3rd and 4th Root Races must have been taken into account as the Divine Plan for Earth was downloaded to the receptive minds of The Great White Lodge to bring to fruition. The Dark Adepts have their part to play in the Grand Purpose of The Planetary Logos, a Purpose which can only to known to The Highest Initiates in The Shamballa Council.

In a simple way of putting it, there is a reason for the Darkies to be here, a reason that is undoubtedly obscure even to them. Shifting into a grander and higher perspective, the two Sides of the Dueling Duality might be considered as action figures in the Stage Play of Earth, which has been written and directed by The Planetary Puppeteer Himself, The Logos. Free will is operative, but the downflow of Divine Will from Shamballa (the most powerful Force in the Universe) conditions and influences all freely-made choices by all life impacted by its Fiery Presence. Shiva knows how to dance on both Sides of the Polar Divide without making His Presence known. There may be a Law of Free Will in this particular Universe, but there's no Law against the subliminal influencing of choice by the use of the 7 Ray Energies originally emanating from The Triune Godhead.

Be that as it may, the Black Magicians on the lower Manasic Plane took command (by magical means) of the astral elementals on the newly-formed Astral Plane and excited their overactivity to manifest as unbridled desire in the developing Atlantean Race by way of their astral bodies, which, in turn, overactivated the Solar Plexus Chakra far beyond the original intentions of The Hierarchical Guides, and the 4th Race became, for the most part, a Race beset by emotional dominance, selfish desires and ambitions, and orientation toward the Service-to-Self Polarity. As the millennia passed, the Manipura became more and more dominant, the desires more and more insatiable, and the emotions more and more negative (greed, hatred, vengefulness, lust for power, envy, spitefulness, and what have you).

This refers to the great majority of the masses. The Teachers had their Temples and Schools of Initiation, and their disciples and Initiates could be considered as the Flowering of the Race. They were taught the raising of the kundalini fire from the overworked Manipura in a transmutational ascent to the Anahata, above the diaphragm, so that they would express the love nature and put to rest the desirous/emotional demands of the Manipura (Solar Plexus). The mind principle was also stimulated in these disciples, and the intellect saw its early awakening, but the masses were essentially non-thinking, instinctive, and living hedonistically in the now moment.

The masses became unknowingly aligned with the Dark Side and, because of vibrational resonance, could be manipulated and possessed (individually and in groups). The combination of rampant desirousness, heightening selfishness, and a still very active Sacral Chakra assured the sexual excesses that they were known for, and they continued the behavior of the Lemurians in mating with the animals and mindless hybrids to produce further aberrencies of Nature.

They were astral in consciousness as a generality. The Astral Planes of desire, emotion, and illusion were their conscious and unconscious Stomping Grounds. All of their world was caught up in astral consciousness and astral energies. They were thusly a naturally psychic Race, because the lower form of psychism is mediated through the Solar Plexus Chakra and naturally accesses the Astral Worlds. In other words, they were naturally clairvoyant and clairaudient to the illusory panorama of the Astral sub-Planes (of which there are 7). In fact, as their astral sensitivity increased over time (due to the over-taxed Manipura), the entire Astral World stood revealed to them, and their minds were not sophisticated enough to comprehend what they were seeing, hearing, and sensing. This precipitated crisis after crisis because it was all illusion and emotionally-charged thought-forms that had no basis in Reality down in physicality.

They were also naturally a Race of Magicians because of their psychic sensitivities and familiarity with astral phenomena, and they were easily manipulated by the Black Magicians on the Astral Planes (subservient to the more powerful Dark Lords on the Mental Planes). Magical techniques and powers came to be widely known to the masses as they slowly leaked out of the great Mystery Schools of Atlantis over the millennia, as unqualified disciples were dismissed or more advanced Initiates were turned to the Dark Side. Due to their self-oriented nature, the masses were naturally aligned with the Black Magicians, and, in fact, many were telepathically controlled or possessed by them.

The elemental forces (earth, water, air, and fire) plus the lower devas were used so extensively and so widely (by black magical means) that the Kingdoms of Nature were becoming unbalanced, and their evolutional path was being deviated, which alarmed the Halls of Shamballa. By magic means and the manipulation of involutional forces (urged on by Dark Forces), the Atlanteans exacted revenge on enemies, burned down palaces and family estates, stole anything they so desired, caused illnesses and death to others, and reached heights of acquisitiveness and decadence not seen since (but approximated during the Roman Empire).

The Temple Adepts and their disciple-students (of varying Initiate Degrees) were the physical representatives of The White Brotherhood of Planet Earth and were spread throughout the great land mass that served as the incubating ground for the 4th Root Race, a land that only much later we came to call Atlantis. The Black Lodge of Adepts, operating primarily from the Astral Planes, had control of the masses and exerted that control through the Solar Plexus stimulation and ritualistic commands that forced the astral elementals of their astral bodies to perpetuate and intensify the feeling of desirousness in service to the self and to magnify the spectrum of emotionality as expressed through the lens of self-centeredness (the selfish, negative emotions).

