Pictorial Representation of Archangel Zadkiel

The Deva Evolution is a line of evolution that is parallel with the Human Evolution here on Earth and of equal importance to that of the Human. In the Occident They are called Angels and in the Orient are called Devas, but They're one and the same. These are the Builders of Form, the very Beings Who create form out of their own substance in cooperation with Members of Hierarchical Governments throughout this solar system. Those connected with Earth are Members of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?") and are concerned with the form aspect of life, while the Initiates of The Hierarchy (The Great White Brotherhood) are concerned with developing consciousness within the form.

The Devas learn by means of building all forms and incorporating their essence into the forms, and They grow through the work accomplished and the joy of directly experiencing and feeling those forms as Themselves. The world of form in this tiny corner of Creation incorporates all life in all the Kingdoms of Nature on the Physical Plane, the Astral Plane, and the four lower sub-planes of the Mental Plane (which are the levels of the lower concrete mind).

The Deva Kingdom on the Physical Plane (with its 7 sub-planes) is called the Army of the Voice and is composed of Angelic Beings of all grades and ranks equivalent to Initiates in The Hierarchy from 1st Degree to 7th Degree, up to but not including the level of Sanat Kumara, The Lord of the World and Supreme Head of Earth's Hierarchy (for more, go to "Who Is Sanat Kumara?"). The Greater Builders might be considered as the Overseeing Supervisors of all constructive manifestation of material form, be it in physical, astral, or mental matter on those respective Planes of Existence. They have evolved through the Human Kingdom in cycles long past before choosing the path of form-building and its parallel evolution in this system of planets (solar system).

The lesser builders or lesser devas do not have self-awareness and work practically unconsciously in producing all form manifestation as overseen by the Greater Devas. Their goal in evolution is the attainment of individualization and a consciousness of self before, then, being allowed to incarnate into the Human Kingdom (by The Lords of Karma). The concept of the elementals is a little difficult to grasp, but I gather my information from One Who Knows. The elemental life is the essence of things. In other words, all things in manifestation, all forms and all phenomena, are produced by the very essence of the elementals. Every material form in the Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human Kingdoms has been formed and created out of the substance of the elementals. Elemental life is at the basis of all things that are in manifestation on the Physical, Astral, and Mental Planes, the 3 lowermost Major Planes in this solar system.

The reason it's so hard to understand this elemental life and the nature of elementals is that atoms and molecules (and sub-atomic particles) have been shown to be the underpinning for all things that have manifest form at this dense physical level, but those building blocks come into being as a result of the elemental life making form out of its own substance. All living things come into material, physical form by being fabricated by the Devas and the elementals out of their own substance. The elementals are on the involutionary arc (downward toward matter), and the Devas are on the evolutionary arc (upward toward Spirit).

All dense physical forms in all the myriad of presentations on this sphere are essentially elemental lives which have manifested the forms out of their own substance under the direction and command of the lesser devas (the manipulators) who, in turn, are overseen and instructed by the Greater Devas (the Transmitters of The Will of God). The highest group of Builders are self-conscious; the intermediate group of builders are not self-aware and are responsive in groups; and the elementals are completely passive and unconscious and respond precisely to the commands of the Devas. They (the elementals) are the recipients of the force and the creative impulse.

Here's an important point to understand about the Deva Evolution. They do not have free will (when it comes to creativity). They are the Transmitters of The Will of God (1st Ray Force from The Triune Godhead) in however that Divine Will is projected to Them by The High Initiates and The Logoi (Planetary or Solar) in this solar system. They carry out The Will of God and cooperate with Those Who know how to summon Them on all the Planes of Existence. Creation, at all levels of being, comes about by a cooperative process between Creative Beings issuing forth the power of their will and Angelic Beings receiving that will-force and transmitting it to lesser beings who will manifest the creation out of their own substance and thus be contained within that creation, whether it be a mountain range, a cloud formation, a river system, a human body, a snake, a cactus, or a planet.

The elementals are the actual stuff of life, and the Angels organize all that stuff according to the "thought-pictures" sent to them under conditions learned on the Path of Initiation by Those Who have been entrusted with the secrets. From the 1st Degree Initiate all the way up to a Stellar Being like our Solar Logos (and beyond), the creational process is the same, in general. In a state of fixed meditative repose and unswerving concentration, the thing to be created is visualized in its entirety from beginning to end with every detail included, and this exacting thought-form is sent out to the Deva Builders accompanied by the forceful impulse of the will while rhythmically chanting certain special sacred words or sounds that draw the attention and the cooperation of the Builders of Form (see #23, Giving of the Word, in "What Initiation Is Really About").

