Lord Maitreya, Piscean Age Christ and World Teacher, Namesake for the Christ Love of Buddhi


This piece of writing is being offered to give Humanity a glimpse of the future state of consciousness of the Race of Man and a glimpse (but only a glimpse) of the state of consciousness of Those Who are called The Ascended Masters in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. It is a state called Buddhi or Buddhic Consciousness from the Sanskrit root of budh: to know or have direct awareness. This state is beyond mind or the mental body, which is one of the 3 lower aspects of the triangle of the incarnate human. It is a state which transcends and supercedes the human mind in both its lower and higher aspects (the intellect and the abstract mind).

This is the state of consciousness entered by the 4th Degree Initiate (the Arhat) on the Path of Initiation traversed by all on this planet who become Members of The Great White Brotherhood. And it is the state known by all 5th Degree Ascended Masters in our Hierarchy, Who have graduated from the 3 lower realms of human evolution (Physical, Astral, and Mental). Because of its abstruse nature and foreignness to the intellectual apparatus of Man (programmed to be linear in its operations and not holographic), it has its challenges of comprehension, but I will endeavor to break it down into digestible fragments that will be reasonable to the analytical/lower mind.

The information comes from The Great Teacher Who is in line to become the next World Teacher for Planet Earth: Master Djwhal Khul. It is limited in its scope because most of the knowledge about the exalted state is held in secrecy by The Higher Initiates, and what has been given out to non-Initiate circles is more comprehensible to the workings of the lower mind and is considered to be permissible for the Dark Lodge to know (it will pose no threat to the agenda of The White Lodge).

I will come at it from slightly different angles to make it more understandable to the intellectual aspect of mind, but an open-ness to intuitional impressions from the Soul Level will be helpful for the reader. I will try to explain the nature of the higher form of Love in Buddhic Consciousness and the higher form of Intuition and will discuss the Wisdom experienced therefrom. A glimpse of the Buddhic Plane may be given out, and any repetitions are utilized to facilitate better comprehension.

Before getting to the meat of the matter, it will be necessary to know the 7 Major Planes of our Solar System from lowest to highest (vibrationally): Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic. Each of these Planes has 7 sub-divisions or sub-planes. And there are 7 Major Energy Streams in our Solar System which qualify and condition all life in the System; these are called the 7 Rays, and each of Them is a branch of the 2nd Cosmic Ray called the Love of God. Earth's Hierarchy is compartmentalized, by these 7 Powerful Forces, into 7 Divisions that are headed by The 7 Chohans of the 7 Rays. Each Division is the Ashram of its Chohan, and each Division utilizes its Ray Energy in furtherance of the Divine Plan for Earth.


Let me begin with the Monad, the Originating Source of this Principle that we call Buddhi. The Monad is the Higher Self of the Entities that we call the Soul or Solar Angel. In other words, the Soul is the extended expression of the Monad down into the Higher Mental Plane of Being (the Monad existing on the Monadic Plane) for purposes of incarnate experience on this planet (or others). And the Monad is known as Pure Spirit or the Father in Heaven and is called the One Life. The primary expression of the Monad is as a triplicity that is multi-dimensional, and this triplicity of Principles is called the Spiritual Triad: Atma (Will) on the Atmic Plane, Buddhi (Love) on the Buddhic Plane, and Manas (Mind) on the Higher Mental Plane.

A Principle, in this usage of the word, is a basic differentiation or vehicle of manifestation for the incarnate individual. The human is a 7-fold being who has 7 Principles comprising his or her make-up. Humanity is 7-fold in its nature in keeping with the septenary nature of the Universe (refer to "A Septenary Universe"). A Principle may be considered to be an essential type of energy that composes the differentiated aspects of the individual. It provides the distinctive nature of that vehicle of expression, which is but a field of energy on a Plane of Being.

Here are the 7 Principles of Man from lower to higher:

    1st: Aetheric Body (the Vital Body)
    2nd: Prana (the Vital Force)
    3rd: Emotional/Astral Body
    4th: Lower Mind (Concrete Mind/Intellect)
    5th: Manas (Higher Mind/Abstract Mind)
    6th: Buddhi (the Christ Principle, Wisdom, Spiritual Love)
    7th: Atma (Spiritual Will)

The dense physical body is not considered to be a Principle and is a denser reflection of the aetheric body, which serves as its template for formation and consolidation and is the source of its vital energy. The 3 higher Principles comprise the Spiritual Triad.

So, Buddhi (or the Christ Principle) is the 6th Principle of Man, and its distinctive quality is Love, but it is a Spiritual Love that has nothing to do with the emotions of Man as will be explained later. It is a higher form of consciousness than the mind in both its lower and higher aspects. It is hard to conceptualize, but the mind is no longer needed once Buddhic Consciousness is entered. The mind becomes transcended and superceded by the 4th Degree Arhat Who has been freed from the 3 Worlds of the Human Evolution (Physical, Astral, and Mental). At that point in evolution, any of the 3 lower forms of Man may be temporarily assumed for purposes of promoting the Divine Plan, such as taking on a mental body to communicate with Humanity, an example of the 6th Principle operating through a temporary 5th Principle.

Buddhi is consciousness without the manasic vehicle (the mind). It is Wisdom beyond the mind and beyond the use of the mind. It is Wisdom working through Love. The lower/concrete mind is to be found on the 4 lower sub-planes of the Mental Plane, and the higher/abstract mind is to be found on the 3 higher sub-planes of the Mental Plane. The Higher Initiates (4th and 5th Degree), Who have entered Buddhic Consciousness, are polarized on the Buddhic Plane and function from that state of being, which is susceptible to impressions from the Monad.

Buddhi is the goal of the mental evolution of Mankind, but it is a distant goal and won't be realized until future Races walk future Earths at higher dimensional levels. The lower mind/intellect is awakening rapidly in the Race and has much further developement before the higher/abstract mind has superceded it. Then that must be developed over a long period of time before it will be superceded by Buddhic Consciousness. It will probably surprise the intellectuals of the world that their form of thinking isn't the epitome of the mental progress of the Race and that the concrete/analytical aspect of mind will be left behind by future generations who function on the Higher Mental Plane by the use of their abstract minds that operate through the right side of the brain. Buddhi is above and beyond that.

