The legend, which has been passed down through the mists and fogs of time about the existence of a continent in the Atlantic Ocean, is based on fact and is not a fanciful narrative promulgated by untold generations of story-tellers seeking to enthrall and entertain and offer an explanation for the name of the ocean beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The Continent of Atlantis did, in fact, exist because Those Who Know (The Ascended Masters of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy) have said it is so, and They have had a great deal to say about it and its peoples (please see "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?").

Those Guardians of the Human Race do not lie about such matters (or any matters), and so I will exert no effort in offering proof to what was chronicled in the ancient archives of the Egyptian Initiate-Priests and was passed on to the Greek Initiates by way of Solon and then Plato (lifetime of Lord Hilarion). Plato was a 2nd Degree Initiate and knew the history of the 3rd and 4th Root Races (Lemurian and Atlantean), but he was pledged to secrecy and intentionally veiled his knowledge of Atlantis in allegory and allusion. As well, for the same reason, he mixed fact and fiction in describing Poseidonis (the final island) but calling it Atlantis.

This writing will be starting with the premise that Atlantis was a reality and not a fable and move beyond any need for the cumbersomeness of proof. The Akashic Records for Earth (on the upper Astral and lower Mental Planes) are of immediate access to the Cosmic Mind of a Perfected Master, and what will follow are mere fragments of that Record as far as the Atlanteans are concerned.

Each sphere of evolution (the planets) in this solar system goes through 7 Chains or Septenate Incarnations in its developemental progress (each Chain having 7 planets). In other words, each Planetary Logos or Life-providing Entity for each of the planets incarnates 49 times and expresses as an evolutionary sphere with all its developing life-forms. That Divine Expression is The One in Whom we live and move and have our being. Each septenary Chain of planets undergoes 7 Rounds of sequential evolution through each of the planets, one planet at a time (each Round progressing through the 7 planets before the next Round), and our Current Round for the Earth Chain is the 4th or Middle Round, the densest in terms of physicality. The initial Round is the most aetheric for all of the life-forms, and the physical density increases and progresses down toward the middle of the 4th Round (ours), after which the Rounds are progressively more aetherealized up to the final 7th Round. (For a better understanding, go to "49 Earths and The Silent Watcher".)

If physical density and time were plotted on a graphic chart, the appearance of each 7-planet Chain would be an elongated V with the 1st and 7th planets (or globes) being at the 2 upper extremities and being the most spiritual and the least material. The lower point of the V would be the very middle of the Chain (the 4th planet), the least spiritual and the most material of the entire evolution of the Chain (such as the Earth we occupy). And as each planet of the Chain is activated and enlivened by The Creator Logos, its period of evolution is called a World Period, during which there are 7 Root Races of the sentient species (Humanity) that evolves over that period. The pattern of physical density/spirituality for the Chain of planets is followed by the Root Races for each of the World Periods. That is, the 1st Root Race is the most spiritual and the least physical (very aethereal), and the arc of evolution descends more and more into physicality toward the 4th Root Race, which we call the Atlanteans on our Earth Sphere. Following the mid-point of the 4th Race (millions of years ago), the arc ascends back upwardly toward spirituality and lessening physicality (density). The 7th Root Race of our World Period will be the most spiritual and the least material.

Since we are not far removed from the middle of the 4th Race of the 4th planet of the 4th Chain in the 4th Round of that Chain (relativistically), this is about as physically dense as it gets on Planet Earth and hence the challenge for a Soul incarnating into such low and dense matter from the Causal or Highest Mental Plane. As mentioned, each World Period has 7 Root Races of Mankind, and each Root Race has 7 sub-races, thus the microcosm perfectly reflecting the macrocosm of a Septenary Universe (click on "A Septenary Universe").

So, the evolutionary scheme that we call Earth is a lot more complicated than a "solitary planet suspended in the deep void of space". It has 7 Chains of planets with 7 planets in each of the Chains, and each of those Chains undergoes 7 Rounds of sequential evolution through each of its planets. These planets are at different dimensional levels, and as the life wave and evolutionary impulse reach each planet, it undergoes 7 major stages of evolution for its life-forms during its period of enlivened activity. Just as The Creative Source for this Universe differentiated into 7 Primary Aspects of Itself, so The Solar Logos (Creator of the solar system) projected forth a septenary creational scheme within its ring-pass-not. There are 7 Planetary Logoi of the 7 sacred planets within the system, and these 7 Spirits Before the Throne administer the dissemination of the 7 Rays (one for each of Them) throughout the system and have incarnated within Their own septenary evolutionary schemes that we call planets. Be it Venus or Jupiter or Neptune, each has a 7-fold Chain of 7 multi-dimensional globes, and each Chain has 7 Rounds through the 7 globes of the Chain.

But coming back down to the Earth that we all know, most of the current Humanity are the 5th sub-race of the 5th Root Race, which is called the Aryan, and that is not exclusively the Caucasian. For this 4th Round that we are in (on the 4th Planet in the Chain), the first two Root Races were so aethereal and of such indefinite form that they cannot be considered to be part of the Human Evolution on this planet (as we understand human). They had their purpose in the Mind of The Planetary Logos, but the very first beginnings of the Human Kingdom and Evolution were in the middle of the 3rd Root Race or what is called the Lemurian 18 million years ago. They lived on a vast continent in the Pacific Ocean called the Motherland of Mu, and because of the lemur monkey found on both sides of the Pacific by zoologists in the 19th Century, a Pacific Continent was postulated as an explanation and called by them Lemuria.

The early sub-races of the 3rd Root Race were more animal than man and had not even the germ of mind but rather lived totally by animal instincts and were exceedingly primitive when compared to more Modern Man. They were oviparous and have been called the "Egg Born" in the occult annals of history, that is, they reproduced the species by the formation of eggs, which incubated the fetus for several years (they were also Soul-less). Over the millions of years, the 4th sub-race of the 3rd Root Race had evolved to becoming hermaphroditic, which means that each individual had the sexual apparatus of both male and female.

In appearance, these anthropoids would be more ape-like than human-like, and their size was enormous by modern standards. As the eons passed, the size very steadily and slowly diminished. The entire period for the 7 sub-races of the Lemurians was roughly 12 million years, and in the middle of the 4th sub-race Sanat Kumara came with His Lords of the Flame from Venus to accelerate and alter the course of evolution on this sphere forever (refer to "Who Is Sanat Kumara?").

This was the first great crisis in this planet's history, and the result of the creational work (Kriyashakti) of The 7 Kumaras and The High Initiates from Venus (with the help of the Deva Evolution) was the Separation of the Sexes, the Implantation of the Germ of Mind, the Individualization of the Race, and the Ensouling of the Species: all as a direct consequence of Sanat Kumara's Presence.

An embryonic mental body was given to the 4th Lemurian sub-race; the male and female sexual polarities were differentiated out from the former androgynous condition; self-awareness was derived out of the former group consciousness; and the waiting Soul Entities found the more advanced animal-men to be more appropriate vehicles (and receptacles) for being ensouled. This was the very beginning of the Human Race on Earth 18 million years ago and a powerful Initiation for The Planetary Logos.