On this planet, for example, the Will and Purpose of Sanat Kumara is the Will of God for this evolutionary scheme, and all creative acts by Members of The Hierarchy (in conjunction with the Devas and elementals) are made in support of His Plan, so that when They project Their will along with the thought-form and the sacred word of power, the Builders are actually receiving and transmitting The Will of God for this outpost of Creation.

The Human Soul is on the higher 3 sub-planes of the Mental Plane (Manasic Plane), and any deva below that level has never experienced sentient life in the Human Kingdom and developes and grows through feeling and not through the power of conscious thought. With exception of the higher and sentient Devas Who have experienced an incarnation cycle as human, the lesser devas seek to feel, while Man seeks to know. Devas are found on all the 7 Major Planes of Existence in this solar system, whereas the elementals may be found only on the 3 lower Major Planes, the Physical, the Astral, and the Mental (the 4 higher Major Planes are the Buddhic, the Atmic, the Monadic, and the Logoic).

Each Major Plane has 7 sub-planes, and every sub-plane and Plane has a Deva or Angelic Being Who is The Ensouling Consciousness for that Plane of Being. The entire Plane (or sub-plane) may be considered the body of The Deva. These are The 7 Raja Lords of the 7 Major Planes. Each Raja Lord has 7 Great Devas Who work under Him, informing and ensouling and embodying one of the 7 sub-planes of the Major Plane of The Raja Lord. The entire sub-plane and everything on it is formed from the essence of The Great Deva.

1. We have heard of the power of sound, the power of the human voice, and the reason for that is that every single sound or word uttered by a human voice (backed by thought and emotion) produces some response of the tiny elementals to take some specific aetheric form in the Deva substance of beneficent or maleficent quality. Form manifestation on the aetheric levels necessarily and always precipitates out upon dense physicality and continues its existence so long as the attention and the will-energy of the originator of the sound is projected toward the creation. (The aetheric levels are the 4 higher sub-planes of the Major Physical Plane, the lower 3 sub-planes being the dense physical levels.)

This is one of the reasons why the spiritual teachers and The Ascended Masters of the Race have always admonished their pupils to guard their speech, to carefully monitor that which escapes from the larynx and the mouth. Humans endlessly construct unconsciously and unknowingly upon the aetheric sub-planes (the aether). What eventuates in the dense physical is a form of some kind or a phenomenon, usually and mercifully short-lived because the originating human doesn't hold steady the will impulse, the causative sound, or the vision.

2. In clarification, the Army of the Voice are all of the Greater Deva Builders and their subordinate lesser builders who work and exist on the aetheric levels and bring their manifestations out (via the aetheric) onto the 3 dense physical levels (gaseous, liquid, and solid). They might be viewed as the Directing Agents of Divine Energy to implement the purposes of the divinely-inspired Sanat Kumara upon the Physical Plane of Earth. They do not act upon their own initiative but rather are responsive Agents to the Divine Will directed to Them during ceremonial, and They guide the many lives and beings who constitute the forms through which The Creator expresses Divinity. They are the Army of the Voice because it is the voice of The Initiate enunciating the sacred word which evokes their cooperative response.

These aetheric-level Builders are entirely controlled by The 3 Buddhas of Activity on this planet, The 3 Eighth-Initiation Level Kumaras Who supervise the totality of The Spiritual Hierarchy on behalf of Sanat Kumara and Who are The Representative Agents on this planet for The 3 Major Aspects of The Godhead: Will, Love, Intelligence (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma). They form a triangulation of energy, and the Devas under Their ultimate control are the Eye within The Triangle (an ancient symbol). The Devas are the active expression of the "All-Seeing Eye" because God sees through Them and directs the creational process through Them (by way of The 3 Active Buddhas). When a lower Initiate makes contact with the Aetheric Builders, for purposes of some form of creation, it is under the inspiration and overview of The Buddhas of Activity (The Exoteric Kumaras), and the will-energy used is administered by The 1st Buddha (The Buddha of The 1st Aspect, The Will of God).

The Triangulated Buddhas are The Creative Agents of Sanat Kumara, working through 6th Level Initiates (e.g. El Morya, Kuthumi, and Serapis Bey) Who serve fully conscious upon the Atmic Plane as Transmitting Agents for the energy of one or other of The 3 Buddhas of Activity. And The 6th Degree Chohans would then pass those Divine Energies (of Will, Love, or Active Intelligence) to Initiates of a lower level in The Hierarchy.