Put another way, when the Wisdom of the Buddhic Plane has been reached, by a temporary break-through or permanently, both intellectual and abstract thought are superceded, and there is a direct inflow of knowingness from the Monadic Level through what is called the Higher Intuition. There is no thinking involved, merely direct knowing, which is why the Buddhic Plane is referred to as the Plane of Wisdom. All mental activity has been superceded, and immediate knowingness prevails. This is the reason why The Ascended Masters, Who function in Their buddhic vehicles, are called Masters of the Wisdom. Consciousness no longer uses mind or the mental body, except as a download device for making higher realms of knowledge available to benefit the Race of Man and assist the Divine Plan for Planet Earth.

In the case of a temporary break-through, the buddhic vehicle will use the higher/abstract mind as its medium to reach the lower/rational mind, and it is then challenged to interpret and explain the stupendous ideas that have been transmitted from realms of knowingness beyond imagination. Manas becomes a vehicle for Buddhi in order to reach the level of the Human Evolution.


Before going any further, I should explain a few things about the abstract mind. The lower, concrete mind or intellect (the "mind stuff" of the Yoga Sutras) must be unfolded and developed before the abstract mind can be contacted consciously and intentionally, the latter serving as the mental link between the personality and the Soul. The higher mind is the lower of the 3 vehicles of the Monad called the Spiritual Triad and is the mental vehicle of the Soul, which does not use the human way of thinking called intellection, which is linearly oriented. The plans and purposes of the Soul are abstractions which must be linearly worked out by the adequately-receptive concrete mind. It is the lower mind that interprets and makes logical the concepts formed by the higher mind.

It comes into functioning activity consciously in the incarnate personality who has become polarized in the mental body (most of the Race are polarized in the emotional body) and who is building the Bridge of Light (Antahkarana) to the Soul (through meditation and selfless service). It can be considered as the conveyor of ideas that are to be organized into ideals by the spiritual aspirant who serves the Race of Man (in many ways).

The principles at the basis of all things, the concepts that present as thought-packages, the complex philosophical notions, and the ideas without physical tangibility have their origins in this abstract mind. In essence, that which is conveyed by this higher mind, in the form of abstract thought-currents, is being projected by the Soul, and included in those idea-emanations is Purpose: purpose for the lifetime, purpose as a discple of The White Brotherhood in service to the Race, and purpose projected by the Monad through its Soul Aspect having to do with the Divine Plan for Earth. The downloads are made from the higher mind to the lower mind, which converts and transforms them linearly into rational understandings.

The concrete mind is the instrument for form-building. The abstract mind is the instrument for creating the patterns and blueprints upon which everything of physicality is molded and modelled. Entry into the latter reveals the "pattern of things in the Heavens" (from the Bible). Buddhi (also called Pure Reason) is a huge step above and beyond the abstract mind (by leaps and bounds).

Once the lower, reasoning mind is in rapport with the Soul, through building the Bridge of Light (Antahkarana) by means of meditation, the abstract mind is the conveyor of not only ideas but illumination to that lower mind. Relative enlightenment comes from a ready accessibility to the higher, illuminating mind. That happens only after the Antahkarana is substantially built from the lower mind to the Soul. The brain, the mind, and the Soul must be coordinated (through alignment) for it to make its purpose felt. The near-term goal for Mankind is to make the concrete mind the servant of the abstract mind under the guiding Light of the Soul.

Telepathic impression of the lower mind of disciples by Ascended Masters comes through the higher mind, existent on the Soul Levels of Being, which are the 3 higher sub-planes of the Mental Plane. They work through our Souls in projecting the fully formed thought-packages and idea-abstractions, so sensitivity must be developed between the lower and higher mind (by meditative practices). These communications are, in one way or another, concerned with the Divine Plan for Earth and the aspirant's role in that Plan. Once consciously noticed and accurately received and apprehended, then the motivated disciple puts form to the idea by using the concrete, reasoning mind.


Little has been given out about this Level of Being, but here are some of the facts that have been released by Those Who Know. It is the next higher Plane from the Mental Plane, and The Raja Lord Indra is the Governing Intelligence from the Deva Evolution (the Deva Kingdom is of equal importance with the Human Kingdom in the Earth Scheme). It is variously called the Intuitional Plane, the Plane of Rational Unity, and the Plane of Essential Harmony. It is the Plane of True Illumination and the Plane of the Christ Principle/Buddhic Consciousness (The Christ, working through Jesus, was a 5th Degree Initiate-Master operating from the Buddhic Plane in Buddhic Consciousness).

Earth's entire Spiritual Hierarchy, with its 49 Ashrams of Initiate Disciples, was shifted from the Higher Mental Plane to the Buddhic Plane in 1925 A.D., from which all Hierarchical activities originate now. This Plane of Consciousness is the long-term goal for the Human Kingdom on Earth. This is the 4th Plane or Middle Plane of the 7-Plane Solar System, and it links the 3 lower Planes of human experience with the 3 Higher Planes of Spiritual Being. It is the Meeting Ground or Plane of Union between the Human Kingdom and the Kingdom of God (Spiritual Hierarchy) when the 4th Initiation has been achieved. And the Force Centers or Chakras of The Planetary Logoi (Creators of the Planetary Schemes) are to be found on this Plane. These are the 49 Ashrams of The Ascended Masters and Their Disciples (for each planet in the system), which are transmuters and transmitters of force from the 7 Rays.

For unknown eons of time, the 7 Ray Energies, which govern, condition, and absolutely influence all life on this planet (and all others), have been brought through and directed from the Buddhic Plane, the first Spiritual Plane for evolving consciousnesses. The Council of Shamballa, as Custodians of God's Purpose for Planet Earth, have oversight responsibilities for all these divinely-originated Energies, and They telepathically impress The Masters of The White Lodge for distribution of those Energies in a cyclic and timely manner to be the dominant causative factor for all planetary events: religions, schools of thought, political ideologies, wars, racial characteristics, emergence of nation-states, the rise and fall of cultures and civilizations, everything under the sun (so to say).

In the Times to Come (New Age), The Lodge of Masters will be directing those world-transforming energies from Their Ashramic Focal Points in physicality when They are walking the Earth in direct contact with Humanity, and for the first time these powerful forces will be directed from the Aetheric Level (instead of the Buddhic Level) in conformity with the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara. This will dramatically increase the potency and effectiveness of these Creational Forces in manifesting more immediate changes called for in the Aquarian Age.

