The Chakra and Meridian System for Life Force Transmission to The Body

A recognition and knowledge of the aetheric body is of vital importance to the health, vitality, healing, and longevity of the human organism. It will form the basis for the New Medicine to be established in the Aquarian Age of the near future, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the aetheric body and its component parts are the most crucial factors determinative of health or illness, physically and mentally, of every incarnate person. It is long overdue that a general awareness of this subject be made available to Humanity as a whole.

When we speak of the physical form, the form of substance, we are really referring to both the dense physical body, which is perceived by the 5-fold sensory apparatus of Man, and the less-dense aetheric body. Both of them are a unit. It is simply that all the instrumentality of modern Allopathic Medicine does not detect or register the existence of this aetheric body which vibrates on a higher plane than can be measured by the computerized technology so far created. Medicine remains ignorant of the causative level of disease because it is ignorant of the aetheric body from which disease becomes manifest into the dense physical form. Medicine has been confronting and dealing with the final end result of the disease process without understanding the true causation originating at other (higher) levels of existence, and all forms of treatment have been aimed at the effect rather than the cause.

Let me break it down to basics. The Newtonian-Reductionist Model of Reality is supremely erroneous as the quantum physicists have demonstrated generations ago, and the model used to comprehend the human physical vehicle is woefully inadequate. As I've written elsewhere (in "A Septenary Universe"), there are 7 Major Planes of Existence throughout the universe, each Plane having 7 sub-planes or dimensions. Within the ring-pass-not of this solar system there are 7 Major Planes that are, in the wider scheme of the Cosmos, the 7 sub-Planes of the lowermost Cosmic Plane of Reality, and our Physical Plane in this system of planets is, frequency-wise, the lowest of those 7 Planes. Well, the 3 lowermost dimensions of this Physical Plane are considered physical, and the 4 uppermost dimensions are considered aetheric.

All 7 of these dimensions are actually physical, but because of the limitations of the 5 senses of the human body, the upper 4 dimensions of the Physical Plane are "invisible" and non-detectable and, for conveniency sake, are called the aetheric dimensions or the aetheric levels. In reiteration, the 3 physical and 4 aetheric dimensions (or sub-planes) make up the Physical Plane of this solar system. The Physical Plane is the lowest of the 7 Major Planes in this solar system, and our 7 Major Planes comprise the lowermost Plane of the 7 Cosmic Planes of Existence.

That background information is helpful to understand that the so-called aetheric body is created out of aetheric atoms and molecules and has existence on one of the 4 aetheric sub-planes beyond the reach of the 5 senses of dense physicality and any scientific instrumentation confined to the frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum that is commensurate with dense physicality or the 3 lowest sub-planes of physicality.

The aetheric body is also called the vital body, the energy body, and the aetheric double (also called the "golden bowl" in the Bible), and I'll use those terms synonymously. This is the doppleganger or body double of lore, and those with aetheric clairvoyance have gotten glimpses of it. It is slightly larger than the physical body, extending one-half to one inch beyond the integument (skin) and fully interpenetrating every portion of the dense physical. It is an exact replica of the dense body and is, in fact, the mold, the scaffolding, and the blueprint upon which the objective body is precipitated, if you will. The dense body is the result and effect of the aetheric body.

This vital body is, in essence, the receiver, the assimilator, and the transmitter of energy. It is that which activates and animates and vitalizes its denser physical form, and it does that by means of the chakra system and the all-pervasive system of life-force channels (see "A Basic Primer On The Chakras"). The 5 major spinal and the 2 major head chakras are the receiving and transmitting agents to a system of 21 minor chakras and 49 lesser chakras, all interconnected by an aetheric network of channels called meridians, and the energies (life-force or otherwise) are distributed to the most peripheral parts of the body by way of millions of tiny, interlacing channels called nadis, which underlie the entirety of the peripheral nervous system, including the autonomic. The focal points where the lines of force cross are the centers of force or chakras, the more force lines crossing, the greater the importance of the chakra to the energy distribution system.