3. The elementals which build and then compose the human form are a triplicity: the physical, the astral, and the mental elementals for the 3-fold body of the incarnate personality. They are called the lunar pitris or lunar lords, being occulty ruled by the moon. The 3 sets of elementals in totality are considered the personality elemental. In fact, all the forms on Earth in all of the sub-human kingdoms are built by these involutionary elemental lives called the lunar pitris, and the sum-total of the entirety of the elementals on this planet which are manifesting at the physical, astral, and mental levels is called the Spirit of the Earth. The impulse for commanding all the elementals to create their myriad of forms emanates from The Planetary Logos, The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara. The planet and all of its life-forms may be considered the dense physical body of The Planetary Logos (with its cellular composition of life-forms).

Another viewpoint is that the Spirit of the Earth expresses itself through the atomic substance, the sum-total of all the atoms in all the forms of life on Earth. The totality of all that life in its purely physical, aetheric, emotional, and mental aspects composes the Earth Elemental that is called the Spirit of the Earth, and the tiny elementals may be thought of as the energy units which organize and give life to the atoms and molecules making up all the forms of life. But the Earth Elemental should never be confused with The Grand Being Who ensouls the entire planet, Earth's Planetary Logos, The One in Whom we live and move and have our being.

Man's dense physical body, the physical elemental, is an integral part of and is under the control of the Earth Elemental, obeying its laws of physicality. This physical vehicle, apart from its occupying intelligence, has its own form and measure of intelligence which is referred to as an instinctual nature. During the incarnated life, the collective elemental of the physical body is the cohering agent for the preservation of its particular form under the continual influence and impact of the aetheric body double dispersing prana throughout (see "The Aetheric Body"). These two agents bring all the life-infused atoms into relationship with each other (as complicated as that seems). The physical body (of all forms) is a demonstration on a small scale of the innate coherency and synthesis of all life, and it conforms to the aggregate of elemental life in the Spirit of the Earth.

4. The Devas, besides being the Builders of form and matter, are likewise the qualities and attributes of matter. As mentioned, They work either consciously or unconsciously upon one of the 7 Major Planes of Life. All of the Greater Devas, Who are on the 3 uppermost sub-planes of the Mental Plane and the Higher Planes beyond that, cooperate consciously with creation and form-building. All of those lesser devas who are on the levels and sub-planes of the Physical Plane, the Astral Plane, and the lower mental sub-planes work unconsciously and follow their creative biddings in groups. Since the Human Souls or Higher Selves (also called Solar Angels) are on the Higher Mental Plane Levels, this Region of Existence is the dividing line between the sentient and the non-sentient Angels. All those above this line of demarcation have passed through the human state and have acquired sentiency. The lesser devas will have their opportunity in future cycles as they evolve toward sentiency.

Basically, the Devas of physicality on the Major Physical Plane are actually on the aetheric physical levels (the 4 higher sub-planes of the Physical Plane). We have called these the Army of the Voice, but the Aetheric Devas are also called the Devas of the Shadows. The Devas of the Mental Planes are called the Devas of Fire.

5. A listing of the higher ranks of the Devas in this solar system with relevance to Earth would include:

    a. The 7 Raja Lords of the 7 Major Planes. The names of some of these Raja Lords is as follows: Physical Plane - Kshiti; Astral Plane - Varuna; Mental Plane - Agni (Lord of Fire); Buddhic Plane - Indra.

    b. The 7 Great Devas of each of the 7 sub-planes (The Deva Lords).

    c. 14 Deva Representatives of the 7 Rays (to learn more, go to "The Seven Rays Explained"). There are 2 for each Ray cycling into and out of power, depending on the Ray of dominance on Earth (the 6th Ray is on the way out, and the 7th Ray is coming in).

    d. 4 Deva Representatives of The 4 Lords of Karma for the solar system, Who see that karma dispensed through the Human Soul to its incarnate expression is carried out. They oversee the balancing of all karma for humans on behalf of The Karmic Council.

6. The Devas of the Aethers (the Shadow Devas) are the Builders of Form on the Physical Plane. All physical matter comes into manifestation via the aetheric as a result of their work. They are governed and ruled by The 5th Kumara, one of The 3 Buddhas of Activity or Exoteric Kumaras at this time. He directs their production of form by means of secret words and sounds, which is generally how the cooperation of the Builders is gotten. This 5th Buddha, therefore, works through the aetheric body of all forms on Earth in advancing the evolutionary agenda of Sanat Kumara. (Surrounding The Lord of the World are 6 other Kumaras, 3 Exoteric Kumaras and 3 Esoteric Kumaras. They are also called The 6 Buddhas).