To clarify, the Race had had an oversouling Entity for the entire Race up to that point in time (as with species of animals), but the individualization occurred when one Soul or Higher Self (or Solar Angel) entered each individual physical being of the 3rd Root Race. The sexual separation didn't happen overnight but rather slowly over time as the Deva Builders of form nature did their work in manifesting the creative thought-form projected by The Kumaras (see "Thought Forms In Magical Work").

The final 3 and a half sub-races of the Lemurians had 6 million years, then, to work on the perfecting and understanding and control and coordination of the human physical body under the supervisory guidance of The Spiritual Hierarchy Who incarnated amongst them and taught the Race (go to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). The goal for the Race was the developement and perfection of the physical vehicle, which over eons entailed the integration of the aetheric body (click on "The Aetheric Body") with the dense physical body and the lowering of the consciously-controlled body processes below the threshold of consciousness. For a very long time, the 3rd Race had conscious control over physiological functions that we take for granted as being automatic and under the control of the autonomic nervous system.

In keeping with the Divine Plan of The Planetary Logos (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara), the so-called Lemurian Race passed out of the evolutionary scheme to make way for the 4th Root Race and the next stage of growth for early Humankind. As with all transitions from one sub-race to the next and one Root Race to the next, the latter was built on the genetic structure of the former and would undergo its modifications over time, so there was always overlap, and the vanguard of the new Race could be considered Lemuro-Atlantean. The great Continent of Mu was destroyed by the Element of Fire with massive volcanic and subterranean explosions that sent the land mass to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in a drawn-out series of events but not all at once.

Before it happened, the new Race-to-be was guided to establish colonies on portions of the Mu Motherland which would survive the convulsions of the planet, that is, in the North and South Atlantic. The entire surface of the planet was radically altered by the submergence of Mu and, besides the new Atlantean Home for the new Race, a few remnants of Lemuria and the 7th sub-race of the 3rd Root Race remained in New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, Borneo, New Guinea, and various islands scattered across the Pacific (also much of California). The entire Continent of Africa arose from the sea floor as Mu sank into the oceanic waters. This would be roughly 12 million years ago when the 1st Atlantean sub-race was getting its start as the new Race of Man for Planet Earth (and getting its feet wet in a manner of speaking).

All these tectonic plate shiftings and geophysical events are overseen and orchestrated by The Manu of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, utilizing the 1st Ray Energy of Power (the destroyer aspect) and the powerful Deva-Helpers with their elemental subordinates. Secret words of power, visualization, thought-forms, and projection of the will are used to draw the Devas and elementals into producing the world-shaking events that have ultimately been requested by The Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara). The territory of what later came to be called Atlantis stretched across much of North America and throughout the North and South Atlantic Ocean.

A new phase of human developement had begun, commensurate with the Master Plan of Sanat Kumara. The new 4th Root Race would have the destiny and challenge of creating the emotional body (astral body), expanding it, perfecting it, and integrating it with the dual physical form (the dense physical and the aetheric physical bodies). This would take millions of years and 7 sub-races to accomplish, but it would be successful beyond the expectations of The Hierarchy. The mind or mental body was not a factor, because that was to be left to the 5th Root Race (Aryan) to develope. (For more, go to "The Astral Body".)

These early Atlanteans were not thinkers; they had very little mental equipment or capacity. They lived in the now moment, ate, slept, reproduced, and carried out the biological functions of the physical body but had little more thinking capacity than the higher animals of the time. They were guided all the way (and in all things) by incarnate Members of The Great White Brotherhood, Who were the Divine Kings and Priest-Teachers of the Race. The Spiritual and Governing Leaders of the Atlanteans intuited the necessary guidance and governance from Higher Levels, and the masses of non-thinkers blindly followed because they both needed and wanted to be told what to do. The reasoning powers of the mind were not on the agenda for them. Developement came one step at a time, and the astral body would take millions of years to develope, of course accompanied by all the emotions and the desire nature.

It is little known that Earth is a rare emotional experiment in the galaxy, so the Atlantean Phase of creating and integrating the astral body into the sentient life experience was a very important one with galactic repercussions to all the observers from other planetary civilizations. These things used to be secrets of Initiation, but the cat has been let out of the bag by Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey as instructed by their Masters (El Morya and Kuthumi respectively) to awaken a Humanity with a mental apparatus now capable of assimilating and understanding the higher meaning of these former secrets.

There were giants in the land in those days. The genetic carryover from the Lemurians produced gigantic physical forms compared to the modern physique. The size of the 1st sub-race was the greatest with the steady diminishing of stature down through the sub-races over millions of years. They were strong; they were beautiful of form; and they were BIG. The Continent of the 4th Root Race was enormous, so there wasn't any homogeneity of racial form throughout, and the skin coloration was variously white, yellow, brown, and red with admixtures of those as certain long-segregated tribes encountered others of a different complexion.

The early sub-races were endowed with a third eye which they inherited from the Lemurians (I know; it sounds far-fetched). They had 2 eyes in the front of the head and one in the back of the head, the so-called cyclopean eye, but the third eye was functional only for "spiritual sight", clairvoyance and mystical visions of the unseen worlds. It didn't register the visual wave-lengths of the then physical world. This third eye (Eye of Shiva) gradually disappeared from the outward anatomy by the time of the 3rd sub-race of the Atlanteans and became incorporated into the brain as what we now call the pineal gland (of which little is known to medical science). It's psychic perceptions continued to function until nearly the end of the 4th Root Race but by then became totally non-functional due to the materiality, depravity, and corruption of the Race (except in the higher Initiates).

Until the Atlanteans came along, there was no Astral Plane (with 7 sub-divisions) around Planet Earth. "God" or The Planetary Logos did not create the Astral Planes. That was done by the millions and millions of Atlanteans individually and collectively as they gradually became astrally-polarized in the emotions and all of their immense desires. They developed astral consciousness out of the former physical plane consciousness of bodily preoccupation inherited from the Lemurians. The kamic or desire body (astral) became the total focus for their attentions (as was planned), and the astral body became the dominant conditioning influence in their lives, leading to excessive emotionality and rampant, insatiable desires (not planned).

Of course, this took place over millions of years and 7 sub-races and many tribal off-shoots of those sub-races. The Astral Plane (ever in expansion with the thought-forms of Man) became the constant and daily focus of their attention, because that is the state or plane of consciousness upon which is found the astral body, and they lived their lives, for all intents and purposes, in the astral body. The Astral Plane is also known (to Those Who Know) as the Plane of Illusion and Desire. The uncountable thought-forms inhabiting it have been constructed by fanciful imagination and never-ending desires for things of the material life and the material world.

Over time they became consumed by desire, initially desirousness for the satisfactions and pleasures of the physical form and later for the possessions of others. The astral proclivities got out of all control, and the great "sin" or transgression of the Race became that of theft of the belongings of others. There was no conscience or morality (except for Initiates in the Temple Schools) and no discriminative ability to ascertain the difference between right and wrong, because their minds were infantile and unable to reason or think logically. They just took what they wanted regardless of how it would impact the original owner.

