The Seven Major Chakras

1. The so-called chakras or centers of force have their existence in the aetheric body, which is the energetic template and underlying scaffolding for the dense physical form or body. The aetheric body is also called the vital body or energy body and is the recipient and transmitter for all the energies of the physical body. It exists at a higher frequency level than can be detected by the 5 senses of the physical body, which it interpenetrates and from which it extends outward about an inch from the skin. The major chakras are recipients of 7 specific types of energy from the Higher Self or Soul. (For the companion piece to this writing, please click on "The Aetheric Body".)

2. There are also chakra counterparts in both the emotional (astral) body and the mental body, which can be considered as energy fields of yet higher frequency and which are contained within the periphery of the field of influence of the personality. The flow of energy is from the Soul down the Silver Cord or Sutratma to the central channel (Sushumna) of the mental body and thence to the chakras of the mental body. From there it flows to the chakras of the emotional body and from them to the chakras of the aetheric body where it's distrubuted throughout the aetheric body by the life-force channels called meridians and the smaller life-threads called nadis. It reaches the dense physical body through the nervous system, the endocrine system, the heart, and the blood stream.

3. There are 7 Major Chakras, 21 minor chakras, and 49 lesser chakras in keeping with the principle of septenary beingness throughout this particular universe. The direction of flow is from major chakras to minor chakras to lesser chakras to peripheral nadis.

4. In addition to the chakras, the aetheric body is comprised of millions of tiny channels which transmit the life-force energy from the Higher Self to its incarnate lower self. These channels have been called nadis (in Sanscrit) and meridians, and they serve as a distribution system for the life-force energy that has descended down from the Higher Self through the Sutratma and the Sushumna, which is just anterior to the vertebral column, and after that energy has been qualified, modulated, and filtered through the 7 major chakras. The chakra and meridian system is fundamentally the energy-distribution system of the Soul for its incarnate expression in physicality.

5. The minor and lesser chakras are basically junction points, intersections for the nadis that lie peripheral to the Sushumna and its major chakras. The size, color, influence, radiance, and significance of the chakra is dependent upon the number of nadis which feed into it. They may number in the hundreds or thousands. These nadis underlie the entire nervous system of the physical body and are its cause and source of existence. They bring it into being.

6. The numbering of the 7 Major Chakras proceeds from inferiorly to superiorly, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, and they are located approximately 2 inches anterior to the Sushumna-spine of the aetheric body.

    First Chakra -- Root Chakra -- Muladhara
    Second Chakra -- Polarity/Sexual Chakra -- Svadhisthana
    Third Chakra -- Solar Plexus Chakra -- Manipura
    Fourth Chakra -- Heart Chakra -- Anahata
    Fifth Chakra -- Throat Chakra -- Visshuddha
    Sixth Chakra -- Brow Chakra -- Ajna
    Seventh Chakra -- Crown Chakra -- Sahasrara or Brahmarandra

7. These centers are formed entirely of streams of force pouring down from the Soul which transmits it from The Monad (The Higher Self of the Soul). They are spheres of fire or pure life force, transmitters of energy from the Soul with the intent of driving the 3-fold personality towards fulfillment of Soul purpose. The degree of developement of these chakras determines how much of the God Self can manifest through the personality. If weak and undeveloped, there is great distance between the lower and Higher Part, and there is lower energy, mental imbalance, and ill health. If vibrant and open, there is great vigor, vitality, and general good health.

8. Life-force energies may also be received from the Earth (through the First Chakra), the sun (The Solar Logos), other stars (Stellar Logoi), Ascended Masters in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, and Higher Beings on the evolutionary scale. The two major points of entry would be the Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra, but the aetheric body is immersed in, surrounded by, and inevitably impacted by the ever-dynamic sea of energies in the living environment, by the thought-forms of humans, and the Collective Consciousness. One of the tasks of the aspirant is bringing the impact of all these energetic influences under control.

9. The centeredness of expression in a particular major chakra is indicative of the evolutionary status of that human being. For example, the great majority of people on Planet Earth are centered in, focused upon, and expressive of the lower two chakras on the spine, most of the others being centered upon the Third Chakra, the Manipura. In other words, all but a small minority of humans are polarized in and operating from and have their expressive focus below the diaphragm.

10. Only those who have advanced significantly along the Path of Discipleship and those who have entered upon the Path of Initiation (see "The Only Path On Earth") are centered above the diaphragm in the 4th Chakra or higher (which is a pre-requisite for making the Dimensional Shift with the planet into the New Age in 4th Density).

