Prince Siddartha Gautama, Overshadowed Vehicle for World Teacher Buddha Amitabha in the Age of Aries

The only true King, the only true Benevolent Overlord, the only One worthy of the status accorded to the title of King is Sanat Kumara: The Great Sacrifice, The One Initiator, and The Eternal Youth of Endless Summers. This Lord of the World holds within His Aura all the life in all of the kingdoms of Nature, including the Human Kingdom. Please see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?". He is the sole repository of the Divine Purpose of The Planetary Logos, The One in Whom we live and move and have our being. Sanat Kumara may be considered as The Extended Incarnate Expression of The Planetary Logos onto the higher Aetheric Planes. The Will of God (1st Ray), as it is worked out in the Master Plan for this portion of Creation, proceeds and is stepped down from one of the 7 Stars or 7 Great Beings in Ursa Major to The Logos of Sirius to our Solar Logos. From there it reaches The Planetary Logos of Earth, thence to Sanat Kumara, and on to The Great Council of Shamballa.

Just as the energies of the 7 Rays are stepped down, modulated, and transformed every step along the way from The 3-Fold Godhead to dense physicality on a planet, The Will and Purpose of God (as incorporated in the 1st Ray) is brought through those many levels, having been qualified and conditioned by Great Ones at each Level. For purposes of Earth, The Central Transmitting Station is Sanat Kumara, not just for Divine Purpose but for all the 7 Rays (see "The Seven Rays Explained"), and the entirety of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth is considered The Ashram of That One.

Shamballa is known as the Center (or Chakra) where The Will of God (1st Ray) is known. The Great Council of Shamballa (6th Degree Initiates and Higher) functions as the Head Chakra (7th). The Hierarchy (Ascended Masters and Initiates of all degrees) is known as the Center where The Love of God (2nd Ray) is known and serves as the Heart Chakra of Sanat Kumara. Humanity is the Throat Chakra where the 3rd Ray Energy of Active Intelligence is brought forth into manifestation. Thus the 3 Major Aspects of the Godhead (Will, Love, and Intelligence) are represented on this planet by Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity respectively, and the entirety of the all-encompassing Ashram of Sanat Kumara is devoted to bringing into manifestation and actualizing the Plan of our Planetary Logos and, consequently, Sanat Kumara.

That Evolutionary Plan, which is increasingly revealed to the advancing Initiate as the Initiate Path is traversed, originates in The Mind of God and is projected to The Galactic Being of this Milky Way Galaxy by means of the 1st Ray Force called Purpose or Will. The Galactic Logos is The One Who has spread Itself out upon the vastness of space in the form of this enormous lenticular-shaped galaxy for the sake of sentient-life evolution. The Mayans knew It as Hunab Ku, and occult literature uses the term, Great Central Sun of the Galaxy. The Galactic Council of 12 are its Extended Expressions, and The Divine Purpose is brought through Them before reaching this sector of the galaxy.

In our modern times on this planet, The Ashram of Sanat Kumara has come to be composed of 49 Ashrams of The Hierarchy (the number 7 is reflected at all levels of existence in this septenary universe). Take a look at "A Septenary Universe". There are 7 Major Ashrams (or Departments), each one having a Chohan or Lord of one of the 7 Rays as its Head and Heart Flame. Each one of the Major Ashrams expresses the qualities of one of the 7 Rays and serves as a focal point and transmitting agent for those qualified energies. All of the Major Ashrams have 6 subsidiary Ashrams each, making a total of 42. Those are headed by an Ascended Master (5th Initiate Level) or High Initiate working in conjunction with The Chohan for the furtherance of the Plan. All of the 49 Ashrams are a unity in their devotion to the Purpose of The Planetary Logos, but the 7 Major Ashrams along each one of the 7 Ray Lines carry out their own unique aspect of the Overall Plan for this planet in alignment with the type of energies with which They specialize.

For example, the 2nd Ray is known as the Teaching Ray and utilizes the energy of love, ultimately coming from God as Divine or Universal Love (the glue or attractive force of the universe). The Buddha and The Christ (previously Maitreya, now Kuthumi) are along this Line. Members of this Ashram incarnate to walk amongst Humanity and advance consciousness through teaching which may be considered spiritual and religious and oriented toward the establishing of right relations between individuals and groups of Humankind as well as between the human and sub-human kingdoms of Earth. These teachings of the 2nd Ray Initiates are all colored by love because of the energy that they personify when incarnate and successfully following the telepathic promptings of their Master. For other Ashrams and other Rays the approach and the emphasis will be different, though the goal will always be the same for all of them, the goal as put forth by Sanat Kumara.