The Left-Handed and Right-Handed Paths continued to diverge as "time" went on, and the oppositional tension between the two great Mystery Schools further increased. The Initiates of the Darkened Path were referred to as the Sons of Belial, and Those of the Lighted Path were called The Sons of the Law of One, because that Universal Law epitomized their philosophical standpoint. Namely, the Law of One states that there is only Unity/Oneness and that all manifest life in Creation is extended forth from that High Estate of Oneness and will return at the close of the Great Cycle (or Day of Brahma). The Light Initiates recognized the Divine in the other-self and sought to help all others, knowing that they were all actually one in essence. The Dark Initiates rejected that concept and honored the Divine within the self, seeking to gain greater power for the God within by controlling all others for their own good (believing they stood deluded).

As with The High Initiates of Light, the Upper Echelons of Darkness were also referred to as Adepts and Lords (when translated into English). In our modern time, Adepts are 4th Degree Initiates, and The Chohans or Lords are 6th Degree Initiates (e.g. The Lords of the 7 Rays) of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. The Ascended Masters are 5th Degree Initiates. The most powerful of the Dark Lords during Atlantean Times (and right up to today) were existent upon and operated from the 4 lower Mental sub-Planes and were called the Lords of the Dark Face. Their Counterparts in the big standoff that turned violent were called The Lords of the Shining Countenance in records from the Ancient Archives. As mentioned before, the Dark Side had its own hierarchical structure based on power and control, the Mental Plane Magicians lording it over (so to say) the Astral Plane Magicians. The latter followed telepathic commands and exercised their power over the selfish masses and their power-hungry leaders.

As might be expected, it came to war between the two diametrically-opposed Sides, and the war was fought primarily on the Astral Planes, according to Master Djwhal Khul, but it also had its physical counterpart, which ran in cycles of embattled confrontation and uneasy truce, another consequence of duality. As might be imagined, it is pretty difficult to condense millions of years down into a few paragraphs, and I have only skimmed the surface of those portions of the Akashic Records having been opened to an awakening Humanity by Those Who Know (The Masters of Wisdom).

Keep in mind, however, that there is no passage of time on the Astral or Mental Planes (or any level beyond physicality). What appeared to be taking place on Physical Earth over a long period of "time" remained in the only moment that exists in the Mind of God on those Higher Levels (Astral and Mental), and that moment ever remained NOW to the Black and the White Magicians alike. The linear, analytical mind has difficulty with the concept because it has embraced the thought-form illusion of time on this planet, and it functions linearly. The concept has to be approached with the abstract, higher mind and the intuition. (Link to "Time Is An Illusion".)

9. Termination:

The physical, astral, and mental warring of the two Sides of powerful Adepts was the essential cause of the destruction of the Atlantean Homeland by the watery elementals, which was symbolic for the 4th Race having become inundated by their emotional nature, a lesson retained in the Collective Unconscious of Man. The energies employed by the Initiate Combatants and the extensive misuse of the Elemental Kingdom by the Dark Side had thoroughly upset the balance of all Nature and Her Kingdoms (Mineral, Plant, and Animal), and the Plan of Sanat Kumara was in jeopardy. It was decided in The Great Council of Shamballa to bring an end to most of the Atlantean Race and its landmass since the emotional/desire nature had fully matured, the astral bodies and Astral Planes were fully constructed, and the Aryan (5th) Race was being developed and getting established.

In 3 stages Sanat Kumara released the "Shamballa Force" (the 1st Ray Energy of Will and Power) to The Manu, The Great Lord on the 1st Ray of Earth's Hierarchy, Who used its destructive aspect to commandeer the earth and water elementals to do His bidding (by the time-tested methods we call magic). You could say that The Manu imposed His Powerful Will on Earth's Involutional Forces and directed their actions by visualized thought-forms. The great Atlantean Landmass (originally incorporating parts of Europe and the Americas) was broken up and plunged beneath the roiling oceanic waters in 3 stages (which spanned 100's of 1000's of years) by the shifting of the tectonic plate upon which it rested. After the first massive sinking, 7 very large islands remained (as written about in the Hindu Scriptures). After the second sinking, only the Island of Poseidonis remained. And then that remnant, too, was sunk to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean 12,000 years ago.

The enormous cataclysms were world-wide events, shifting other tectonic plates: raising lands, sinking lands, inundating much of the planet. The legends of the "Flood" which come down to us from posterity are remembrances only of the watery destruction of Poseidonis, the relatively small remaining portion of the Atlantean Homeland. Within the time illusion all these 3 phases appeared to take hundreds of thousands of years, but from the viewpoint of Astral and Manasic Levels, it happened in no time (I hope that's not too confusing), because "time" had not passed. (I emphasize this because the Termination of Atlantis would be registered as one event to The Shamballa Council overseeing it.)

