Planetary Logos Creating a Scheme of Evolution

What I am about to reveal and explain was held in secrecy for virtually eons of time (millions of years) by The Hierophants and Initiates of the Mystery Schools that graced the cultures and civilizations all over this planet since the momentous coming of Sanat Kumara and the 104 Lords of the Flame from Venus 18 million years ago and the Founding of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy to guide and stimulate the evolution of all the Kingdoms of Nature in accordance with Divine Intent. (See "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?".)

These revelations were part of the Mysteries that were passed down for untold numbers of generations from Initiate Teacher to Initiate Student by symbols, allegory, parable, and geometrical figures in a single, universal, sacerdotal language that was known by Initiates the world over: SENZAR, from which Sanskrit is derived. All of the Mysteries were given upon punishment of death, should the pledged silence be broken for any reason without exception. Such was the necessity, as foreseen by The White Brotherhood, to keep the secrets out of the hands of all those who would use them for selfish purposes, those aligned with and even controlled by the Dark Brotherhood. (Refer to "The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces".)

The beginning of the release of some of these closely-guarded Mysteries to the general, uninitiated masses would have to wait eons of millennia for the Race called Mankind to develope the intellectual/reasoning aspect of mind sufficiently and to demonstrate progress in becoming less materialistically-oriented and more spiritually-directed. The latter part of the 19th Century after the birth of Jesus was deemed to be a good starting point by Those Who have guarded and followed the affairs of Humanity since its inception 18 million years ago, when the spark of mind was given to the more advanced groups of animal-man on the ancient Motherland of Mu (Lemuria) in the Pacific Ocean, and the Individualization of Man resulted, and the species became ensouled.

This was the gift of The Venusian Lords, and the modern-era gift of Their Descendants in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy was timed to dramatically expand the consciousness of an awakening Humanity that was beginning to fulfill its potential and purpose of perfecting the mental side of the lower triangle of being, the mental body. The time had come, as determined by The Great Council of Shamballa (headed by Sanat Kumara), and the "task" was delegated to Lord Maitreya (The Bodhisattva), The Master of all The Ascended Masters. Certain highly-qualified Arhats (4th Degree Initiates) and Asekha Adepts (5th Degree Initiates) were selected for the assignment, and They, in turn, selected one of the 3rd Degree Initiates who was in incarnation to be the vehicle through which the teachings would be given out. (Link to "Who Is Sanat Kumara?".)

That one was Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, an Initiate-Disciple in the Ashram of El Morya Khan (Who later became Chohan of the 1st Ray for Planet Earth). She was given decades of training by her Master, including 3 years in Shigatse, Tibet, at the home of Kuthumi Lal Singh (Who has subsequently become Chohan of the 2nd Ray and World Teacher). H.P.B. was in close telepathic rapport with El Morya and was guided through all the disciplines which would allow her to fulfill her mission of founding the Theosophical Society, spreading it around the world, and giving out the esoteric, occult teachings which were deemed ready to be revealed by The High Initiates placed in charge of the endeavor: El Morya and Kuthumi with some involvement of Hilarion, Serapis Bey, and Saint Germain (Master Rakoczy).

Most of the information passed on to H.P.B. was done by The One Who was called The Runner (between M. and K.H. and H.P.B.), and That One was The Tibetan, Djwhal Khul (also a 4th Degree Arhat), Who did it on behalf of His Beloved Master, Kuthumi. Her 3rd Eye had been opened and activated in Tibet, and she was able to clearly receive visions, diagrams, complex symbols, entire book passages, and clairaudient dictations from her Spiritual Teachers. She had the additional advantage of subtle (astral) visitations by various Adepts and sometimes not so subtle (actual physical appearances in Their mayavirupa). An occasional informative "letter" would be precipitated upon her writing desk. It was a collective endeavor of The Great White Brotherhood, and she had no lack of help in bringing it forth into manifestation. (See "The Ashram Of The King".)

As was explained by Djwhal Khul through Alice Ann Bailey during the 1940's, there were to be 3 phases of the previously secret teachings given out to the world, and those brought through H.P.B. were the Beginning Phase. The books written by Alice Bailey (acting as an amanuensis) were the Intermediate Phase; and the 3rd Phase has yet to be given. "Isis Unveiled" was published in 1877, and "The Secret Doctrine" was published in 1888. The indefatigable "Old Lady" put out voluminous other writings as well: in correspondences, pamphlets, magazine articles, and other book publications. She was ever driven by the 1st Ray will-power inherent in her being and the absolute determination never to fail her Beloved Master, El Morya, Who took His Ascension Initiation (the 5th) upon completion of her life and the mission. (Kuthumi did likewise.)

Much of what I have to say in this article comes from the material that was given to H.P.B. by her Arhat Teachers (now Ascended Masters), and the rest comes from what was provided to A.A.B. by the awe-inspiring Djwhal Khul (the next World Teacher after Kuthumi). So, as hard to believe as some of it seems to be, I want the reader to be assured that it comes from Those Who Know, Those Who have immediate and unrestricted access to the Akashic Records. And Their incarnate pupils (H.P.B. and A.A.B.) were clear and precise and talented and full of integrity in their receptivity and transmission of the teachings.

