There is a matter which I believe needs clarification for those who are considered part of Christendom, and I should say that this information comes from the Level of The Ascended Masters, Who have access to the Akashic Records and all knowledge. There is expected the Return of The Christ, the so-called Second Coming, but there has been a misunderstanding about the Coming of The Christ during the New Golden Age in the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius.

The One Who incarnated as The Wayshower for the Piscean Age, Jehoshuah Ben Yussef (Jesus), came to prepare Himself to be the most perfect vehicle for The World Teacher of that time 2,000 years ago, and that World Teacher was Lord Maitreya. It was a great sacrificial act by The 3rd Degree Initiate, Jesus, to prepare all levels of Himself for the entry of Maitreya into His Consciousness when the moment was propitious, and it had been planned as a Group Effort of The Spiritual Hierarchy for the spiritual advancement of Western Civilization (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?").

The Office of The World Teacher is also known as The Office of The Christ Consciousness after the Greek Initiates used the name of The Christos when referring to The Maitreya Consciousness manifesting through Jesus. It was at the Baptism in the River Jordan that Lord Maitreya fully entered The Consciousness of the perfectly prepared Jesus and thereafter fully overshadowed Jesus in all aspects of His Being, waking and sleeping. The Christ Consciousness had merged with Jesus for the 3 years of His Ministry from the Baptism until the Crucifixion, so in a sense He manifested The Christ in all the teachings, healings, and miracles of His Ministry, but Jesus and Maitreya were two separate Beings working on two separate Initiations (the 4th and the 6th) along The Path of Initiation.

The Coming of The Christ refers to The Lofty One in The Spiritual Hierarchy Who holds The Office of The World Teacher and Who is always The Lord of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom for Planet Earth. That One was Lord Maitreya for approximately 2,600 years, and That One currently is The Lord Kuthumi Who moved into The Position in recent times when Maitreya took a Higher Initiation (the 7th) and moved closer in responsibility to Sanat Kumara and the other 6 Kumaras. Kuthumi has for a very long time been the closest Disciple of Lord Maitreya and is now in The Office of The Christ Consciousness for this planet since taking the 6th Initiation (see "Who Is Kuthumi?").

The Coming of The Christ amongst Humanity when the Golden Aquarian Age has gotten under way is really two-fold. On the one hand, in the early phase of the New Age of Peace and Harmony there is going to be throughout Humanity what has been called the Christing of the Human Race. The nobler fraction of humans who remain with the planet at its Higher Level of Expression in 4th Density will all be centered in and expressing their essence from the Anahata Chakra (the 4th or Heart Chakra). There will be an emanation of Unconditional Love from the humans for all forms of life, and that is one of the meanings of the Return of The Christ. There will be an explosion of Love from this planet which will light up the solar system.

On the other hand, The One Who holds The Office of The World Teacher for Planet Earth will be manifesting a physical form and walking amongst Humanity as the next Avatar of The Christ Consciousness. That One is Lord Kuthumi, and that is The One whose way is being prepared by many Higher Initiates, Adepts, and Ascended Masters in what is called The Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy. The Sweet Lord of Compassion is currently The One awaited as The Christ by the Christians of the world, but what isn't known to the other religions of the world is that The Great One that they await is the very same Being. The One awaited as The Messiah, The Imam Mahdi, The Bodhisattva of Compassion, and the next Avatar is our current World Teacher, and That One is Kuthumi. May you be so extraordinarily blessed as to see that day. Om Mani Padme Hum!


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