In dense physicality Atlantis came and Atlantis went; its 7 Sub-Races developed, matured, and perfected the sentient/emotional nature of the Human Race; then having contributed genetically to the nascent 5th Race of Aryans to produce a transitional hybrid of Atlanto-Aryan stock, it left a few scattered pockets of the 4th Race behind to complete its dharmic path and tidy up any karmic residues (in the Far East and the Americas). The evolutionary imperative was handed off to the Aryans just as it had received that imperative from the Lemurians. The Forces of Darkness had made their play (at multiple levels) to obstruct the divinely-inspired Plan of The Planetary Logos, and The Forces of Light confronted them with all the powers at their disposal on the lower Planes. In the words of one Master, The White Lodge managed to triumph but with the merest of margins.

10. The 5th Race:

We may rest assured that the Polarity which ever serves the self did not go away. They have remained with the planet and the Race of Man through all the 5 Sub-Races of the Aryans, welcoming the reinforcements that slipped through the time/space portals 400,000 years ago, the mighty Reptilians (see "The Reptilian Conquerors"). It is they who have made of this sphere a Planet of Sorrows by their ability to manipulate the astral elementals in the astral forms of our Sentient Race and make the self-centered desires and the negative emotions the dominant form of expression to this very day. The great majority of the masses are astral in their consciousness (compared with the mentally-polarized: the intelligentsia and the hierarchical disciples) and are still predominantly functioning in their Solar Plexus Chakras, hence the Dark Brothers have an easy time of it to promote their agenda of divisiveness, hatred, and especially fear.

11. The Black Magicians:

What more may I elucidate of these Brothers of the Left-Handed Way? They are also called Forces and Lords of Materialism because the potency of their powers is felt most strongly upon the Material Planes, the 7 Sub-Planes of the Physical Plane (the lower 3 are dense-physical, and the upper 4 are aetheric-physical). They have chosen the Way of Involution which spirals "downward" and away from The Universal Logos in order to gain more power for the individual/separative self (compared with the Way of Evolution which spirals "upward" in return to The Source of All).

In this solar system, they are confined to the Physical, Astral, and lower 4 Mental Sub-Planes. Beyond this solar ring-pass-not I cannot say. The Entities we call Souls and Solar Angels are at home on the upper Mental Sub-Planes. 4th Degree Adepts and 5th Degree Ascended Masters occupy (in consciousness) the Buddhic Plane, and 6th Degree Initiates are found on the Atmic Plane of Being (in this solar system).

The Black Magician is without the love impulse, the love energy, by choice and has closed off the instrument for the expression of love, the Anahata Chakra. Likewise, any downflow of guidance or love energy from the Soul has been blocked by the lower ranks of this Brotherhood that still have Souls and who still incarnate. In their long incarnational journey of polarizing more and more to self-service by leading increasingly cruel, sadistic, hedonistic, and selfish lives, the Soul eventually casts off the fragment-aspect of Itself that refuses to be influenced by its nature (not an easy decision). Its energies are incompatible, and it cannot be re-absorbed by the Solar Angel, and it remains on the Astral Planes after the last physical lifetime has ended.

This information comes from a Master of the Wisdom Who says that these Black Magicians on the Astral Planes (also the Mental Planes) are Soul-less. They no longer have a Higher Self or I Am Presence, which well accounts for the extremity of their self-centeredness, their insatiable lust for power and control, and the evil means they employ to accomplish their goals. They incarnate no more and thusly are non-physical. These are the true Black Magicians who are, yet, accountable to the schemes and will-power of their masters on the Mental Planes. They do their work through human individuals and groups who have a vibrational resonance and rapport with them due to strong polarization toward service of the self, no matter what the cost to others.

These Astral Darkies have no interest in the incarnate individual unless that person is important and influencial from the standpoint of human society, and this applies to both sides of the Polar Divide. If the self-preoccupied person has a strong physical vehicle, an analogous vibration, and a developed mind, possession is the method of choice. It may be for a short time to accomplish some heinous act (such as a mass murder followed by suicide) or it may be for a lifetime of evil-doing, such as being the dictator of a country and instigating a reign of terror and bloodshed.

In the case of the opposite polarity, the intelligent disciple on the Path of Discipleship to a Master or especially on the Path of Initiation would be in danger of attack, and the more the light radiated by the person from the chakras, the bigger the target they become. The Dark Brother, being at Astral Level, is able to scrutinize the aetheric body and astral body chakras as well as the auric envelope. They know who is advanced and who is not, and the attack may occur physically, emotionally, or mentally; it may incorporate all 3 aspects of the personality if a high-value target.