The 4th Degree Arhats and The 5th Degree Masters have the focus of Their State of Consciousness on the Buddhic Plane of Divine Love, and that is the Level from which They work, whether They have taken on a physical embodiment (an anchorage) or not. It is in Buddhic Consciousness that They strive to telepathically impress the mental bodies of Their disciples with the ideas which support and promote the Divine Plan for Earth, and it is that State of Consciousness in which They receive instructions from Shamballa for the distribution of energies. (The 6th Degree Chohans have moved on to the Atmic Plane.)

Ideas sent forth by The Arhats and Masters on the Buddhic Plane must first be recognized and make their impact on the abstract/higher mind of the disciple and this in symbolic form many times. The symbolic abstraction containing the idea must then be received and registered in the concrete/lower mind and converted into logical, practical, workable concepts that appeal to the intellect. These concepts, of whatever nature, are then spread to the masses in such a way as to make them desirable, and when the astral energy of desire has clothed the congealing thought-forms, they make their way from the Mental Plane to the Astral Plane, from which they will be brought into aetheric and then dense-physical form. They will be concretized and precipitated and manifested into physicality by the step-down process of all ideas (aided by the Deva Evolution, the Builders of Form).

For the disciple to be a useable instrument of The Hierarchy, he/she must build the Antahkarana, learn to hold the lower mind steady in the Light, be able to create the appropriate thought-form, and be an agent for precipitating the intuited idea into tangible form within the consensus reality of Man.

The Antahkarana is the means for reaching from lower mind to the world of divine ideas on the Buddhic Plane and for receiving the intuitive impressions from that expressed level of the Monad (the Buddhic Vehicle). The ideas are stepped down through the Bridge of Light from higher to lower levels.

When the Apostle, Saint Paul (who was a 3rd Degree Initiate and incarnation of Lord Hilarion), wrote of "being caught up into the 3rd Heaven", he had made an illuminated breakthrough onto the Buddhic Plane, which is really more of a State of Consciousness than a level of existence. He made intuitional realizations which went beyond the operations of the mind (lower and higher).

On this 4th Plane, The Arhat Initiate (4th Degree) has transcended the 3 Worlds of Matter (Physical, Astral, Mental) while passing into the Consciousness of the Monad (Pure Spirit) via the Buddhic Plane. The Initiate is liberated from the necessity of form-taking and has worked out and resolved ALL personal karma on the 3 lower spheres. The Law of Karma no longer applies after the Great Renunciation (4th Initiation). There is then a conscious cooperation in working out the Purpose of The Planetary Logos and assisting in the Divine Plan of The Spiritual Hierarchy. This is the Plane on which the plans for the coming Aquarian Age Christ (Kuthumi) are being laid.

The Ascended Masters train disciples and do Their work from this Plane hence ever the emphasis upon Divine Love (not emotional love). In the coming 6th Root Race of Man, the aspirant will be focused on this 4th Plane and motivated by the Higher Intuition (from Monad) as much as the current 5th Root Race aspirant is governed by intellect and focused on the Mental Plane today. During the next Root Race, The Masters will have shifted Their focus of consciousness and work onto the Atmic Plane of Spiritual Will, and the aspirant-disciples will have Buddhic Consciousness of varying levels compared to the concrete and abstract levels of mental developement of the 5th Root Race disciple.

In explanation, attainment of Buddhic Consciousness on the Buddhic Plane permits of access to the Mind of our Planetary God, Earth's Logos (The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara). This is the nearest approximation to Divine Mind that Man can conceptualize and is a tapping into of Truth at its Source. This is the higher form of Intuition (called Wisdom), which is a direct knowing of the ideas emanated by The Planetary Logos (through the Monad), whereas the lower form results from projections and downloads provided by the Soul to its incarnate personality. True Intuition (or Pure Reason) taps Sources of knowing entirely beyond the Mental Plane altogether, and these are made available by the Monad.


What most humans think of as intuition (the lower form) comes directly from the Soul or Solar Angel on the Higher Mental Plane (Devachan). The higher or Spiritual Intuition comes from the Monad as agent or conduit for the Divine Mind of The Planetary Logos. Here is a flow chart of the mental developement of the Race of Man (ascendingly): Instinct -- Intellect -- Abstract Mind -- Lower Intuition -- Higher Intuition (Buddhi) -- Illumination -- Divine Insight. Each stage of growth and expansion of consciousness admits the aspirant more closely into the Mind of God (our Planetary Creator).

Remember, the Monad expresses Itself primarily as a triplicity in what is called the Spiritual Triad (Atma, Buddhi, Manas), which is multi-dimensional upon 3 different Planes. The Higher Intuition is a result of Divine Ideas being transmitted by the Monad to its Spiritual Triad, and the Buddhic Vehicle then transmitting the Idea through the Higher Mind (Manas) of the Soul to the lower mind of the awakening, integrated personality, being stepped down instantaneously and undiluted in its meaning.

The Ideas are multi-leveled reflections of the Purpose of The Logos which, when registered in brain consciousness and understood, are to be worked into aspects of the Divine Plan by the Initiate Member of The White Brotherhood. They are bolts of lightning from On High designed to implement Divine Purpose unlike the lesser intuitions coming from Soul Level and related to the life of the incarnate personality. They are impersonal and applicable to the whole.

I can give a quick example. Albert Einstein, in deep moments of reflection and concentration, intuited the concept (or thought-package) of Relativity. This was an idea contacted on the Buddhic Plane, having been provided by his Monad, and it came in its entirety all at once. He then had to draw it out, linearize it, analyze it, and mathematically prove it by using the concrete, lower mind. This resulted in his Theory of Relativity, which had broad implications for the fields of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics.

Aspects of the Plan related to advancement of scientific knowledge and technological improvements for Humanity were thusly served (nuclear power and all its applications). An Initiate of The Brotherhood had a temporary breakthrough into Buddhic Consciousness and was able to convert the idea into mathematical understanding for the progress of the Race (atomic fission was given prematurely to the Allies by The Hierarchy to defeat the Axis Powers in World War II).

The Buddhic Intuition reveals ideas contained within the ring-pass-not of the "Universal Mind" of The Planetary Life, and they are passed to the Abstract/Higher Mind of the Soul for symbolic representation. Finally, they are passed (via the Antahkarana) to the concrete/lower mind (in immediate contact with the brain) for pragmatic organization to make them available to the masses of Mankind.