11. The Kundalini is a name given to the fiery life-force energy which lies quiescently at the base of the spine in the Root Chakra, awaiting the spiritual disciplines of the body's occupant to awaken the coiled serpent and release it from its confines so that in due time it may rise slowly, ever so slowly, up the Sushumna.

12. The Masters strongly counsel against trying to awaken any particular chakra out of sequence or trying to prematurely force the Kundalini to rise through meditative practices, pranayama, and disciplines known in the East. The major chakras will, during the course of a meditative regimen and application of spiritual developement in the life, respond and open of their own accord in an orderly, timely, and safe manner. They should never be artificially induced to open in meditations focused on a certain chakra. Insanity and serious physical illness are the result of that. Allow the natural unfoldment to take its course, because the Higher Self will oversee the most beneficial and appropriate activation of the force centers in its human vehicle on Earth. Forcing the Kundalini is dangerous and is, virtually, playing with fire.

13. The endocrine system of the body could be considered the direct physical representation of the aetheric vehicle chakra system. In fact, the endocrine glands would not and could not exist without their precursor chakras. The endocrine glands ontologically arise out of and through the energy fields emanated by the associated major chakras. Each gland is the externalization and exoteric expression of its chakra. They are governed by the 7 centers and are a replica of the septenary constitution of the universe. I'll list the relationships:

    First Chakra -- adrenal glands
    Second Chakra -- gonads
    Third Chakra -- pancreas
    Fourth Chakra -- thymus gland
    Fifth Chakra -- thyroid
    Sixth Chakra -- pituitary
    Seventh Chakra -- pineal gland

14. Each of the 5 chakras along the spine may also be considered to have correspondence with a certain portion of the vertebral column and the spinal nerve roots exiting in those areas. The 5 chakras ascendingly might be otherwise named the Coccygeal, Sacral, Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical Chakras. And there are actually 7 head centers rather than the 2 well-known ones. Three are major and 4 are minor, and they, in turn, have activational correspondence with one or other of the body's major chakras.

15. From the viewpoint of the clairvoyant with partial opening of the 3rd Eye, the major chakras of the vast majority of Humanity are like unto faint, guttering candles in the wind. The light given off is barely perceptible; coloration is dull and unattractive, and rotational velocity is minimal. The Masters have to look no further than the appearance of the major chakras to know one's position on the evolutionary ladder. When the accepted disciple to a Master and the Initiate have begun to awaken and enliven their chakras ascendingly by the natural response of the fiery Kundalini to their body purification, life of meditation, and Anahata-opening service to the world, the chakras become brilliant, scintillating, rapidly-spinning wheels of light and are beautiful to behold.

16. Expansion of consciousness, evolutionary advancement, and chakra awakening are parallel and concurrent. When the Kundalini Fire is circulating to some extent in all the major chakras, the light of the Higher Self becomes focused in the 3 lower vehicles of its incarnate expression, and that Higher Self is drawn into fuller expression with wider contact in the 3 worlds of Man (physical, emotional, and mental). The awakening, Kundalini-charged chakras bring about the unification of the Soul with its personality, and The Monad begins to become drawn toward the Soul and its Causal Body (vehicle of expression of the Soul on its own Plane).

17. The effects of meditation work are necessarily gradual and are slowly achieved over many lifetimes, each succeeding life picking up where the preceding life left off as seen from within the time-passage illusion. Each center has to be carefully and gradually awakened, its revolutions intensified, and its radiations magnified. Each aetheric body center has to be magnetically aligned with its corresponding center, first in the emotional body, and later in the mental body to allow the free flow of life-force unimpeded. The work on the chakras proceeds from the physical to the emotional to the mental as do the first 3 Initiations (see "The Only Path On Earth").

18. When a disease presents itself in the dense physical body, in many cases it is the major chakra, supplying life energy through the nadis to the area of disease, that is not harmoniously functioning. It may be overstimulated or understimulated or out of balance with the other chakras, but the life energy from the Soul is not being transmitted smoothly and at the appropriate rate through the chakra. Minor chakras may also be a source of more localized physical problems. Health is the result when the life force flows into and out of the chakra at the optimal rate intended by the Soul. There are cases wherein the nadis in the aetheric body have been injured, modified, or disrupted by trauma (e.g. surgery), but most of the time the problem lies in the chakra itself.