These Black Magicians are ruthless, unscrupulous, and merciless. It does not matter to them how much suffering they cause, how much pain is inflicted, how agonizing any ordeal may be to man, woman, or child. There is no conscience because there is no Soul. The loss of life is nothing but a means to an end, a nefarious and despicable end. They will stop at nothing to get their way and further their power. They are fierce and relentless and unswerving in their evil pursuits, and most of them are on the 1st Ray (Divine Will), so that their force of will and determination and drive pushes them through almost any obstacles on the two Planes of their greatest power, the Physical and the Astral.

12. Material Power:

Because of the Law of Free Will (fully implemented in this solar system), which The Great White Lodge never violates, The Ascended Masters and Adepts of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy must do their work through humans who are incarnated on this planet, all the many students and disciples who are telepathically receptive and responsive to the ideas projected by their Teachers on the Higher Planes. The Higher Ups also wisely, selectively, and discriminatively disseminate the energies of the 7 Rays to the 4 lower Kingdoms of Life on the planet (Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human) in accordance with the Plan of Sanat Kumara, and the human responses to those energies are hoped to be in furtherance of that Plan. (Link to "The Seven Rays Explained".)

This is an important point to grasp for a better understanding of these two Hierarchies of opposing Polarities. The Dark Side intentionally violates the free-will imperative in order to impose its will on others it is determined to control. This is why it is so apparently powerful and successful at the lower Levels of Physical and Astral. It directly interferes and intervenes in the affairs of Mankind by a controlling possession of the influencial humans who are vibrationally aligned with their self-serving interests, and it directly attacks those beacons of light who are working to further various aspects of the Divine Plan on behalf of The White Brotherhood (those who don't have adequate protection).

The Lighter Side may only work indirectly with and through its incarnate emissaries, and It may only indirectly influence the Race by the employment of 7 Ray Energies as guided by The Council of Shamballa. Through violation of Laws the Darkies are hands on; through integrity and wisdom The Lighties are hands off. There is direct intervention by Darkness, and there is indirect inspiration by Lightness (unless They incarnate and walk among us, which meets the requirements of the Law).

This is the often-speculated (but never resolved) reason why the Dark Forces appear to have more power and more success at the Physical Level, such as on our planet, and why they are considered as the Forces of Materiality; but remember that it is in appearance only and not in fact. The power is as ephemeral as the physicality of all things, which return to dust and the reservoir of elemental substance. The power is fleeting, and The Forces of Light hold the Higher Ground. It is as though the Side of Involution has been surrounded and imprisoned in the lower levels of existence, the Physical, Astral, and lower Mental Planes -- at least in this solar system. The Evolutional Side has forces at its disposal which are beyond the imaginings of the Dark Lords but which They choose not to employ at the lower levels to allow the Dualistic Plan to work its way out.

13. Harmony through Conflict:

You see, the primary energy that governs the Human Race is the 4th Ray of "Harmony through Conflict" (link to "The Fourth Ray"). The purpose for this is known only to Sanat Kumara and His Great Council. It is a secret revealed at the Higher Initiations. All the other Rays (and their energies) are cyclical in their influence (for centuries or millennia), but the 4th Ray has been present through the eons of the unfoldment of the Races. Harmony from the dueling dualities must be achieved through all the conflicts presented by the oppositional dynamism of the two sides of the Polar Divide. Harmony (the higher aspect of the Ray) comes when the personality is fully under the control of the Soul. Until then, Conflict (the lower aspect of the Ray) in individual and collective Man is precipitated by the endless pairs of opposites presented by life.

I see a direct relationship between the 4th Ray and the energetic pull of the conflicting Polarities (Dark & Light) on the Human Race. This Ray may have constructed the battlefield upon which the warring Sides were to meet in head-to-head confrontation. A Race governed by the energy of conflict would seem like the perfect opportunity for Souls to experience the duality set forth by The Creator, and that 4th Ray energy would be a catalyst for the great and invevitable choice of being either on the Side of Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. But then (chuckle), The Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara) hasn't taken me into His confidence quite yet.

14. Expose':

One of the objectives of this little piece has been to expose the very existence of all those who are called the Dark Brotherhood and to explain what they're really about. The majority of the Human Race are still in the dark (so to say) about these Evil Forces of Malicious Intent and have no idea that they exist and do not associate the horrors that have taken place on this planet with anything other than "human nature". Well, believe me, it is not in the nature of the human organism to have perpetrated all the uncountable acts of evil-doing in the historical record. They were planned, organized, induced, and executed by the Black Magicians of the Manasic Plane acting through their Astral Lieutenants, who virtually used their possessed minions to carry out the programs that struck terror and fear into the hearts of the Human Family.

Their agenda, in a nutshell, has been to delay, obstruct, or thwart the manifold aspects of the Divine Plan pursued by The Great White Brotherhood, to generate the energy of fear on the planet to the greatest extent possible because it bolsters their astral nature and lowers the frequency of the Race, and to continually add to the numbers of the Service-to-Self Polarity as many human incarnates as possible for the self-satisfaction of greater control and greater power.