All physical forms have a vital body, and that body is the vehicle of prana (the energy of life) for its denser counterpart. A rock, a mountain, a fern or a tree, a spider or a wallaby, a baboon, a shark, a planet, an asteroid, or a star: all have an aetheric body which enlivens and transmits the pranic fuel needed for life itself. The aetheric body aspect of the physical beingness is that which allows Spirit to experience physicalness at this level in all the forms that life offers. In the case of sentient life, it enables the Soul to express Itself upon the planes of objectivity.

1. From a physical standpoint, the vital body incorporates the principle of integration and is the cohesive force and structure which maintains the integrity of the dense physical form, and it links the physical to the astral or emotional body.

2. The life current streams forth from The Monad (Higher Self of the Soul), descends to the Soul, its Reflection on the Higher Mental Planes, and descends further to the aetheric body of the incarnate personality (through the sutratma), entering through the crown chakra and anchoring into the heart chakra. The 4 agents of distribution for this life force are: the chakras and aetheric network of channels, the central and peripheral nervous system, the blood stream, and the endocrine gland system. There is linkage between all 4 of these distribution networks producing a unification of effect.

3. Because the aetheric body is composed of aetheric substance and exists on the aetheric sub-planes, it is linked to all other aetheric forms, just as it is linked to the aetheric body of The Planetary Logos for Earth, thus illustrating one of the bases for the unity of all life. You could think of an individual's aetheric body as being a cell in the aetheric body of The Planetary Logos (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara - if interested, see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?"). All of those cells are interconnected, and the energy flow in one impacts the energy flow in all to a certain extent. The vital body, the "cosmic intermediary", is a part and parcel of the universal aether, and it is composed of aetheric elementals common to all aetheric forms. For the sake of simplicity and clarity, the main objective of the aetheric body is to energize the physical body and to integrate it into the aetheric body of the planet and the aetheric body of the solar system.

4. The vital body of any form in this solar system constitutes part of the vital body of the solar system itself and, therefore, is a conduit for more than just the life-giving energies of Monad. It also serves as a transmitter for the differing energies of the 7 Rays (for more information, go to "The Seven Rays Explained"), cosmic impulses, and energies coming from The Solar Logos and The Planetary Logos. This cosmic mix of energetic forces and rhythmic pulsations are constantly circulating through the vital bodies of all objective forms, which leads back to the implication of unity and oneness in all of the manifested universe. All extra-solar forces which enter the ring-pass-not of this system are qualified by the 2nd Ray of Divine Love, the dominating Force in this system.

5. The capacity to appropriate and to transmit the energies received is dependent on the condition of the chakras and the interlacing web or network of meridians and nadis. Any condition of the chakras (major or minor) that prevents the free flow of energy or that over-enhances that flow and any condition of the flow channels that impedes flow becomes a pathological impediment that affects the vitality of the vital body and eventually results in the physical dysharmonies that we call disease and ill health (speaking in generalities). Whatever happens to any part of the aetheric body will necessarily, inevitably, and eventually become manifest in the dense physical body.

6. The vital body is the true substance and background of the dense vehicle, permeating every part of that denser form, and the prana that it receives in its animating capacity is five-fold in its differentiating effect.

    Prana - especially related to the heart, lungs, mouth, and speech, it extends from the nose to the heart.

    Samana - nourishes the body through food, related to the stomach, and extends from heart to solar plexus chakra.

    Apana - related to the organs of generation (genitals) and organs of elimination (urinary, intestinal), it extends from the solar plexus to the feet.

    Upana - extending from the nose to the crown, it is particularly related to the nose, eyes, and brain.

    Vyana - the sum total of life energy throughout the entire body, it is definitely connected to the vascular and nervous systems.