7. The Raja Lord Deva of the Physical Plane, with its 3 dense physical sub-planes and 4 aetheric physical sub-planes, is one known as The Great Deva Kshiti. He is of equal rank and power to a 6th Degree Initiate and Chohan of a Ray (e.g. Hilarion, Saint Germain, and Sananda). Kshiti presides over all the sub-human Kingdoms (Mineral, Plant, Animal) and all the Devas on the 4 aetheric sub-planes (the 3 dense physical sub-planes do not have dense physical devas or angels, and this is the singular exception to having 7 subordinate Deva Lords ensouling the 7 sub-planes of a Major Plane).

All physicality is brought forth from the 4 aetheric sub-planes by Kshiti instructing and directing His 4 subordinate Deva Lords of the 4 aetheric levels. The 5 of Them preside over a more subsidiary Council of 7 Devas Who manage the work of all the lesser builders and Greater Builders of physicality. With regard to an understanding of aetheric matter and aetheric levels, they are but gradations of the physical, only of more rarified and refined physicality (higher frequency of being but still physical).

The Human Kingdom, which is not overseen by Kshiti, is under the governing watch of The Spiritual Hierarchy. He presides over everything else on the Physical Plane of Earth. It is obvious that there is close cooperation between The 5th Kumara and Lord Kshiti. Using human terminology, one might consider The 5th Kumara the C.E.O., and Kshiti could be seen as the Managing Director. As a group, then, the Aetheric Devas control (as directed) the exoteric processes of physical plane existence.

8. Angel-Devas of all kinds and colors are found on the 4 aetheric levels, but the most predominant in numbers are the Devas of the Shadows, Who are seen by aetheric sight as having various hues of purple. These are called the Violet Devas, but their colors range from dark purple in the lower aetheric (closest to the dense physical) to a violet coloration to a lighter violet and to a resplendent, translucent lavender color at the highest aetheric level. These Violet Devas are associated with the creation of all aetheric bodies of every life-form on Earth, including the human. This is a little hard to fathom, but the 2 higher divisions of these Devas build the aetheric doubles out of the substance of the 2 lower divisions. Notwithstanding a mental hurdle there, the Violet Devas are responsible for the aetheric bodies here on Earth and for educating the Human Race on the perfection of the human form, aetheric and dense physical, the two being considered as a unit.

The Green Devas of the Plant Kingdom are of a higher order on the aetheric levels. They work with the aetheric and physical forms of all plant species on the planet and guide their evolutionary developement and, of course, oversee the elemental life which supports and composes them. The Greater Devas of this order defend and preserve certain natural spaces and geological formations all over the world, keeping them from being despoiled and destroyed by humanity's insatiable appetite for the resources of Earth, for example, the national parks and reserves of all countries. Under their inspiration, these spaces have been set aside by politicians and preserved intact for future generations. The Green Devas are the protectors of plant life and all the sacred places on the planet, those magnetized areas which draw the pilgrims and seekers because of the higher energetics involved (Mount Shasta, California and Sedona, Arizona). Due to their work with the Plant Kingdom, the nourishment of the Animal and Human Kingdoms is assured.

The White Devas are of a yet higher order. These Angels control the water and air elementals, presiding over the atmosphere and all weather-related phenomena (lightning, precipitation, tornadoes, hurricanes, the Jet Stream, etc.). They also have responsibility for and control over the waters of the world: the lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans and all water-related phenomena (tides, currents, waves, tsunamis, "El Nino", the Gulf Stream, etc.). By extension, they have supervision of the Fish Kingdom and all its elementals. Finally, from among the ranks of the White Devas are selected the Guardian Angels of Humanity (yes, there are Guardian Angels), one for each incarnated human. They protect each one of us from unplanned traumas and "accidents" throughout life but may not interfere in karmically-related events or those which were pre-planned in the life blueprint and Soul contract before incarnation.

9. Magical Work is essentially the work of creation or destruction by involvement of the Deva Evolution, which includes both the elementals and the Devas. Much is misunderstood about magic. The left-hand path of black magic always is oriented toward selfish gains, serving the self, and frequently involves the devitalization or destruction of others who are considered as enemies. The right-hand path of white magic is used in service to the collective of Humanity and the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara for Planet Earth; it is utilized solely in service to others. The methods used by the dark magician and the white magician are basically the same. Ritual, ceremony, focused visualization, the chanting of mantrams and secret words, and the forceful projection of the will are common to both the dark and the light paths.