All the evil personages of human history were under their control by possession or by subliminal suggestion (unrecognized by the conscious mind). All the absolute horrors that man has committed against man can be attributable to these Evil-doers of the Universe. The list would be exhaustive if drawn all the way out. If the events were divisive in nature, in concordance with the Cosmic Principle of Separation, then you may be sure that they were instigated by the Dark Ones acting through their human intermediaries: from Chinese Emperors to Roman Emperors to dictators and tyrants and iron-fisted autocrats to bloodletters and haters and fear-mongerers the world over. These weren't humans that just took the wrong turn; they were given that turn by their masters (knowingly or unknowingly).

Hatreds between tribes, conflicts between ethnic groups, wars between nation-states, battles over lines on a map, bigotry of racial groupings, religious wars and conflicts, the institution of slavery, ethnic cleansing, and a whole slew of etceteras were all instigated by the Dark Brothers sporting and delighting in their Astral Abode.

The war profiteers, the wealthiest of the Earth, the usurpers of the natural resources of the planet, the backroom plotters of military intervention, the drug cartels, the power-hungry politicians, governmental leaders, and aristocrats through the ages have all been under the influence or downright control of the Denizens of Darkness.

Greed is a most helpful quality to attract their attention, and the unbridled obsession for wealth, power, status, and material possessions will invoke them into your field of influence (and likely into your life).

They infiltrate and corrupt institutions designed for the upliftment of the human spirit and the vibrational frequency of the Race, such as the religions founded on the inspired teachings of High Initiates sent forth from the Ranks of Earth's Hierarchy: Zoroaster, Lao Tzu, Kung Fu Tzu, Siddhartha Gautama, Shankaracharya, Moses, Jesus, Mahomet. Where can be found strict hierarchical structure, power, amassed wealth, unbending dogma, and doctrinaire policies all in the name of the Blessed Teacher or God, then the interventional grip of the Dark Side is in evidence.

They've been no more successful than in the modern-day entertainment and music industries, which obviously impact the world. In the former, their strategy can be seen in the all-pervasive violence that is portrayed in movies, television programs, and video games, a violence that does not go unnoticed by impressionable minds, a violence that has practically come to be accepted as the norm. They telepathically impress (if not possess) the minds of writers, directors, and producers who are self-servingly in alignment with the Separative Principle and in energetic resonance with their ideas and thought-forms, thus being susceptible to mental manipulation.

The same holds true for the strikingly-influencial music industry and no genre moreso than the one called "Hip Hop", which is more angry, rhythmic shouting than music. It is saturated with the energies that Darkness holds dear to itself and carries those energies to willing recipients the world over. It is as successful in lowering the vibrational frequency of the Race as any program put forth by the Black Lodge. When the uplifting components of melody, harmony, and rhythm were gradually whittled down to a pounding, overpowering beat to the neglect of the higher components, then the sacral chakras were excited to overactivity, and sexual stimulation assured its popularity. Beauty and grace and loving sentiments in musical expression slowly descended in a regretful spiral through Heavy Metal and Punk and Grunge and Electronic to Rap, and it doesn't seem that it can go any lower. The Dark Brothers may be proud of their accomplishment (for the time being).

Their best work (a Greatest Hits List) would include the Sinking of Atlantis, the Dominican Inquisition, the American Civil War, the Crusades of the Holy Land, the Balkan Genocides, the Middle Passage of Slavery, the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, the Purges of Stalin, the Rwandan Genocide, the Colonization of the British Empire, the Legacy of Hernan Cortex, the War to End All Wars, the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany, the Empire of the Sun, the Albigensian Crusades of Southern France, Apartheid of South Africa, the Gulag Archepelago, the American Indian Wars, and the Manifest Destiny Decision of the U.S. Supreme Court. And the hits keep on rolling.

I think, perhaps, the point has been made and a proper perspective been given to the beings who abide under the Great Cosmic Principle of Separatism. They may have been a necessary component in the evolution of Man on Planet Earth under the 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict, as supervised by The Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, but the human (and animal) suffering that they have knowingly produced over the eons is incalculable. And they will each have their karmic recompense in cycles far ahead as the inescapable Law of Cause and Effect meets them head-on when they discover that the Negative Polarity and Path will take them only so far. They will then have to reverse Polarity and suffer their way through eons of karmic expiation at Lower Levels of Being to progress, finally, on the Return-Evolutional Path of the Lighted Way that ends with coalescence into The Source of All.

How can they be recognized on Earth? By their fruits ye shall know them. If someone takes for the self more than they give, that one is serving the self and unknowingly aligns with the Dark Side. The great majority on the planet are so aligned, whether they recognize it or not. Cruelty, sadism, selfishness, greed, acquisitiveness, power-lust, blood-lust, and unrestrained materialism are some good indicators. When the individual rises to fame, power, wealth, and influence (while caring most for the self), they have become targeted by the Darkies and, by that point, are likely to be manipulated or controlled by them.