You see, the entire Race was exceedingly psychic, having the lower form of psychism which is mediated through the solar plexus center (or chakra), which has a direct connection to and is the outlet for the energies of the emotional/astral body (if need be, review "The Astral Body"). The psychism is a consequence or side effect from the polarization in the astral form, and their clairvoyance and clairaudience would give them full access to the phenomena of the Astral Plane, however they didn't know or comprehend the illusional nature of what they found there. They just couldn't tell the difference between what was real and what was illusion on the Astral Plane (which sounds like a pretty confusing state of affairs).

Anyway, their psychic powers (of lower nature) became bent upon being used in the feeding of their relentless desires and acquisitive covetousness for the material things of others, and they used magical methods of the left-handed path (black magic) to steal what they wanted for the personal self. Early on in the Race, before it became excessively influenced by the Dark Brotherhood, the Initiate Priests and Adepts had taught their disciples the secret mantrams and rituals and methods for the practicing of white magic (for the good of all), and over the millennia the secret sounds and words and procedures filtered out to the masses, who all learned how to practice the art called magic.

When used for selfish purposes, it can be referred to as sorcery or black magic, which the majority practiced. They learned and used the mantrams for protecting themselves, then summoning the lesser devas, then commanding the devas and elementals to do their dirty work for them (stealing, setting fire to an enemy's house, harming other people, causing terminal illnesses, destroying properties), and then dismissing them (each phase accompanied by a specific mantram). It became a national plague and completely upset the plans by Earth's Hierarchy for the Atlantean Race, which is one of the reasons why the decision was made to terminate the 4th Root Race, but that's getting ahead of myself.

Because of the astral sensitivity, poorly-developed mind, desirousness gone berserk, and the predisposition toward magical work, the Black Lodge made tremendous inroads into the Atlantean Race (and they had their own Mystery Schools and Initiates and disciples). Their Initiate Leaders were known as the Sons of Belial and the Lords of the Dark Face, while their opponents as agents for The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth were known as the Sons of the Law of One and the Lords of the Shining Countenance. The motivation for the Dark Magicians was power and control and selfishness; the motivation for the White Magicians was love and altruistic service and evolutionary advancement for the Race of Man in accordance with the Plan of Sanat Kumara.

A great war ensued between the two idealistically-opposed Lodges during the latter era of the Atlantean Race and lasted for thousands of years, primarily fought on the Astral Planes but periodically manifest on the dense physical level. Essentially it was an astral war that found occasional physical expression. The methodology of magic was employed; the Deva Evolution came to be extensively involved (as summoned by mantrams); 7 Ray Forces were focused and manipulated and thrust against the opponent; and the armamentarium of The High Initiates was brought to bear against the opposing side. The war so upset the plans for the parallel evolutions of the Devas and Humanity that The Shamballa Council, as chaired by Sanat Kumara, made a decision to bring the Atlantean Experiment to a close and to get on with the 5th Root Race of Man.

It's hard to conceptualize that a state of war could have gone on for so long, but there is no such thing as time on the Astral Planes, and hence it didn't take an extremely long "time" for the two Lodges to conduct the war. It merely precipitated into physicality at varying times in the illusional time-line of the Atlantean Era and only appeared to last hundreds of thousands of years. So, there wasn't just one major cataclysm and sinking of Great Atlantis but several, and all of it was spread out over what we think of as time (please click on "Time Is An Illusion").

Each time, The Manu of the 1st Ray Department (of Hierarchy) was called upon to "conduct the operation", and the destroyer aspect (Shiva) of the 1st Ray was the Over-riding Force (see "The First Ray"). As a 7th Degree Initiate, The Manu has at His command some very powerful secret mantrams for the movement of tectonic plates and the repositioning of land masses and bodies of water. Higher Devas are called into the enterprise, over which they have command of the lesser devas and the elementals of fire, earth, water, and air. The earth elementals were made to shift the tectonic plates for the portion of Atlantis to be submerged; the fire elementals produced the widespread, shattering volcanic eruptions; and the water elementals were made to inundate and cover that land mass.

There were 3 major catastrophic sinkings and breaking up of the Atlantean Homeland, all 3 affecting the entire world at the time. The first one was the largest and most devastating to the populated areas of the planet and sunk the greatest portion of Atlantis (in the Book of Enoch, "the ends of the Earth got loose"). All of the different inundations caused by the break up of Lemuria in the Pacific and Atlantis in the Atlantic have become confused and merged and misrepresented in the ancient archives of the priesthoods of Man, but then the time scale is in terms of millions of years, so its understandable. Because of discrepancies in the timing given for the Atlantean Disasters, I will forego giving any dates except for the last one.

After the greatest of the sinkings (leaving what is now North America), there were 7 Major Islands remaining, quite sizeable bodies of land that were thereafter considered to be the 7 Sacred Islands of Atlantis (their names can be found in the Puranas of India). The astral wars continued with the periodic spillover into the physical domain, and the time came eons later for the second operation to be conducted by The Lord Manu. All of the 7 remaining portions of Atlantis were inundated and taken to the bottom of the ocean except for one remaining sizeable island that came to be called Poseidonis. This lasted until roughly 12,000 years ago, when it met the same fate as the rest of the Motherland. This is the Atlantean Island written of by Plato and was much larger than the necessarily-veiled description given by the Initiate. It rests in the deep, to be recycled eons hence. Above water remnants of Old Atlantis are the Azores, Canary Islands, Bermuda, Ireland, Britain, and the Caribbean Islands.

1. Initiates of The White Brotherhood were physically embodied and in exoteric contact with the awakening Humanity during the latter half of the Lemurian Experience (after the sexual separation and individualization) and for most of the Atlantean Era until They found it necessary to withdraw from contact as a collective endeavor and leave Humanity to its chosen experiments and experiences in black magic, self-serving desire fulfillment, and material acquisitiveness. The Great Ones were The Spiritual Teachers Who ever so slowly raised the primitive consciousness of the Race, sub-race by sub-race over the millions of years (check out "The Ashram Of The King").

The Lemurians and early Atlanteans were physically polarized, which means that the primary focus of their embryonic consciousness was on the physical form and its needs and demands (sleep, food, survival, sexual reproduction, registration of pain and pleasure). There was no thinking; there was only reacting to environing conditions by instinct and learned behavior. There was no self-awareness, only a herd instinct and a recognition of and identification with the group. They had become ensouled during the mid-point of Lemurian Life and had undergone an esoteric implantation of a germ or seed of mind in the nascent mental body, but awareness of the lower self as distinct from and unique to the group or tribe had yet to be accomplished.

This was one of the goals of The World Teacher of the period (always The Chohan of the 2nd Ray) in intuitively guiding The Adepts (4th Degree Initiates) and other High Initiates in their Temple Schools for the more evolved of the Race. The priests would instruct and train the more advanced for many years, then they would be sent out to teach the common masses who were receptive enough to what they had to offer. Before the hierarchically-initiated program of teaching the Atlantean Race how to create and build the astral body and during the earliest phase of the Race when the physical form dominated all expression, the modes of their teaching were oriented toward stimulation and coordination of the dense physical body.