The elementals and the lesser devas are controlled and commanded by ritualistic means, but the Greater Devas are not summoned or commanded by any means. They come freely when the energy of love is present and the magician's vibrations are of sufficient purity, and if They come, They come to cooperate in guiding the elemental forces and the helping of Humanity. The dark magician uses his powers to control the elementals on the various levels of the Physical and Astral Planes to accomplish his goal but not so the White Magician, who has learned through the Mystery Schools of Initiation how to attract the Deva Orders through ritual and ceremony, and then from this higher level They direct the elemental forces to the task at hand. The dark ones work with the involutional lives on the various physical and astral sub-planes, whereas the light ones work with the evolutional lives on the Higher Planes, and the higher the Initiate and the higher the consciousness and frequency of that White Magician, the greater the Devas Who come in response.

The mantrams and ritual forms used in contacting the Builders and in summoning the elementals are basically the same, however there is peril and danger in attracting the elemental forces without proper training on the Initiatory Path. Only the one who has proven himself or herself in daily service to others, in purity of heart and motivation, in surrendering of the lower will to the Soul, and in mastery over the 3-fold lower self can be entrusted with the words of power which will control the lesser lives and gain the cooperation of the Angel Groups. This is one of the secrets of Initiation (if interested, see "What Initiation Is Really About").

If the elementals are unwittingly called by the uninitiated or inexperienced magician, they may evoke a response in the elemental lives that compose the 3 lower sheaths or bodies of the caller (physical, astral, and mental), and terrible consequences may eventuate in those bodies: illness, devitalization, deformity, mental instability, disease, and even death. It is literally like playing with fire (the fire elementals). It is too risky to toy or experiment with the sub-human, unconscious forces representative of elemental life!!

The Dark Brothers have studied in their own Mystery Schools and know how to bend the forces of involution to their will, but the more knowing way, which by-passes the dangers of directly contacting the elementals, is followed by The White Magician of The Brotherhood of Light, that of controlling them and the lower-grade devas through the superior ranks of the Building Devas and The Deva Lords of the aetheric sub-planes (and Higher Planes). In fact, the Dark Ones cannot summon the upper ranks of the Greater Devas, Who are sentient, because the energy of love is missing. The black magician may be successful in calling the elementals and unconscious devas of the Physical, Astral, and lower Mental Planes to do their bidding, but the Angelic Ranks of higher powers give their cooperation to The White Brotherhood and all their Magician-Initiates of the right-hand path, thus ultimately giving greater power to The Forces of Light in this solar system. At the Physical Level, the Dark Forces appear to have more power solely because The Light Forces choose to exercise theirs' at higher levels of beingness, which will culminate in victory in the end.

The 4 Elements may be considered the sum-total of all the elemental lives in each of the element groups: earth, water, air, and fire. These are the physical/aetheric elemental groups which have been variously named down through the millennia by those with aetheric sight, one of the psychic abilities. The forms these collective elemental lives have been seen in would match the subconscious expectations of the viewer, with cultural influence playing a part. Thus, we have come to hear of gnomes and pixies and leprechauns and water sprites and sylphs and salamanders and fairies and elves and nature spirits of all sorts. Then as the human thought-forms of those appearances was constructed and reinforced in the aetheric (the home of all thought-forms), the elementals may continue to mimic those aetheric forms and build them out of their own substance. But the forms themselves must be considered as an illusion and not the real nature of elemental life. For reasons known to Them, the Conscious Devas impel the unconscious elementals to take certain aetheric forms for certain humans with the aetheric sight.

Now that I've explained some things and have given fair warning about the elementals and the danger that they pose to the unwary, I can give a brief summary of the magical invocation of them.

    a. First there is the necessary rite of self-protection and the protective mantram that is used.

    b. Then there is the rite of appeal and its mantram that calls the elementals and lesser devas and reveals them to the calling magician. Any forms in which they appear would match the expectation in the mind of the caller.

    c. Next is the rite and mantram which imposes the will of the magician on the involutional lives to control and direct them.

    d. Lastly, when the "job" is over, there is a mantram that breaks the charm, so to say, and dismisses them from the field of influence of the magician.