15. The Secret Government:

The World Management Team is incarnationally at the top of the pyramid and is managed from Astral Levels. These are the most powerful and wealthy families in the world, Orient and Occident. They secretly give orders to the presidents and prime ministers and royal families and international bankers and top CEO's and heads of the important institutions around the world in education, health, military, finance, government, news media, and politics. They have been called many names, the Illuminati being one of them (the original Bavarian Illuminati was infiltrated and corrupted by them).

These are the Initiates in the Black Lodges of the Astral Magicians and are controlled telepathically or are possessed in some way by their teachers. They consolidate more and more power in each lifetime by re-incarnating into the same families. They genetically program for healthy bodies; they highly develope the intellect; and they study the Mysteries to potentize the will and learn the magic of the Left-Handed Path. These are the families that actually call the shots on Earth (at this level). They foment war; they supply the war materiel; they rape the planet for its resources; they live in every luxury and opulence; their amassed wealth is unimaginable; their power is unquestioned; and they promote the agenda of the Black Lodge at Astral Level. They're untouchable, and their identities are carefully guarded, although I can say that two of the most important factions are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds (in the West).

Overt world domination has been the goal for a long time with a centralized form of government to administer their policies to the subjugated masses of the world. The New World Order was a phrase coined by The White Brotherhood to indicate the coming Aquarian Age of Harmony, but it was co-opted by the Dark Brotherhood (as they often do) to refer to their own World Government of Dictatorial Rulers. That's not to say that it's going to happen, which it isn't despite the long and broad reach of their powers, but the single-pointed devotedness to their cause can be seen in the ruthless and unconscionable weaponry they've developed to reach their goal: psychotronic weapons to control the minds of the masses of people, weather-control weaponry already in use, deadly viruses created in their laboratories to reduce populations of "undesirables" (such as the HIV/AIDS Virus), the spread of synthetic chemicals in water, food, and atmosphere -- likewise to reduce the numbers on Earth to make its resources more available to them at their choosing.

16. Conclusion:

These are just examples of the lengths to which they will go for total world domination, BUT it is not going to happen because this planet is nearing a Dimensional Shift (link to "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth"), which is going to be transmuting it from the uppermost level of 3rd Density into the lowermost level of 4th Density, and all 4th Density planets are of a single Polarity only. Earth will be solely of the Service-to-Others Polarity beginning with its New Age in Aquarius, and the Dark Brotherhood will be gone!

Until then, they will all be following their truest inclination: control and more control, power and ever more power, riches heaped upon riches, the magnification of fear by every means at their disposal. There will be trying times ahead and moments when it will appear that they've succeeded, but the Light pouring in from distant civilizations and the rapid awakening of the sleepwalkers and the Transition of the planet itself to its next higher level of expression will defeat the powerful Forces of Evil. They do not have a future here, and I hope they read this, know it to be true, and reconsider their efforts.

One of the more important purposes of this evolutionary scheme called Earth is the demonstration of LOVE to all the billions of Sentient Races in the galaxy who evolve through the mind (but lack emotions). That love that The Christ exemplified through Jesus will be the love that bursts and radiates forth from this planet once the New Era of Peace and Harmony gets underway, and the galactic observers will be simply astounded after the eons of conflict and suffering here. The Christ in Kuthumi will return and walk the Earth with His Assemblage of Master Teachers, embodying and personifying the 2nd Cosmic Ray of Divine Love for all to absorb into the fabric of their beingness. And all will be well. And a peace that passeth all understanding will prevail. And the Dark Brotherhood will have perfectly served their purpose in the Divine Plan of Lord Sanat Kumara. (If needed, go to "Who Is Sanat Kumara?".)

Dedicated to The Brotherhood of Light


17. Adolf Hitler & The Shamballa Force:

Let us look at an example which had implications of global impact. Adolf Hitler drew the attention of the Higher Lodge of Black Adepts on the Mental Planes as he grew increasingly more powerful in Germany on his quest to create the Third Reich. During his rise to power he opened the door where evil dwells, and it came rushing in to take hold of his personality structure, to take command, and to possess him at all levels. He became virtually controlled by a powerful Dark One on the Manasic Plane, though he may not have necessarily known it. It didn't matter; he was theirs', and he became their agent down in physicality to execute their plan for taking control of the world by means of force and enslaving the Human Race (at the Physical Level). That was the greater plan being worked out through Hitler and his Inner Circle, who were all under possession by the Black Adepts.