Temple practices emphasized Hatha Yoga to gain conscious and coordinated control over the physiological processes of the physical body and Laya Yoga (the science of the chakras) to bring the first 4 chakras in the aetheric body into functioning activity (base, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras, which were barely perceptible to the clairvoyant eye). Laya Yoga was the method used for the necessary integration of the aetheric or vital body with the dense physical body for enhanced vitalization of physical expression and improved flow of the life-force from Soul to incarnate fragment (by way of the sutratma anchored in the heart center). Stimulation of the brain to bring about, eventually, a greater awareness of the lower self as an individual was included in the practices given out to disciples of the Temples.

It all took a vast period of time (in the hundreds of thousands of years) to successfully meet the goals for the early Atlanteans, but physicality, as inherited from the 3rd Race, was solidified and coordinated and integrated (as a dual vehicle) and perfected. The Temple practices of Hatha Yoga and Laya Yoga and Tantric Magic somehow survived and were passed down through the generations for eons of time to be inherited from Old Atlantis by the priestly caste of Arya Varta (the Indian Subcontinent).

These purely physical methods of employing energy laws to work through the chakra centers became obsolete millions of years ago and are inappropriate and retrogressive for the fully integrated modern human who is polarized in the mental body (lower mind). Other Yogas and practices (Kriya Yoga and Raja Yoga), originating in The Hierarchy, have superceded the ancient methods aimed at the full integration and coordination of the physical form (the evolutionary focus is now on the mind of Man).

When self-awareness and individualization and coordinated physicality were deemed sufficient enough, then the Initiate-Priests of the Temple Compounds advanced the training and instruction to promote the developement of the desire/emotional response body (astral). The chakra centers had become rudimentarily active below the diaphragm (base, sacral, and solar plexus chakras) once the aetheric and dense physical bodies had become an integrated unit, and the unknowing masses were centered in the two lowest chakras of survivability and sexuality, while the disciples of the priesthoods were learning to awaken and stimulate the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) and begin to create the next vehicle of the Soul in expression, the emotional body, an astral extension of the aetheric 3rd chakra. When the disciples had perfected it and their emotional nature, they went out over eons of time to bring that expessive apparatus to the now individuated and self-realized masses.

The astral body and the Astral Realms came into being with the Atlantean Race, and they would absolutely dominate all life and expression for millions of years, even unto the 5th sub-race of the 5th Root Race, our own, and the solar plexus center was the focal point and clearing-house for all energies generated below the diaphragm across the board for the masses. The next step in the Temple Schools was awakening of the heart center and, consequently, the love nature in the disciple-trainees (see "A Basic Primer On The Chakras").

When the physical, aetheric, and astral bodies had become coordinated and were functioning as a unit, Bhakti Yoga of Devotion was introduced into the training program for aspirants. There was no requirement yet for an active mentality or any mental powers. They learned through symbols, ritual, and ceremonial and both liked and needed authority, which was never abused by the Initiate Teachers of The White Brotherhood. The astral longings and desires required of them were for the spiritual ideals and the mystical vision, and the Bhakti practices helped to activate the heart center and establish their devotion to the Priests and their Hierarchical Masters as well as begin the expression of a new revolutionary energy called love.

The Priest Teachers, in incarnating for their missions, had subordinated their mental equipment entirely and chose to focus and work through the heart center Themselves and were Models of love and kindness and inclusiveness and compassion for all to see. The disciples became the forerunners of the love nature for the 4th Race, but the teachings didn't take well with the masses once the disciples were sent into the world, because the selfish, astral-desire nature was too seductive and a part of life now (thanks to the Black Lodge).

Only the students of The Adepts were able to transmute and transfer the sub-diaphragmatic energies out of the solar plexus up to the heart center above the diaphragm, but millions of years would pass with the solar plexus and astral consciousness becoming over-developed and excessively dominating in the masses (beyond original plans for the Race). They dominate the Aryan Race to this day.

Once the heart center was pouring out the energy of love in the disciples, around the middle of the Atlantean Race (probably the 4th sub-race), the Door of Initiation was opened by Sanat Kumara, and the Path of Initiation was given to Mankind (for elaboration, go to "The Only Path On Earth"), thus providing the opportunity for the more advanced disciples to join the Ranks of The Spiritual Hierarchy after they had crossed the Threshold of Initiation.

At the same time, the door of entrance from the Animal Kingdom to the Human Kingdom was closed, no longer allowing the higher animals to become individualized and ensouled (groups and species of animals have a Group Spirit or Monad). The White Lodge, in its wisdom, determined that Man will have had to do the following before any more animals are allowed to join the Human Evolution: full coordination of physical, astral, and mental vehicles (not necessarily integration of them) to the point of transcending the physical and astral by realizing their relative unimportance, cycling back from self-awareness to group-awareness and subordination of self-interest to that of the group, and the awakening and expansion of the mental body.

The teachings were re-organized to accommodate the Mysteries of the Initiate Path, and the 1st Initiation (the Birth) became the crisis juncture of full and absolute mastery of the physical vehicle and its demanding appetites and pleasures. The 2nd Initiation (the Baptism) became the crisis juncture of unequivocable control over the astral nature of emotion and desire (the very hardest one for the Atlantean consciousness). Eons more time elapsed as the curriculums expanded and the numbers of low-level members of the White Lodge increased. All the while, the self-serving masses satisfied their cravings and their attachments by use and abuse of magical means to acquire everything that interested them, no matter its ownership. They stole; they deceived; they fought; they fed their insatiable desires.

No other time period in the history of the planet has seen the opulence and luxuriousness under which many of the Atlanteans lived. They drowned in all their desires, just as they drowned in the Atlantic waters when The Lord of the World decided to restore the balance. The decadent days of the Roman Empire would come the closest to approximating the fineries and material accumulations of the most well-to-do Atlantean scions, but even then it didn't come that close.

The first time that the 3rd Initiation was ever taken on Planet Earth, a group of the 7 most accomplished Initiate Disciples on Atlantis were involved. This is called the Transfiguration and demonstrates control over the mind and the mental elementals with their peculiar demands. This is the crisis point of Soul mergence and Soul control thereafter. This is the achievement of the mastery of mental energy and the fully-built bridge of antahkarana to the Soul Level to thereafter transmit the Will and Purpose of the Soul to the lower self to the extent of being its automaton and fully-cooperating mechanism in the 3 Worlds of Man (physical, astral, and mental). The intuition from the Soul then begins to relegate the mind to the background (if interested, see "The Only Path On Earth").

Sanat Kumara Himself was The Hierarch of the Initiation (1st and 2nd Initiations are given by The World Teacher), and the Flaming Diamond was the Rod of Initiation. Six of the 7 in the group had originated from outside of the Earth and its Evolutions, but the very first one to come from the Human Evolution and to so greatly achieve at that time was The One we now call Lord Maitreya, The Master of The Masters and The World Teacher during the Piscean Age. He is now a 7th Level Initiate and one of The 3 Great Lords of Hierarchy. The other familiar name at the Group Initiation was The One Who over-shadowed the consciousness of Prince Siddartha Gautama 2600 years ago (Buddha Amitabha). This One is now an 8th Degree Initiate and The Buddha (or Kumara) of the 2nd Ray for Planet Earth and Member of The Great Council of Shamballa.