Admittance into The Hierarchy and The Great Ashram necessitates taking the 1st Initiation (The Birth) and the beginning realization of group consciousness and the forsaking of the separative self-oriented personality. Prior to the successful passage of the Threshold of Initiation, the probationer and later the disciple is given instruction at night in one or other of the Ashrams on the Astral Planes by an Initiate designated by The Master but does not gain entrance into the Aura of The Master or the ring-pass-not of the Ashram. And I should go on to say that the requirements for Initiation are ever getting more stringent, more difficult of attainment, the more that Humanity advances in developing the mind. The Initiates of today are far superior in caliber and capability than those of an earlier era (see "The Only Path On Earth").

After Sanat Kumara and The Lords of The Flame came to Earth 18 million years ago, when animal-man had only the germ of a mind though the makings of a coordinated physical body, The Hierarchy became composed of Advanced Beings from elsewhere as invoked by Sanat Kumara. None had come out of Earth's evolution, and The Higher Council of what became Shamballa was made up of Light Beings from Venus, Devotees of Sanat Kumara. Millions of years ago and long before the Path of Initiation was inaugurated by Sanat Kumara, these Beings from Hierarchy would incarnate in the usual way to bring stimulation to the developement of the infant mind of early Man. Always They were the Vanguard and Wayshowers for the primitive versions of Homo Sapiens as existed then.

The Lemurian Race (3rd Rootrace) on the Motherland of Mu in the Pacific Ocean was really the first Race of what we can consider as Mankind, with the perfecting of a strong, durable, coordinated physical form being the goal of the Race. Mental activity was very limited, indeed. All of the energies of Hierarchy were directed toward that accomplishment, and The Manu of the 1st Ray Department or Ashram served as The Prototype as with all subsequent Races and sub-Races of Humanity. The Manu manipulated the forces and energies (especially the destructive power of the 1st Ray) over the passage of eons of time in order to effect the perfecting of form so desired in this evolutionary scheme.

With the 4th Rootrace, the Atlantean, came the planned goal of developing and then perfecting the emotional body (astral body), now that the physical form had reached the ideal as envisioned by Sanat Kumara. Again, this took place over eons of time and progressed through the 7 sub-Races of the 4th Rootrace and incorporated the sub sub-races as with all the major advancements of the Race of Man. The astral body of Man was so strongly energized and so perfected that it remains to this day the most dominant of the divisions of the 3-fold personality. The vast majority of Humankind are still polarized in the desires, sensations, emotions, illusions, and glamours of the astral body to the detriment of further progress.

As on Mu, The Great Ones of Hierarchy incarnated on Atlantis over the eons and were the Divine Kings and Enlightened Rulers Who guided the way toward more and more advanced cultures and civilizations. They were the inspiration for the advancements in all areas of science because the Atlantean mind was still not a sophisticated instrument, as the evolutionary focus was on the astral form.

It was toward the middle of the Atlantean Period that Sanat Kumara made a decision to introduce the Path of Initiation to Humanity because Higher Members of His Ashram were being called to other duties in the solar system due to a crisis then developing, and He wanted to create a means whereby members of Earth's own Lifestream could enter the lower echelons of Hierarchy to fill places that were being vacated. It became part of the Plan to train and discipline Humanity to advance themselves by way of the Initiate Path and to become working Members of The Hierarchy, adding their weight and numbers and energies to the purpose which all The Brotherhood served and reaching back to pull along the lesser advanced of the Race.

The first 2 Initiations (Birth & Baptism) were all that could be offered to the most advanced of Humanity for hundreds of thousands of years because the mind took so long to develope and because of the necessity for some certain degree of mental polarization (habitual focus of attention) for Soul contact and Soul influence on the developing, nearly-integrated personality. The 3rd Initiation (Transfiguration) necessitated a highly-developed lower, concrete mind, total disciplinary oversight over that mind, and the makings of Soul dominance over the personality through the Antahkarana Channel of Light built to the Soul in meditation. Many were called but few could be chosen.