On the other hand, the way the information was written up and published was fragmented and spotty and scattered all over the books of the two 3rd Degree Initiates, which has confused many an earnest soul down through the years, so I hope to tie it all together and organize it in such a way that it can become easily understandable. I'll simplify as much as simplification allows.

Well, what in blazes do I mean by 49 Earths? Creation and evolution are far more complicated than the human mind has been taught by all the non-initiated teachers of the world, who haven't come across the first clue. Herein lies all the clues needed to get an understanding of the REAL way things are.

There is not just one evolutionary sphere that we call Earth (in the English Language), with the story ending there. All of this Universe is a Septenary Universe, resulting from the first primary differentiations of The Godhead of the Universe into a Triplicity and then a Hebdomad. The Supreme One became a Three in One, Which became a Seven in One: The 7 Prajapatis or The 7 Primary Aspects which emanate the 7 Rays to all parts and levels of the Universe. According to the great Law of Analogy, often reduced to "As Above, So Below", everything in Creation reflects the 7-fold nature of The Divine Hebdomad. (If interested, go to "A Septenary Universe" and "The Seven Rays Explained".)

Our Solar System is no exception. In fact, our Star System of Planets is one of a Group of 7 Star Systems, which compose the Body of Manifestation of a Cosmic Entity referred to as "The One About Whom Naught May Be Said". That designation isn't because of secrecy but rather because Its Nature of Consciousness and Being is beyond the imaginings and speculations of the puny human intellect. Each of those 7 Star Systems is a major Center or Chakra in the Body of That One.

The planet that we call the Earth is part (yet an integral and important part) of a Planetary Scheme of Evolution. This Planetary Scheme is septenary throughout all of its aspects. Follow me carefully, because this initial concept is the most crucial to solidify in the mind, and the terminology will be used repeatedly. There are 7 Chains of planets in the overall Planetary Scheme. Each of those 7 Chains (or Series) has 7 planets in the Chain. That is where the number 49 comes in. There are a total of 49 globes or spheres or planets in our Planetary Scheme of Evolution, and the particular planet called Earth is only one of those 49. The same applies to all the planets in our Solar System that we can see with our telescopes (and those we can't see due to not having a dense physical counterpart on our Physical Plane of Existence).

For example, Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus have a 49-planet Scheme of Evolution (as do all the others), and they have the 7 Chains of planets with 7 planets in each Chain, just like we do. The reason that they are not all visible is because only their most physically-dense sphere is at the same dimensional level as our's, and the perceptivity of our instruments of observation haven't broken through the frequency parameters of the dense physical dimension, the lowest of all the dimensions and sub-planes. (Our Solar System has 7 Major Planes of Existence: Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic. Each Major Plane has 7 sub-planes.)

But I'm afraid our septenary discussion does not end there. A whole bunch of other 7's are going to creep into the picture. Just read slowly and absorb deeply. Each of the 7 Chains of 7 planets has 7 Rounds (or Circuits) of evolution on them. Well, what specifically does that mean? Speaking (or writing) in the broadest generalities now, the evolutionary wave of life proceeds from the 1st Chain to the 7th Chain. Let us designate the 7 planets in each Chain as Globes A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, for instance (like H.P.B. and A.A.B. did). As the life-wave reaches each Chain, it proceeds from Globe A to Globe G, and that would be considered as one Round, A to G in a particular Chain.

But there are 7 Rounds of evolution in each Chain, so the circuit of life goes sequentially through Globes A to G 7 times in each Chain. At the end of the 1st Round, the life wave projects from Globe G back to Globe A, and the 2nd Round begins and goes through each of the 7 planets to Globe G again. That continues for a total of 7 Rounds or Circuits in each of the 7 Chains of 7 planets. Chain One experiences the 7 Rounds of evolution on its globes and then passes the life-wave off to Chain Two, which goes through the 7 Rounds before passing the life-baton off to Chain Three, and so it goes through the entire 7 Chains of the Planetary Scheme, which we are calling the Earth Scheme for convenience sake.

There is further septenary breakdown for those with a septenary keenness to know more, and I'm still writing in generalities with a hope to plunge from the general to the particular when the moment is propitious. As stated, there are 7 planets or globes in each Chain. When the evolutionary life-wave reaches each planet, say Globe A, the lengthy period of evolution on that planet is called a world-period (or a globe-period). During that period of life and activity on that globe, there are 7 major growth phases of developement for the evolving life on that globe. If sentiency has been reached in the evolutionary process, there are 7 Root Races of the Nature Kingdom that we call Humanity, 7 successive Major Races of the Human Species (going from 1st to 7th), and each of those Root Races has 7 sub-races, and each of those has 7 family or branch races. (I hope this doesn't cause a septenary headache.)