The aspirants and disciples who had been accepted for training and study at the Temples scattered all over the Atlantean Landmass were called the Crest of the Wave and the Flower of the Race, because they were the vanguard of the spiritual unfoldment for the 4th Root Race and were its leading exponents for evolution as overseen by Earth's Hierarchy. When the integration of the astral with the physical vehicles had become accomplished in the undeveloped and unthinking masses and the heart center was radiantly active in the disciples, then the emphasis of training and education was turned toward the mind (for the aspirants, not the desire-obsessed masses), and the Teachers, then, in that lengthy era came in with their mental faculties fully intact.

The awakening of the lower concrete mind was the focus of Temple training in the latter times of the Atlantean Race, and the Initiates then had to demonstrate intelligence expressed by an ability to assimilate and organize knowledge, a one-pointed focusing of the mind, a demonstration of the capability of mental illumination, and a creative ability using the thought-form making capacity of the mind. This was a prelude as to what lay ahead as the goal and destiny of the next Root Race (the 5th) as a whole, but the disciples and Initiates are always much further advanced than the general populations of their Race, and the Atlanteans would remain astrally-polarized for the rest of their days.

Polarization means the primary focus of attention, and mental polarization on the Path of Initiation begins at the midway mark between the 1st and 2nd Initiations (1.5 to 1.6 in Initiate Status) when the mind must be tapped to overcome the demons of the astral nature in the arduous and terrific battle of subduing the emotions and desires in order to conquer and bring under control the most powerful vehicular apparatus of the personality, the astral body (see "The Astral Body").

The astral consciousness must become as quiescent as the glass-like surface of a pond on a still summer morn, and it is only the willful, motivated, rational mind that can wrestle the astral body to the ground and hold it there in eventual reluctant surrender. The mind was the next vehicle of developement for the Atlantean aspirants and then for the Aryan masses at large (again eons hence).

2. To briefly summarize the major steps leading up to Aryan Civilization, the Lemurians appropriated the physical body with its 5 senses and integrated the aetheric body to it as an instrument of vitalization with its system of force channels (nadis) and chakras (lesser, minor, and major). The Atlanteans appropriated the astral body and integrated it functionally with the dual-natured physical form (dense and aetheric) while collectively creating the Astral Planes by the energy put into emotionality, desirousness, and creative imaginings. The Aryans are in the process of appropriating the mental body and integrating it into the well-established and well-consolidated physical/astral equipment of the Human Race, but only the intelligentsia have made such real progress, and the greater bulk of the 5th Root Race remains Atlantean in their consciousness.

In Lemurian Times (which overlapped into early Atlantis), when Man was little more than an animal, he lived unthinkingly (unencumbered with thought). Life was like a panorama unfolding before the eyes, and without self-awareness he looked on and identified with the episodes and unconsciously played his part. There was no reflection or planning. He and she slept, ate, tended to survival, procreated, and reacted to pleasure and to pain. Life was filled with the fundamentals of physicalness, self-perpetuation and self-survival, and the sacral chakra was the one most used.

In Atlantean Times another experiential device was added to the Soul's aspect down in dense physicality, and the new device (called the astral body) enabled the ensouled aspect to perceive and to react far more sensitively to the immediate environs in which it lived. The experiences of the incarnate instrument were greatly expanded through the emotionality and desires of the new energy field (or body) added to the strictly physical vehicle of Lemuria. The Causal Body of the Soul was enriched and enlarged as a consequence (for more, go to "The Causal Body Of The Soul"). The most active and dominant of the chakras in the aetheric body of the incarnate expression was the solar plexus or manipura.

The astral body made the Atlanteans purely emotional in all their approaches and reactions to life, and it made them governed essentially by selfish desires. It definitely made all of them extremely psychic and what we would call sensitives. Their heightened sensitivity enabled perceptivity on the aetheric and astral levels (immediately above the dense physical levels, frequency-wise), and their magical propensity was a by-product of the psychic sensitivity as mediated through the solar plexus chakra, however these powers were the lower form, the lower siddhis (as compared to the higher siddhis mediated through the ajna or brow center).

This condition of functioning was expected and considered normal by The Guardians of the Race, but the Forces of Darkness found a way to take advantage of the situation and disrupt the Divine Plan for the 4th Root Race. In ways that I don't fully understand but which probably had to do with controlling and commanding the elementals on the Astral Planes, they stimulated and intensified the lower psychic powers of the Race and developed them to proportions that were nearly uncontrollable, thus clairvoyantly revealing the entire lower Astral Planes, though there was no mental comprehension of what they saw because of minimal mental activity. Evil potencies were released onto the physical levels.

It was the interference by the Black Lodge that swung the astrally-polarized masses over to the Dark Side, which focuses all its energies on serving the self at the expense of all others in the selfish quest for control and domination and power. The out-of-control avariciousness for material objects and wealth, the theft of anything they wanted, the harmfulness conducted against others, the magnification of selfish desires, and the use of black magic to accomplish all the transgressions were a direct consequence of the interventional tactics of the Lords of the Dark Face (hierarchically overseen at the physical level by a Group of Twelve -- in modern times 6 in the Orient and 6 in the Occident).

This precipitated the great struggle between The White Lodge and the Dark Lodge, the former intent upon fulfilling the Master Plan as given out by Sanat Kumara and the latter intent upon bringing Humanity and the world's resources under its control. The Atlanteans were more malleable because of their inability to reason and discriminate, and their astral consciousness upon the Plane of Illusion and Desire facilitated their manipulation by the Sons of Belial. They were sitting ducks for the weaponry at the disposal of the Initiates of the Dark Mysteries. They couldn't distinguish between astral and physical phenomena and so could easily be deceived and confused by illusional thought-forms and mental projections onto the Astral Planes. Furthermore, they were all very mediumistic and could be possessed or overshadowed in consciousness by dark ones who did not abide by the Law of Free Will that is honored by The White Brotherhood.

The struggle for the Soul of Humanity by the two opposing Schools of Adepts went on for eons with neither side prevailing on the Astral Planes, and the Dark Lords of Materiality having more success than failure at the Physical Level. To explain, the polarity of service to self are focused in effort at the Material Level while having Centers of Force on the Astral and lower Mental Planes. The Brotherhood of Light in service to others are focused in effort at the Soul Level on the highest Mental sub-Plane (the Causal Plane) and operate from the Buddhic Plane just above the Mental (the Planes from lower to higher: Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic).

Because the White Lodge will not infringe upon free will and must achieve their aims through their incarnate disciples and Initiates, the Black Lodge only appears to have more power in physicality because the numbers of the self-serving masses are far, far greater, and their black arts are directed at the control of elementals and lesser devas upon the astral and physical levels. Above the lower mental, their power is contained, and the Greater Devas do not work with them. The Forces of Light have power on the Higher Planes of Existence and work through Their affiliate members incarnate to oppose the dark agenda on the 3 lower Levels.

