A Pictorial Representation of The 10-Petalled Lotus, The Solar Plexus Chakra

We now come to a consideration of that aspect of the incarnate personality called the astral body, which is one of the 3 more subtle bodies or aspects of the lower self (aetheric, astral, and mental bodies). This astral body is the originating point or source for all the emotions (positive or negative) of the human incarnate soul, hence it is also called the emotional body, but it is likewise referred to as the desire body and the sentient body, all synonyms for the astral form of the human. I should mention that much of the Animal Kingdom is possessed of an astral body as well (the higher animals). It exists upon what are called the Astral Planes surrounding Earth, although, as with the aetheric body, it immediately surrounds and interpenetrates the physical form of each individual. Because of its vibrational frequency of being, it is found on and does its work from one of the 7 sub-planes of the Major Astral Plane of Existence.

The astral body has its own corresponding system of chakras to those of the aetheric or vital body, including the 7 major chakras, and its differentiated chakra energies flow into their counterpart chakras in the aetheric body before then reaching the dense physical body, however the greater portion of the emotional energies of this subtle form flow directly into and through and out of the Solar Plexus Chakra of the aetheric vehicle because that is the Chakra (3rd Chakra or Manipura) most directly connected with and most directly impacted by the emotions of the astral vehicle (astral sheath). (For an explanation of the chakra system, go to "A Basic Primer On The Chakras".)

This astral body has not always been a part of the equipment of the Human Race since the beginning of time. In this 4th Round or Incarnation of our planet that we call Earth (of which there are 7 Rounds), it wasn't until the 4th Root Race or Atlantean that the astral form came into being. Over the millions of years of the Atlantean Race it gradually and slowly and surely was developed and then perfected until it became the dominant influence of the entire Human Race. (Each Round has 7 Root Races with 7 sub-Races each. Modern Man is the 5th sub-Race of the 5th Root Race.) The 3rd Root Race on the Motherland of Mu, likewise over millions of years, had the task and goal of developing and then perfecting the physical body to be compatible with the environing conditions of the planet, and it also very gradually integrated the aetheric physical with the dense physical body to promote vitality and health and strength and coordination (see "The Aetheric Body"). Then the 4th Root Race was charged with the mission of creating and expanding and developing the astral form and integrating it into the personality structure of the incarnate human.

There is something unique and special about Planet Earth, which is reflected in and symbolized by the enormous amount of water on this evolutionary scheme (very few planets have so much water). The Galactic Being, The Overarching Consciousness of the galaxy, chose this solar system and this planet to be the emotional experiment of the galaxy. The billions of other sentient civilizations in the galaxy develope by means of the mind, the mental aspect of being, but Earth was to be the planet of emotions which the others might observe in the great experiment (and, indeed, they have continually observed over the eons). But without an emotional body or energy field there are no emotions, so it was planned by Earth's Planetary Logos (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara) for the Atlanteans to be the instrument for creating that astral form after the Lemurians had brought great solidity and power to the physical form. It should then be obvious that the galactic observers from all reaches of the galaxy have no emotions because they have no emotional body. They are learning from what Man has demonstrated to them, and much of it aint pretty to say the least.

The astral body is also known as the desire body, for all of the desires of the lower nature begin there. The wants, wishes, attachments, and cravings arise from the astral body as it is impacted by everything in its immediate environment because the astral vehicle was intended not only as a tool for emotional expression but also as an instrument of sensitive responsiveness to all of the conditions which would confront and magnetically attract the incarnate personality. Desire is a response to the desireable when the consciousness is Atlantean and polarized in the astral body (polarization is the habitual focusing of attention in one body or another).

The 5 senses allowed the physical form to register environing conditions at the dense physical level, but the astral form permitted of "feeling" and the lower psychic nature (as mediated through the Solar Plexus Center) to inform the personality beyond all the limitations of the sensory apparatus of the body. The 3rd Chakra would transmit what the 5 senses could not, and the emotional energies would flow back outward toward the world in reactional response to the psychic impressions received (below the awareness of the waking consciousness). The astral sheath would be another means for the Soul to gain experience from this lowly and dense level of physicality (for more about the Soul, click on "The Soul") .

It is the task and destiny of the 5th Root Race to develope, expand, and perfect the mental body of Humankind, but the overwhelming bulk of Humanity remain polarized in the astral form, which means they are highly emotional in their nature (follow the news around the world, especially in the so-called third world countries) and are highly desirous of material things. The intention for the Race of Man is to now transcend the emotional body and become polarized in the mental body, the mind, thus shifting the evolutionary advancement to the next higher level. It is only the mind which can control the emotions and the desires that have really gotten out of hand due to the potency of the astral body.