The first such Initiate on Atlantis, Who could be so chosen for the Transfiguration Initiation and for the first time ever on this planet, was The One we have come to know as Lord Maitreya (Maitreya meaning Joy-filled One). He was the first One out of Earth's Humanity to reach such a level. Other higher Members of Hierarchy had come from elsewhere, including The One we call The Buddha (Lord Amitabha). The Hierophant for the first Transfiguration Initiation on Earth was The One Initiator Himself. Previously for the first 2 Initiations, The Hierophant was always The World Teacher of the time (as is still the case today). Maitreya and Amitabha Buddha took Initiation together and opened the door for the rest of plodding Mankind to reach a higher level than heretofore. It was a critical juncture for the Race (and Sanat Kumara).

Both went on to become World Teachers on the 2nd Ray Line of Developement in the 2nd Ray Ashram (of Love/Wisdom). When Amitabha held The Office He fully overshadowed Siddartha Gautama, and when Maitreya held It He fully overshadowed Jesus from the Jordan Baptism to the Crucifixion, being called The Christos by the Greek Initiates. There are 3 High Offices and 3 Great Lords in The Hierarchy today Who fill Them, and The Offices are aligned with and utilize the energies of The 3 Major Aspects of The Godhead: First - The Manu, Second - The Bodhisattva, Third - The Mahachohan. Maitreya is called The Master of The Masters and coordinates the Divine Plan for Planet Earth along with The Manu and The Mahachohan. The responsibilities of The Greater Ashram have been delegated to Maitreya by Sanat Kumara.

An overview of The White Lodge today may be seen by clicking on "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?". All of The Lords of The Flame from Venus and the original Members of Earth's Hierarchy from elsewhere are gone now. The entirety of its Members are composed of Initiates Who have come from Earth's own evolution. There are 63 Ascended Masters associated with the Human Kingdom, and we know only a few of Them by name. Other Masters work with the other Kingdoms: Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Deva. The Ashram's Hierarchy is ever evolving, ever dynamic, and never static. When Djwhal Khul taught through Alice Bailey, Maitreya was The World Teacher, but now Kuthumi has moved into The Position, having taken the 6th Initiation. Back then Serapis Bey was The Chohan of the 4th Ray Ashram. Master Paul The Venetian has advanced from being Chohan of the 3rd Ray to a higher status, and Serapis Bey has moved into the 3rd Ray Position (Rays 4 - 7 are all subsidiary to the 3rd Ray).

Nearly a million people are now 1st Degree Initiates on the planet and perhaps a quarter million have taken the 2nd Degree, and a few thousand have undergone the 3rd One. These numbers will begin to rise sharply when the New Age in Aquarius gets underway and most of The Ascended Masters are again physically walking the Earth and establishing schools for the Ancient Mysteries of Initiation. By the end of this current 5th Rootrace (presently in the 5th sub-Race out of 7), it is expected that all of Humanity will have taken the first two Initiations at least. The control of the astral (emotional) body will be absolute. By the end of this World Period or Incarnation of Earth (with its 7 Rootraces), Humanity as a collective will be at an even higher Initiate Status. The Ashram of Sanat Kumara is ever in expansion, ever more powerful, and ever more radiant of Light.

1. All Ashrams of The Hierarchy have disciples and Initiates of every grade, every stage of progress, but all working in perfect unison toward the goal as given by The Master of The Ashram. Yet, within their ranks each grade or degree is in coded telepathic rapport with each other and silently guarding the mystical secrets from the unprepared grade below it.

2. In Lemurian Times the very few who had reached the Threshold of Initiation were admitted into the Mysteries one by one and alone. It was very much an individual achievement. During Atlantean Times Initiation was given in groups of seven, though none of them had contacted each other in waking consciousness, and the emphasis was still on individual achievement. Today at this phase of the 5th Rootrace, the movement is steadily toward Group Initiation and will become exclusively so sometime during the Aquarian Age of Synthesis under the influence of the 7th Ray.

3. The Ancient Mysteries of Initiation were given to The Hierarchy by The Great White Lodge on Sirius (The Higher Self of The Solar Logos), and They, in turn, gave them to Humanity. These Mysteries, hidden in numbers, mantrams, codes, and rituals, veil the secrets of Man's origin and his destiny and the long, long path which must be tread. They provide clues to the evolutionary process and instruction for breaking out of darkness into the Light. Masonry has unknowingly preserved many of these codes and rites down through the ages since Atlantis was finally submerged 12 thousand years ago. The Masonic Tradition will contribute to a resurgence and reawakening of the Mysteries.