The Force that was utilized to drive the initiative was the First Ray, the Divine Energy that is called Will and Power and Purpose, the Shiva Force in its lower aspect of destruction. This 1st Ray Energy is also called the Shamballa Force because it is concentrated there by The Great Ones of The Council of Shamballa and used very selectively and sparingly because of the potencies and powers it releases when directed toward Humanity (Sanat Kumara is called The Fountainhead of the Will). With few exceptions through the eons of Humankind's evolution toward the current phase of the 5th Race, it is always filtered through and stepped down by The Spiritual Hierarchy before being allowed to influence the Human Kingdom. They, most especially The 1st Ray Brotherhood of the Diamond Heart under the supervision of Lord El Morya, modify and subdue the intensity of its impact on the Race. (Link to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?".)

Before 1903 (A.D.) the last time that the Shamballa Force was allowed to directly impact the Human Race without the transformational qualification given to it by The Hierarchy was during the final stages of Atlantis and its 4th Root Race. That decision led to the intensification of the struggle between the Sons of Belial and the Sons of the Law of One, and that led to the sinking of Poseidonis, the last major remnant of Atlantis (aided by The Lord Manu and His use of the Elemental Kingdom through deployment of the 1st Ray Energies). That event affected the entire world and its landmasses. (Link to "The First Ray".)

The decision to use the Shamballa Force was made by the Conclave of 6th Degree Initiates in telepathic consultation with Sanat Kumara. They meet every 49 years (in congruent consciousness) to conduct ceremony for the new 6th Level Initiates and to collectively make decision for any dramatic changes for the Human Kingdom which are consistent with the Plan of Sanat Kumara. The decision involves the release and dispersal of certain of the 7 Ray Forces, and Humanity has freedom to choose how to respond to those energies. In the case of the 1st Ray, the response is will-to-power for the Darkies and will-to-good for the Lighties. Polarity determines the type of response stimulated.

The 1st Ray Force is the most potent Force in Creation and is not used indiscriminately or lightly. The decision was made to give it directly to the Atlantean Race because it was time to bring that phase of Mankind's progress to a close, and The Conclave correctly anticipated its results. It was thousands of years before it would be used again, and it happened in the same way when The Conclave of 6th Degree Initiates (e.g. El Morya, Kuthumi, Hilarion, Saint Germain, etc.) were meeting in telepathic resonance in 1903 A.D. and decision was made to again release the Shamballa Force directly into the Race of Man, bypassing the Center called The Hierarchy. This Energy was the primary causative agent for the beginning and persecution of World War One.

By the way, World War One and World War Two are considered by The Masters to be one long event in the human drama play, one world war from 1914 to 1945. The inconclusive and non-decisive energies of the first one (Armistice), along with the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, carried over into the second one, playing a vital part in its precipitation/continuance, and the 1st Ray was the hidden Force underlying the destruction of the old in order to make way for the new.

The 6th Initiation on the Path of Initiation is called the Decision Initiation, not just because of planet-altering decisions made by The Conclave of these Masters every 49 years but mainly because of the decision presented and necessitated by the Initiation itself, namely the choice of which of the 7 Paths to take on the Way of the Higher Evolution (as it's called). This decision determines the type of work to be undertaken by The Initiate for The Universal Brotherhood of Light once passing beyond the ring-pass-not of our solar system. The Path most frequently taken is the Path to Sirius (The Higher Self of our Solar Logos) to become a Member of The Sirius Hierarchy (The Blue Lodge of Sirian Adepts), and another is the Path of Earth Service, chosen by Those Who are extremely committed to the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara (all The 7 Chohans of the 7 Rays have taken this Path for now).

Anyway, all 6th Degree Initiates in Earth's Hierarchy have become Members of The Great Council of Shamballa (though the lowest-ranking Members to be sure), and their Conclave of Merged Minds in 1903 foresaw the advancement and progress that the Dark Brotherhood were to be making by influencing the Race more and more toward materialism and separatism and self-orientation (in the wake of the Industrial Revolution) and determined that drastic measures were called for to forestall their advance.

Knowing most of God's Plan in the mind of The Lord of the World and anticipating its effects (as Their Counterparts had done in Atlantean Times), Their decision to unleash the unfiltered potency of the Shamballa Force directly upon Humanity was made (with approval from The Fountainhead of the Will, Sanat Kumara), and the rest is history, as we say, except that this is a history of subjective causes and not objective effects.

They knew that the Race of Man, astral in its consciousness and mostly without a sophisticated mind, would need a very clear demonstration of the difference between evil and good and a clear demarcation in the lines between enslavement and freedom. They knew that the Race would choose wisely once blatantly given the demonstration with all the horrors and atrocities that accompanied it. And the Black Magicians on the Astral Planes did their part to provide the lesson by their manipulation and control of the leaders of Germany before WWI and the leaders of the Axis Powers during WWII.