This is the general outline of the Planetary Scheme called Earth, and it transposes to the other planets in the Solar System. They like the number 7 too. The wave of life begins in the first globe of the 1st Chain, and it goes through 7 growth phases during that globe-period on Globe A. The fruit of evolution is passed to Globe B of the 1st Chain, and it likewise goes through 7 phases on that globe before moving on to Globe C. The life wave and its evolutionary products go through each of the 7 globes that way before starting again on Globe A for another Round, and when a total of 7 Rounds have taken place through the 7 planets of the 1st Chain, the evolutionary impulse is passed to the first planet of the 2nd Chain (Globe A), and 7 Rounds proceed through those 7 planets in a similar manner. The procedure is the same, sequentially, through all of the 7 Chains of the Planetary Scheme, and at the end of the 7th Round (on Globe G) of the 7th Chain, God's Purpose will have been realized.

1.   Creation By Thought:

Who or What is The Governing Entity that has created such an evolutionary scheme as our Planetary Scheme with its 7 Chains of 7 planets each? How did it all come to be? Did The Almighty Creator of the Universe "come down" to our Solar System and just make it happen? Could it have been a fortuitous concurrence of molecules? I'm being a little facetious, but some of the dogmatic explanations of religions over the millennia have been no less fantastical.

It's a little more along the line of this: All creative acts in our particular Universe of billions and billions of galaxies begin with a thought. That thought has little comparison with the chitta or mind-stuff that meanders through the human intellect. Great and immensely complex Thought-forms are created by Powerful Entities on Cosmic Planes of Being (of which there are 7) while singularly focused in a meditative-like state, and in that Original Thought of Creation, the end is seen from the beginning.

Every aspect, every phase, every contingency, every obstacle is foreseen and accounted for. The creation of The Creating Entity is envisioned in its entirety, and when the cosmically-originated Thought-form has reached perfection, it is sent forth by an act of Divine Will accompanied by certain "Sounds" which evoke the aid of The Great Builders of the Universe, The Great Devas of the Deva Evolution Who command and supervise the lesser deva builders to construct the form presented by the perfectly-envisioned Thought-form. And they construct it out of their own substance on Mental, Astral, and Physical Levels, using the elementals as building blocks (a concept hard to grasp). (There are 7 Major Cosmic Planes of the Universe, the lowest being the Cosmic Physical Plane. The 7 Planes of our Solar System are the 7 sub-planes of the Cosmic Physical Plane.)

Well, as you can imagine, it's a formidable task to reduce the act of creation to a couple paragraphs in a human language, but the essence is there. Our Solar Logos, The Cosmic Entity Who created this system of planets that we call the Solar System, was The Originating Intelligence that envisioned the Thought-form that provided the overview and general pattern of the Planetary Schemes to be unfolding within the confines of the solar ring-pass-not (Its auric sphere of influence). Then the more detailed work of creation was left to those Cosmic Beings Who have come to be known as The Planetary Logoi, and all the creative work that They do is ever and always in precise alignment with the Original Intent and Purpose of Their Superior, The Solar Logos.

2.   Personal Gods:

Who are these Planetary Logoi, anyway? These are The Ones Who are fructifying the Purpose of our Solar Deity. These are The Ones Who have "studied" the Great Thought-form of The Logos of our system and Who have directly and willfully created the Planetary Schemes of Evolution in our Solar System, one Scheme per Planetary Logos (usually). They have used the same universal method in creating the 7-Chained Schemes as all other Creational Logoi use: perfectly-envisioned thought-forms, the force of the Will, sacred sounds, and cooperative partnering with the Deva Evolution.

These may be likened unto Gods to our way of thinking and in consideration of our level of consciousness. After all, These Logoi were The Creators of Their Planetary Schemes in their entirety, which includes ALL of the lifestreams and all of the life-forms that pass through the evolutionary sequences many, many times. They are omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent throughout Their septenary Schemes of Evolution, and those are features that we assign to Deity when our thoughts have escaped the mundane pre-occupations of the world.

The Planetary Logos of Earth (and its Scheme) may rightfully be considered as our Personal God. It should be evident by now that The Deity of the Universe didn't come down here and create Planet Earth. Our planet, which is one forty-ninth of the whole Planetary Scheme, was created by our Planetary Logos, and all of the highly-symbolic descriptions given in "Genesis" of the Christian Bible refer to the creational work of This One and no other. This is our God of "Genesis", The One in Whom we live and move and have our being (as said by Saint Paul), and our God is a Center or Chakra in the body of our Greater God, The Solar Logos.