7. The vital body transmits all its energies received to the different parts of the dense body, some with negative and some with positive results, some producing disease and some promoting health and vigor. Where there is free and natural flow through the chakras and aetheric network, there is less likelihood of sickness and malady and weakness. If a force center is unawakened or partially functioning, a blockage and congestion of energies results. There is a back up, and insufficient life energy flows to the physical tissues and organs supplied by the center in question. This eventuates in disease regardless of the cause of the sluggishly-functioning center (major or minor). Also, there is the automatic re-routing of the life stream through lesser chakras and meridians which are not designed to supply the area not adequately perfused, which worsens the condition.

8. The key to healing and cure of physical body ailments lies in the understanding of the condition of the chakras in the aetheric body, the final mediator of energies from so many different sources, including the mental and emotional bodies. Without a knowledge and acceptance of the chakra system in a vital body that provides all the life-activating energies for the denser body counterpart, true healing is not a possibility. In times to come, all diagnosis and cure will be based upon the science of the chakras. Until then, Medicine will remain in its infancy despite the enormous technological advancements in diagnosing and treating disease states at the purely physical level because there is no belief in or willingness to acknowledge an aetheric body double as the energetic source of illness and pathology since it can't be seen by the human eye.

9. The 7 major chakras are the cause and the originating source for the 7 major glands of the endocrine system, and the thread-like nadis not only underlie the entirety of the peripheral nervous system but are the causative source of all those nerves in the dense physical body. The chakra and meridian system of the aetheric body is interlinked and interlocked with the heart, blood stream, endocrine system, and nervous system of the denser physical form. All the systems are inter-related and function together, life energy being qualified and modified by the condition of the vital body and then being passed in that qualified state to the above-mentioned systems to do its work of promoting health and vitality or illness and devitalization.

Factors influencing the quality and the type of energy reaching the vital body are the inputting energies of the mental body and the emotional body (which feeds through the solar plexus chakra), astrological influences of the individual, and the specific dominant Ray of the Soul, the personality, the physical, astral, and mental bodies (each incarnate individual has those 5 Ray influences - see "The Seven Rays Explained"). Then also, as mentioned, there are those energy impulses from the stars, our sun, and the planet. All is energy. There is nothing but energy in the universe. So our energy body is totally immersed in a cosmic sea of energy and serves as the cosmic intermediary and qualifier before conveying those energies to its denser counterpart.

10. I will list each of the 7 major chakras and the endocrine gland to which it is related (as I've done in "A Basic Primer On The Chakras"). You may consider the endocrine gland to be the externalization or objectification of the aetheric-level chakra.

    1st Chakra - adrenal glands
    2nd Chakra - gonads (testes & ovaries)
    3rd Chakra - pancreas
    4th Chakra - thymus gland
    5th Chakra - thyroid gland
    6th Chakra - pituitary body
    7th Chakra - pineal gland

The endocrine glands (for the non-scientist) are linked to the rest of the body by secreting their hormones and metabolites into the blood stream for wide-spread dispersal.

11. A few examples of disease states and their related chakras may be of help.

    1st Chakra - renal insufficiency, kidney stones, urinary bladder cancer
    2nd Chakra - impotency, endometriosis, prostatic cancer
    3rd Chakra - gastro-esophageal reflux, gall bladder stones, peptic ulcer disease
    4th Chakra - coronary artery disease, emphysema, valvular heart disease
    5th Chakra - hypothyroidism, laryngitis, parathyroid disorders
    6th Chakra - retinoblastoma, cataracts, strabismus

The 7th Chakra is above the fray and may be thought of as the gateway to Heaven. Less major head chakras (of which there are 7) would mediate other problems: tumorous growths of the brain, stroke, and temporal lobe seizures for example.

In the case of karmically-related disease states, the Soul would set the pathological functioning of the certain chakra to alter the energy flow to the extent of producing the illness or disability as recommended by The Lords of Karma for this solar system. Diseases don't originate in the vital body, but rather it is the final mediator and clearing house for producing those states. Besides the importance of the functioning of the chakras, the effectiveness of the pranic transmission through the meridians is a contributing factor as is the receptivity of the physical agents of energy distribution (brain, nerves, endocrine glands, and cardiovascular system). The healing art must move onto the Aetheric Plane before true healing can be accomplished.