19. Examples:

    Coronary Artery Disease -- Fourth Chakra
    Ovarian Cancer -- Second Chakra
    Tonsillitis -- Fifth Chakra
    Duodenal Ulcer -- Third Chakra
    Urinary Tract Infection -- First Chakra

The disease reflects the inappropriate rate of flow and distribution of the pranic energy to the anatomical area so affected. If the disease has a karmic basis, the altered flow is coordinated by the Higher Self. The chakra may not be the ultimate cause but has to be involved in the chain of causation.

20. In the activation of a spinal chakra, there is a corresponding vitalization in the analogous head chakra, whether activated slowly through meditational work or precipitously during Initiation when The Hierophant touches a certain chakra with the Rod of Power. Eventually the 7 major chakras are intended to rotate in unison. The rotational velocity is a measure of the point of achievement along the Disciple Path and later the Initiate Path.

21. Besides being described as spinning wheels (chakras) of varying color, brilliance, light intensity, and rotary speed, the chakras are also described as lotuses with different numbers of petals, but the word petal symbolizes an expression of force which has apparent effect in matter. The Kundalini Fire, as it circulates in a particular chakra, has an aetherically-visual effect that may be likened unto the petals of a lotus flower, but I think that the analogy is mostly symbolic.

    First Chakra -- 4 petals
    Second Chakra -- 6 petals
    Third Chakra -- 10 petals
    Fourth Chakra -- 12 petals
    Fifth Chakra -- 16 petals

The Sixth Chakra is said to have 2 major petals, spreading laterally from the brow like wings, within which are 96 petals of differentiated energies. The Seventh Chakra is said to have 12 inner petals that are surrounded by 960 lesser petals, thus coming to be called the Thousand-Petaled Lotus.

22. The nature of the 7 focal points of force within the aetheric body are as follows:

    Base Chakra -- source of the Kundalini Fire of evolution. It is responsive to the 1st Ray Energy of Will and is the stimulus for the will-to-be, the will-power to exist in the personality. It provides the impetus to do anything to survive, to stay alive, to keep on keeping on, and the energy for the drive to "make it in the world".

    Sacral Chakra -- the sexual center. This feeds the sexual impulse to the occupant of the body, the desire and urge for sexual expression, the drive for the generative and reproductive processes. It is also involved in the dualistic expression of masculinity/femininity, the yin and yang within each human, thus being also called the Polarity Chakra. It ignites the powerful impulse toward fusion and unity with another, which is the mirrored reflection of the urge to union with God.

    Solar Plexus Chakra -- the center of desire and emotional energy flow. This chakra is directly connected with the astral/emotional body and serves as the conduit and escape valve for the emotional energies generated in the astral body. Emotions flow through this instrument, which finally became fully functional during the 4th Root Race on Atlantis, and it is the recipient of all desire impulses. Most mediums and clairvoyants work through this center in their lower form of psychism that relates to the Astral Planes. It is the gathering point for all of the lower energies below the diaphragm before they are necessarily transmuted and transferred to the Heart Chakra by the aspirant-disciple on the Path.

    Heart Chakra -- actually the Thymus Center, because the thymus gland is the externalization of this center. It is the focal point for the radiation of that energy from Soul that we call Love and all of its aspects (kindness, generosity, empathy, etc.). Third Chakra desire and lower emotion becomes Fourth Chakra love at the 2nd Initiation (The Baptism). It is the center which brings about inclusiveness, tolerance, and group consciousness and the one through which The Masters work in the disciple to further the Plan. The downward-pointing 12 petals of this lotus toward the upward-pointing petals of the Third Lotus (Solar Plexus Chakra) symbolizes the absolute necessity and inevitability of transferring polarization of the personality from the Third to the Fourth Chakra.

    Throat Chakra -- the Creative Center. The energy of this center, when activated, is that of creativity in all of its various forms. This force center is touched by the Rod of Initiation at the 1st Initiation (The Birth), which signifies admission to the Initiatory Path, and its activity is then given a major boost as a distributor of creative energy that flows down the Creative Thread of the Sutratma (the tripartite Silver Cord) from the Soul to the Fifth Chakra. Of course, it is also a governor and facilitator of speech and the speaking ability, but creativity is its essence energy.