3.   Sacred Planets:

One of the previously well-guarded secrets was that there are 7 "Sacred Planets" in our Solar System, which had great astrological implications for the ancient, Initiate Astrologers. These 7 Sacred Planets are informed (given life) by Planetary Logoi Who are more cosmically advanced than The Logoi Who inform the non-sacred planets. The biggest difference is that The Sacred Logoi have taken 5 Cosmic Initiations, while The Others have taken 3 Cosmic Initiations. (You can see that the step-wise advancements in consciousness go well beyond our Solar System.) The Sacred Planets may be given as follows: Vulcan (non-visible), Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

The non-sacred planets are given as Earth, Mars, Pluto, and the Moon and Sun, both said to be veiling a hidden planet (both non-existent at our dense-physical level). Obviously the Sun and Moon are not planets but are considered in the olden astrological charts as representative of the energies and qualities of the secret planets that they veil, a secret not yet given up. The Sun and Moon were included as "planets" by the non-Initiate astrologers to bring the number of the planets up to 12 to match the 12 Constellations. The entire Evolutionary Schemes of the planets called sacred are very much advanced and accelerated beyond those on the non-sacred ones (e.g. Earth).

There are only 7 Primary Planetary Logoi in our Solar System, 7 Focal Points through which The Solar Logos directs Its energies and Will-dominated Intent for the System. Yet there are 10 Planetary Schemes if one excludes the veiled and unknown planets represented by the Moon and Sun in astrological charts.

The reconciliation of this dilemma, which still mostly remains a secret for the Initiation Chamber, took a great deal of digging and probing and skirting around subtle hints and casual references and occasional blinds. It turns out that there is a higher and more esoteric truth lying behind the concept of The 7 Creative Builders of the Solar System and its 7 planets of more sacred/spiritual/evolved nature. Three of these Builders or Logoi have been very quietly and secretively concealed in the Mysteries and cloaked in abstruse symbolism in all the Old Commentaries.

These 3 Super Logoi (I'll have to devise nomenclature) would be the correspondence in our Solar System to The 3 Primary Aspects of The Triune Godhead of the Universe, The Will of God (1st Aspect), The Love of God (2nd Aspect), and The Mind of God (3rd Aspect), from which emanate to the Universe the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Cosmic Rays respectively (the 3 Major Rays). This would be in keeping with The One, The Three, and The Seven that makes its way down through all Levels of Creation. Our Solar System is no exception. The 3 Greater Logoi (Stupendous Lives) are, each of Them, The Recipients, Custodians, and Transmitters of one of the 3 Major Rays for the entire Solar System, and the other 4 Sacred Logoi have the same relationship and responsibility for the 4 Minor Rays (4, 5, 6, 7). But we still have 7 Builders and 10 Planetary Schemes (that we know about). (For those unfamiliar with the 7 Rays, go to "The Seven Rays Explained".)

Here is how it breaks down into the easiest way I can describe it. The 3 Major Ray Lives (The Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma of our Star System) are far beyond, evolutionarily, the other 4 Sacred Logoi and are of such Potency and Power that They each require 3 Planetary Schemes to express through, and in doing so They each differentiate Their Consciousness into 3 Aspects of Themselves that we may call Planetary Logoi or Planetary Lives. These Aspect Logoi are then The Creative Powers that produce the Planetary Schemes in Their charge, under the supervisory thought-form of The Higher Source (one of The Major Three). The Original Thought-form of The Solar Logos downloads to The Greater Three, then to The Aspect Logoi to create Their Planetary Scheme according to the Ray Energy and Quality that conditions Their Beingness. The Lesser 4 Sacred Logoi likewise receive the Thought-form (and Purpose) from The Solar Lord and directly create Their own Scheme as qualified by the Ray Energy innate within Themselves.

Examples may serve to make things a little clearer, but there's one more point to interject. These Logoi have higher and lower cosmic portions of Themselves. Their Consciousness is centered on a Cosmic Plane (the Cosmic Mental Plane, the 3rd highest of the 7), and that may be likened to the Higher Self or the Soul of a human incarnate. Their creative activity takes place on much lower levels (the Cosmic Physical Plane) and is accomplished by Their Personality equivalent. (There are 7 Cosmic Planes with the lowest being the Cosmic Physical, and the 7 Planes of our Solar System are sub-planes of the Cosmic Physical Plane.)

The "Personality" Level of The Great 3rd Ray Life, after differentiating into its 3 Logoic Aspects, was responsible for the creation of the 3 Planetary Schemes known as Earth, Mars, and Saturn, the latter only being sacred. Its mental body expresses through Saturn; its astral body expresses through Mars; and its physical body expresses through the Earth Scheme. This makes these 3 Planetary Schemes highly interdependent and highly influenced by the 3rd Ray of Active, Intelligent Creativity. Both the Earth and Saturn Schemes are governed and dominated by the 3rd Ray, however Mars is more influenced at this time by the 6th Ray of Idealistic Devotion. So, these 3 Schemes originated from Brahma, the Mind of God (3rd Aspect), and have Planetary Logoi Who are Aspects of The Brahma of our Solar System. (If desired, refer to "The Third Ray".)