The Intuition of the Buddhic Plane can only be reached by one who has constructed (to some extent) the Antahkarana, the Bridge of Light, from the lower mind of the personality to the Higher Mind of the Spiritual Triad, passing through the Causal Body of the Soul. It is latent in the Spiritual Triad, awaiting its awakening in the incarnate personality by means of the mental disciplines, especially Raja Yoga and the techniques of meditation. It comes from beyond the world of the Soul on the Higher Mental Plane.

This Higher Intuition is swift and infallible and direct and without error. It is Truth without the intervention of the limitations of the mind with its delusions, illusions, dogma, and being linearly laborious and separative and polarized in thinking. The Initiate, while traversing the Path, learns to substitute the complicated, analyzing approach of the lower mind for the profound simplicity of the Intuition or Pure Reason. It is the immediate grasp and knowing of Truth at its essential core. It may be called Buddhic Perception.

It can only be reached after the unfolding of the intellect and not before (and contact with the Abstract Mind has been made). The lower intuitions from the Soul do not require an intelligent mind and advanced mental developement with a polarization on the Mental Plane, and they come through the right cerebral cortex. When purity and profundity of thought supervene (in the presence of a functioning Bridge of Light), then the intellect of the concrete mind can provide a direct access into the Abstract Mind and potentially the Higher Intuition beyond that. It is transmitted by the Monad (the One Life) and brought through the Soul first before reaching the personality who has learned to hold the mind steady in the Light.

By comparison with the lower intuition coming through the right cerebral cortex, the Higher Intuition is transmitted by the brain cells in the area around the Pineal Gland, which must be stimulated into activity by meditative practices (and selfless service). Previously dormant, they become awakened and vibrant (see "The Eye Of Shiva").

The 4th of the 7 Rays is the Ray Energy of Harmony and Synthesis, the Harmony being reached through Conflict on Planet Earth. This 4th Ray is the most predominant influence, of all the Rays, on the Human Evolution over the entirety of its existence (18 million years). It is the energy which provides the stimulus upon the human mind for the intuitional developement, especially in those with a 4th Ray mind. Ray 4 may be considered to be the foundational force for achieving Buddhi and the Higher Intuition which accompanies it.

The Divine Ideas of our Planetary God are made available to Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy on the Buddhic Plane by instreaming along the channel of the 7 Rays and thus being expressed in 7 different ways, 7 different formulations, one for each of the 7 Divisions of the Hierarchy. Each approach to manifesting the 7-fold Idea will use a different energy in influencing Humanity to bring it into reality. All 7 formulations are of equal importance, and the Initiate-Disciple taps into the Idea/Plan by means of the Higher Intuition operative on the Buddhic Plane.

The mental energy of the trained and disciplined disciple is consciously projected from the concrete/analytical mind on the lower mental sub-planes into the higher-spiritual mind on the upper mental sub-planes. From there, it can at times penetrate into the Buddhic Realm of the Intuition, but the process requires the mental discipline that we call meditation before it becomes possible, and the Lighted Way (Antahkarana) must have been constructed from the lower mind of the personality to the Higher Mind of the Spiritual Triad by way of the Causal Body (of the Soul). The Illumined Bridge must be in place to draw it forth, and an interpretive faculty must be present to clothe the Divine Idea in a recognizable thought-form.

The Pure or Inclusive Reason that is found in Buddhic Consciousness on the Buddhic Plane is an unerring, infallible comprehension of cause and effect simultaneously, a sudden grasp of the bigger picture lying outside of the world of cause and effect and providing an instantaneous knowing of why, where, when, and whereto all things are moving. Glimpses are provided of the Mind of our Planetary Deity (Logos) and Divine Ideas encompassing the purpose and plans for the Earth Planetary Scheme. The word, Wisdom, is also descriptive of the Consciousness State to which all 5th Degree Initiates have attained (Masters of the Wisdom).

Simply put, it is the illumination of the consciousness and removal of any impediment to clarified vision into the Reality beyond the Illusion. The true relation between all life and form is seen and known. At first fleeting in the Hall of Learning (Discipleship), it comes to dominate and subordinate the intellect in the Hall of Wisdom (Initiate Path). And after the 3rd Initiation (the Transfiguration), the true nature of the Monad begins to dawn on the Soul-merged Disciple by downflow of the Intuition through the Antahkarana.

In summation, it can be considered as illuminating energy pouring into the lower consciousness from the Spiritual Triad of the Monad, for that is the origination of these Ideas that are in some way related to the Purpose and Intent of The Logos and are provided to the advanced disciple who has an opportunity to make the choice to try to implement the Idea in the form of an ideal to be worked into concrete reality. The telepathic impression from the Hierarchical Ashrams parallels and complements the fiery downloads from the Monad/Pure Spirit.

This is how knowledge of the Plan is given to the masses of Humanity, though they may not realize it in those terms, and it's not important that they do as long as the many different aspects of the Plan become manifest reality at the Physical Level. This Spiritual Intuition can be thought of as the agent of the Monads for making known the Will-suffused Intention of our Planetary Logos at a level comprehensible to human life, and this fiery energy is directed down through the Antahkarana constructed in mental substance by the more advanced of the Human Race.


The bridge of conscious connectivity from the lower mind of the personality to the Higher/Abstract Mind of the Spiritual Triad (expression of the Monad) is called the Lighted Way or the Antahkarana (also the Rainbow Bridge). It is this Line of Light which permits of the downflow of the Higher Intuition to the Initiate-Disciple functioning in the 3 Worlds of Man (Physical, Astral, Mental).

The construction of the first span of the bridge to the Soul is begun during the Path of Discipleship (to a Master), and its building continues and accelerates on the Path of Initiation from the 1st (Birth) to the 3rd Initiation (Transfiguration), at which juncture the lower span is completed from the personality to the Causal Body of the Soul. The lower intuitions and communications from the Soul flow freely and continuously down that Span of Light to the concrete mind and brain at that point.

The second span of the bridge is then built rapidly between the 3rd and 4th Initiations and is completed in its entirety by the time that the Renunciation Initiation is taken. The personality is linked perfectly with the Monadic Triad and comes under direct influence of the Monad without the mediating agency of the Soul. Buddhic Consciousness is attained, and the Higher Intuition defines the State of Consciousness. It is always there. In the intermediate stages of construction, there will be moments (brief or longer) when the Divine Ideas of the Monad break through to the personality, and these we call the Higher Intuition, which would not be possible without the Antahkarana (under construction). This is the mechanism for these Ideas to reach the Physical Plane.