12. The 5 conditions that the force centers can be in are:

    a. closed, shut down, impervious to energy flow.
    b. beginning to open and pulsate with life.
    c. quickened and opened in 2 directions for inflow and outflow regionally.
    d. radiant with light which reaches all the related centers.
    e. blended, balanced, integrated, and flowing freely to and from all other centers, admitting the vital force from all the Planes.

Remember that over-stimulation as much as under-stimulation of the centers is causative of illness and that the qualified energies of the mental body (thoughts) and astral body (emotions) feed directly into the vital body by way of the chakras. Chakra impairment may come about as a result of unequal unfoldment in the awakening aspirant on the Path and an imbalance in the inter-relationship of the major chakras.

13. The aetheric body is basically the enabler for allowing the dense vehicle to contact and feel and perceive the tangible world of materiality by way of the 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, and seeing). It produces the right-functioning of the sensory apparati and, in orchestrating contact with the physical environs, allows the Soul to experience physicality through the denser body, and when the Soul is finally in control (in the more advanced Initiate), it enables the registration of the higher and more subtle Realms. For example, the lower form of psychism (astral) is mediated through an awakened solar plexus center and the higher form of psychism through the ajna center (6th chakra). Clairvoyance through the 3rd chakra admits vision on the Astral Planes, and clairvoyance through the 6th chakra (3rd Eye) admits vision on the Higher Planes.

14. If the individual is essentially focused in the 2 lowest chakras, the animal nature dominates (survival & sexuality, like the Lemurians). If the person is focused and centered on the 3rd Chakra (still below the diaphragm) as is the majority on the planet, the emotional nature controls and the person is astrally-polarized (like the Atlanteans). Those who live in and through the chakras above the diaphragm are the mentally-polarized, the disciples and Initiates of the Earth, the intellectuals and those who have opened to the higher mind of the Soul. These are in the small minority on the planet, and these have experienced the higher form of love through the 4th Chakra. The astrally-polarized may have some degree of mental developement, however it is that of the lower concrete mind.

15. The spleen is the outward manifestation of a very important chakra, one which gets confused in some writings with the 7 Major Chakras. This aetheric center is the receiving agent of prana directly from the universe, unqualified by the astral or mental bodies and is essential to life. It might be called the pranic center because the universal life essence constantly is passed through it and from there goes directly to the heart center, the recipient of the life force through the silver cord from the Soul. The life stream from the Soul energizes and coheres the dense physical form while the universal prana vitalizes all the atoms, molecules, and cells of the body.

16. Death & Dying: I might say a word or two about the actual mechanism of death and its relation to the vital body. First of all, it's a decision of the Soul not the personality (except for suicides) as to the when and how of dying. The subtle bodies are the aetheric, the astral, and the mental, and it is the aetheric that is withdrawn or abstracted first. Often, in the case of a terminal illness, this is a very long and drawn-out process as the physical elementals do fierce battle with the Soul in trying to maintain integrity of the physical complex, e.g. the death-bed coma. This is the "Lemurian Departure" and characterizes the death of the lower-evolved and physically polarized. The average human, polarized in the desire/astral nature has the "Atlantean Departure" in which the astral elementals battle the Soul later on on the Astral Planes. The more mental disciples and Initiates have no conflict and withdraw consciously and deliberately, the "Aryan Departure". (The Lemurians were the 3rd Root Race, the Atlanteans the 4th Root Race, and the Aryans the 5th Root Race.)

The dying one may appear to be unconscious, but that one is fully aware of what is occurring within. Death is essentially the steady, magnetic abstraction of the vital body from out of the dense physical body, eliminating Soul contact with the physical realms. At the propitious moment chosen by the Soul, It sounds forth a "Word of Withdrawal" (a "Word of Return"), using the power of sound to initiate the process. A certain vibration then passes along the millions of nadis, which has the effect of loosening them all from their connection with the nervous system, and this detaches the aetheric body from the denser form though it still interpenetrates throughout.