10. Mantrams are grouped sounds and words and phrases which could be considered as sacred and which achieve their results by means of rhythmic application (i.e. chanting). They are very much connected with the magical work of both the right and left-handed paths but have many other uses that fall outside of the focus of this writing. The use of mantrams to effect results is a clear demonstration of the power of sound and the creative force of the Throat Chakra as it pours its energy out from the physical larynx, and their use must be accompanied by the power derived from the application of the Rod of Initiation by The Hierophant during Initiation if the Higher Devas are to respond.

Many of the most powerful mantrams are in their original Sanskrit Language, and some are so powerful that they're only imparted orally when a student is preparing for Initiation. There are mantrams for invoking protective Angels, mantrams for calling the attention of one's Master, mantrams for use in healing, for developing psychic faculties, for vivifying certain chakras, and for acting upon the kundalini fire in the Base Chakra. There are mantrams that arouse the kundalini and send it through the chakras in a natural progression, mantrams for controlling the solar prana passing through the Spleen Chakra for vitalization and better health, mantrams that act on the Mental Plane to increase the capacity to think, and mantrams that work on the Soul and prepare the Causal Body of the Soul for its final dissolution by The Monad (during the 4th Initiation - explained in "The Causal Body of The Soul").

There are fire mantrams that have their effect and influence on the Devas of the Mental Plane, the Plane of Cosmic Fire. These would invoke and attract the cooperation of Lord Agni and His Helpers. There's a mantram for bringing about a healing through the use, by the Devas, of a flame on the more subtle bodies (aetheric, astral, mental). There's a mantram for calling down fire to magnetize stones, talismans, and sacred spots of the Earth. And there's a mantram for the evocation of fire to purify some locality, such as a temple, through the action of fire elementals as controlled by Fire Devas.

The most powerful mantrams known on this planet were brought by The Lords of The Flame Who came with Sanat Kumara from Venus 18 million years ago. These mantrams number 35 and exist in the original Senzar Language, the secret language of The Initiates around the world. These mantrams grant power on (and over) each of the 7 sub-planes of the 5 Planes of Human Evolution (Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, and Atmic), 35 sub-planes in all, one mantram for each. Only High Initiates (Adepts) are granted these mysteries, and when the mantram is sounded, The Adept enters into the consciousness of all on that sub-plane with far-reaching effects.

A channel of communication is created by the rhythmic enunciation of a mantram, the energy of which forms a vacuum between the initiator of the sound and The One reached by it, thus forming the direct channel of communication: to a Master, to one of The 3 Great Lords (The Manu, The Bodhisattva, The Mahachohan), to The Planetary Logos, to a Ray Chohan, or to a Raja Lord of a Plane. This is the mechanism by which the Greater Devas are reached. There are different mantric forms for calling and reaching groups of Devas, Devas on some one Ray (of the 7 Rays), or individual specific Devas of a high order (this latter privilege is reserved for The High Initiates in The Hierarchy). The Angel-Devas do not comprehend human speech as we know it and telepathic thought transference to Them is not yet possible (so sayeth The Master), so the mantric sounds and chanting and visualization by the magician conveys the idea to the Deva Group that comes to participate in the ceremony. The power of the enunciated sacred word in conjunction with the thrusting forth of the will are the fundamental components for work in magic of any kind.

11. There was a time when the parallel evolutions of Human and Deva were in close contact. This was during the Era of Atlantis and the 4th Root Race of Man, the Atlantean, who were more of feeling and desire and emotional nature as the astral body of Mankind was being built and perfected by them. The mind nature was still in its infancy except for the most highly-evolved among them (The Initiates), and their judgement was often impaired, having such a weak mind.

All of the Atlanteans knew how to call the elementals and the lesser builders. The mantrams and techniques were in wide-spread usage. Their desire for material things and acquisitiveness became rampant during the latter period of the era. According to one of The Ascended Masters, the luxury and opulence under which the self-gratifying ones lived has seen no comparison even into modern times. The Roman Empire came the closest to it. The self-serving ones with unbounded greed were, of course, aligned with the Dark Brotherhood, the Sons of Belial, and their numbers were great. Black magic was a common practice. They used their will-power in controlling the elementals and lesser devas to exact vengeance on their opponents and to steal anything they wanted from others who had it. They utilized the lesser devas to further their ambitions and satisfy all their desires.