It has initially been the lower concrete mind of Man that has received the stimulus for developement by way of the intellect and analytical reasoning, but the higher abstract mind, which derives from the Soul Level, will be the emphasis in the future and can be found in the more advanced disciples on the Path and the Initiates of our Spiritual Hierarchy (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?") . The emotional experiment, accompanied by the astral body, has a little further to go to play itself out on Earth, and then the Human Race will join the Mental Races of the galaxy on a higher turn of the spiral for the rest of the sojourn (Lord Hilarion of the 5th Ray Division of The Hierarchy oversees the evolution of the mental vehicle).

1. Telepathic communication comes in various forms, but the lowest and most basic form of it uses the Solar Plexus Center of both the sender and the receiver of the message. This may be thought of as an instinctual telepathy because little or no thought is involved. It is the means of sending strong feelings and emotions to another practically automatically and subconsciously, bypassing any thought process. The astral body of the sender originates the strongly-felt emotion and instantly transmits it from the Astral Solar Plexus to the Aetheric Solar Plexus wherefrom it is sent to the Aetheric Solar Plexus of the recipient and registered as a "gut feeling" in the Astral Solar Plexus of said recipient, who might say, "I have a feeling that .........". By way of the aetheric bodies through the medium of the aether, this feeling telepathy is sent from astral body to astral body, for example the fear warning sent by a mother to her child when danger is threatening, and the 3rd Chakra is the receiving agent in this process.

This form of communication, as hard as it is to imagine, was the way the Atlanteans (except for the more highly-developed disciples and Initiates) communicated to each other, because they were unable to think as we experience thinking. Their minds were rudimentary. Feelings and emotions provided the substrate for the message, and immersed in that emotion was the name of the recipient and the name of the idea to be conveyed. The embryonic thought-feeling would be sent without further mental effort to the one intended and be received as an impression by the Astral Solar Plexus. Let us say, a mother gave birth without complications to a boy and wanted to notify her sister. Happiness mixed in with male birth would be sent through the astral energy planes to the magnet-like Solar Plexus receiver of the sister. In later Atlantean Times, there was more mental developement and language but not so for the earlier sub-Races of the 4th Race.

Even to this day, the most common form of telepathic "messaging" for the masses of Man is the instinctual form involving the astral body, the Solar Plexus, and the feelings of emotions. The Solar Plexus is exceedingly active because the emotional body dominates the vast majority of those who are now incarnate, and that is their only means of sending a strong emotionally-laden message to someone instinctively and instantaneously when drama intervenes in life. The language of all cultures unknowingly reflects the process when something is felt "in the pit of the stomach" or someone is going by their "gut reaction".

In fact, the majority of mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants are all operating through the Solar Plexus Center in receiving impressions and communications from no higher than the Astral Planes, that is, from astral entities or from astral forms created by the thought-forms of Humanity but certainly not from Ascended Masters Who do not work upon the Astral Planes. This is the lower form of psychism, though many of these "psychic readers" think they are receiving from higher levels, even Masters and Lofty Beings, but it is merely self-deception and delusion (and ego). Ye will know them by the fruits of their labours. The higher form of psychism is mediated through the highest chakras, especially the Ajna Center (6th Chakra), and should be evident to the perceptive.

2. The astral body of every individual on the planet can be considered an atom or tiny part of the astral body of The Planetary Logos of Earth, and the astral energy of each is a part of the astral energy of the solar system. As such, there is a constant circulation of system-wide astral energies through all astral forms, which influences everyone's astral/emotional nature beyond that inherent in the individual, and these can never be sorted out, adjusted, modified, or controlled until the mental body (mind) has become an influential force in the life of the personality.

It is the astral body, with its cravings and longings and moods and appetites, that impels the incarnate soul toward the fulfillment of all desires, and this is why it's known as the desire body. As long as Man is astrally focused and polarized, he will be what his desire body makes him. As a man desireth, so is he. If the cravings are for the most essential elements for survival and reproduction, the animal nature of primitive man is fulfilled. If the cravings are for the material goods and pleasures of the flesh, the natural inclinations of the average, selfish person are fulfilled. If the cravings are for happiness and beauty and contentedness and peace, the nature of one with an awakening, discerning mind is fulfilled.