In an analogous manner, The Great 2nd Ray Life "Personality" was responsible for the creation of the 3 Planetary Schemes that we call Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus by way of Its 3 Aspect Logoi, Who are all so-called Sacred Logoi. These 3 Schemes originated from the Great Thought-form of The Vishnu of our Solar System and were expressed and manifested through His 3 Aspects, Who are 3 of The 7 Planetary Builders or Logoi of the System. The 3 Schemes brought forth into manifestation by The Great 1st Ray Life have not been disclosed and remain mysteries for reasons known only to The High Initiates.

4.   Rephrasing:

Let me recapitulate and come at it from another direction. Each of the 12 planets (including the Sun and Moon) are the recipients of one controlling and conditioning Ray (of the 7 Rays). This means that The Informing Life of each of those planets is The Focal Point for that Ray and its energies in the Solar System. I will list the Sacred Planets and their Ray of influence and then those of the non-sacred planets. It might be helpful to glance at "The 7 Rays Explained" for a review. Click on link: "The Seven Rays Explained".

    a.   Sacred Planets: 1. Vulcan - 1st Ray 2. Mercury - 4th Ray 3. Venus - 5th Ray 4. Jupiter - 2nd Ray 5. Saturn - 3rd Ray 6. Uranus - 7th Ray 7. Neptune - 6th Ray.

    b. Non-sacred Planets: 1. Earth - 3rd Ray 2. Mars - 6th Ray 3. Pluto - 1st Ray 4. Sun (hidden planet) - 2nd Ray 5. Moon (hidden planet) - 4th Ray.

The hidden or unrecognized planets were simply unknown to the non-initiate astrologers who set up the charts and horoscopes that have come down to us with the Sun and Moon included in the 12 planets. Their effect on the Earth and all its life-forms is equal to the other planets in the astrological scheme and is governed by the qualities of the two Rays: Two (Sun) and Four (Moon). It could be mentioned that there are quite a few other planets within our solar ring-pass-not that have not been discovered by the astronomers because they exist at other and higher dimensional levels than our physically-dense planet. When our current world-period of 7 Root Races has run its course on this globe (D), there will be no more veiled/hidden planets and no more need for exoteric symbols of esoteric forces.

The impact of the Sacred Planets on Mankind is the integration of the 3 aspects of the personality (physical, emotional, mental) in making it the instrument of the Soul. The impact of the non-sacred planets is always on the form nature, the lower-material relationship of the non-integrated personality with environing conditions. Keep in mind that every Planetary Scheme (sacred or non-sacred, veiled or "undiscovered") is an incarnation of some Grand Entity and that each is the expression of one of the 7 Ray Influences, the Sacred Planets expressing the Soul Ray and the non-sacred planets expressing the Personality Ray of The Informing Entity.

For example, the Earth, as an entire Planetary Scheme of 7 Chains and 49 Globes, expresses the 3rd Ray (Personality Ray) of its Logos, and when it becomes a Sacred Planet it will express the 2nd Ray (Soul Ray of The Logos), which is part of the Divine Purpose of The Logoic Creator of our Scheme: demonstrating true Cosmic Love to the rest of the galaxy. And the Earth is right now in the process of becoming a Sacred Planet, because its Informing Life is undergoing the necessary cosmic-level tests and trials in preparation for a Major Cosmic Initiation. No Initiate of Highest Standing can predict how long that will take.

5.   Name-Calling:

Remember that, in keeping with the septenary imperative of the entire Universe, there are precisely 7 Co-Creators Who have assisted The Solar Logos in creating Its body of manifestation, the Solar System, with all its Planetary Schemes revolving around our God of Love, The Solar Deity, Whose Primal Essence is Absolute Divine Love, because our System is a 2nd Ray System (saturated with The Love of God), and each of the 7 Rays in our System is a subsidiary Ray of the Great Cosmic 2nd Ray (Love/Wisdom). That means that the energies of each of the Rays, regardless of its unique qualities, are imbued and permeated with that magnetically-attractive Quality of God that we call LOVE. (The 2nd Cosmic Ray, emanated from The 2nd Aspect of The Godhead of the Universe, is the only operative Ray in our Solar System, our 7 Rays being sub-rays of the 2nd Cosmic Ray. See "The Second Ray".)

What I wanted to do was give a listing of the many alternative names that are applied to These 7 Co-Creators, because Their appelations are so numerous and are used so frequently in the so-called occult literature that it can be confusing to the reader as to Who or What is being discussed. It need no longer be a mystery (or a mental ordeal). I've done the homework, and ALL of these names refer to The 7 Co-Creators of our Solar System Who are under the supervision of The Solar Logos.