The elementals of fire are the most numerous and the most powerful of all the elementals on the planet, and the Atlanteans used them excessively and indiscriminately to further their goals. Because of the dangers that were aroused and the menace that stalked the Atlantean Landmass by the endless use and abuse of the elemental life, the Plan of Sanat Kumara was disrupted. The evolution of both Devas and Man were threatened. The situation so disturbed The Guides of the Human Race that They gradually withdrew the knowledge of the formulas and rites and words from the human consciousness until the time during the 5th Root Race (the current one) when reason and spirituality and mental developement would be more advanced. But the knowledge is still being withheld, for obvious reasons, from the bulk of Humanity lest it be perverted yet again. Only The Initiates of The White Brotherhood may be entrusted with the secrets for the time being (if so inclined, check out "The Initiates of Earth").

It was under these circumstances that the two great parallel evolutions were separated from each other, though that was never intended by The Planetary Logos of Earth. The Dark Forces, through their incarnate accomplices, found a way to set back the evolutionary plans of The Logos (and continue their work to this day). The 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order will be dominating the Aquarian Age as the 6th Ray of Devotion passes out of dominance and incarnation along with the Piscean Age. The 7th Ray, with its synthesizing energy, will be greatly facilitating the re-approximation of the 2 evolutions, although it will still take a few hundred additional years for the Devas and the Humans to become more conscious of each other in a broad manner and to freely cooperate with each other (for more information, click on "The Seven Rays Explained").

The trauma was so great in the Atlantean disasters from the perverse use of the elementals (and lesser devas) that the separation from them and the guarding of the secrets to their calling will continue for a long time. Nevertheless, there will come a time again, during the New Golden Age, when Angel and Man will be working constructively with each other in furtherance of the Logoic Plan after The Masters have judged it wise to permit circulation of the powerful mantrams once again (see "The New Golden Age On Earth").

12. There are Higher Devas Who specialize in healing in the Angelic Kingdom. Only healers who have reached a certain stage on the Path of Initiation and who have a great deal of purity and selfless motivation can attract one of these Devas through affinity, which is felt solely on the part of the Deva. These Devas choose the connection and enter into the healing partnership volitionally, which greatly magnifies the potency of the healer and allows fewer mistakes to happen. There is actually an Angel of Death in the Deva Evolution, and when death has been decided by the Soul of the ailing one, the Angel of Death will not allow the Healing Deva to collaborate in an attempted healing.

On the subject of death, when the Soul is ready to return its personality fragment to Itself and withdraws the Life Thread from the Heart Chakra and the Consciousness Thread from the Crown Chakra, the cycle draws to a close and the Soul's attention turns inward. The Greater Devas have been the active Agents in holding the form coherent (physical and aetheric double) and in circulating the pranic life-force through the form. When the Soul withdraws, They likewise withdraw their interest in and attraction to that form, and this act is what allows the elemental life of the bodies and the atomic substance to be dispersed into the primordial soup from whence they came, in our case the dense physical body of The Planetary Logos (what is called Planet Earth). The pranic forces of the aetheric body are returned to the general reservoir of energy (ashes to ashes, dust to dust). For those interested in knowing more about death, click on "What Happens After Death?".

13. Words of Power are the basis of all manifestation in form or phenomena and, when enunciated with the full extent of the will behind them, they attract the Deva Evolution to produce those creations. Accompanied by visualization in toto, this is how creation takes place on all levels of being, from a lower-level Initiate creating an organization to benefit Humanity to a Solar Logos creating a solar system. Sacred Words have their power solely because of the cooperative response they evoke from the Deva Builders, and all Words of Power used on Earth are derivations from and permutations of the Sacred Word used by our Solar Logos in manifesting this planetary system, the 3-fold AUM, which is only a distant approximation in human language of the sound employed for that creative event. Each Initiate learns more and more powerful Sacred Words the more that the Path of Initiation is traversed in order to further the ends of evolution (see #23, Giving of The Word, in "What Initiation Is Really About").

14. The Deva Kingdom is the Custodian of Prana, the life-force energy which lends vitality to all life-forms. These are the Beings Who dispense and disperse the life-giving force at all the Levels of Existence. At this level of physicality on Earth, it is known that the life energy flows from The Monad through the Soul Intermediary to the incarnate human by way of the aetheric body (with its chakras and meridians and nadis), but The Monads receive that pranic life force from the Great Devas Who are on Their Plane of Being.