    Brow Chakra -- the so-called Third Eye. This eventuates, once activated, as the perceptual instrument for psychic contact and realizations from Higher Levels than the Astral Planes, especially Soul and Ascended Master contact. It is the distribution point for the Energy of the 3rd Ray, Active Intelligence, and following the 3rd Initiation (The Transfiguration), the Soul-merged Initiate expresses through it. This center connects The Monad (Higher Self of the Soul) to the initiated personality by way of the Bridge of Antahkarana that is under construction. The creative intention of the Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra) is focused here for the production of the ideal form for the idea, and it may be considered the center of the highest idealism. This becomes the agent of the Soul when the Soul is fully dominating the personality after the 3rd Initiation (The Soul Merge).

    Crown Chakra -- the Summit of the Rod, the crowning achievement. This is the distributing agent of the Will Energy of God (1st Ray) as it proceeds downward from the Spiritual Triad of The Monad through the Antahkarana and provides the Initiate-Adept with the power to accomplish the purpose of Shamballa on Earth. Divine Will encounters no hindrance or obstruction, and this center is its radiating dynamo into the world of Man. This is the center which relates the Initiate also to The Master Teacher, The Council of Shamballa, and The Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara). The Sixth and Seventh Chakras together produce an electromagnetic field and, when stimulated, awakened, and resonating in unison, they create the intense light in the head that radiates outwardly and appears like the halo depicted around the head of Christian Saints and Eastern Adepts.

23. There is a disc-shaped aetheric web between all of the 5 spinal chakras in the aetheric body, and these form the resistance to any premature attempt to raise the Kundalini up the Sushumna. When the Kundalini is raised by the aspirant-disciple over a long period of time in a disciplined, cautious, and orderly manner, the aetheric web is pierced, penetrated, and burned off by the Kundalini Fire in its ascent from its base. Usually only one chakra may be awakened in any one lifetime, and by the age of 21 the aspirant has recapitulated the chakra achievements of previous lifetimes and begins anew at that attained level. When the Ajna Center (6th) is awakening, the webs gradually and automatically disappear.

24. The Minor Chakras:

-- one at each TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) in front of the ear.
-- one above each breast.
-- one at the suprasternal notch where the clavicles meet the sternum.
-- one in each palm of the hands.
-- one in each sole of the feet.
-- one behind each of the eyes.
-- one connected with each gonad (testicle or ovary).
-- one near the liver.
-- one connected with the stomach.
-- two connected with the spleen, one superimposed on the other.
-- one in back of each knee (popliteal fossa).
-- a powerful one connected with the vagus nerve (10th cranial nerve) and near to the thymus gland.
-- one close to the Solar Plexus Center.

25. Higher Chakras:

I have discussed 7 major chakras of the soul-incarnate upon this planet, but in all actuality there are 5 more major chakras outside of the body, making a total of 12 and relating the soul-in-personality to much Higher Schemes of existence. These are rarely discussed in the occult teachings of The Masters because Humankind was simply not ready for the information and because it would have negligible relevance except to the Higher Initiates, which are few in number.

The Eighth Chakra is about a foot above the Crown Chakra and might be considered the Chakra of Monadic Consciousness, which is glimpsed after the 4th Initiation (The Renunciation). The Ninth Chakra is planetary and relates the Initiate to The Planetary Logos (and Planetary Consciousness). The Tenth Chakra is solar in that it establishes relationship with The Solar Logos (and Solar System Consciousness). The Eleventh Chakra is galactic, permitting Galactic Consciousness and rapport with The Galactic Being. The Twelfth Chakra is the Final Summit and provides Universal Consciousness. As you can see, little may be comprehended about these chakras by the puny human intellect.

26. What of practicality and common sense are we to take away from all this? Let me make a few suggestions. Know that the goal is a long series of ever more advanced at-one-ments in making the return journey to The Creator God of our universe and that the first two stages are the at-one-ments with the Soul and then The Monad. Know that the chakra system may (and must) be employed in the furtherance of the goal. Know that the mental discipline called meditation and the love-infused activity of service to others are the best means toward the awakening, ascendingly, of the major chakras. And realize that the process will unfold naturally on its own over the course of a so-dedicated lifetime, over the course of multiple lifetimes, and must never be forced at the risk of setbacks and perils to body and mind. The 7 Seals of "Revelations" and the 7 Wheels of Life are one and the same. This is the passport to the blissful reunification with the Divine Essence of Self, which never lost sight of its oneness with The God of Love.

Submitted on behalf of Those Who Know.



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