But in the final analysis, all are desires which arise out of the desire body and keep the individual attached to matters of the mundane world and variously polarized in the astral/emotional nature. It is only when the mind has been aroused from dormancy and is beginning to be held steady in the Light of the Soul that the captivating tendencies of the desire body can be comprehended for what they are and be put into proper perspective. And when the 4 Noble Truths of The Buddha are understood and finally realized, there will be no more desire or craving, the astral body will be limpid and clear, the mind will be governed by the Soul, and aspiration for the love-infused purposes of the Soul will have replaced all the desires (big and small) of the personality. (2nd Noble Truth: all suffering is caused by desire.)

3. The astral body of all the higher animals and cetaceans and humans, that have this subtle sheath as a portion of their expression here on Earth, is composed, at the atomic level, of atoms and molecules which vibrate and exist on one or other of the sub-planes of the Astral Plane, a higher frequency of beingness than is registered by the 5 senses of the human body. Consequently, little to nothing is known about this integral part of the 3-fold personality by the overwhelming majority of average and typical humans on the planet, unless they have had an exposure to and an open-ness to the teachings of Those Who Know, The Guardians of the Race, The Masters of the Wisdom.

The Deva Kingdom, a parallel evolution on the planet to the Human Kingdom, has 3 levels of life: the Greater Builders (of form), the lesser builders, and the elementals (if interested, go to "Angels, Elementals, and Creation" ). The tiny astral elementals (also called Agnisuryans), under the supervision and control of the lesser devas, organize and synthesize all the atomic substance to bring it into a coherent package that we are calling the astral body. It is said that the astral elementals form the astral sheath out of their own substance and nature, but this has to be a difficult concept to grasp by the average reader. Put in a slightly different way, the Agnisuryans constitute the astral body and are the living substance of the Astral Plane. The units of energy which vitalize an atom could be considered as the units of energy given off by the elemental life.

I think that the point to be made is that the nature of the unthinking astral elementals that are on the involutionary arc is what governs the astral nature of the human who does not have sufficient control over that aspect of beingness (which includes all but a few percentage points of Humanity). Until well advanced along the Path of Discipleship (to a Master) and until the mind is more powerful than the emotions, it could be said that it is the astral elementals that essentially have control over the personality. All of the self-serving desires, cravings, and attachments; all of the negative emotions that are based upon fear; and all of the tumult and tempestuousness and turmoil of the restless emotional body can be attributed to the nature of the elemental life that composes the astral sheath. They reign until the mind is able to analyze and discriminate and reason the uncontrolled emotions into a state of placidity.

4. A thing or two might be mentioned about the Astral Plane with its 7 sub-planes, since the desire body is inseparable from the Astral Plane. Before the 4th Root Race Atlanteans, the Astral Plane simply did not exist on this planet (nor on any other planet without emotional expression). Mankind virtually and unknowingly created the Plane of Illusion as a figment of its uncontrolled, creative imagination and constructed this World of Deception out of all its individual and collective desires. It can and should be thought of as a multi-tiered gigantic thought-form of emotionality and desirefulness that surrounds the planet at dimensional levels higher than the aetheric sub-planes but which is one grand illusion that could not exist separately from the astral natures of Humankind.

Of course, the Astral Plane appears and is experienced as very real to the great majority of humans, who remain polarized in astral consciousness, when they leave the physical body behind during sleep and travel in astral form or when death to physicality occurs and the personality must remain on a certain level of the Astral Plane temporarily to re-balance acquired tendencies and eliminate addictions and obsessions and get re-educated about the truths of life and basically become more vibrationally harmonious for merging back into the Soul or Higher Self when the transitional experience is completed. But if seen from the viewpoint of the Mental Plane and all those aspirants, disciples, and Initiates who have become polarized in the mental body, the Astral Plane doesn't really exist. For example, the Soul on the higher mental sub-planes and The Masters on the Atmic Plane know the illusional nature of the spherical thought-form that has come to be known as the Astral Plane, and They know it to be, in fact, non-existent. Yet, They also know that the illusion is very convincing to those who have not conquered their animal appetites, their self-serving desires, and their wildly-fluctuant emotionality.