15. The Plane of the Mind, the Manasic or Mental Plane is the most important one to current Humanity, as the present 5th Root Race is charged with evolving and perfecting the mental body (the mind). The Raja Lord Agni rules on the Mental Plane. The Devas and elementals of fire, which exist on the Mental Plane, fall directly under His control. The fire elementals are found in all that warms and all that burns on Earth, and the Devas of Fire are given the work of inaugurating the New World and the New Age. Herein lies a hint of transformational mechanism. Agni not only manages all the fires of the Earth but is The One Who arouses the kundalini fire in all those aspirants who are ready. "Our God is a Consuming Fire" refers to Lord Agni, Who can be considered as the Driving Force of consciousness and evolution in this solar system as The Ruler on the Plane of Mind. Agni is the consciousness and intelligence within the atom (I realize that this may take some pondering).

16. As can readily be seen, the subjects of Devas and Magic and Initiation and Creation are intimately intertwined. It's hard to elaborate on one without including the others. One way of looking at it is that the Path of Discipleship to an Ascended Master of the Wisdom is the Path of the White Magician (for more, see "The Only Path On Earth"), and as the New Age in Aquarius unfolds under the powerful and all-penetrating influence of the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Synthetic Expression, the two most advanced evolutions on the planet (Human and Deva) will begin to come together again to mutually create the evolutionary purpose of The Great Sacrifice in Whom we live and move and have our being, The Planetary Logos.

The Deva Evolution, written about in this piece, is an extremely broad spectrum of a particular kind of life as contained within the ring-pass-not of this solar system. The spectrum ranges from the tiny, unconscious entities that together form the essence of all manifest life on the Physical, Astral, and lower Mental Planes (the elementals), and then it incorporates ascendingly the lesser, unconscious builders, the greater, sentient Builders, on up to the loftier levels wherefrom The Deva Lords of a sub-plane and The Raja Lords of an entire Major Plane operate and, in fact, ensoul the entirety of those levels of existence. What is unique about this spectrum of life is that, in this free-will system of evolution known as a solar system, the Kingdom of Devas is without free will because It was designed by The 1st Aspect of The Triune Godhead (Shiva) to be the Transmitter and Administrator of The Will of God, howsoever that Will Aspect and Energy may be brought through The Solar Logos and then focused by The Planetary Logos and Hierarchy of Planet Earth (see"Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?" or "The Ashram of The King") .

Beyond this solar system I dare not make commentary on the Angelic Beings of God's Creation except to say that Those Who are called Archangels, in the terminology of the occidental religions, are universe-wide Forces which are implementing The Will of God throughout all of Creation, in all of the uncountable galaxies. Each one of these 7 Archangels may be thought of as The Representative Power of The Creator on one or other of the 7 Rays as that Ray-Force of Divinity is sent out to the universe, The Archangel being an Extension of The Will of God to see that The Purpose of God is fulfilled in this universe using the Divine Energies of the particular Ray to which The Archangel is absolutely committed. And They would have legions of angelic ones to assist Them.

Here are The 7 Great Ones and the energies which each One employs as it works out in this particular solar system after being filtered through The Consciousness of The Solar Logos, Who is 2nd Ray in Essence (Love/Wisdom). At the solar system level, these Archangelic Forces are equated with The 7 Planetary Logoi of the 7 Sacred Planets in the system, Each dispensing the forces of one of the 7 Rays throughout the system as needed to consummate the Purpose of The Solar Logos, and Each having a Representative Aspect in The Great Council of Shamballa. It might be helpful to review "The Seven Rays Explained". (There are other Archangels in Creation assisting The Purpose of God, e.g. Metatron, Sandalphon, Ratziel.)

    a. Archangel Michael - 1st Ray of Divine Will and Purpose
    b. Archangel Jophiel - 2nd Ray of Divine Love and Wisdom
    c. Archangel Chamuel - 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence
    d. Archangel Gabriel - 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict
    e. Archangel Raphael - 5th Ray of Concrete Mind and Scientific Exactitude
    f. Archangel Uriel - 6th Ray of Devotion and Abstract Idealism
    g. Archangel Zadkiel - 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Synthesis

The Archangels aren't great big Angelic Beings out there with wings and a human appearance. These are mighty and unimagineably powerful Cosmic Forces, which were brought into being to assure that God's Plan for this universe never faltered and was never taken off track in a Playground of Creation in which freedom of choice has been granted to all sentient life. The Archangels brook no interference, encounter no resistance, and accomplish The Purpose of God with facility. Through Them flows The Will Power of The All That Is. Nothing can ever stand in its way! Let us honor The Great Deva Kingdom of the universe for its unswerving devotion to The Will of God. On this particular Speck of Creation, it won't be long now before the Humans and the Devas come together again to manifest God's Plan for Planet Earth.

In honor of The Great Deva Evolution of our Solar System of Planetary Learning Centers

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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