    The 7 Planetary Logoi (Planetary Chain Logoi)
    The 7 Planetary Regents
    The 7 Sons of Sophia (of Grecian Mysteries)
    The Imperfect Gods (of "The Secret Doctrine")
    The 7 Spirits Before The Throne of God (in "Revelations" of the Bible)
    The 7 Dhyan Chohans (in writings of H.P. Blavatsky)
    The 7 Solar Deities
    The Primordial 7
    The 7 Creative Builders
    The 7 Ray Lords (not to be confused with Earth's Chohans of the 7 Rays)
    The Informing Lives of the 7 Sacred Planets
    The 7 Heavenly Men
    The 7 Sons of Aditi (in ancient Hindu Scriptures)
    The 7 Amshaspends (of the Zoroastrian Religion & Parsis of India)
    The 7 Mystery Gods (of the Egyptian Initiates)
    The 7 Planetary Spirits
    The 7 Spirits of the Face
    The 7 Aeons (of Plato)
    The 7 Sephiroth emanated from The Triadal Crown or 1st Triad (of Mystical Judaism)
    The 7 Elohim (The Alhim of "Genesis" in the Bible, revealed in "The Secret Doctrine")

Use this list as a reference whenever confusion arises. These names are all synonymous. These are The 7 Great Lives of our Solar System, Who are qualified and conditioned by 7 types of life-force referred to as the 7 Rays and Who manifest through the medium of the 7 Sacred Planets but also through the medium of the non-sacred and unknown (to Man) planets throughout the Solar System. Every single thing within the ring-pass-not of our System that has come into manifestation on the Planes of Manifestation (Physical, Astral, Mental) is an integral part of the vehicle of manifestation of one or other of These 7 Stupendous Lives. That means all life and all life-streams and all life kingdoms in all of the Planetary Schemes throughout the Solar System.

They have given Life to all forms within the System and have created all forms to express that Life, from the most miniscule to the grandest, from the Mineral Kingdoms to the Soul Kingdoms, from molecular aggregations to planets, from algae to Monads. These Seven are The Sources of all Monads (Higher Self of the Soul or Solar Angel) evolving in the System. The Monads of a particular Planetary Scheme are all extended Expressions of The Governing Life of the Scheme. When it is impossible for the human intellect to fathom the Consciousness of the Monad (until certain High Initiations are reached), it is totally out of reach to imagine the Consciousness and Powers of a Planetary Life on its Cosmic Mental Plane.

These Creative Builders came from without this System and volunteered to assist our Solar Logos in both creating His System of Evolution and fulfilling His Divine Purpose and Plan. All Laws of Life within the System are reflections of the Will of These 7 Deities Who are ever in the deepest meditation. They take the Original Thought-form of The Solar Deity and approximate it to the possible. They make it all happen and can be considered as The 7 Architects of The Will of God for our Corner of Creation. On a local level (our Earth), Their work and function can be compared with The 7 Kumaras of The Great Council of Shamballa: Sanat Kumara, The 3 Exoteric Kumaras, and The 3 Esoteric Kumaras. (If interested, link to "Who Is Sanat Kumara?".)

6.   Scheming:

Well, shall we dive a little deeper into the details of these Planetary Schemes, worked out entirely in advance in the Inscrutable Minds of The Primordial 7 in deepest of meditation? I will try to keep it as simple as I can as I invite Kuthumi to guide the flow of ideas. As you recall, the entire Planetary Scheme is the incarnate expression of The Planetary Life, and each Scheme has 7 Chains of planets or globes. Each Chain has 7 planets or globes, and each of those Chains goes through 7 Rounds or Circuits. Each Round involves the evolutionary wave going from Globe A sequentially to Globe G (from 1st to 7th), and then 6 more Rounds repeat the same sequence before the Chain of Planets has completed its purpose.

Chain One begins the process, and it moves sequentially through the following 6 Chains until the 7th Chain has completed its 7 Rounds through its 7 globes. At the end of the world-period on Globe G of the 7th Round of the 7th Chain, the Divine Intent of our Solar God has been implemented by the exquisitely-formulated Purpose of The Planetary Life, and The 7 Solar Deities, working together cooperatively in all of Their Planetary Schemes over untold eons of "time", bring to a fruition the Reason for Being of this Solar System; and the Will of God has been fulfilled. The Solar System returns to the Universal Reservoir of Substance, and Life moves on to higher endeavors in the Playground of Creation.

Our Solar Logos will be undergoing a series of 3 incarnations. The first one was a 3rd Ray System, which brought the mind or mental principle (manas) to a perfection. This second one of our's is a 2nd Ray System, which will bring the expression of Universal Love to a perfection. And the third incarnation will perfect the expression of the Will Energy of God, the 1st Ray.

Coming back down to Earth (so to say) and the other planets of a Scheme, each planetary or world-period, when the evolutionary wave has reached that globe, has a progression of 7 Phases of Growth or 7 Root Races on that globe for the life-form that is to become or is already a sentient, ensouled form. And each of those Root Races has 7 sub-races, and each of those has 7 branch races, the evolution always proceeding from 1st to 7th. So, all of the Planetary Schemes use the same format as far as we know (unless this is one of the secrets not to be divulged as of yet).