The energy utilized by the aggressors during that 1914-1945 time frame was the energy sent forth from Shamballa (the Center where the Will of God is known), the energy of Will, which removes all obstacles and drives through all obstructions. They were prompted and prodded and shown how to use that Force to conquer and annihilate and entrap and control all who defied them, and the controlling impulses came from the Astral Lodge.

As mentioned, it was the Will Force (in its lower aspect) that drove Adolf Hitler and his closest henchmen. It is such a powerful energy that it can only be invoked in group formation, which accounts for the 6 men of his innermost circle, making a group of 7, who performed the invocation (consciously and unconsciously) as instructed by the ones who possessed them. Most of the Dark Ones are conditioned by the 1st Ray in their mental bodies (their minds) and have learned the magical techniques for its invocation and its projected use. They are 1st Ray adherents and have vast experience in its utilization for the control and domination over others. This was the Driving Force which they applied through their minions and affiliates on the Physical Plane (the Nazi Blitzkriegs were the perfect example and were unstoppable).

The Axis Powers of Germany, Japan, and Italy were propelled by the Dark Lodge, and the Allies were supported by The White Lodge (which was not neutral in the world-wide conflict). The Dark Adepts of the Manasic Plane made their play for world domination on the Material Plane through the perverted use of the Shamballa Force and the facile manipulation of their possessed puppets that prosecuted the war from their Axis Countries. The only Force which could stop and counter and defeat the juggernaut of evil was an equally-efficient if not more powerful use of the 1st Ray that had been distributed to the entirety of the Race. (Link to "The First Ray".)

This was precisely what happened, and we know the end result. I will name 3 of the most prominent and influencial figures from the WWII Confrontation between Darkness and Light who were unquestionably key to overpowering and defeating the seemingly overwhelming Axis Powers. These were Winston Churchill, General George S. Patton, and General Douglas MacArthur. They were all (unknowingly) Hierarchical disciples on the 1st Ray who were experienced from many lifetimes of using that Force and who were absolutely unstoppable in their drive to eradicate the evil from the face of the Earth. The Legions of Hell could not have halted their fierce, relentless drives in the European and Pacific Theaters to crush and destroy the enemy of Mankind, and they were protected (from personal attack) by The Lords of Light.

Victory by the Black Lodge through their earthly puppets would have set back the Divine Plan for thousands of years in the estimate of Those Who Know, but the planetary takeover (in physicality) was averted by highly-experienced disciples in the Ashram of Lord El Morya, The Chohan of the 1st Ray for Planet Earth. Will-power met Will-power and the Light prevailed.

As a relevant aside, the dramatic ending of the Pacific Theater of the war against the Japanese Empire was facilitated and forced by the use of the atomic bomb on the Japanese Homeland. Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy was responsible for giving the technological knowledge of atomic fission to the Americans. Lord Hilarion, The Chohan of the 5th Ray for Earth, is the Overseeing Intelligence for all scientific and technological advancements of the Race. The High Initiates in Hilarion's Ashram telepathically impressed the minds of the physicists who were working on the Manhatten Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico, with the necessary data to allow them to create the fissile weapon that we have come to call the nuclear bomb.

Scientific and mathematical thought-forms (coherent ideas) were sent into the minds of the physicists who were intuitively-receptive enough to receive them without distortion. Atomic fission was given prematurely to the Race only because of the dire nature of the circumstances as the Dark Forces were making their play for total world control. It otherwise would have been delayed until the spiritual nature of Mankind had become matched with its intellectual growth. There was also symbolism involved, because the splitting of the atom is a separative event falling under the Separative Principle, and the Separative Dark Forces were despatched by the very Cosmic Principle that governs their existence, perhaps an omen and lesson for them to ponder.

The Human Race now had a better understanding of the meaning of freedom versus enslavement and the capabilities of those who mercilessly seek power for the self. The demonstration of Darkness on Earth would remain, for future reference, in the Collective Consciousness of the Race, and although setbacks would occur when the Astral Magicians found suitably evil instruments to work through (too numerous to name), the general trend of this Nature Kingdom called Humankind was that which The 6th Degree Conclave had anticipated when Shiva was let loose from the Halls of Shamballa.

The New Group of World Servers became anchored into human affairs, and the men and women of goodwill would set up their operations in all corners of the world for the helping and feeding and educating and healing and caring for the needy, suffering souls crying out for help. The minds of the masses would undergo a widespread expansion and improvement. A greater understanding of compassionate assistance would pervade into segments of the populace previously unreachable. The horrors of war, intimately experienced, had catalyzed a turning point for the Race, and for the rest of the decades leading up to the Transitional Time from Pisces to Aquarius the intensity of the light thrown on the activities of the Dark Brotherhood would be on an ascending arc. As a generality, the mind of the Race had been stimulated into greater discriminative power by the oppositional dance of the two Polarities, and the progressive mental acuity of the 5th Root Race was well on its way toward perfecting the mental side of the triangle of being as stipulated by the Divine Plan for Planet Earth.


James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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