The nadis are loosened first from the eyes (windows of the Soul), which evidences as relaxation and peacefulness in the eyes. Once fully detached from the nervous system, the aetheric body withdraws from the extremities and focuses itself at the requisite "door of exit" awaiting the magnetic pull of the Soul. This point of abstraction differs, depending on the evolutionary level of the dying personality. For animals, infants, and the undeveloped with a strong animal nature and emotional polarization, the abstraction occurs through the solar plexus. For the probationary aspirant, the kindly, well-meaning, socially-conscious person, the abstraction takes place near the apex of the aetheric heart. And for the mentally-advanced and spiritually-oriented, the disciples and Initiates, the door of exit is through the crown chakra of the head.

At these 3 points of exit there are intricately-woven webs of aetheric nadis (a protective mechanism against premature departure). As the willful, abstracting influence of the Soul increases, the life energy beating against the web punctures through an opening, and the life force pours (rushes) out the point of exit.

While the vital body is gathering and focusing at the orifice of exit, the physical elemental of the dense body is responding to the "pull of matter", also called the spirit of the earth. The denser body is being prepared for dissolution in the reservoir of life and the origin of all atomic substance. The elementals of the body are being attracted back to their place of origination when the pull of matter becomes more overpowering than the instinct for maintaining the integrity of the body. That is when the struggle with the Soul ceases.

At the final tug of the Soul, the consciousness thread of the Soul withdraws through the crown chakra, and the life thread (silver cord) and the vital body withdraw through one of the 3 exits, the vital body assuming the same form as the dense body under the influence of the long-standing thought-form created by the personality. A rapport remains between the vacated dead body and its aethereal form, which keeps the latter in some proximity to the former for varying amounts of time (as noticed by some "psychics"). Cremation breaks off the connection, and embalming and mummification prolong it, sometimes for a very long time, sometimes for centuries. The energies of the aetheric form are gradually dispersed and returned to the "aetheric soup" of the universe. For the undeveloped and materially-oriented, the aetheric form may linger a long time, being more attracted to matter, whereas for the mentally-advanced who are detached from the attraction of matter, it may disperse quite rapidly. Restitution to the universal reservoir of substance has been accomplished.

When the abstraction of life occurs from the dense body, it happens simultaneously from the aetheric body, and the "dead" personality finds himself or herself in the astral body on the Astral Planes in the great majority of the cases. Only the disciples and Initiates and the mentally-polarized find themselves in the translucent manasic/mental vehicle on the Mental Planes. These, again, are a small minority on this planet. These Planes are states of consciousness and not localities, and there is no passage of time, so it cannot be said if one remains there for a short or a long time.

Taking the average and most common case of the "deceased" in the astral body, that one is consciously aware of self with a high degree of clarity. There is then a timeless moment of Soul contact (the Loving Light at the end of the tunnel), and a life review of the past incarnation is spread out like a map before the astral awareness of the one who has transitioned. Out of the review and the recognition prompted by the Soul, he (or she) isolates out the 3 major experiences in the past life which hold the keys for the next incarnation, the 3 seeds of the future, and all else is forgotten.

Seed one has to do with the type of physical environs needed for the next incarnation. Seed two determines the quality of the next aetheric body and the particular major chakra which will be the most active. Seed three indicates the type of the next astral body and promotes the reuniting with those who are familiar and loved by its attractive potency. There then proceeds widely-varying experiences on the particular Astral Plane which has drawn the deceased according to evolvement and frequency level. Contrary to the belief of many, sex and any impulses of the animal nature are non-existent in astral form.