7.   Descent and Ascent:

There is a little more to the story that I've given as above, and it follows perfectly the Theme of our Universe of Duality as might be expected in compliance with the Universal Law of Correspondences (or Analogy: as above, so below). It is no different than outbreathing & inbreathing, up & down, light & dark, stopping & going, and activity & rest. In all parts and stages and phases of the Evolutionary Scheme, there is a repetition of the inherent duality that is a reflection of the 2 Cosmic Principles that govern this Universe: Unity and Separation (refer to "The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces").

What I mean by that is that in the first half of every Scheme and Chain and Round and Globe Period, there is a slowly and incrementally-progressive descent of Spirit into Matter, and then at the midway point of the 4th Chain or 4th Round or 4th Root Race of a World Period, there is an exact balance of influence of Spirit and Matter on the sentient life-form that dominates the planet, e.g. Mankind on Earth. This is the great and terrible battle that rages within the sentient species, the Battle of Kurukshetra described symbolically in the Mahabharata of India. Then on the ascending arc or second half of the Chain or Round, etc., there is the slow and progressive ascent from Matter back into Spirit. It can also be thought of as devolution and evolution.

Spirit refers to the Monad, and Matter refers to densification and materialization and identification with form life by comparison with spiritual life. Think of a wide V with the left arm being the descending arc, and the right arm being the ascending arc. The point (nadir) of the V is the precise mid-point of balance between Spirit and Matter in the sentient life of the planet, the point of intensest battle within, the point of being pulled in two directions at once: toward Spirit and toward Matter. In the entire Scheme, the midway point occurs during the 4th sub-race of the 4th Root Race on the 4th Globe during the 4th Round of the 4th Chain. All those 4's are no accident and have a very important and esoteric relationship to the Ray Force that dominates the Human Kingdom, and that is the 4th Ray of Harmony by way of Conflict. (Link to "The Fourth Ray".)

All of the differing aspects of the Planetary Scheme have the same descending and ascending arcs: the 7 Chains, the 7 Rounds, the 7 Root Races of a Globe Period, even the 7 sub-races; and the descent into Matter and ascent into Spirit is accompanied by the greater densification of form and attraction to materiality on the downward arc and greater aetherealization of form and escape from materiality on the upward arc. When the septenary stages are completed, be it a Globe, a Round, or a Chain, the new and succeeding septenary unit (Globe or Round or Chain) repeats the evolutionary work on a higher scale, continuing the sequence and the pattern through each unit of the septenary, evolution advancing from the preceding unit to the succeeding unit.

And it is the Monad or rather Groups of Monads which are doing the evolving through the various life-forms in the various Kingdoms of Nature (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, Soul). Considering that the Monads are the Extended Expressions or Lower Aspects of The Planetary Logoi, They are the Ones Who do the evolving throughout the entire Scheme on behalf of The Source of Their Beingness (just like we incarnates evolve on behalf of our Souls).

8.   Earthbound:

All of this might make more sense if I bring the discussion into our own Planetary Scheme of Evolution, called (in Modern English) the Earth Scheme. It has many other names in the Ancient Archives of The Masters, but Earth will do for our purposes. The watery, emotional, sorrowful orb that we live on is at the lowermost point of the V of the entire Scheme, the most dense and materialistic of all the 49 planets in the Scheme. To be more precise, we are in the 4th Chain of the Scheme and the 4th planet of the Chain (Globe D), and we are in the 4th Round of our Earth Chain. Furthermore, the lowest point of the descending arc was reached during the 4th sub-race of the Atlantean Race (4th Root Race).

Since that time (millions of years ago), the evolutionary impulse has brought the Human Kingdom to the 5th sub-race of the 5th Root Race (the Aryan), but from the viewpoint of the entire Scheme (and our Planetary Deity), we are little removed from the most materially/physically-oriented and the least spiritually-inclined as a whole, which is the principle reason that there is so much suffering and greed and selfishness augmented by cruelty, violence, and separativeness. The pull of Matter is equal to the pull of Spirit, and the majority of the planet, who are still in Atlantean Consciousness by being centered in the Solar Plexus Chakra, are easily pulled more toward Matter and all that that implies.

So, 3 Planetary Chains of 7 planets each (which each underwent 7 Rounds or Cycles) have preceded our Earth Chain (the 4th) in this Planetary Scheme called the Earth Scheme (of 49 planets). Our planet was chosen by The Master Teachers to name the Scheme because we are on it and identify with it, and it's the densest, most consolidated globe of the entire Scheme, the precise balance point or fulcrum of the Descending Arc and the Ascending Arc. It's as low (vibrationally-speaking) as the incarnate body of our Logos can go, dense physicality. To explain, the Major Physical Plane has 7 sub-planes, the 3 lowest being dense physical (solid, liquid, and gaseous), the 4 highest being aetheric-physical. There's nowhere to go but up!