4. From a higher level of understanding, It is the Soul Who is really the Initiate. The disciple comes progressively into a greater and greater sense of identification with the Soul after the 1st Initiation and comes more and more under its influence and then control until irreversible and uncompromised merging takes place at the 3rd Initiation (the Soul Merge). Well, the Soul is only group conscious and has no individual aspirations or inclinations. As a Consciousness Fragment of The Monad (Higher Self of the Soul), the Soul is a Member of a Family Group of Souls from the same Monad, and no separative individuation occurs. The Soul is always related to a group with group projects and group incarnations and group aims on behalf of The Monad. It is the personality fully infused with the Soul which will be taking Group Initiation (for more about the Higher Self, click on "The Soul"). The teachings to come anent Initiation will emphasize the group nature of the Path and the necessity of expanding the inclusive recognitions.

5. The Will Energy (1st Ray) of Sanat Kumara embodies the Purpose of The Planetary Logos and is passed first to Shamballa, which passes it to the Collective Consciousness of The Hierarchy as an enlivening and energizing energy similar to the way prana enlivens the aetheric body of Man. The service of this Plan and Purpose is what produces cohesion of all the Ashrams into a unity of purpose. The Plan is, after all, the expression of The Will of God for Planet Earth. Because this is a free-will system of evolvement here, The Hierarchy must then work through their aspirants and disciples in incarnation to bring the Plan to fruition. Determination and persistence are the lowest aspects of the 1st Ray passed by Hierarchy to the non-Initiate students. Regardless of the Ray Type of the Ashram, it is the Will Energy which is found at the heart of each Ashram, having been received from Shamballa, providing the thrust to each Member and affiliate to accomplish the Plan. Even though the Will Energy concentrates at the heart of both the Great Ashram and all of the 49, each of the 7 Major Ashrams and their Subsidiaries is a focus of and is responsive to one of the 7 Rays, which then impacts and modifies how that 1st Ray Force is used in working out the Plan through and amongst Humanity.

6. The Ashrams or Departments of The Hierarchy were not all formed at once when The White Brotherhood came into being. A nucleus of Light for later formation of the Ashrams had been started by The 7 Ray Lords of the earlier era, and The Council of Shamballa had supplied the Will Energy at the heart of each of Them, but one by one They very slowly were formed around the magnetic nucleus as the different Rays cycled into and out of activity with each Zodiacal Age (one Ray per Age) bringing with them the human types responsive to that energy. An Ashram implies group membership, and it took eons for primitive Man to adequately respond to the stimuli provided by the incarnate Hierarchy Members.

For the longest time only the first two Initiations were given, and they could only be taken in the 2nd Ashram under the 2nd Ray of Love as officiated by The World Teacher of each period (The Chohan of the 2nd Ray). Then came a time when the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order was in dominance, and a much larger group of disciples became eligible for Initiation, helping to form the 7th Ashram. When, through training, humans became capable of using the mind to contact the Soul, a great crisis of spiritual import confronted The Hierarchy, and the 3rd Initiation was then created for the first time to mark the point of complete Soul-personality integration. A small group to include Amitabha Buddha and Maitreya were brought before The One Initiator in the 4th Ashram under the Ray of Harmony Through Conflict, formed some time earlier. Subsequently and over thousands of years the other Major Ashrams came into formation in the order of 6th, 5th, 3rd, and lastly the 1st. The order of appearance for all seven was: 2, 7, 4, 6, 5, 3, 1. As the centuries have passed and the membership has multiplied, the 7 were expanded to the 49 of today.

7. There is a Conclave of all The Ascended Masters (5th Degree) every 7 years at which decisions are made concerning all the forms of life in all the Kingdoms on Earth. By way of the manipulation and focalizing of the different 7 Ray Forces and the cooperation of their disciples physically incarnate, crises for the purpose of growth are presented to Humanity. Then every 100 years at the Winter Solstice of the 25th year of the century (e.g. 1925, 2025) the complete Hierarchy meets at Conference to evaluate the changes and progress and to create larger world crises to meet the schedule and demands of the Plan which implements the Purpose of Sanat Kumara. The destructive aspect of the 1st Ray (Shiva) is a very effective tool for these changes.