The illumined bridge begins construction only after the disciple is solidly polarized on the Mental Plane and is functioning with a high level of intelligence (a real thinker with the analytical mind). Training, self-discipline, and practice are gaining control of the mind so that it can be held steady in the Light (of the Soul), and the bridge is built primarily through the mental discipline that we call meditation. This is accompanied by a demonstrated service to the Human Race through becoming incorporated into a group designed for that service.

Then also the mind is trained in distinguishing between the psychic input from the Soul and the intuitive realizations coming from the Father in Heaven (Monad), and it must be trained in right interpretation of the abstract ideas. Thus doth the Wisdom of the Father come to us. Thus do we contact the Mind of God by way of the Father. Thus do we receive the ideas that will evolve the Human Kingdom in accordance with the Intent of our Planetary God (if nurtured and rightly implemented).


Divine Ideas which have to do with the implementation of the Purpose of our Planetary Logos are telepathically sent by The Hierarchy (4th and 5th Degree Initiates) on the Buddhic Plane to Their incarnate disciples who have trained their lower minds in receptivity. The abstract ideas come into the Abstract Mind and pass through the Antahkarana to the lower mind irradiated by the Light of the Soul. There they are converted into ideals which must be worked into practicable thought-forms that will benefit the Race of Man. This is how The High Initiates and Masters drive the evolution of Man onwards and upwards without direct intervention, which would violate the Law of Free Will.

The work is done from the Buddhic Plane whereon The Higher Ups intuit (from the Monads) the next immediate phase of the Divine Intent of our Planetary Life, which They convert into aspects of the Divine Plan for Earth and telepathically send those ideas out on thought currents to be picked up by the intuitively-receptive disciples of advanced mental developement. These ideas are formed into ideals that are then presented to the masses in ways to attract their attention and interest, and then the thought-form gets built around the ideal so that it can be brought into physical manifestation as guided by the intelligent disciples, who are, in turn, being guided by High Initiates in the Ashram of The Master. This is the complement to direct down-streaming from the Monad to the Soul (and then its incarnate expression).


The highest expression of the energy that we call Love is the Cosmic 2nd Ray that emanates from the 2nd Aspect of The Triune Godhead (Vishnu or God the Son). In its essence it is the Love of God for all of God's Creations. It is the Divine Force of Attraction and Cohesion, that which draws and holds the entire Universe (and its galaxies and star clusters) together. There is no such thing as gravitational pull. The Force that is doing the attracting is the Love of God, the Prerogative of Vishnu, and the Love Power that we find on our Buddhic Plane is but a pale reflection of that Greater Force.

So, the 2nd Ray Force, which we call in English Love, is the cohering, magnetically-attractive Force that keeps the circling electrons within the ring-pass-not of the nucleus of the atom, and it is the Force that holds satellites (of whatever nature) in orbit around a planet, and it is the Force that keeps all planetary bodies in their orbits around their star, and the analogy holds ascendingly for larger and larger systems of life and evolution: star clusters, constellations, galaxies, galactic groups, etc. The Love of God, personified in Vishnu, is holding it all together (Isaac Newton didn't know any better when formulating the Theory of Gravity).

For our sector of the galaxy, the 2nd Cosmic Ray (Love) is transmitted from one of The Great Rishis (Stars) of the 7 Stars of the "Big Dipper" (found in Ursa Major), and it passes primarily through the Virgo Constellation to The Logos of Sirius and then to The Solar Logos of our solar system, our systemic God of Love. That having been said, I wish to clarify that, for our solar system, each of the 7 Rays originates in one of the 7 Stars of the Big Dipper and is qualified and transmitted through 3 Zodiacal Constellations (a Triangle of Energy) before reaching Sirius and then our system.

One Constellation is always more dominant than the other two on a cyclical schedule. The 3 Constellations for Ray Two are Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces (the Twins, the Virgin, the Fishes), with Virgo currently in the dominant role. The Solar Logos then sends Ray Two to The Planetary Logos of Planet Jupiter (which influences Mankind toward expansion in its many facets as well as fusion and synthesis). From there the Love of God is spread throughout the solar system and gets focused on Earth through our Planetary Logos (and Sanat Kumara).

Our solar system is a 2nd Ray solar system, which means that the only Cosmic Ray (of the 7 Rays) that is admitted into the ring-pass-not of the system is the 2nd Ray of Love (and Wisdom), and all of the 7 Rays of our system are subsidiary Rays or branchings from the 2nd Cosmic Ray and are, consequently, colored and conditioned by Divine Love. Our Solar Deity, The Creator of our system of planets, is a God of Love, and Love is the Governing Principle of our solar system.

Thusly, it's a pretty important thing to know what Love is all about, and for most of the billions on this planet, all they will ever know about it is the emotionally-charged, personally-centered, desire-driven lower form of this Force of Attraction. But then, Earth is the emotional experiment of the galaxy, and it will still be a valuable lesson and experience for the Soul on its return journey to its Monadic Source.

The 2nd Ray is also called the Divine Ray of the system. Within the system, it can be considered as the sum-total of the Radiant Emanations of The 7 Planetary Logoi (of the 7 Sacred Planets) as it flows through and is qualified by Them for the entire system. These 7 Spirits before the Throne of God (in "Revelations" of the Bible) transform the 2nd Cosmic Ray and project forth the 7 subsidiary Rays for the system that we know of as the 7 Rays. In ancient and esoteric symbolism, the 2nd Cosmic Ray is the Swan with the 7 young ones trailing behind.

This fundamental energy of our solar system (2nd Ray), after it comes into the Earth Planetary Scheme, is first focused in The Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara) and then makes its way into Lord Maitreya, The Head of the Center called The Spiritual Hierarchy and Master of The Masters. From The Bodhisattva, it is then focused in Lord Kuthumi, The World Teacher and Chohan of the 2nd Ray and the exemplification for Planet Earth of the buddhic form of True Love.

From the Gentle Heart Flame (Kuthumi) of the 2nd Ray Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, this energy then is radiated and dispersed to all of Humanity according to the requirements of the Plan that is implementing the Divine Purpose of our Planetary Logos. And as this powerful energy is stepped down to the lower levels of human experience, it moves directly from the Buddhic Plane to the Astral Plane (bypassing the Mental Plane), which is why humans experience this energy as emotional love when they are in touch with it (excepting the Initiates Who can tap into the higher form when in a State of Buddhi).