The astral substance on the Astral Plane conforms itself, as mediated by elementals, to all the emotionally-charged thoughts and the infinitude of desires of the overwhelming myriad of influences that make it what it is: group desires, tribal desires, urban desires, national desires, racial desires, and billions of individual desires - even the instinctual desires of the higher animals. To that list must be added the beliefs and emotions and misconceptions and delusions of the billions of astrally-oriented discarnate lives between incarnations. It is the melting ground of uncountable forces, and the astral imagery and temporary forms are constantly changing and shifting and intermingling and disappearing. It is the Plane of Illusion, and its apparent reality is no reality at all.

For all those incarnate souls who have not yet crossed the Threshold of Initiation and entered the Initiatory Path (see "The Only Path On Earth"), the Astral Plane is the battleground of the pairs of opposites, duality. This is the Plane upon which are fought the oppositional dualities that pull the aspirant hither and thither between the two, the Emotional Plane whereon the pull is felt most powerfully. The greatest battle is between the Soul and its fragment-aspect, the personality, but many other lesser dualities are encountered by the average, un-evolved person: light & dark, good & evil, poverty & riches, pain & pleasure, desire & desirelessness.

This is the Battleground of Kurukshetra that is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita of India. Krishna is representative of the Soul, and Arjuna, the disciple, is representative of the aspirant on the Path. The forces of materality are battling the forces of the Soul. The personality sheaths (especially the astral), with an elemental life of their own, feel that they are losing the battle with the Soul, which is coming into more prominence in the life of the aspirant. They fight desperately to hold onto their power by yanking the confused and bewildered disciple back into the world of materiality, while the ever-present Soul is pulling toward the world of spirit and spirituality. The battle goes on for many lives, but Krishna, the Soul, ultimately triumphs as Arjuna, exhausted on the field of battle, resigns from the struggle and hands the reins of his chariot over to Krishna, nevermore to be torn between the pull of matter and the pull of spirit. Krishna assumes the reins of governance and control, Arjuna having surrendered to the Wisdom and Will of the Soul. Arjuna learns to control the mind by meditation and is rewarded by a vision of a Divine Form, which he is given to know as the Indwelling God in all forms, including himself. Then he sets about conquering the Agnisuryans of desire in his astral body and walks the narrow, razor-edged path between all dualities, equilibrising the pairs of opposites, turning neither right nor left, and being liberated therefrom. The illusion ends when Light from the Soul pours into the mind of the disciple.

5. Notwithstanding the excessive and exaggerated emphasis that the Atlanteans placed upon their desire nature and the extraordinary potency which they built into the astral vehicle of expression, it was fully intended in the Master Plan of Sanat Kumara (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?") that Humankind would come to understand and experience that aspect of the triangle of being called emotionality, since The Solar Logos was charged by The Galactic Logos to conduct the experiment here. It has gone awry at times and periods due to the meddling of the Dark Forces in human affairs by stimulating the negative emotions all based on fear and by promoting (in their own way) the desirousness of the separative, personal self for power, for control, for riches, for all the material things that the world had to offer. The astral experience on this planet has still been a very valuable lesson to all Souls Who have entered the incarnational cycle here and to all galactic visitors who have come to learn from it.

The astral form began its debut in early Atlantean Times millions of years ago and reached its peak of potency and power during the latter phase of the 4th Root Race on Atlantis. Throughout the first 5 sub-Races of the current 5th Root Race, it has been the most dominant and dominating vehicle of expression (for better or for worse), but now has come the time for the powerful desire body to become superceded by the mental vehicle of the Race. The astral experiment is winding down, at least in this corner of creation. The future generations of Humankind will be developing the mental nature to heights unimagined by the intelligentsia of today, and when the concrete mind is transcended and the abstract mind of the Soul is entered, all things astral will be relegated to the pages of history. Such is the natural progression of enlightenment, and such is in the Plan for this Round Four of Planet Earth.

And wither goeth the astral nature, the Plane of Illusion is sure to follow. Within a few hundred years it will be no more, even though it never has been in the perspective of Those Who guide Humanity. It was merely thought of as a temporary, delusional field of experience in which Man lived, a phantasmagoric creation nurtured by the desires and the imaginings of Man. Nonetheless, it has served its purpose well. The waiting list for Souls Who have wished to incarnate here for the learning experience is lengthy, indeed, so They know the unusual value of what this watery evolutionary scheme has to offer, delusions and illusions notwithstanding.