The civilization was brought to a close in a sequence of cataclysmic geological events due to the impact of the war on Planet Earth, her Nature Kingdoms, the Deva Evolution, and the temporarily-thwarted Purpose of The Planetary Logos (The Silent Watcher). The mental developement of the 5th Root Race would provide a better understanding of the agenda of the Black Magicians.

3. A mantram or mantric form is a collection of words, phrases, and sounds delivered rhythmically to achieve results which appear to defy the laws of physics, because sound has a power that is unknown to the uninitiated. The Initiate White Brotherhood is custodian to these sounds and mantrams, revealing them at Initiation in a step-wise fashion as the ladder of Initiation is ascended. Only the tested and the worthy may be entrusted with the knowledge of these words of power (though it should be said that the Dark Brotherhood have their own Schools of the Mysteries and their own mantrams).

The first language developed during early Atlantean Times is called Sensa or Senzar, which became the language of the Initiates all over the world from then until now (written as hieroglyphic cypher). Sanskrit has its origins in Senzar. There are mantrams in the original Sensa brought by The Lords of the Flame from Venus 18 million years ago that are the most powerful on the planet. They number 35, one for each of the 7 sub-planes of the 5 Planes of Human Evolution (Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, and Atmic), each being a key to unlock the Mysteries of some one sub-plane. Some of the forms in ancient Sanskrit have very powerful effects. These mantrams are usually chanted in unison while involved in ritual and ceremony, but many are used by the individual white (or black) magician in creative work (as well as destructive).

Before giving the reason why I bring up the power of sound (when properly applied), I want to demonstrate the breadth of its application and give some examples. There's a mantram in Sanskrit for calling the attention of one's Master, which isn't revealed until the 3rd Initiation (the Soul Merge). There's a mantram for each one of the 7 Rays that links the caller with the Higher Self, the whole Soul Group, and also with The Master on that Ray (The Teacher of the Soul). There are sound formulas for developing certain psychic faculties, for vivifying a chakra, for use in healing, and for raising the kundalini fire (dangerous if used frivolously and not in the right manner).

There are mantrams sounded unitedly for the purification of a city, the magnetization of grounds to become a healing center, the healing of a gathered people, the controlling of the forces of Nature, and clarification of minds in a congregation seeking illumination. Specific mantrams work on the Mental Plane, increasing the capacity to think and, in fact, this category of secret sounds was used by The Lords of the Flame to implant the spark of mind in the animal-men before they could become individualized and ensouled and the newly nascent Human Evolution.

With reference to the Atlantean Race, there are mantric forms for summoning the elementals for each of the 4 known elements: earth, water, air, and fire. These are the essence of things in their 4 grades in this solar system, and they are on the involutional, downward arc (spirit into matter) whereas the Devas are on the evolutionary arc (matter into spirit). The elementals work blindly and obediently, for they are commanded and controlled by rightly given and enunciated sounds of power. If the purpose is selfish, they are directly commanded in so many words; if the purpose is selfless and for the good of all, they are indirectly controlled by summoning the Higher Devas Who then cooperate with the ceremonial magician in commanding the elementals to the task at hand (which is the safer way to do it).

All the Atlanteans knew how to work with the elementals for their nefarious, self-serving purposes because the disciples of the Temples who had turned bad and been "ex-communicated" had leaked the secret sounds and mantrams out over the millennia. Plus, the black magicians had spread the techniques of their sorcery throughout the vast land to draw the unknowing and unthinking masses onto the left-hand path of serving and satisfying the self. It was the elementals and the lesser-grade devas that they worked with and not the Greater Deva Builders of Form, and the fire elementals were most commonly incorporated into their vengeful, destructive schemes. (For more, click on "Angels, Elementals, And Creation".)

They were harnessed by ceremonial rites and the use of words of power commonly known. There was the initial rite of protection for the caller (absolutely essential when dealing with elemental forces), then the rite of appeal and summoning, then the rite to control and direct them by way of a visualized thought-form, use of the will, and 3rd Ray Energy (see "The Third Ray"). Finally, there was the rite of dismissal, all these rites having their own mantrams of power.

The Dark Brotherhood (to which most Atlanteans were aligned wittingly or unwittingly) bends the involutionary forces of elementals and lesser devas to its will. The White Brotherhood solicits the cooperation of the Greater Devas Who then command the elementals and lesser devas to the endeavor. It takes more than simply chanting mantrams to call the Higher Builders of Form, and that is one of the secrets of Initiation. Furthermore, the 2nd Ray Energy of Love is necessary to reach Them, and They only respond to those with purity of character, nobility of soul, and unselfish motives. Thus it becomes obvious why the Forces of Evil must work with the elementals and equally obvious why the activity and power of the Dark Ones is confined to the lower Planes of Existence where may be found those elementals: Physical, Astral, and Lower Mental.

In passing, a brief word on the Greater Devas may be helpful. These Lives are to be found in all grades and on all Levels of the solar system, and They work willingly with The Constructive Forces of Light. There are Devas equal in developement to a 5th Degree Ascended Master, and there are Deva Lords of the 5 Planes of Human Evolution Who are equal to the 7th Degree Great Lords of Earth's Hierarchy (The Manu, The Bodhisattva, The Mahachohan), and there are the lesser building devas who unconsciously do the bidding of Higher Devas. The guidance flows down the line from higher to lower. Only when an Initiate approaches the 4th Degree of Adeptship (the Renunciation) and achieves mastery over Himself will the secrets and powers be given for working with the Higher Ranks of Devas. The higher the Initiation, the more powerful the Devas to be contacted by words of power given to The Initiate by The Hierophant of the Initiation (please see "What Initiation Is Really About").

The widespread and frequent use by the Atlanteans of the magical rites and sounds for directing the elementals to fulfill their own selfish desires and vengeful acts led to dire consequences and menace stalking the land. The Evolutions of both Men and Devas were threatened as was the Logoic Plan for Earth, and The Guiding Hierarchy deemed it necessary to withdraw all such knowledge gradually from the human consciousness until such time as the spiritual mind was awakening, reason and discrimination were secured, and love was beginning to be expressed. The 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic in the New Aquarian Age will facilitate the approximation of the 2 great Evolutions, and it is expected that certain lesser mantric forms will be given out once again to the worthy and true at heart (refer to "The Seventh Ray").

4. Miscellaneous Comments:

    a. The mode of Atlantean communication at a distance was from solar plexus chakra to solar plexus chakra and could be considered as feeling telepathy. There was little or no thought involved, and it was the emotions that were transmitted by way of the all-pervasive astral substance on the Astral Plane. The sender or communicator contributed the name of the recipient and the name of the emotionally-charged idea or experience in a very simplistic thought, and the message was broadcast from the entire area of the diaphragm and received magnetically in the solar plexus center as a feeling. "I have a feeling that ............ ".