The Divine Love or Universal Love that is reached and found on the Buddhic Plane has nothing to do with emotions and emotional love, nothing to do with attachment or affection or sentimental reaction. It is a State of Consciousness in which there is an identification with all beings everywhere and the loss of any sense of separateness whatsoever. This is the Principle and the State of Buddhi, when true compassion is known and only oneness is experienced.

This type and State of Consciousness begins at the 4th Initiation when the Arhat enters the Buddhic Plane and is no longer held by form life (physical, astral, and mental) in the Cycle of Incarnation. All of The Ascended Masters (5th Degree Initiates and Higher) are pervaded with and radiate this kind of Love, which is Their governing characteristic.

Human love is entirely astral in nature. Buddhic Love or Divine Love has no relation or correlation with feeling; it is not an emotion, and it does not originate in the astral body and has nothing to do with the Manipura (the outlet for emotional energies). It originates in the Buddhic Aspect of the 3-fold expressive mechanism of the Monad (called the Spiritual Triad: Atma, Buddhi, Manas) and totally governs the nature of the Soul, which is the Divine Intermediary between the Monad and the incarnate personality. Thusly, this Higher Love Energy (incorporating the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom) flows from the Monad to the Soul to the personality living in the 3 Worlds of Man (Physical, Astral, Mental), and only the more highly-evolved aspirant on the Path who is coming under Soul control can be receptive to and expressive of this Buddhic Force.

It is known and perceived as a oneness with all life and all beings, and it is demonstrated as a fixed determination to altruistically do what is best for the whole of Humanity regardless of any personal cost and sacrifice of the self. This is the True Spiritual Love that conditions the upper echelons of The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, the Heart Center (or Chakra) of our Planetary Logos.

This synthesizing identification with all life everywhere (sentient or non-sentient) provides the incentivizing impulse to help, in whatever way possible, all other forms of life in need of such help, especially the lesser-evolved, through experiential realization of an unquestioning oneness with all those lives. Infinite diversity resolves into a Unity, and all other selves become an inseparable part of oneself. This State of Consciousness, referred to inadequately as Wisdom or Spiritual Love, is the first glimpse into the most primary Law of the Universe, the Law of One (all others being secondary). All of the life-forms throughout the Universe have ultimately emanated from One Source and will return to that Source when God's Purpose for the Universe has been realized.

It is not my intent to diminish the human kind of emotional love (most prominent in all those great masses who are polarized in the chakras below the diaphragm), for without the one true positive emotion and all its attributes the Race of Man would have devolved and destroyed itself as a consequence of expressing the far more prevalent negative emotions, all based upon fear (hatred, greed, envy, anger, vengefulness, pridefulness, sadness, and on and on). I mean solely to point out the difference and to give a more knowing perspective to that energy that we call love.

The lower form, involving the emotional body, will evolve into the higher form involving Buddhic Consciousness as the Human Evolution passes into the next 2 Root Races (the 6th and 7th), and a harmonizing effect of group purpose and group consciousness and group orientation will supervene for the benefit of the whole and nevermore the individual.

This Spiritual Love (coming from Pure Spirit or the Monad) is the nature of the Love that Christ expressed when He walked the Earth 2,000 years ago and fully overshadowed Master Jesus in every way. Lord Maitreya (the Christ) was an Ascended Master (5th Degree Initiate), and He was completely immersed in this Buddhic Love upon the Buddhic Plane. We call this type (and level) of Love the Love of The Christ or Christ Love. It is the energy of Love expressed from the Buddhic State of Consciousness, and it is also called the Christ Principle in His honor (or Buddhi). This is the principle Energy that saturates and informs all Souls (or Solar Angels), which are even called the Christ Principle Itself (of each incarnate individual).

At the individual level, the love energy pours from the astral body on the Astral Plane into the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra of the aetheric body (as with all emotions) and is lifted up to the Anahata or Heart Chakra if it is unselfishly expressed (unlike all the negative emotions that are kept below the diaphragm). This is the reason why humans associate the energy of love with the heart, which is found in the same vicinity. In actuality, the Anahata is closely associated with the thymus gland and not the muscular pump called the heart and should more accurately be called the Thymus Chakra. This type of love energy is, then, radiated forth anteriorly from the mid-chest area when the person is expressing that love toward the object of the love.

The Christ Principle or Buddhi, on the other hand, cannot be accessed or experienced until the Bridge of Light (Antahkarana) has been built from the lower mind (intellect) to the Higher Mind (Abstract) of the Causal Body (Soul Body) by the meditative practices of the Initiate of fairly-advanced degree. The Buddhic Principle, ever distinguished by the higher form of Love that resolves all separateness into a unity and found on the Buddhic Plane, supercedes the mental principle (mind or manas) in the aspirant who has become ready, and it characterizes the State of Consciousness of that one.

This kind of Love (and Wisdom) cannot be known to the billions on this planet who are astrally-polarized in the Solar Plexus Chakra and who are thoroughly governed by the desire nature of their astral bodies. Even those who have become focused on the Mental Plane and who have come to live above the diaphragm in the Anahata have a long way to go (lifetimes) before reaching Buddhi.

The Anahata Center is the organ used, in the human aetheric vehicle, for the radiation and distribution of the Love Energy, both the lower emotional love and the Buddhic Love that most immediately comes from the Soul. In turn, the Soul is used as a Conducting Device for The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Monad to distribute the Spiritual Love of Buddhi through the Initiate-Disciple out into the World of Man on the 3 lower Planes. The Anahata is the mechanism for the dissemination of the love energies of all kinds, and it has nothing to do with the muscular pump called the heart.

The more advanced the Initiate and the more completed the Bridge of Light to the Spiritual Triad of the Monad, the more readily can the Monad use the incarnate instrument as a vehicle for the Christ Principle in the world -- via the Soul. The Love of God comes into the world by way of these outstanding instruments, downpouring from the Monad or Hierarchy through the Soul and then through the Anahata Chakra.

I think this is a fairly important point to be realized. The energy we call love comes into this world solely through the instrumentation of Man. The lower form, tinged with emotion and desire, is generated in the astral bodies of human individuals; the higher form beyond emotionality is transmitted through the more evolved of the Race by Higher Entities working through their Souls. And both are emitted into the world through the Chakra in the chest called the Anahata. There's one qualifier to this generality. The Initiates of Higher Degree also transmit the energy of Buddhi through their right eye, which is called the Eye of Buddhi.