6. Until the astral vehicle is no longer a part of the experience of the incarnate soul on Earth, the goal of the individual who wishes to evolve is the subjugation of the astral elemental (the Agnisuryans) from the standpoint of desire and the standpoint of emotions. It is the illumined mind which must be called upon in both instances. Through meditation and Raja Yoga the Soul is contacted and, over time and with steadfastness, the aspirant learns to hold the mind steady in the Light of the Soul. The Pure Light produces the illumination of mind by which all the delusions and self-deceptions and misconceptions and erroneous assumptions may be dissipated, just as the sunlight dissipates the early morning fog.

The higher vehicle (mind) is called upon to quell the riotous activity of the lower vehicle (desire body), but a channel to the Soul must necessarily be established to illuminate the lower mind. All negative emotions, such as worry, despair, despondency, self pity, greed, and anger, have to be removed from the emotional repertoire. And through willpower, discipline, and consistency there must be the sacrifice and death of all desires for the astral body to be as clear and unruffled and imperturbable as the surface of a spring-fed pond on an absolutely calm day.

This is the state that the astral sheath must be in before the 2nd Initiation (the Baptism) can be taken on the Astral Plane. The 1st Initiation (the Birth) signifies the complete control over the physical body and all its appetites. The 2nd Initiation marks the Soul control over the astral body and all its former predilections. The astral vehicle is henceforth stabilized, and the astral elemental is under full control. Many, many lives pass between the 1st and 2nd Initiations because the potent emotional body on this planet is the most difficult to control. The lower nature is rapidly dying out as the Soul grips its incarnate expression. Hereafter, progress is usually quite rapid, as the Soul's inspiration transforms the former desires into aspiration for matters beyond the mundane and the longing to love and to serve others. The divinely-inspired disciple sets a course for the Soul Merge, the 3rd Initiation (also called the Transfiguration), and Soul Consciousness (for more detail, go to "The Only Path On Earth" ).

7. A little more might be said of the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra, since this vortex of energy in the aetheric body is the outlet for most of the emotional energies of the astral body. It is located in the upper abdominal area below the diaphragm and a couple inches anterior to the vertebral column. By the way, the aetheric body is the template for the formation of the dense physical body and supplies all its life-giving energies for vitality and health. The Solar Plexus is also the center of reception for all the desire impulses coming from the astral vehicle and is the center of life for all the billions of the world who have not yet begun on the Probationary Path for Discipleship, all those who live below the diaphragm. It became fully functional during the Atlantean Times and, in fact, it became abnormally developed beyond the intentions of The Guardians of the Race.

The Solar Plexus is a clearing-house for all the energies of the 3 major chakras below the diaphragm. It gathers and focalizes the sub-diaphragmatic energies, and the goal of all who are treading the Path as guided by The Masters is to refine and transmute those energies so that they may be transferred upward into the Heart Chakra, the Anahata. This transference occurs prior to the 2nd Initiation, previously mentioned. The masses of unenlightened Humanity are centered below the diaphragm and are conditioned by selfish desire and harmful emotions. The disciples and Initiates are centered above the diaphragm where desire has been transformed into Soul-guided aspiration, and their selfless service is conditioned by love and projected from the Heart Center. (For those unfamiliar with the centers called chakras, click on " A Basic Primer On The Chakras".)

The majority of so-called psychics and mediums unknowingly function through this Manipura Center, contacting astral entities and astral energies, and this is why there is so much inaccuracy in what they have to say and prognosticate. Discarnate lives on the Plane of Illusion are no more knowledgeable than when they were physically embodied and may be even more confused because of the kaleidoscopic, illusional nature of the thought-form into which they've been immersed. The higher psychics, who are able to contact Ascended Masters and Higher Beings, work through the Ajna Chakra in the head.

The Solar Plexus Center is the direct causative agent of the pancreas in the dense physical body. In other words, the pancreas, as a portion of the endocrine system, comes into manifestation as a direct consequence of the energy field of the Manipura. You see, each of the 7 major chakras of the aetheric body is causative of one of the endocrine glands, and the 7 major chakras together produce and manifest the entire endocrine system.

8. The health of the masses on this planet is greatly dependent upon the condition of the emotional body, because the Race of Man is, for the most part, astrally-polarized. The astral body is directly connected with the aetheric body, and whatever happens to the aetheric body becomes, eventually, manifest in the physical body. Roughly 90% of the illnesses and diseases of Mankind can be attributed to these two subtle bodies, but it is the emotional body that is the most predominant agent at this time in producing ill health and pathological conditions throughout the world.