These are BIG decisions that are made. In Atlantean Days, Masters nearing the 6th Initiation (of Decision) and Paths beyond the Earth decided to bring that ancient civilization to an end to make conditions favorable for the 5th Rootrace of Aryans to take hold and come into prominence, thusly setting the stage for the developement of the mind, since the 4th Race Atlanteans had already brought into perfection the emotional body. Civilization after civilization have been left behind under the unfolding Purpose of Sanat Kumara in fulfilling the directives of His Superior, The Solar Logos, and it is the Will Energy passed on to the Senior Members of The Council of Shamballa which implements His Purpose.

8. If I could construct a flow chart of the hierarchical flow of energies from higher to lower in this sector of the galaxy alone, the energies would be those of the 7 Rays, and each level along the way would serve as a step-down transformer and transmitter of those energies to the level immediately below. We'd begin with 7 Stars (or Beings) in the Great Bear Constellation then go to The Logos of Sirius and its Great White Lodge, then to The Solar Logos and The Solar Hierarchy. The Ray Forces continue to The Planetary Logos of Earth, thence to Sanat Kumara and the 6 other Kumaras (or Buddhas, 3 Exoteric and 3 Esoteric). From there they are passed through The Council of Shamballa on their way to The Contemplative Nirmanakayas ever in deepest meditation and then to The 3 Great Lords (Manu, Maitreya, & Mahachohan) Who use their knowledge of the Plan to modulate and transmit them to The Lords of the 7 Rays and their Ashrams. From The 7 Chohans they make their way to The Masters of each of the 42 subsidiary Ashrams and proceed from The Heart Flame of those Ashrams down through the Initiate levels to the disciples of each of those Ashrams, both incarnate and discarnate. Then those Ray Forces are dispersed to the collective of Humanity which has a stimulating influence on all of the sub-human Kingdoms of Nature.

Each of The 7 Ray Forces (see "The Seven Rays Explained") has its unique effect upon the affairs, the conditions, and the state of Mankind through the activity of the incarnate disciples and Initiates under the mental impressions of The Master (consciously or unconsciously). The telepathic receptivity, the willingness, motivation, and purity of intent of the "ground forces", the degree of Soul contact, and the developed capabilities of all the millions involved determine the efficacy in reaching each periodic goal and fragment of the Plan. The 1st Ray types (under El Morya) will be the politicians, statesmen, and governmental leaders. The 5th Ray types (under Hilarion) will be the cutting-edge scientists and technological innovators. The 3rd Ray types (under Serapis Bey) will be the intellectual powerhouses, and the 6th Ray types (under Jesus-Sananda) will be the unflinching ideologues of the world. These examples are given to bring the concept "down to earth", and all of their endeavors are both stimulated by and incorporated into the over-arching Plan formulated by The Upper Echelons of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.

9. In the early days of The Hierarchy millions of years ago, when the species of Man was still in the process of developing the physical form and had very little mental activity, it was determined by Sanat Kumara to be of necessity to have a physical presence of The Hierarchy on Earth to directly teach and stimulate the nascent mind of animal-man as well as provide methods for developing the chakra centers with a goal of self-consciousness by comparison with the former group consciousness before The Lords of The Flame implanted the spark of mind in the species. Individualization and the Ensouling of the Species became possible by the coming of Sanat Kumara and His Entourage and Their implantation of a mental apparatus in the Causal Body of Man (I daresay I have no idea how that was done).

The first Outpost of Shamballa was the original Temple of Ibez in the center of what is now South America, Ibez being an acrostic which veils the name of The Planetary Logos. Branches were established around the world with a focus by The Adepts on teaching physical methods and use of energies which would be crude and antequated today. The objective with Lemurian Man (3rd Rootrace) was polarization in and coordination of the physical body, an orientation toward mysticism, and a realization of divinity within the self. A vast period of time ensued before the Atlantean (4th) Race came on the scene and different approaches would be made in the teachings.

For millions of years The Initiates and Masters of The Hierarchy walked the Earth and taught in the Temples and Mystery Schools. In the historical time-frame, branches of Ibez could be found in the Mayans of Mesoamerica and the Incas of Peru before they reverted to human sacrifice under the influence of the Dark Forces. Branches spread to Chaldea and Babylon and India and Tibet, Central Asia and China. Egypt, Greece, and many other areas around the Mediterranean Basin became host to the Mystery Schools. The worship of the sun (Solar Logos), distorted phallic teachings, Tantra, Hatha Yoga, and Laya Yoga are all descendents from the earlier temple practices designed for an earlier Rootrace.