This is how the Cohering Force of the 2nd Ray gets distributed to the 4 lower Nature Kingdoms on this planet, including the 4th Kingdom, Humanity. And the quality of its expression depends on the evolutionary status of the individual or group: personal/emotional love by the great majority who are polarized in the astral body and impersonal/non-emotional Love by the small minority of mentally-advanced aspirants who are adequately receptive to the downflow of Spiritual Love from the Father in Heaven (Monad) through their Souls.

In a very esoteric sense and being difficult to understand, the highest form of Love is an aspect of the Will. It is the 1st Ray (the Will of God) functioning through the medium of and being informed by the 2nd Ray (the Love of God). The attractive, synthesizing power of the 2nd Ray is driven to draw all things together into a oneness by the Will Energy of the 1st Ray. They are both primary Aspects of The Divine Trinity and work hand in hand throughout eternity. Shiva (1st Aspect) and Vishnu (2nd Aspect) accompany each Other from start to finish, and Shiva gives Vishnu the unstoppable Will to cohere that which appears to be separate: the Will to Love (in our language).

Another way of looking at it is to view the downflow of energy in an advanced Initiate who is completing the construction of the Rainbow Bridge (Antahkarana) from lower mind to Higher Mind. Recall that the 3 expressed aspects of the Monad are Atma (Will), Buddhi (Love), and Manas (Mind): the Spiritual Triad. In descending to the Initiate, Atma expresses through Buddhi which expresses through Manas. The force of the Divine Will empowers and impels the State of Coherency called Spiritual Love, and that is stepped down into the trained/receptive lower mind as the unequivocal knowingness of oneness with all. The Will to Love of the Monad is behind it all, and the Soul is the willing Intermediary to pass it along to its awakening aspect in physicality. Love nature unfolds first in the disciple, and will nature unfolds in the Initiate (along the Path).

There are secrets of this Principle (and State) called Buddhi which cannot be mentioned outside of the Initiate Circles, and this is why it is so abstruse and mysterious a matter. A fuller understanding is not permitted at this time until the Christ nature in Man has attained wider expression. In a general and abstract way, it can be considered as the Love Aspect, the 2nd Aspect of Divinity, the Magnetically Attractive Force of God (Love) playing upon all of God's Creations. Its expression on the Buddhic Plane is, however, beyond the limitations and illusions and imperfections and misunderstandings of the 3 Worlds of Man.

This Principle of Pure Love or Buddhi must necessarily be active and actively-expressed through the Heart Centers of all Higher Initiates on Earth, for without it there is no possibility of progress toward the Way of the Higher Evolution: the 7 Paths that lead to evolutionary unfoldment beyond the Earth and Solar System. In fact, Buddhic Love opens the door that presents the choice which must be made when the 6th Initiation is taken: which of the 7 Paths of Return to follow on the way back to The Universal Source.

Most take the Path to Sirius, The Higher Self of our Solar Logos and the controlling influence of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy , and many take the Path of Earth Service out of Higher Love (and oneness) with Humanity and The Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara) whose most primary and essential quality is this Pure Divine Love (at a much higher level).

Extending the thought a little further and going a little deeper, the most essential nature of our Planetary Logos (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara and Creator of our Planetary Scheme) is Divine Love, and the purpose for this Earth Scheme (though mostly withheld as a mystery) is related to the revelation of the higher form of Love through the processes of creation. Buddhi is revealed and demonstrated by its essential role in underlying all acts of creation by the White Magicians who are called Initiates. Love Divine conditions their Will, and They can safely serve and create all the facets of the Divine Plan on behalf of Sanat Kumara.

This is naturally abstruse as only High Level Initiates gain a glimpse of the true purpose for Earth, but it is all tied up in Love, and the transmutation of emotional love into Buddhic Love in the Human Kingdom (as evolution proceeds) will provide a crucial lesson to the Galactic Races who have under observation this Planet of Sorrows.


The Star System of Sirius (a trinary) and its planetary satellites is the manifest expression of The Logoic Entity called The Sirius Logos, Who effectively is The Higher Self or Originating Source for our Solar Logos (Creator of our solar system). The Solar Logos is an Expression of The Sirius Logos.

Well, Planet Earth has a particularly direct relationship with Sirius (much concealed in the Mysteries) for two major reasons that may be revealed. First, Sanat Kumara and The Lord of The Sirian Hierarchy (their White Brotherhood) have a close relationship that is very ancient; and secondly, Earth's Great White Lodge is a lower reflection and is under the control of The White Lodge of Sirius (and its stimulating potency). In fact, the guidelines for the organization of Earth's Hierarchy and the entire System of Initiation came from Sirius in the first place -- to Sanat Kumara.

The reason that this is mentioned is that there is a direct stream of energy coming from The Sirius Hierarchy and focused in The Planetary Heart Center that we call our Spiritual Hierarchy. It bypasses Shamballa and comes directly to The Master of The Masters, Lord Maitreya, and from there to all The Heart Flames of all the Ashrams in our Hierarchy. This stream of energy carries the Buddhic Principle of Cosmic Love, which must, of necessity, have its impact on ALL the Initiates in Earth's White Lodge because this so-called Christ Principle must be dominantly active in the Heart Centers of all Initiates Who graduate from our Planetary Scheme and move on to "bigger things". It isn't felt until after the 3rd Initiation (Soul Merge) however, but Buddhi from Sirius is an overarching influence on its lower reflection, The Lodge of Masters. (An Ascended Master of Earth is a 1st Degree Initiate or Entered Apprentice on Sirius.)


1. The Spiritual Hierarchy, with its Ashrams of The Masters, is said to be the Center (or Chakra) where the Love of God is known and expressed, and this is because It was shifted, in its entirety, from the Higher Mental Plane to the Buddhic Plane in 1925 A.D.

2. When the Principle of Buddhi is the conditioning principle of a Being, certain descriptive words are used for the operative State of Consciousness, and the word, spiritual, refers to coming from Spirit (or the Monad, which is known as Pure Spirit).

3. Perfect Poise: Those who have entered Buddhic Consciousness, either momentarily or irreversibly, have a divine indifference to and freedom from all influences arising from the 3 lower worlds of physicality, emotionality, and mentality. It is a poise which cannot be disturbed by anything of non-perfection. This State of Consciousness, which is far beyond and superior to the emotions (of the astral body), is the reason why the Great Initiates of 4th Degree (Arhats) and higher cannot have any kind of emotional love. Their Love is the absolute knowingness and experience of unity with all life.