The negative emotions on this planet are so rampant and so common and so readily and unthinkingly displayed that we've come to view them as practically normal .......... but normal and natural and healthy they are not! Agitation, worry, temper, irritation, anxiety, hatred, intolerance, and jealousy (to name just a few) are violently poured, in a stream of astral energy, into and through the Solar Plexus, producing there a condition of intense disturbance (acute or chronic). The gastro-enterologists of the world have grown filthy rich off of the unmanaged astral natures of Humankind. The Solar Plexus governs and distributes all of the energies to the liver, the gall bladder, the stomach, the pancreas, the upper and lower intestines. Disease states of these organs and systems are attributable to harmful energy, in the form of emotions and desires, being sent from the astral form through the 3rd Chakra of the aetheric body double of the incarnate human.

The sub-specialty of gastro-enterology couldn't exist without the continued astral polarization of unenlightened Humanity and the unchecked, even encouraged, emotional storms of the astral body (e.g. grieving, sorrow, sadness, "justified anger", despondency, enviousness, racial bias, machismo, sectarian prejudice, terror, and on and on). The way that the pathology is allowed to manifest in the physical form is governed by the Soul and the symbolic lesson to be derived from it. Thus the astral disturbances may lead to pancreatitis or gall stones or gastritis or appendicitis or all the types of liver disease or diabetes or diverticulosis of the colon or the ubiquitous irritable bowel syndrome. If it's in the abdomen below the diaphragm and it's not normal, look to self-centered desires and deleterious, fear-based emotions as the cause (excepting trauma and karmically-induced states). There is constant turmoil below the diaphragm throughout the peoples of the world.

9. The answer lies in the attainment of perfect poise and a divine indifference to the vicissitudes of life which tempt and provoke the body of desires and emotions. Quiescence and serenity will starve the astral elementals into submission, and detachment from the material attractions of the flesh will give the desires no foothold for gaining traction.

The Buddha, in His enlightened state, gave Humankind the 4 Noble Truths and the 8-Fold Path of Liberation to surmount the world dilemma of desire with its consequent suffering and to tranquilize the over-active emotional body and its outlet, the Solar Plexus Chakra. The World Teacher of His time, He addressed the greatest obstacle facing the Human Race at that time, the domination of the astral desires and emotions over the human experience, and He identified the problem, found the solution, and disseminated the teaching. We can consider His message to be like a cleansing flame directed at the Solar Plexus of the Race.

The next World Teacher was Lord Maitreya, Who overshadowed Jesus for the 3 years of His Ministry. Maitreya, The Christ, raised the teaching up a notch and addressed the awakening of the Heart Chakra by means of caring for, helping, and serving others and projecting forth the energy which we call unconditional love. He stressed the positive emotional nature of the astral body, which is based on love and which is poured into and through the Heart Center once the reservoir of energies in the 3rd Chakra have been transferred to the 4th Chakra, above the diaphragm. Maitreya taught us love for others, revolutionary for the time, and began the long, laborious process of opening the Heart Chakra of the Race.

Each World Teacher builds on the foundation teaching of the previous One, and the next Avatar to come into physicality (Lord Kuthumi) will begin to expand and illuminate the mental vehicle of the Race by way of Mystery Schools of Initiation around the world and a whole new level of instruction, for those who remain here in the New Age of Aquarius, as supervised by The Spiritual Hierarchy that accompanies The Aquarian Age Avatar (see "The World Teacher For Planet Earth" and "The Coming of The Christ").

Once the Dark Forces have been banished from this planet after the Dimensional Shift (it is incontestable that they are going) and their role in promoting the negative emotions fed by fear is finished, the astral body field of Humankind will be emitting the one true positive emotion that there is, LOVE, and the galactic observers will finally understand the value of the emotional body after having witnessed its devastating effects on the individual and the Race for eons of time. (If interested, go to "The Dimensional Shift of Earth".)

The future of the astral body of the Human Race is purification, equilibration, pacification, and love saturation. Desire will be aspiration, and emotions will be the sweet aspects of love. Aryan Consciousness will prevail over Atlantean Consciousness; the mental vehicle will over-ride the astral vehicle; the abstract mind of the Soul will overpower the concrete mind of the personality; the serving of others will annihilate the serving of self; and the Path to Freedom from the Wheel of Rebirth will be known as the Path of Initiation (for more, click on "What Initiation Is Really About"). Arjuna, the World Disciple, is consumed in the Loving Heart Flame of Krishna, The World Soul.

The Epitome of Love, Lord Kuthumi, sends Christed Love through my astral body to any who read this!


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