During the Atlantean Era, the objective of The Teachers was to bring the powerfully-constructed emotional body of the aspirants under control in preparation for the 2nd Initiation and to awaken the love nature in Man as a step toward opening the long-closed Heart Chakra. The Teachers were all centered in the 4th Chakra Themselves and subordinated their mental energies (and powers) until the 3rd Initiation could finally be taken for the first time on this planet. When Atlantis was submerged during the war between the White and Black Magicians, the entirety of The Hierarchy withdrew from outer contact with Humanity and have remained behind the scenes to this day, doing their work from Aetheric Retreats all over the world.

10. I thought it might be helpful for me to say something about The Great Council of Shamballa and the Upper Ranks of The Hierarchy. At the pinnacle of the pyramid are The 7 Kumaras (or Buddhas). Sanat Kumara is the full embodiment of Divine Love (this being a 2nd Ray Solar System) and is The Synthesizer of all the 7 Rays coming from The Solar Logos. There are 3 Pratyeka Buddhas of Activity and 3 Buddhas of Inactivity which change according to astrological and planetary conditions. They deal with the force distribution of the 7 Rays and Souls seeking experience on this Earth.

There are 4 Representatives of The 4 Lords of Karma (The 4 Maharajas) of the solar system on The Council. These may be considered as Extended Expressions of The Karmic Council, much as a Soul extends a personality into incarnation. They take care of and tabulate the Akashic Records, assess the distribution of karma to all Mankind, and are The Representatives for Earth at The Solar Councils. The 3 Great Lords of 7th Degree Initiation are on The Council (Manu, Maitreya, & Mahachohan) as are The Chohans of The 7 Rays (Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Master Paul, Hilarion, Jesus, and Master Rakoczi), 6th Degree Initiates.

Each Rootrace has at least one Manu. Vaivasvata Manu of the 5th Rootrace (Aryan) held His Office for 100,000 years and has moved on and up to replace the 1st Ray Buddha (Sanaka Kumara) Who has taken the Path to Sirius. Master Jupiter, Regent of India and originally from Venus, has taken over as the Manu of the Aryan Race. Lord Himalaya has been the Manu of the 4th Rootrace since the Atlantean destruction and will see the Race (the Oriental) through to the completion of its alloted time here. The Manu is The Prototype and Archetype of the Rootrace in His charge and works with the form side of life, using the force of the 1st Ray to segregate groups, move tectonic plates, raise and lower continents and land masses to bring about the developement of the ideal form for the Race. He also inspires the minds of statesmen everywhere in meeting the goals.

The Bodhisattva (World Teacher, World Savior) since 600 B.C. has been Lord Maitreya until a few decades ago when He took a Higher Initiation, moved closer to Sanat Kumara, and Lord Kuthumi took the 6th Initiation to assume the "Post". This is The Lord of the 2nd Ray Energies and The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, involved in the developement of the Spirit within the form and the destiny of all religions (a total synthesis in the future).

The Mahachohan is also called The Lord of Civilization because He makes the work of The Manu and The Christ possible, using the energies of the 3rd Ray to accomplish the practical aspects of relating Spirit to matter and Life to form to foster the developement of cultures and civilizations, using Deva Groups to manipulate the forces of Nature. He has many Masters working with the Deva Evolution and is involved in raising the intelligence of Humankind. His Department oversees the Ashrams of Rays 3 through 7 and their Chohans and Ascended Masters. He has held The Position since the 2nd sub-Race of the 4th Rootrace (Atlantean). One day Master Rakoczi (Saint Germain) will assume this Office.

11. The Great Ones will be physically walking amongst us in the New Golden Age of Aquarius once the Dimensional Shift has completed. Some few are already here unannounced and quietly undertaking the Father's business, radiating Light into the world of human affairs. Masters of the 5th Initiation (the Revelation) have escaped the Wheel of Rebirth (as also the Law of Karma) and have either retained their old incarnate form as a body of Light (such as Djwhal Khul) or have vivified by an act of the will an aetheric mayavirupa body of manifestation which resembles the form under which the 5th Initiation was taken (such as Kuthumi), but They all have some degree of physicality as preparation is being made for the Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy. Since Atlantis was finally submerged beneath the Atlantic Ocean, They have remained secluded in some of the least accessible desert and mountain areas of the world in their Aetheric Retreats, and the New Age will witness Their return as a group for the first time since then. They prepare the way for the mission of the next Avatar of The Christ Consciousness, Lord Kuthumi.

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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