For example, if a dwelling burned down, a man could send "house destroyed" along with the intense emotion of anger and disgust to his brother (or anyone else). It was mostly instinctive and non-intentional. A mother could be automatically alerted in her feeling center that her child was acutely fearful and in danger. Millions of years later, it still continues due to astral polarization of Modern Man (the gut feelings and the knowings in the pit of the stomach and getting the bowels in an uproar).

    b. The religion of Old Atlantis (centered in North America) was akin to the Spiritualism that came out of the Spiritualistic Movement of the 19th Century (instigated by Lord Hilarion). The Astral Planes and all their activities stood revealed to the 4th Race with its focus in astral consciousness, though there was little mental understanding of what was revealed. There was feeling for life after death and nature spirits and forces of Nature, and there was a devotional, sensitive attitude to Deity but without the least comprehension. They were mystical in their approach and were awed emotionally by the mysterious, the beautiful, the terrible, and the phenomena that originated from beyond the Physical Realms. God and Nature were interpreted in terms of feeling-perception.

There was wonder (and sometimes terror) and unquestioning belief in Higher Powers and a Divinity. They were, after all, sensitives and mediums. Religion and their beliefs in an afterlife were always present in their day to day lives. Man's relation to the forces of Nature, the world after death, influences coming from the unseen realms, the sense of God and immortality and subtle inner relationships were the commonality of all the civilizations that came and went during the eons of the 4th Race. And they didn't know there was anything wrong in practicing the left-handed magic and being self-centered and stealing and being materialistically greedy and taking vengeance on perceived enemies because their discrimination was so poorly developed.

It can be said that Animism and Lower Psychism and what was called Spiritualism (demonstration of the continuity of life after "death") were inheritances from the Atlantean Race, which was dominated by the 7th Ray of Ceremony and Ritualistic Order for an exceedingly long period of time (millions of years). The work of the 7th Ray is the relating or bringing together of Spirit and matter, Life and form, the subjective and the objective. It functions to produce form by clothing Spirit with matter (if need be, review "The Seventh Ray").

The white magicians practicing "white magic" could be considered the prototypical exponent of the higher aspect of the 7th Ray, and the Spiritualistic Movement may be considered a lower-grade manifestation of its energies. The above and the within are approximated to the below and the without (Soul to personality, Hierarchy to Humanity, Astral to Physical Plane, higher chakras to lower chakras). The 7th Ray patterns that which is below on that which is above in accordance with the Plan for that world period.

    c. There are general disease categories that have been inherited from Lemuro-Atlantean Times. The emphasis of the life-force (from Monad) during the 3rd Root Race was upon the developement, use, and control of the physical body and also upon its perpetuation by sexual means. The lowest 2 centers up the spine were then fully functioning with the sacral center being the most active and the primary recipient of the entering fire of the kundalini (coiled or concentrated in the base chakra). As is ever their inclination, the Black Lodge interfered at the Physical Level by artificially over-stimulating the sacral center of the Race (related to sexual energy), knowing the drastic results this would have on a species not far removed from the animals and without any thinking ability. It is likely that they used their mantrams for stimulating a particular chakra (the sacral) in a ceremonial form of black magic.

This had the effect of terrifically increasing the demands of the sexual nature and weakening the stamina of the body (by drawing the vital energy from the base-survival chakra). The Race as a whole submitted to the sexual impulses and became obsessed with sexual promiscuity, but the great transgression occurred when they took to mating with the higher animals of the Animal Kingdom and produced all manner of half-animal and half-human monsters and tremendous numbers of these unfortunate creatures who, in turn, propogated themselves by reproducing. It was another instance of the Black Lodge thwarting the plans of The Hierarchy and Sanat Kumara, and the drama went on for millions of years with some distorted memory of it recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible. (This was the genetic origination point for the pithecoid apes of today.)

Under the guidance of The World Teacher of the period, Earth's Hierarchy imposed a penalty to be paid in the form of a lesson that could be recognized by all who participated in bestiality, a direct cause and effect lesson that would register in the yet primitive minds. The venereal diseases, including Syphilis, were introduced to Humanity (such as it was then), and the entire Lemurian Race became riddled with it and practically destroyed itself in acquiescing to the demands of the sacral center and sexually crossing the species line, but the diseases were immediate and the cause came to be realized (in an instinctual way, not mental).

The Race then began to develope a tendency toward marriage and family units for the more evolved to serve as examples. According to The Masters, the very soil of the Earth became contaminated with these agents of sexually-transmitted diseases (viruses, bacteria, spirochetes, etc.), which has perpetuated their transmission down through the eons of sub-races due to burial instead of cremation. Syphilis is one of the legacies of the Lemurians (or 3rd Root Race).

The Atlantean contribution to modern diseases was Tuberculosis. As the sub-races of the 4th Root Race began to develope and the overlap of the Lemuro-Atlanteans began to fade into the annals of history, the conscious control of the physical body was lowered below the threshold of consciousness, and a newly-created autonomic nervous system took over the physiological functions, and the aetheric body with its chakras became more potent. The astral body was eventually created by the assimilation of emotions and the desire nature into the expression of the Race (by teachings of The Teachers from Hierarchy), and the desirousness for physical pleasures and instinctual demands progressed to desirousness for material things extraneous to the body and then to the ruthless, insatiable acquisitiveness for the possessions of others by thievery (fueled by workings of the Black Lodge).

The Race, in general, was smothered by desire and dreamed of living on and on solely to acquire more and more of all the things they coveted. In consultation with The Lords of Karma and in utilization of the Law of Cause and Effect (as with the Lemurians), The White Lodge imposed a penalty and a lesson which would be obvious even to the infantile minds of the Race. All those who transgressed in their uncontrolled desirousness and theft and never-ending accumulation of material things and luxuries would be stricken in the very breathing apparatus of life and have their life sucked out of them by the slowly proliferating tubercle bacillus in the lungs.

The masses were unresponsive to verbal teachings but could put 2 and 2 together in this kind of visually-objective demonstration. A slow, agonizing, consumptive death (Consumption) by "smothering" was the consequence of giving free rein to the smothering desires and predatory stealing from others. The salvaging attempt for the Race was not very successful because the astral nature was so strong, and they went into the deep for purification but not before contaminating the soil of lands that remained above water with the infectious bacillus.

    d. The uncontrolled proliferation of body cells that we call Cancer had its origins in Atlantean Times. The early sub-races and their societies had witnessed the syphlitic devastations that had occurred to the later Lemurians due to promiscuous sexual expression and bestiality (an unregulated sacral chakra), and they became fearful in their newly-acquired astral nature of being likewise stricken by such an appalling disease, and they shut down the sexual urges and energies flowing from their sacral centers, thus damming up the natural flow of the life-force out from that chakra to the pelvic region and the organs of generation. This resulted in kundalini force being re-routed to the now awakened solar plexus chakra.

There was thus insufficient life-force energy flowing through the sacral center and excessive energy flowing through the solar plexus center, understimulation in the pelvic region and overstimulation in the abdomen, an imbalance detrimental to the cells, tissues, and organs in the region perfused and controlled by one of the major spinal chakras (refer to "The Aetheric Body"). Both of these conditions of overactivity of a chakra or inhibition and congestion of a chakra may lead to the cancerous growth of cells in the dense physical body (or other disease states as well). Examples of impeded flow through the sacral center by repression of normal sexual impulse would be Endometriosis or Ovarian Cancer or Prostate Cancer, and examples of excessive flow through the solar plexus would be tumors of the liver or pancreas or stomach or colon.