In a similar manner, the 3 previous Chains have been called by the name we use in modern times for the densest planet in the 7-fold Chain, the one we can see with our eyes and telescopes, the one on the same dimensional level. It's all to better facilitate an understanding of this ancient secret of the Mystery Schools. The 1st Chain of our Scheme was/is called the Mercury Chain and is also called the Archetypal Chain and the 1st Body of Brahma. The 2nd Chain is the Venus Chain, also known as the Creative Chain and the Body of Light. The 3rd Chain is called the Moon Chain but also the Sandhya and the Body of Twilight (some explaining will be necessary regarding this Chain). Besides the 4th Chain being known as the Earth Chain, it is also called the Body of Dawn.

You can see that the Light of Spirit (the Monad) is diminishing on the Downward Arc toward Matter. Our Planetary Regent (of the entire Scheme) is a 3rd Ray Regent, and Brahma is the 3rd Aspect of Divinity (the Mind of God and Source of the 3rd Ray), so all 4 of these Chains are considered as 4 Bodies of Brahma (a Chain of 7 planets being that Body in each case). The next 3 Chains, on the Ascending Arc, have not yet formed and will not form for unknown eons (within the time illusion) and have not been given names. They yet remain within the Cosmic Mind of our Planetary Logos and await the calling forth by The Great Deva Builders.

9.   Mooning It:

It could take a lot of words to explain the more esoteric and occult relationship of the Moon and the Earth, but I will continue to present all of this as more of an overview than a detailed treatise. My intent at the outset was to boil the whole Sacred Mystery down to its essentials to improve its accessibility for the greatest number of people, regardless of their occult or mystical leanings. In the New Age to come, these matters are going to be common knowledge when the Mysteries are widely taught by many of The Masters of the Wisdom walking amongst the purified remnants of the Human Race that accompanied the Earth in its Transmutation to a higher Dimensional Level. They will physically be here, and the reformed educational system will include the Mysteries of the Ages for those who are ready. (See "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth".)

The satellite that revolves around the Earth is currently a dead body, merely a shell, and without any life force whatsoever. The septenary principles of Life, present in all higher life-forms, are gone. It is a slowly decaying and disintegrating body, at least physically. The energy of its more-slowly disintegrating astral form is the cause of its influence on astrally-focused people of the Earth (3rd Chakra dominated) during the Full Moon Periods: displayed in self-centered desires and the extremes of emotionality for those who live below the diaphragm in the Solar Plexus Center (the majority of Mankind). The Moon Chain was a failure and was brought to a premature ending by our Solar Logos. Its Human Kingdom did not evolve according to the Plan.

So, as noted, the Moon Chain (the 3rd Chain of 7 planets) preceded the Earth Chain (the 4th Chain of 7 planets), and the satellite that we call the Moon (in English) was the 4th planet in the Chain, Globe D, just like our Earth in its Chain. It was the most dense and solidified and material of the 7 planets in its Chain and was a full-sized planet, just like the Earth; however, to explain how that 4th planet became the satellite of its successor, I will need to take a side detour to go through the process of one Chain being created from the substance of another -- in other words, how Brahma's 3rd Body became Brahma's 4th Body. This equally applies to every preceding Chain becoming the succeeding Chain.

10.   Rounding Out:

In the Round of a Chain going from Globe A to Globe G, as each World Period (7 Root Races) of a globe is completed during the 7th Stage or Root Race, the planet proceeds to go into a rest period or pralaya, and this happens to all 7 of the planets for 6 Rounds, and it happens to the 1st 6 planets of the 7th Round. (Bear with me.) Before going into pralaya, all of the life-elements and energy and evolutionary life-wave is transferred to the next planet in the Chain, which will then begin its World Period of 7 Phases. After the transfer, overseen by the Grand Thought-form of The Logos with the help of the Devas and the Force of His Will, the attention of our Logos is withdrawn from the former globe and placed on the latter. For example, Globe A passes the life wave to Globe B, and then Globe A enters pralaya or rest BUT with a small nucleus of life-forms in the Nature Kingdoms remaining to serve as the seed for the creation of form life when the next Round begins and returns to that globe.

This happens to every planet in the Chain sequentially. Without going into too much detail, which would only confuse matters, the life-wave evolves through the Nature Kingdoms (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human), and when it reaches its goal in the 7th Phase of the Globe Period, all energy and life and potential are transferred to the next planet in the series. And, as expected, when one Round is completed, Globe G makes the transfer back to Globe A to begin another Round. The old globe goes into a resting period (with its life nucleus), and the new globe goes into an active period. The pattern and the sequence is followed for 7 Rounds in the Chain.

What hasn't been mentioned so far is that all 7 planets of the Chain are co-existent. They all co-exist at the same time, and they all occupy the same space. The way this is possible is that each planet is at a different Dimensional Level, a different frequency of being (e.g. dense-physical, aetheric-physical, astral, mental, etc.). Each interpenetrates the others, same space, different levels. No new planet need be formed when the old planet goes into pralaya. The active planet has 6 other companions at rest and simply awaiting the Divine Attentiveness of The Planetary Life, and the evolving life on the active planet cannot detect the other companion planets because the sensory apparati are designed for the environing conditions of the active one.

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