Schools are attended; imbalances and obsessions are reconciled; beloved company is kept; incarnate intimates are visited; astral members of the Soul group are sought out; friendships are re-established; long-standing interests are pursued; Soul-consciousness is shared for awareness of the future; and gradually the lure of the Astral Planes wears off, the individual knowing when it's time to eliminate the astral vehicle. Then "the process of descent and calling" prepares that one for the next incarnation.

Prior to "the descent", the astral/kamic person vacates the astral form by withdrawing the consciousness thread through the astral crown chakra and the life-force thread through the astral solar plexus, leaving the astral body to dissipate and disperse into the astral reservoir of substance. There is a brief interlude of awareness and thinking within the mental body, the experience being dependent on the mental developement of the individual, and then the mental vehicle is similarly vacated and shattered and scattered on the Mental Plane by an act of will of the Soul as It directs the waiting one toward the path of rebirth. Incarnative re-entry is supervised by the Soul.

The experience of the mental types, disciples, and Initiates who are polarized (habitually focused) in the mental body is different, in that, after the restitution of the dense physical and aetheric bodies to their respective reservoirs of universal substance, they do not have an Astral Plane experience, because that body of desire and illusion and emotion that we call the astral body is practically non-existent. In a life focused in the mind, little energy of support has been given to the emotional body. In fact, it has been neglected and dynamically negated. The mental vehicle is translucent and of a higher frequency in proportion to the freedom from emotion and desire. What remains of any astral sediment is eliminated by invoking the Light of the Soul to dissolve it.

The "deceased" personality then has its own unique mental experience on the particular Manasic Plane that is compatible with the vibrational frequency of the mental body, and when that experience is concluded, certain Words of Power are given to the disciple by the Ashram of his/her Master. These Words and Sounds invoke the destructive power of the Soul, which shatters the mental vehicle and returns its energetic components to the sea of mental substance. When all these temporary vehicles have been restored to their originating source, the Soul-fragment is drawn back into the sphere of influence of the Soul.

17. This piece has been a superficial overview of the more aetherealized component of the 2-fold physical body of the human being on Earth, the larger but identical component which supplies the life principle and the assortment of energies to the denser physical form that it may be used as a response apparatus to all environing conditions and may be used by the personality and its Soul to meet the purposes for the incarnation and to grow in experience and roundedness and balance while making direct contact with the lower levels of physicality.

One of the more important reasons for acquiring a working knowledge of the aetheric body is for the sake of improved health, a better understanding of disease and illness, and the means for healing more effectively outside of and beyond the strictly dense physical methodology employed by the system of allopathic medicine. In the Times to Come, when all of the Piscean Age systems have been superceded and replaced by higher-consciousness Aquarian Age systems, the science of healing will be revolutionized, and this will be overseen by that Great Lord of the 5th Ray, Hilarion.

The student will be required to develope the siddhis or psychic powers attendant upon the stimulation and opening of the head chakras through meditative techniques and under the supervision of an Ascended Master of the Wisdom. These clairvoyant abilities will be a necessity for viewing the condition of the aetheric body and its chakras and its meridian network. The student will also be required to undergo an extensive study of the 7 Rays and their energetic influences, an extended study of the astrology of the Soul (not that of the personality), and will study the meaning and uses of color and sound and mantrams and the so-called vibrational healing methods of herbs and aromas and flower essences and gemstone elixirs and starlight elixirs, which have their impact at the aetheric body level or higher at the more subtle body levels.

Techniques for accessing the Akashic Records will be included so that conditions of karmic carryover from other lives may be understood. The student-healer will learn how to discover the Soul Ray and the personality Ray of the individual and the dominant Rays of the physical, astral, and mental vehicles to incorporate those energetic influences into the overall health and vitality picture of the individual. The science of healing in the Golden Age will be far simpler, far more efficacious, and far more precise in illuminating the true causation of pathological conditions than what is available to Humankind during the death throes of the Piscean Age (for more, go to "The New Golden Age On Earth").

My heartfelt and humble gratitude goes out to The Ascended Master Djwhal Khul.


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