This illustration may serve as a caution to artificially manipulating the natural flow of life-force through the spinal force centers and nadis of the aetheric body by mental repression or obsessive over-stimulation. The middle ground, the middle way, the balanced life is always the judicious course to take (as explained by The Buddha). The chakras of the aetheric body are sequentially and naturally awakened and vivified by a life of meditation and service and love in expression (and the health and vitality and longevity will thus prosper).

The aspirant-disciples of Old Atlantis, as with those of modern times, were taught to raise the sexual energies of the sacral chakra up to the throat chakra by creative activity (of all kinds) and to raise the desires of the solar plexus chakra up to the heart center by spiritual aspiration (for Soul, for God, for matters above the mundane world). The Atlantean Consciousness may still prevail, but the mental unfoldment of the Aryan Race holds the answers to the limitations and drawbacks of astral predominence.

    e. From the earliest period of the Atlantean Cycle, The High Initiates and Ascended Masters took embodiment (in various ways) to walk among the societies and civilizations as The Divine Leaders, Rulers, Kings, Priests, and Teachers. The Hierarchy, as guided by The World Teacher, had a protective and nurturing role toward the 4th Race (as had lower Initiates for the 3rd Race). The Divine Ones were intuitively inspired by The World Teacher, and the masses followed their decrees and instructions happily and obediently (except when it came to the astral desires).

In fact, all of the many civilizations and their cultures over the millions of years were created solely due to the influence of The Initiate Brotherhood. Masters oversaw larger portions of territory. The arts, the sciences, the architecture, and monuments and schools and cities could not have been possible without the physical presence of The Great Ones, walking the astral travelers through the steps of building a civilization and then maintaining it.

The interaction of Hierarchy with Humanity was immediate and physical for eons of time, unlike the relationship in the current day. It wasn't part of the planning by The Shamballa Council, but when the Dark Brotherhood had successfully thrown open the doors to the lower Astral Planes and turned the masses into sorcerors and unleashed the fire elementals throughout the continent and massively augmented the desire nature by manipulating the solar plexus chakra, inevitable war ensued between the White and Black Lodges. Astrally fought but physically precipitated from time to time, it went on for vast periods of time as perceived from Physical Levels.

At a certain point in later Atlantis, The White Brotherhood withdrew from all exoteric contact with Humanity and returned to Their Aetheric Retreats around the world to subjectively guide and guard the Race of Man, and never since that time have They collectively shown a physical presence to the developing sub-races, though Senior Disciples have come forth at varying periods when needed. Their Power and Their Presence and Their Heart Flames have radiated forth from such aetheric-level locations as Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Crete, Southern France, the Grand Tetons, Mount Shasta, the Carpathian Mountains, Shigatse in Tibet, the Himalayas, and the Gobi Desert. However, in the Aquarian Age on the horizon They will once again come physically before Humanity as a Group (40 out of 60 Masters) along with The World Teacher (Lord Kuthumi), and the Mysteries will be revealed, Mankind will take Group Initiation, Love will assure brotherhood, and Peace will reign on Earth.

5. Closing Comments:

The Atlantean Race was a very important component to the evolutionary plans for the Human Race on this planet, and its creating, strengthening, coordinating, and perfecting of the astral vehicle was so thorough that millions of years later and 5 sub-races of the 5th Root Race later the astral/emotional form is still the dominant and dominating vehicle of expression for all but the small fraction who are aspirants on the Lighted Way.

The sequence of progress for the Human Evolution, as stepped down from The Mind of The Planetary Logos, was physicality in the Lemurians, emotionality in the Atlanteans, and mentality in the Aryans. Frequency-wise, the polarization of each Race would be progressively upward from the Physical Plane to the Astral Plane to the Mental Plane, and time was of no consequence because time does not exist for The Masters, The Chohans, The Kumaras, and The Logos. Millions of planetary revolutions around the sun would have little meaning outside of the time illusion, and 12 million years (for the 7 sub-races of Atlantis) would be a drop in the bucket of eternity.

The purest and most efficacious method for accelerating the evolution of Man was inaugurated by Lord Sanat Kumara during the middle phase of the Atlantean Cycle, and that was the Path of Initiation (preceded by Probationary and Discipleship Paths). From thenceforth, the most highly-evolved or Crest of the Wave would be the forerunners and show the way to the masses, as always being instructed by The Adepts of The White Brotherhood (if not yet familiar, go to "The Only Path On Earth" and "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?").

The Atlantean Initiates would have to demonstrate intelligence and a trained mind; Aryan Initiates would have to demonstrate the spirit of love through wisdom, while the coming 6th Race Initiates will be embodiments of the Will of God. The 3 Major Aspects of The Triune Godhead will thus become manifest in the unfoldment of the Human Race: Intelligence (3rd Aspect), Love (2nd Aspect), and Will (1st Aspect). And the 7th Great Race for this Round of Earth will creatively synthesize in perfect balance all 3 Aspects together and will perfectly express The Will of Sanat Kumara, conditioned by Love and applied with Creative Intelligence to fulfill the Divine Plan for this 4th Round of Planet Earth.

The Atlantean Race became the great experiment for the emotional aspect of physical beingness in this particular galaxy, all of the other billions of civilizations evolving by means of the mind on the Mental Planes. Planet Earth was chosen by The Galactic Logos (for reasons imparted only to High Initiates) to be the experiment in emotionality to be observed and studied by interested Races from all over this galaxy that we call the Milky Way. As we know, the experiment didn't go too well when the Dark Polarity intervened and promoted (in their mysterious ways) all the negative emotions, which are based upon fear, and desirousness of anything and everything of materiality to the point of world crisis and threat to all the Evolutions on the planet.

A new type of subtle body was created (the astral form), and a new (but illusional) Level of Beingness was created by our Atlanteans (the Astral Plane) but only within the ring-pass-not of our solar system (where there is no astral consciousness, there is no Astral Plane). All of these unique creations have been very valuable to the galactic observers watching Earth over the eons. The Atlanteans couldn't get out of the negative emotions because they couldn't get out of their absolutely dominant solar plexus chakras (greed, lust, covetousness, anger, jealousy, hatred, vengeance, and the like). They were all drowned because they were drowning themselves and all other planetary life in their negative emotions and insatiable desires.

They were unable to lift their kundalini fire into the heart chakra wherefrom pours the only true positive emotion that there is: LOVE and all its aspects (kindness, compassion, helpfulness, decency, goodness, generosity, etc.). The Initiates had to do it, but the masses never came close. The 5th sub-race of the 5th Root Race (ours) is going to demonstrate to the rest of the entire galaxy the REAL value of the emotional nature in the new astrological age that is imminently beckoning, Aquarius. The galaxy is going to be astounded by the sub-nuclear explosion of Light radiating forth from this little speck of cosmic dust when Christ Love bursts out of the heart chakras of the remaining members of the Aryan Race in the New Age to come, and then the Mental Races of the galaxy will understand the divine wisdom of the experiment and the legacy of the Atlanteans.

Offered with that Christ Love to all The Great Ones of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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