4. The telepathic rapport amongst The Masters on the Buddhic Plane (and higher) has no relation to the mind and mental telepathy of humans. It is a rapport of Buddhic Consciousness that we inadequately call Intuition and which cannot be understood by the human intellect (lower mind) imprisoned by the ring-pass-not of the lower 4 mental sub-planes (the home of the intellect). And our understanding of the lower intuition from Soul Level (using the same word) only confuses the matter. It is not the same process.

5. Remember that the lower form of intuition is input coming from the Soul Level, and the higher form (referred to as Buddhi) is coming from The Creator of our Planetary Scheme by way of the Monad. When the Spiritual Intuition finds manifestation on the Physical Plane, such as a transitory state for an aspirant on the Path or a descent into form of a Master, it is expressed as an illuminated mind, a direct understanding without necessity for analytical reason and a Universal Love which transcends all emotions and attachments.

6. In the integrated personality who is becoming in rapport with the Soul (the advanced Initiate), the right eye is called the Eye of Buddhi, while the left eye is called the Eye of Manas or Mind. On the Initiatory Path leading up to the 3rd Initiation (Soul Merge), the Spiritual Will (proceeding from the Monad) grows steadily and increasingly becomes the powerful directing agent for the Love coming from Soul Level. The Eye of Buddhi is used to distribute the Force of Love outwardly into the phenomenal world of the aspirant, and that Soul Love (originating in the Monad) is animated and empowered with the Will Energy magnifying its force of impact.

    Likewise, the Spiritual Will utilizes the left eye to distribute the illumined mental energy which is being used in projects supportive of the Divine Plan as outlined by The Hierarchy. The conscious use of these outflowing forces is a secret given to the White Magicians Who meet the stringent requirements in the Mystery Schools of Initiation.

7. This is a little hard to understand (and believe), but the eyes are used as distributors of energy by the aspirants on the Lighted Way. On the Path of Discipleship and the early portion of the Initiate Path, the left eye distributes lower mental energy and the right eye distributes astral/emotional energy. For the Higher Initiates, the left eye distributes energy of the Higher/Abstract Mind, and the right eye (of Buddhi) distributes the Buddhic Energy of Divine Love.

8. All the Higher 2nd Ray Initiates in the Ashram of Lord Kuthumi express their purposeful activity (their will) through the medium of Buddhi. Higher Love is the governing influence as these Teachers fulfill their purpose in the fields of Education, Religion, Spirituality, and Consciousness. Synthesizing Love underlies the part they play in crystallizing the Plan for this planet.

9. The 2nd Ray, coming through Virgo (then Sirius and our Solar Logos), works as a stimulant for increasing the activity of the Christ Principle in the Race of Man but finds fertile ground only in the "Crest of the Wave", the more spiritually-advanced increasingly coming under the control of their Souls.


This State of Consciousness (and Being) called Buddhi is Pure Spiritual Love, the absolute knowingness and experiential certainty of Universal Oneness, a synthesis of all life as emanated forth from The Divine Central Focal Point of the Universe (The Universal Logos). Buddhi is True Wisdom and Spiritual Intuition because the Divine Ideas of The Planetary Logos have ready access by being transmitted (or downloaded) from the Monad. This is why The Ascended Ones are called Masters of the Wisdom -- due to Their Buddhic Consciousness or higher (on the Atmic Plane).

Buddhi is also called Pure Reason (the Clear, Cold Light) because the sudden and spontaneous inflows of Divine Ideas and Divine Knowings from The Planetary Life are not conditioned or limited by the filter of the reasoning aspect of mind (lower mind). They are pure and unadulterated understandings from a very high Level. Pure Spirit (Monad) transmits the Pure Idea from the Pure Universal Mind without interference of the reasoning/analyzing faculty of the lower mind with its uncountable delusions and separative inclinations. The barriers of the concrete mind are shattered and superceded by the Light of True Illumination that floods the Higher Mind of the worthy recipient who has undergone fusion with the aims and purposes of the Solar Angel (Soul).

This Buddhic State is the goal for the Kingdom called Humanity (currently in the 5th Root Race), and in the 6th Root Race, which will last for millions of years, the intellect (lower mind) is going to slip below the threshold of consciousness and become simply automatic as does the instinct in our current Race. At its close, the entire 6th Root Race will be intuitive, functioning in Soul Consciousness, and the more advanced members will have ready access to Buddhic Consciousness. This achievement will mark a point of attainment for The Planetary Logos which will culminate in a Cosmic Initiation.

The lower intuition comes into play at the sublimation of the intellect, which came into dominance at the sublimation of the instinctual nature. One level must be sublimated and driven into the subconscious before the next level can supervene. And the Divine Intuition of Buddhi will sublimate the lower form when the Bridge of Antahkarana has been adequately constructed by meditative practices designed to connect with the Higher Self and by opening further the Anahata Chakra by giving of self in service to others. The course charted for the Race of Man by The Creator of the Planetary Scheme is: Instinct to Intellect to Intuition to Illumination.

The 2nd Ray, the Love of God, which thoroughly dominates and conditions our Solar System, is the Force which saturates the Buddhic Plane and the Buddhic Vehicles of all Who attain Buddhic Consciousness. This is the Divine Fountain from Which flows the Coalescing Force of Unification that draws all sentient life together and Which assures the orderly return of all life in the Universe to its Originating Divine Source, The Triune Godhead of this Playground of Creation. The Love of The Christ, or Buddhi, may be consdered as an Aspect of the Great Cosmic 2nd Ray at the Level of the Buddhic Plane, where it conditions all Beings Who have thusly attained in this Solar System.

Lord Vishnu, the Personification of the 2nd Aspect of The Godhead, radiates this Force throughout the entirety of the Universe at all levels of being, and our Solar Deity admits solely this 2nd Cosmic Ray (of the 7 Rays) into the ring-pass-not of the Solar System because of its purpose as a progeny of The Sirian Logos. The Graduates of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, as They wend Their way through higher and higher systems of evolution and higher Planes of Existence, will be spreading the Love of God and its accompanying Wisdom to all parts of the Universe, and the expression of the Love of God will grow exponentially. The Buddhic Plane experience and the acquisition of Buddhi is a necessary phase of that journey, and all of Humanity are headed that way. The Soul will be the Guide, and the Father in Heaven (Monad) will oversee. This is but an introduction to your future.


James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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